• Published 16th Nov 2014
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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E10: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

Author's Note:

Rainbow notices that Applejack is acting a bit unusual, and decides to confront her about it.

"We're going to the Everfree Forest." Twilight told the group. "More specifically, The Castle of the Two Sisters."

"The Everfree?" Applejack asked. "Are y'all sayin' we're goin' back to Ponyville?"

"Yes." Spitfire answered.

Rainbow stepped into the conversation. "It's practically the only route to the castle that we know."

"Curse that forest." Secret muttered.

"Our sister said to young Twilight that she sensed something wrong." Luna said. "Haply this strange force that is driving her to this sense is at the castle."

"Which is why we must hurry back to Ponyville." Twilight added, standing up. "No time to waste. Let's keep moving." With that, Twilight trotted off to the engine.

Applejack scowled and trotted to the back of the train quietly. Rainbow watched her with a concerned look.


Applejack sat at the back of the train, overlooking the horizon through one of the windows. Rainbow trotted up behind her silently. "Hey, AJ..." Rainbow began.

Applejack turned around and looked at her. "Howdy, Rainbow." She greeted, looking back outside.

"How are you holding up?" Rainbow asked her friend, patting her on the back.

"Ah'm doing alright..." Applejack said, though Rainbow could tell she wasn't being completely honest.

Rainbow looked out the window. "So, going back to Ponyville." Rainbow changed the conversation. "Thought that would never happen. You?"

Applejack shrugged. "Ah never thought ah'd be alive for Canterlot." She answered. "Especially making it out of Canterlot. Equestria has gone crazy."

"Equestria's been crazy." Rainbow sighed and looked at Applejack. "Now we got a country full of crazy ponies and undead freaks. I don't know how it could possibly get worse."

"Ah could think of a few things." Applejack told her. Rainbow shook her head and smiled a bit, looking back out the window as it began to darken.

Luna looked around the white room. "This place, again?" She asked aloud. "Sister, art thou always going to endue us hither? We hast not been able to been dreamwalk since thou passed!" Luna shouted into the emptiness.

"Don't blame me." Celestia told her sister, appearing out of thin air. "I don't solely control how things work."

"Then who controls Equestria anon? Who is responsible for the rise of the sun at dawn, and rise of the moon at dusk? 'Tis not us who doth this. Certes, thou would wot who doth, sister."

Celestia stared at Luna in the eyes, a blank expression on her face. "I know not of why it happens."

Luna's eyes widened. "Thou can betoken us that something in Equestria is wrong, but thou can not betoken us who controls Equestria?!" Luna was confused."

"I'm in a very complicated place, sister." Celestia told her sister. "There is so little I can do for you. I'm doing the best I can to keep the odds in your favor."

"How, if thou couldst dilate to us, how art thou able to assist us?" Luna asked, getting defensive.

"I told you once." Celestia said. "I don't need to repeat myself."

"ay! Caelum! Caelum, Caelum, Caelum! 'Tis all because of Caelum! That only explains that the dram filly books wast true!" Luna growled.

"Caelum?" Twlight asked. Luna turned around and saw the young alicorn behind her.

"Twilight? What art thou doing hither?" Luna asked.

"I brought her here, sister." Celestia said. "It is about time for you to wake up, sister."

With that, Luna disappeared from the room. Twilight jumped. "Where did she go?!"

"She woke up." Celestia told Twilight. "It's nice to see you have made it."

"Caelum?" Twilight asked. "What did she mean by that?"

"It is a long story, Twilight." Celestia told her. "I do not have the time to explain it to you."

"Then why am I here?" Twilight asked. "Are you alive?"

"Not exactly." Celestia told Twilight. "You are here because I need to tell you about something."

"What is it that you want to tell me?" Twilight asked, feeling a bit uneasy.

"The map you received from my good friend." Celestia said. "It's where I was able to locate where the strange...'feeling' is coming from."

"Wait, how do you know about the map?" Twilight asked.

"The closer you get, the more it bothers me." Celestia told her. "I feel that you are in danger."

"What are you talking about?!" Twilight asked.

"You must hurry." Celestia said. "I won't be able to speak with you when you get to Ponyville."

"What is going on?!" Twilight asked again, stomping her hoof. "Answer my questions!"

Celestia stared Twilight down, causing Twilight to back away a little. "Caelum."

Twilight snapped awake. She was breathing heavily. She turned and looked at Luna. "We art going to hast a long talk with thou."

The next morning, Applejack decided to shoot some targets for sport. She climbed on top of the train and pulled out her sniper rifle. She made sure her silencer was attached, then she set up. She looked through the scope and was soon able to find a couple of zombies in the far distance. She lined up the shot.

"What are you doing up here?" Rainbow asked. Applejack pulled the trigger, causing the bullet to fly right past the zombie's ear.

"Why in tarnations did ya do that?!" Applejack asked angrily, looking up at Rainbow.

"Sorry." Rainbow laughed awkwardly. "I was going to relax up here, but I noticed you and...yeah..." Rainbow rubbed the back of her head.

Applejack stood up and looked at her friend, cross. "Ya made me miss mah shot."

"Sorry about that." Rainbow said. "Hey, do you want to do something? To pass the time?" Rainbow asked.

"Nope." Applejack answered.

"Are you sure?" Rainbow asked, tilting her head.

"Yup." Applejack looked back at her rifle.

Rainbow narrowed her eyes. "Okay, that's it!" Rainbow stomped her hoof. "What is wrong with you?!"

"Excuse me?" Applejack looked back at Rainbow.

"I can tell you're hiding something!" Rainbow told her. "Spill it!"

"Who are ya to tell me what to do?" Applejack got defensive.

Rainbow pushed Applejack. Applejack stumbled backwards, but got her balance back. "You little!" Applejack growled, jumping at Rainbow. Applejack hit Rainbow in the face, causing the mare to fall over. Rainbow quickly got back up, just in time to duck under another punch.

"You have serious issues!" Rainbow shouted as she tackled Applejack. Applejack fell on her back, and was quickly pinned down by Rainbow.

Rainbow shook her friend. "What is your problem?!" She asked. Applejack spat at her, provoking Rainbow. The pegasus punched Applejack in the face and grabbed her again. "Answer me!" Applejack growled and kicked Rainbow off of her.

Rainbow flew backwards and rolled off the train. Rainbow quickly grabbed the edge of the train so that she would not fall off. Applejack got to her hooves and trotted up to the pegasus.

"Ah'm tired of your nonsense, Rainbow!" Applejack raised her hoof to stomp on Rainbow's. Rainbow quickly grabbed Applejack's hoof and pulled her off the train. Applejack was swung around and thrown against the train. Rainbow held onto Applejack's hoof the whole time.

When Applejack fell limp, Rainbow let her go. Applejack fell to the grass, flinching and groaning in pain. Rainbow let go off the ledge and landed on the ground, stumbling. She quickly grabbed Applejack and looked at her.

"Applejack!" Rainbow cried. "Are you okay?!"

Applejack opened her eyes slowly and looked at Rainbow. "My back hurts..."

"I'm so sorry!" Rainbow teared up, getting ready to cry.

"Ah miss them." Applejack said, coughing. "Ah failed Granny. Ah lost Big Mac, Applebloom, even Braeburn." A tear rolled down Applejack's face.

"You didn't have to get defensive about it." Rainbow told her friend. "We're all friends here. You can just talk to us."

Applejack took a deep sigh and started coughing. "Ah got a little too angry at mahself." Applejack told Rainbow when she stopped coughing.

"Are you okay?" Rainbow asked, looking over Applejack again.

"Of course ah'm okay!" Applejack told her. "Ah'm not gonna die now!"

Rainbow clenched her teeth. "Right..." Rainbow helped Applejack up carefully.

"Owe! Owe, owe, owe! OWE!" Applejack clenched her teeth in pain. "Ah think ya broke somethin'."

Rainbow patted her back. "You'll be fine, AJ." She told her. "Just come inside. You need some rest."

Rainbow led Applejack back inside the train.