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My name is Nortes. I'm the owner of Spitfire Films.


This story is a sequel to My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3

"I am Zeinvolfe, but ozers pronounce it Zeinwolfe. Ha, zey speak funny. Anyvays, I am one of ze few survivors of ze zombie epidemic. I follow Princess Sparkle and Rainbov, who I trust ze most. Our goal? To kill ze one who did this to us. Ve vill. And he vill fall."

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this fan fic now has 4 tabs on my browser

good job

5 dislikes.


Seriously people. Season 1 and 2 did so well. Now, everybody wants to hate on Seasons 3 and 4. I'm not even done with the pilot!

Comment posted by Nortes432 ft Spitfire deleted May 14th, 2015

For every dislike I get, another one of your favorite ponies will die.

5982441 You already killed Rarity...
And Sweetie Belle...
And Luna...
And Spike...

5982441 I've been reading this (all of them), and i must say...
THAT I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
Though...i was a bit sad that you killed off Pinkie...:raritydespair:

5996046 Thanks. And my apologies. It's just all in the planning.

Word of advice (as much as a horrible writer as me can give),

The reason the first two seasons were doing so well and why season three and this are not as popular is because season 1 and 2 focused on survival, and after that was more action. Don't be Resident Evil. This series is amazing by all means, it's just that may be why this isn't that well liked.

Aww, is this the end of season 4?

6083436 You really did inspire me, btw. Since I read this, I've worked to completely fix Season 4 so it can work out and try to hit the roots of MLZ.

Hey, It's been a long time no ond ever post a comment here. So I'm here to send this one ;

Are you going to continue this fantastic fanfiction because it's sad that there is no update since 2015!

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