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Night Sky has a good home, great friends, and a loving family. His position as an astronomer for the University of Canterlot is everything he could hope for... except for the feeling that his job is limited by the light pollution that surrounds the Equestrian capitol.

So when Princess Luna commissions for an observatory to be built in the nearby village of Ponyville, away from the lights of the city, and he is offered a position at the new facility, Sky jumps at the chance. He packs his things and prepares to move onto the next step in his life. Ponyville, a place where he can be left alone with his telescopes and the stars he loves so much. His plan is to quickly settle into his new home, no distractions. What he doesn't plan for is the craziness that is Ponyville to stop him. Or his new neighbors, who seem intent on taking him along for the ride. Or the angry drakon that seems intent on razing the town...

Guess stargazing will have to wait.

Nyx Sparkle is from Past Sins written by Pen Stroke. All credit for her creation and characterization belong to him.

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I have a friend that feels just like Sky. Too many lights blocking out the stars at night.:fluttershysad:

So, Sky likes Octavia and Luna likes 'Clockwork'. Interesting. I wonder how Sky's crush on Octavia will affect his decision on what is to be announced on the morrow?

5029726 Oh no, I had no plans on building a Doctor-Luna romance. It really was just a misunderstanding... But that does have potential. If someone ships the Doc in fiction, I always liked the idea of it being Luna or Celestia, as they are some of the few creatures he doesn't have to worry about dying on him. I wasnt planning on it, and the plans I have for the story wouldnt really promote focus such a relationship. HOWEVER, if you and the others would like, I could perhaps start on a side story or something.

BTW, how did I do on writing the fanon and canon characters? I hope that I wrote Luna well, and I was worried I would write Octi to informal.

5031848 I wasn't saying anything about a Clockwork x Luna ship. I was just saying that Luna likes Clockwork. I'm not interested in Clockwork being shipped. Being good friends with Luna and Celestia, yes; couple, no.
I have heard of a fic where Octavia and Vinyl had opposite personalities and one where they were sisters and had similar personalities (not in public though). So, as long as Octavia doesn't start acting like Fluttershy or Amulet Trixie, I'm fine.

Why is this not going to go well? Shouldn't momma be happy for her boy? Or is he the only one still living nearby?:applejackunsure:

found a typo

. She new his name? [knew]

found some typos
attention being payed [paid]

she had expended( of ) energy, [?]

She never really like me or [liked]

They where stalling. [were]

5314160 Thank you kind stranger.
We never did get that mysterious editors name...
Umm... It's days his name right there... Bronzedragon.
Well duh! Of course it does, but that's just the name of the mask he hides behind. In all actuality, he is in fact-
Uh, Pinks?
Oh, right, sorry, minimal forth wall breakage, sorry!
... You know I'm bored when I turn two editorial comments into a 11 line conversation between me and the Loki-spawn that is the Pinkie Pie.
Make that 12. Like I said, bored. And maybe just a little bit tired...

Keep up the good work.

Kudzu is right the dreaded tyopo is everywhere.

but considering your as ]knew her as I am, [ new here ]
She really only like a few ponies [likes ]
that was just something they where exceptionally gifted at. [were ]
Sky doubted their was a bed ready for him [ there ]

5949576 Thanks, fixed.
... So was that spelling mistake to make a point, or...? :applejackunsure:

5949753 Got it. So what did you think of the chapter overall? Derpsby is the only one why regularly gives me feedback, and I would like to know how I'm doing, and how I can improve.
... I'm not comment hungry! :pinkiecrazy:

"Still... even if I don't get fired, it suck.

it sucks

pass it of to Star Chaser,

pass it off to

Star here seamed to find


this should be good.

' Ya, like I could do that. Jeeze, and I thought MY girls were bad. Melody and Sunny have NOTHING on those three. '

Weaponized cuteness?

I, for one, welcome our adorable new overlords.

First Friendship is Magic fanfiction i read. Great, so far.

Ooo, i was going to thumbs up already, but then you revealed that horrible spoiler about clockwork. Please use spoiler tags, it helps those of us who want to figure it out ourselves.

Best reaction to nyx

9226222 Honestly she is being combative towards Sky, but I can’t blame her at all. I am the social one out of my group, and find I am VERY protective of my friends when they are confronted. I would probably be doing the same thing in her shoes if someone made one of my buddies cry. Maybe worse.

"That is mostly due to my position, and the image I create when I use it. Ponies are fearful enough of me when you consider my power as an alicorn, my position as a princess, and my... past sins."


But more importantly, Sky noticed a distinct lack of depth perception.

So... no more mention of this?

I liked the end.:rainbowlaugh:🤣

BANG! What you said shoot?

The type of predator that drakon happens to be an ambush type predator.

Well, it’s also the case that they broke into someone’s house, but that’s just something i personally have never enjoyed about pinkie. Dashie’s just being a little over reactive for pinkie being reminded that it’s a private residence and she shouldn’t be allowed to be in there without his permission in the first place. Also, tis is a really good story, good job!

I mean, not her specifically. More like her and Scootaloo both. But, then again, she IS the only one that got away...

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