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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 2 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"My name is Secret. There's not much to say about me. I work with Princess Twilight as her adviser. We have lived in the walls of Canterlot for about a year. But, something has been bothering me over that time. There is no way we are safe y

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S2E03: To Replace A Loved One

Author's Note:

Secret is elected to replace Shining Armor as Captain of the Royal Guard, and his first order of business is to resolve the grief.

Secret stood near the throne. The throne hall was scattered with guards and friends, including Twilight, Rainbow, and AJ. Celestia stood at her throne.

"Today, we take a moment of silence for Shining Armor, who was coldly murdered by my nephew." The crowd bowed their heads in respect for the lost stallion. Twilight joined in, fighting back emotion and tears.

After the moment of silence, Celestia called them back into a bright mood. "I am proud to announce, that my new son, Secret, will be the new Captain of the Royal Guard." She announced. Secret was taken by surprise, and raised his head as she trotted over to the stallion. "Are you ready to receive your promotion?" She asked the stallion.

Secret quickly nodded, overwhelmed by the sudden news.

Two guards ran to Celestia's side, carrying a fancy pillow that presented a blue sash, which formerly belonged to Shining Armor. Celestia picked up the sash with her magic, and hovered it over Secret, letting it drop onto his body. Secret lifted a hoof and put it through the hoop of the sash, fitting it into place.

An uproar of cheers broke out in the crowd. Twilight watched, both happy and sad about the memories that have floated through her mind.


After the throne hall was cleared out, Secret was to receive his first order of duty. "I would like for you to go around and help some of the important members of Canterlot deal with the loss of close ones." Celestia told him.

Secret saluted. "Will do, Princess." He said before taking off.

Secret's first stop was Fleur De Lis. According to the orders he received, she had lost he husband, Fancy Pants. Secret knew some of the details of what happened that day, so we could help her disclose and overall comfort her. Fleur De Lis did not show much emotion towards the subject, but Secret knew for sure that she was crying on the inside.

"So, who killed my husband?" She asked.

Secret looked at her. "It was Prince Blueblood, if I'm not mistaken." He told her.

"Do you know...why?" She asked.

Secret was suddenly taken by surprise. Why did Prince Blueblood kill Fancy and Shining? He thought. "I'm not sure." He told the mare. "But I intend on finding out." He sat down next to her. "Is there anything else you would like to talk about?"

Fleur De Lis shook her head. "I'm good." She said. "Thanks for coming here." She said, forcing a smile onto her face. Secret nodded and trotted out.

Secret's next stop was Twilight. He knew for sure this wasn't going to go well. He knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" Twilight called from inside.

"It's me." Secret answered. Twilight fell silent for a few moments, and then she opened the door.

"Come in." She invited him in. Secret stepped inside. Twilight closed the door behind him, and stared long and hard at the stallion. The sash was her focus. The longer she stared at it, the more she thought of Shining Armor. Tears formed as her eyes began to get misty.

"I'm truly sorry." Secret said, sitting down and staring at a wall.

Twilight trotted over and placed a hoof on his back. "Shh..." She whispered, turning him around. Secret stood perfectly still as Twilight brushed off his sash.

"You look good in it." Twilight managed. Secret smiled. "Shining would be proud to see how handsome his successor looks." She added, trying to stay on the bright side. She stepped back and sat down in front of Secret.

"Is there something you would like to talk about?" Secret asked.

Twilight shook her head. "No." She whispered. Secret sat still for a few minutes, and he started to hear sniffling. He held out a hoof, and Twilight quickly threw herself around Secret. She burst into tears and Secret slowly wrapped his hooves around her. He patted her back as Twilight let out sobs of pain and grief. "It's going to be all okay." Secret whispered to Twilight. Twilight sniffled and continued to sob for a few more minutes. Secret closed his eyes and thought back.

1 Year Ago

"Look at that." A pony called. Secret turned his head and watched as three guards trotted through Ponyville. The leader of the trio was a young white stallion, Shining Armor. He trotted past Secret, and Secret watched in awe. The guards stopped when they reached a treehouse. The local library, he remembered. Twilight Sparkle lived there. Now interested, he watched as Shining banged on the door.

"Open up!" He called. The door flew open, and Twilight stood in the doorway. He expected things to go a little different, but Twilight suddenly erupted with glee and hug-tackled the white stallion. They both laughed, and Secret went dumbfound. Soon enough, he began to laugh at the two playful siblings. They were so cute together.

Present Day

The memories came back to haunt Secret as he continued his efforts to comfort the mare. Twilight soon passed out from exhausting tears, and Secret carried her to the bed. He placed her on the bed, and tucked her in for a rest. After he felt that she was satisfied, he snuck out of her bedroom and went on to see what else he could do.

Secret trotted up to the grave. The last thing he must do today is command the burial of the dead. He led three groups of guards, each carrying a coffin. A guard trotted on his right to guide him. The lead coffin held Shining Armor. He was placed in the first grave, and Secret halted in front of it.

Secret spoke the lines that he has memorized. "Shining Armor. Former captain of the royal guard. Murdered in cold-blood, while in service of the royal family. We pay our respects to this fallen soldier." Soldiers saluted the grave, and then passed by the grave to pay their respects to their fallen comrade.

The next body was buried in a civilian's grave. It was Fancy Pants.

"Fancy Pants. A civilian of Canterlot, but a big deal in the name of fashion. Murdered in cold-blood in the halls of the castle. Although he wasn't the best pony to be with, he was indeed innocent, nonetheless." Respects were paid, and they moved on to the next coffin.

Instead of burying it, they placed it on a small stand. It was Prince Blueblood.

"Prince Blueblood." Secret said, trying to control his anger. "Former prince of the royal family, and traitor as well. He murdered a hero and a civilian, and attempted murder on two members of the royal family. His body will be set ablaze as a warning to those who betray the royal family." He held out a hoof, and his guide placed a match in his hoof. The guards covered the coffin in lighter fluid, and Secret trotted up to it. He held out his hoof until he touched the coffin, and then took out the match and lit it. He set the coffin on fire, then backed up quickly till he felt a safe distance from the coffin.

The citizens of Canterlot watched as the flaming coffin erupted into flames. Applejack turned her head to look at Rainbow, but she was shocked to find Rainbow had disappeared. Where did she go? Applejack wondered, looking around.

Secret looked up at the sky. Something is going on here. He thought. Give me guidance, my pegasus angel. He bowed his head and sighed. It was too good to be true. We are not safe.