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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E06: The 'Too Kind' Type of Ponies

Author's Note:

The survivors find themselves in Appleloosa, where their southern-styled hosts are a little too kind for their liking.

"I see something in the distance." Rainbow said, looking out the window.

Twilight came up behind her. "Wait a minute, that's Appleloosa!" She said. She studied the barricades around the town. "It looks like their might still be survivors there!" The two ponies smiled and looked at each other.

The train approached the barricade and came to a halt. Two ponies stood at the other side of the barricade like they were expecting them. One of them hopped over the barricade and knocked on the door of the train. Luna let him in, and he climbed aboard with an aggressive look. "How many do you got?" He asked. Scootaloo eyed the shotgun on his back as he spoke.

"Seven." Twilight answered. "Two princesses."

The stallion suddenly smiled. "Princesses!" He said with joy. "Welcome!" He quickly trotted off the train and to his buddy, who removed the barricade so the train can go through.

The train went up to the station and stopped. The group stepped off the train and looked at the town. A few ponies stood around, staring at the train. Sheriff Silverstar came up to the group and smiled. "Welcome to Appleloosa, princesses!"


The sheriff went down the line, shaking everypony's hoof.

"It's nice to see you princess." He greeted as he shook Twilight's hoof. "Both of you." He added as he shook Luna's hoof.

"Aren't you a Wonderbolt?" The sheriff asked as he shook Spitfire's hoof.

"I was." She said. "Don't remind me about it.

"My apologies." He said as he moved on to Rainbow. "Hey, what happened to your wing?"

Rainbow took a deep breath. "Zombie bite. Had to cut it off before it spread."

"Oh, you poor mare." He said. He then moved on to Scootaloo. "Hey there, little one!" He said as he shook her hoof.

When he finally got to Secret, he held out his hoof. Secret didn't move at all.

"He's blind, sir." Scootaloo said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." He said, moving down to Applejack.

"Sheriff!" Applejack said with joy, holding out a hoof.

The sheriff gladly accepted it. "Nice to see you again, Applejack!" He said. "Your cousin is down at the saloon."

"My cousin?!" Applejack asked, taking off towards the saloon.

The sheriff watched with a smile. "As for the rest of ya..." He turned around. "I think we have more than enough room at the inn for ya to stay here for a while." He looked at Twilight. "We're always happy to have visitors."

Twilight smiled. "Thank you, Sheriff Silverstar."

The sheriff led the ponies to the inn, where he took him up to their rooms on the third floor. "Now, I hope y'all have a nice stay!" He said. "I gotta go check on the barricades!" With that, he took off.

Twilight went ahead and counted the rooms. "There's four rooms. Some of us have to share." She said.

"I'll stay with Rainbow!" Scootaloo announced almost immediately. Rainbow looked at the little pegasus and shrugged, smiling.

"I guess I'll stick with Secret." Spitfire said.

"I'll room with Luna." Twilight said.

"Somepony go tell Applejack that she's getting her own room tonight." Secret said. "Now, uh, Spitfire? Where's our room?"

Spitfire smiled and rolled her eyes as she led him to their room. Rainbow and Scootaloo went into their own room, and Twilight went off to tell Applejack about the arrangement while Luna set up their room.

Twilight walked into the saloon, and was pleased by the sight. Applejack and Braeburn were dancing around to the music. Ponies played away on pianos and fiddles, making sweet country music to entertain those in the saloon. Twilight made her way through the dancing ponies to Applejack and her cousin.

"Applejack!" She said, trying to get her attention over the music.

Applejack stopped dancing and looked at her friend. "Twi!" She called. "How ya doin?"

"I am doing great." Twilight said with a smile. "We've set up the rooming arrangements. You're going to be sleeping in Room 402 on the fourth floor." Twilight told her. "By yourself."

"Sounds like a plan!" Applejack said.

Braeburn turned to his cousin. "C'mon, Applejack! Let's dance! This is my favorite tune!" He began to dance, and Applejack joined him. Twilight laughed at the goofy sight.

"When do you plan on telling them?" Secret asked as he laid back on the bed.

Spitfire looked at him and glared. "Will you get over it?" She asked. "It's none of their business. It's none of your business either!"

"Naturally, I wouldn't want any secrets around here." Secret said. "With death lurking over our heads every second of our life."

"Yeah, you have room to talk." Spitfire said. "You're nothing but a secret. Even your cutie mark is a secret!" She said.

Secret sighed. Silence fell upon the room as Spitfire sat down next to the bed and stared at Secret with curiosity. She soon found herself climbing on the bed and falling asleep, as Secret fell asleep as well.


Secret's head shot up. Spitfire screamed and fell out of the bed. "What in the name of Equestria?!" They heard Twilight scream from down the hall.

Spitfire went to the window and looked outside. The saloon was on fire. Ponies were screaming and gathering around the saloon. Spitfire quickly galloped out. "The saloon is on fire!" She told Secret as she rushed out the door. She made her way down the hall as the others did the same.

When Spitfire made it to the saloon, she saw ponies trying to put out the fire. Her eyes rested on a familiar figure stumbling out of the building.

"Applejack!" Rainbow squealed as she quickly pushed her way past the crowd to the country mare. To their luck, the mare was barely hurt at all. Just a couple cuts on her side.

"Braeburn..." Applejack coughed. "Still in there..." She passed out in Rainbow's hooves. Rainbow quickly dragged her away from the burning building as it began to collapse.

A while later, the ponies finally put out the fire. Unfortunately, the saloon has been reduced to rubble. Ponies searched the rubble, but could not find Braeburn. Applejack was taken back to the inn so that she could rest.

The survivors were led to the sheriff's office so that they could talk to him about what happened.

"There needs to be a search for Braeburn." Rainbow told Silverstar. "He was the only family Applejack had left!"

"Please, relax." Silverstar told her. "I'm sure that we will find Braeburn. He's probably still alive."

Scootaloo turned her sight to a creepy pony that was locked away behind the cell in the sheriff's office. She trotted up to the cage and stared at him with curiosity. He wore a straight jacket, and it looked like there was some horse mask covering the pony's muzzle. The pony never took notice of her.

"Hey!" Silverstar called, looking at Scootaloo. "Stay away from him!"

Scootaloo backed away, and Twilight looked back at the cell. "Why's he locked up?"

"He tried to burn down the apple trees, and almost killed one of our own." He told her. "The psycho had to be put in a straight jacket, and we put a muzzle cover on him so he wouldn't go around speaking nonsense." The sheriff looked at the ponies before they could respond. "Please, stay here. I need to go do something very quick." He got up and began to trot out, then stopped and looked back at Scootaloo. "I would need some help from a young filly."

Scootaloo smiled. "Okay!" She bounced out after him, happy to help.

Twilight took a deep breath and looked down. "I hope Applejack is okay."

Rainbow trotted towards the cell. "I want to talk to him." He said.

Spitfire looked at him. "Are you crazy?" She asked.

"A little bit." Rainbow answered. "Princess Luna, could you toss me the keys?"

"Art thou sure about this?" Luna asked, tilting her head.

Rainbow nodded. "Just give me the keys!"

"If ye are confident about thy decision." Luna took the keys off a hook and threw them to Rainbow. "Here thou go."

Rainbow took the keys and found the key to the cell door. She unlocked the cell and opened it. The pony's eyes flew open as she stared at Rainbow. She went up to him and slowly took off the muzzle cover.

"Run!" The pony screamed. "They're crazy! They'll kill you all!"

Rainbow tilted her head. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

"The residents..." He said. "They've gone crazy. They blew up the saloon. They're going to kill you!" He struggled. "There's a bomb under my bed!"

Rainbow quickly looked under the bed. He was right.

"RUN!" Rainbow screamed, sprinting out of the building. Everypony else followed her, Twilight just making it out before the building blew up. Twilight was launched forward, landing hard on the ground. Rainbow went to help her friend up, while Spitfire's eyes looked around and locked on Sheriff Silverstar, who was holding Scootaloo at gunpoint. They were heading for the train.

"Stop!" Spitfire shouted, flying towards them. The others followed behind her.

Silverstar stopped right before the train and looked at the other ponies, his hoofgun aiming at Scootaloo. "One more step, and I put a bullet in her skull!" He threatened. The ponies stopped before the station, staring at the sheriff with anger.

"Give me the child!" Spitfire growled.

"Over your dead body!" Silverstar replied.

"You're outnumbered." Rainbow told him as she approached, helping Twilight along. "You've got nowhere to go."

"Outnumbered, you say?" Silverstar asked with a smirk. As if on queue, the residents of Appleloosa aimed their guns at the ponies.

The group was now outnumbered. They looked around in horror as their doom was upon them.

Twilight's eyes watched as a pony suddenly fell over. After that, another fell over. Ponies began to fall over one by one for some mysterious reason.

"What are y'all doing?" Silverstar asked.

Almost immediately, everypony's eyes locked onto a strange figure who landed on top of one of the residents, inserting a knife into his neck. The other residents turned to shoot them, but their bullets did virtually nothing as he quickly went from pony to pony, taking them out swiftly and without a problem.

The group stared in shock as the figure trotted towards them, shortly after disposing of the threatening residents. He wore a black mask, and a large old-fashioned cape covered his body. He sheathed his knife and turned his head towards Sheriff Silverstar.

Enraged, the sheriff aimed at him. "Die, you swine!" He shouted as he began to pull the trigger.


Silverstar dropped dead as a bullet went through his skull. The ponies looked up to the inn, where they saw Applejack sitting in the window. She had her sniper out, and the barrel was smoking from the recent shot.

"Would somepony please explain why ah shot the sheriff?!" Applejack asked aloud. "All ah know is that he tried to kill y'all right there!"

Spitfire turned her head to where the masked pony was standing, only to find nopony was there. She looked around in confusion, as did Rainbow and Luna.

That was it. Everypony in Appleloosa was gone.

The survivors stood at the station, overlooking the town. "Can you believe that?" Rainbow asked. "An entire town. Gone crazy, and bent on killing us for no reason?"

"I could think of a few reasons." Secret replied.

"That's not the point." Twilight interrupted. "Let's just...get out of this death pit."

The survivors boarded the train and began to take off.

Applejack and Rainbow stood near the back of the train. As the train passed the barricade, Rainbow pulled out a detonator and handed it to Applejack. "Would you like the honor?" She asked.

Applejack nodded and took the detonator. She looked back at the town and scowled. "This is for mah cousin." She said, setting off the detonator. The entire town exploded into a collective explosion as the buildings toppled and were reduced to rubble.

Rainbow put a hoof on Applejack's back as tears streamed down her eyes.