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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 2 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"My name is Secret. There's not much to say about me. I work with Princess Twilight as her adviser. We have lived in the walls of Canterlot for about a year. But, something has been bothering me over that time. There is no way we are safe y

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S2E09: Inside Job, Triple Agent

Author's Note:

Secret is forced into hiding, Twilight deals with lying to the princesses, and Rainbow tries to keep her cool as she goes through The Circle's loyalty test.

My name is Rainbow Dash, and this is what happened to me.

Rainbow trotted into the room, Zeinwolfe at her side. She looked around. The room was entirely circular, with three triangles on the walls. Two triangles were green, while another glowed red. In the center of the room, there was a circular table with nine seats. Rainbow took her seat next to Zeinwolfe and the leader. She noticed three empty seats.

"Now begins the meeting of the Circle." The leader announced.

The ponies around the table removed their hoods. They watched as Rainbow removed her own.

"I see the pretty mare still hasn't given up." A young, white stallion said, chuckling.

"Shut your muzzle before I cut it." Rainbow threatened.

"Have respect." The leader ordered the stallion, his hood still on. "The mare has eliminated her target, and in turn, gave you space to step in."

The stallion ducked his head. "I apologize, sir." Rainbow looked at the stallion in disgust.

They made me do it. Now, I'm going to get back at them.


Secret was forced into hiding. Only a few knew of this. Twilight was the only one was able to communicate with him through various letters. It got through watchful eyes, for Twilight signed the receiver of the letters as Colgate, the mare who agreed to hide Secret.

Twilight watched as guards were picked out to replace Secret.

"Sabre, Spirit Blade, and Matterhorn!" Luna called. Celestia, who was one of many that were convinced that Secret passed on, could not attend the events. She had to go over things by herself.

The three remaining competitors were to compete in various challenges in order to win the place as captain of the royal guard.

Rainbow was unheard of for a while. Twilight figured that The Circle had cut out communications with the outside world. Even though things were quiet and slow, Twilight knew that Rainbow could take care of herself.

Rainbow took note of the faces she saw at the meeting as she laid back on her new bed. She was forced to stay with Zeinwolfe until she proved that she was loyal to The Circle.

"Vould you like somezing to drink?" Zeinwolfe asked.

"I'm good." Rainbow muttered. Every time she heard that forsaken voice, she wanted to shoot him. She couldn't, though, or else she would lose all the trust she had to build up with The Circle.

"You seem upset." Zeionwolfe said, trotting up to Rainbow. "Tell Zeinvolfe vat is vrong, Rainbow."

Rainbow sighed. "I miss my friends." She answered.

"Vat about us, are ve not friends?" Zeinwolfe asked.

"Of course we are." Rainbow answered, standing up. "But I still have my other friends."

Zeinwolfe messed her mane. "Do not vorry, Rainbov. All in due time, you vill return to zem."

Rainbow looked at him gloomily. "That makes me feel better." She muttered sarcastically.

Zeinwolfe turned to look at a picture hanging on the wall. "Do you see zat?" He asked,pointing at it. "Zat is my family. My vife and two daughters. I, too, vas forced to do zis. I vill never see zem again, he told me. I vill not see zem, unless I successfully purify Canterlot."

Rainbow watched as a single tear streamed down Zeinwolfe's face. At that moment, the feelings hit her. Despite how much that pony has done to her, he still was another pony, and he was not a monster like the rest of The Circle. She frowned, and despite all anger, she felt sorry for the pony. I can't blame him for being forced to do things he doesn't like.

Rainbow patted Zeinwolfe on the back. "Don't worry, things will blow over. I'm here for you, we both feel the pain."

Twilight trotted into Celestia's bedroom. Celestia stood at the window, looking outside at the archery competition between the three contenders for captain of the royal guard. Twilight closed the door.

"You wanted to see me, Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked.

Celestia snapped into reality and looked at Twilight. "Oh, yes. Come here, Twilight."

Twilight obeyed, trotting to Celestia's side. "You knew Secret better than anypony, correct?" Celestia asked. Twilight nodded. "Would you know of anypony that would want to harm my child?"

Twilight fell silent. She could not say anything about Rainbow, Secret, or The Circle. Nopony knew except her and Applejack. "There was a lot of death threats lately. Any of them could do it." She answered.

"I was afraid so." Celestia sighed. "Could you host my son's funeral, Twilight? I could not ask for a better fit, for I believe that none of those guards are worthy to bury a hero."

Twilight nodded slowly. Even though she knew this was all fake, she too felt Celestia's pain, to have lost a son within a short period of time.
"And another thing." Celestia looked back out the window. "Know that none of these replacements will be as great as Secret or Shining Armor, but make sure the best one will be the one who fulfills the task."

Twilight nodded. "I understand. Is that all?" Celestia nodded, dismissing Twilight out of the room.

"She's loyal, you say?" The leader asked, getting into Zeinwolfe's face.

"Ja!" Zeinwolfe nodded. "Rainbov is of most loyalty to Ze Circle!" He exclaimed. "I am sure of it. See for yourself, if you do not believe me."

The leader shook his head. "I will take your word for it." He turned his head to look at a black pony standing at the entrance. "Let her in." He ordered.

The black pony nodded and opened the door. Rainbow slowly stepped in. "You're dismissed, Zeinwolfe." The leader said. Zeinwolfe exited the building, shooting a warm, almost flirty smile at Rainbow on his way out.

"Rainbow Dash." The leader said with a smile. "As my most trusted assistant has told me, you have proven to be loyal to The Circle. In turn, I agree." He removed his hood. He looked old and frail, with a beard and white mane. "I am The Completionist. Welcome to The Circle."

Twilight stood in front of Secret's coffin. Everything was fake, but she knew that she had to convince the audience that it was real. She concentrated on the same feelings she had for Shining's death, and pulled words from the bottom of her heart.

"Secret. Loyal hero of Canterlot and son of Princess Celestia. He was murdered while serving the royal family and protecting me, Princess Twilight Sparkle, from an assassin threat. He will be burried next to Shining Armor, the hero whom he replaced."

The coffin was placed in the grave as the three contenders stood next to it, saluting.

Twilight felt something odd in the back of her head. She turned and looked up to see Secret standing in the window of the castle. She smiled and looked back at the grave.

Wasn't late to his own funeral, I see.