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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 2 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"My name is Secret. There's not much to say about me. I work with Princess Twilight as her adviser. We have lived in the walls of Canterlot for about a year. But, something has been bothering me over that time. There is no way we are safe y

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S2E05: Autopsy Gone Wrong

Author's Note:

Zecora discovers the cause of the zombie outbreak, but a paralyzing zombie bite puts her into submission, forcing Twilight to rediscover what Zecora had found.

Zecora stepped into the room. Masks and potions were scattered around the room, despite it being overall hospital-like. A single zombie lied on a table, struggling weakly against the chains that held it down. A mask covered it's face so that it couldn't bite anypony.

Zecora walked over to where she kept notes of everything she had learned about the zombies. She looked over them, and wondered. She turned to the zombie and grabbed a syringe. She sunk the needle into it's leg, and drew out some fluids. She poured it into a flask and sat it down on a table so that she could write down notes. She sat there for an hour, writing and examining the fluids, but she came up with nothing. She gave up, and picked up the flask.

Zecora put the flask next to a bunch of other flasks. She sighed and turned to leave, but stopped. She turned back around and looked at the flasks. The fluid that she extracted earlier looked almost identical to the fluid Twilight gave her. She concluded that she needed a fresh sample of the fluid.

Zecora wrapped a cloth around her leg. She sterilized her foreleg, and then gave herself a numbing shot. The zebra waddled over to the zombie and slowly removed it's mask. She reached out her hoof and hovered it above it's face, closing her eyes and bracing.

Chomp! The zombie bit into her arm. Zecora quickly pulled away, causing the zombie to rip some of her fur and flesh off. Clenching her teeth in pain, Zecora quickly took the syringe and took a blood sample out of herself. She poured the fluids into another flask, and compared it to the original. They looked exactly the same, but the fluid that she took out of her body was quickly darkening.

Zecora smiled. She found the cause of the virus. Proud, she went to write down her final report so that she could get to work on an anti-virus. She went towards the table where she would keep her notes, but she forgot one thing.

The zombie's mask was still off, and it was able to grab Zecora by the neck as she walked by. It dragged her down and bit hard into her neck. Zecora gasped in pain, and grabbed the syringe. She used it to stab the zombie multiple times in the face, killing it. Zecora dropped to the ground and breathed heavily as she dragged herself to a table and grabbed a little project she was working on. She took a syringe, filled it up with a blue liquid that was contained in a flask, and shot it into her neck, causing her to collapse.


Twilight and Secret walked into the hospital room that housed Zecora. Zecora laid on the bed, paralyzed. All she could do was move her eyes. "What happened?" Secret asked the doctor.

"She was bitten by a zombie while running tests on it." The doctor said. "She injected herself with a sample that she has been working on which is supposed to pause the virus spreading, but the downside is that she cannot move. It paralyzes her." The doctor explained.

"We have to get her some help!" Twilight exclaimed.

The doctor shrugged. "She was apparently close to finding the cure and the cause of the virus, but she never got the chance to say."

Twilight sighed, and Secret stepped up. "Could we see her work space?" He asked the doctor.

The doctor nodded. "Right this way."

The doctor led them out of the room and down the hallway. They stopped at a pair of doors. The doctor got a key and unlocked one, letting the two in. Twilight and Secret stepped inside, and looked around at the familiar items that Zecora took from her hut so that she could feel at home.

Twilight looked at the various flasks, while Secret stood near the dead zombie and moved over to the notes that sat next to it. He sighed, wishing that he could still read. It brought back memories of the last time he saw Zecora before the outbreak.

1 Year Ago

Secret trotted through the Everfree Forest. He was alone, carrying a satchel on his back. He looked around, searching for Zecora's hut. "Just follow the path, and go right at the crossroads." He said, remembering what Fluttershy told him. He took the right path and followed it. He ignored the fur-raising sounds that echoed throughout the forest, and kept his eyes locked on the path.

He stopped and smiled. Right in front of him was a tree, decorated with various masks and antiques. He trotted up to the door and knocked on it with his hoof. "Zecora?" He called. "I'm a friend of Fluttershy. I need something from you." He called.

The zebra opened the door. "Welcome in, stranger yet friend. Sorry I wasn't quick, I had some potions to blend." She invited the pony in, and he stepped inside.

Zecora looked at his eyes. "I know, I know. They're fascinating." Secret said, rolling his eyes. "I was wondering if you could make me something." He told her.

"Well go on and say what is on your mind. I'm sure there is something that I could find." Zecora tempted the stallion.

Secret looked at her. "I want a potion that could help me...see things." He said.

Zecora tilt her head. "Wha-"

"Let me explain." Secret stopped the rhyming zebra. "I want to have the ability to process things quickly, and to use every sense to the highest extent." He looked at Zecora. "I'm in some big trouble. This is vital."

Present Day

Twilight trotted over to Secret. "Let me see that." She said. She looked at the notes. "This one was written today. It says that she found a liquid that looked similar to the flask that I gave her." She told him. Secret tilted his head in a funny way, and Twilight looked at the flasks. Two of them had the same dark green color, and they both sat next to the flask that Twilight received in the mail a year ago. She trotted over to the flasks and looked at them. "I need to take these to Zecora." She said, picking up the three flasks and carrying them out.

Back in Zecora's room, the doctors were examining her neck and foreleg. Both of them have been bitten, and flesh was messing from her foreleg. Twilight stepped inside. "I need to talk to her." She said, trotting up to Zecora. The doctors cleared the room, and Twilight placed the flasks on a table next to Zecora's bed. Twilight watched as Zecora's eyes rested on Twilight.

"I need you to answer some questions." Twilight said. "Look up for yes, look down for no. Okay?" Zecora's eyes shot up, and then she looked back at Twilight.

"Alright, now. Is your name Zecora?" Twilight asked. Zecora looked up, and back at Twilight.

"Was the liquid in the flask I gave you light green?" Zecora looked up.

"Did the zombie bite your hind leg?" Zecora looked down. Once Twilight was satisfied with the test answers, she lifted the flasks into the air.

"Did you get this sample from the zombie?" She asked, holding up one of them. Zecora looked at it, and then looked up.

Twilight raised the other flask. "And this one too?" Zecora looked down.

"Where did you get it?" Zecora looked down, and Twilight realized that she could not ask that question. "Did you get it from somepony else?" Zecora looked down.

"Did you get it from...yourself?" Zecora looked up.

"So wait...do you mind if we take another sample?" She asked. Zecora looked down.

Twilight called the doctors in, and ordered them to take a sample out of Zecora's foreleg. They put it into a fourth flask, and Twilight watched. At first, the fluids looked exactly like the liquid from the original flask. She stared in shock, putting puzzle pieces together.

Twilight's eyes widened. If the zombie virus was in that flask...then I started the apocalypse... Everything blacked out after that.

Twilight woke up hours later in a hospital bed. Secret prodded her side. "Morning, sleeping beauty." He teased. Twilight looked at him and glared.

"What happened?" She asked.

"You passed out." Secret told her. "It's okay though. Nopony else knows that you started this. We're working on an anti-virus." He told her. "Also, you have a visitor. She said she's an 'old friend' of yours." Secret stepped out of the way to reveal a familiar pony standing in the doorway.

"Hello, Twilight Sparkle." The visitor greeted. Twilight's jaw dropped.

It's her again.