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My name is Nortes. I'm the owner of Spitfire Films.



This story is a sequel to My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 1

"My name is Secret. There's not much to say about me. I work with Princess Twilight as her adviser and a member of the royal family. We have lived in the walls of Canterlot for about a year. But, something has been bothering me over that time. There is no way we are safe yet..."

Author: Nortes432
Editor: Victor Von Schneider

Chapters (16)
Comments ( 42 )

Just wow I love this keep up the good work

4480741 Thanks for the support. First, I must overcome writer's block to finish this CMC chapter.

Writers block sucks good luck on over comeing it. I love your cmd parts of the story two it sucks that sweetie had to die she was my favorite but I still love this story good luck can't wate for the next part

More more more more one more tonight please

4482454 Already working for S2E06. Last one tonight, though. I have a schedule. I'll manage at least two more tomorrow, but after that, I have exams.

Oh well one thank you for the frequent updates and two focas on your exams before this good luck

One question what happened to discord

Comment posted by Nortes432 ft Spitfire deleted Jun 11th, 2014

Yay your back can't wate for the next chapter

this story has so.....much......passion :fluttercry:

4812354 I take that to the heart. I try my best to make this as emotional as possible while still holding onto the aspect of action and the overall MLP feel.

4814836 Well let me say good sir...that you have done an amazing job

Okay, mildly concerned for Rainbow Dash, especially if this was a ploy to root out any snitches in the group. Did they not realize that she's the element of loyalty? She's gonna be loyal to her friends. Idiots. Anyways... Can't wait til the next chapter.

Dear MLZ: FiD fans.
It's done.
Season 2 is finally done.
Prepare yourselves for the chapter readings coming soon on Spitfire Films' Channel.
See you lot in Season 3!

that "si-" could be anything, "Sis" "sir" or even the begging of a name, who is it?

5081910 He was cut off in the middle of a sentence. So, he could only manage si-. He was indeed trying to say "sir".
As for who killed him... if you read the story, you'll know.

then if it was someone he knew that just makes it worse.

Spooky as fuck, love it, love everything about it. I'm now goaled on finishing this story.

That was morbid, terrible, and accurately as to how a real murder cult would make and end deals. This story is sick, disturbing, fucked up, psychotic, and cuts out a zombie apocalypse and goes to an interesting detective story......
[/marry me, please. And if your a guy, go gay so you and i can marry.i]

He wouldn't miss his funereal for all the death threats in the (remaining) world. What a pony. :twilightblush:

You. Are. A. GOD!!!! (and I don't believe in god so that just got 20% more of a complement.)

1) I did always call myself the God of Death due to the fact I killed off a lot of characters.
2) I am actually male and bi, but taken. Sorry. :D
If it makes you feel better, I'm uploading chapter readings of this.

Your a Shinigami, a god of death with a killing note book. Do you like apples? (death note jokes)
Oh well, I'll wait for you my soul mate behind the screen. (good for you, writer of your talent deserves love)
where might one find these readings?

5271644 the two things I would see when I looked at the picture before was the grenade in Fluttershy's hoof, and Derpy in the zombie horde still alive.

Fun Fact:

"Sabre, Spirit Blade, and Matterhorn!" Luna called.

Spirit Blade is a reference to a novel I wrote a while back, but never shared, called Spiritkeeper.
In the novel, the main character, Drake Caros, uses a sword which he nicknamed "The Spiritblade", due to it being made of Spirit Magic and has the ability to appear and vanish at Drake's will.

The More You Know!

Either than the zombies outside the walls but now seems lie a hostile takeover. What an adventure and a story so far.

Wow. What a way to end season two. With a bang.

5268898 I'm Bisexual.
And taken! Sorry!
But thanks for the compliments!

NOOOOOO!!!!! They killed CADANCE!!!

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