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The war against the Burning Legion is all but won. Gul'Dan is no more, his machinations at an end. Kil'jaeden and his armada are but ruin and Dark Lord Sargeras himself has been imprisoned, nevermore to return. While it has been costly, and some wounds may never heal, in the end, the champions of Azeroth have prevailed.

While clearing the last of the hated demons from the Broken Shore, however, a party of such champions finds themselves taking an unexpected journey through the Twisting Nether. When the demonic portal is destroyed, and mystical means of returning home fail them, the team must familiarize themselves with this strange new world, at least until a means of escape can be determined.

But despite how idealistic this planet may appear, there is a darkness lurking. They did not fall into this realm alone, and the enemy is not known for leaving a land unspoiled. The taint cannot be allowed to spread, least of all to an innocent world, and so it falls to the heroes to save a land of peace from the horrors of war.

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It was supposed to be a simple shortcut. Unfortunately, things are never simple when one surrounds themselves with such an... exotic collection of companions. Lost in a strange new land for a second time, one young human must do what they do best to find their way home; Flirt.
And make friends, that too!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is owned by Hasbro
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This story is a sequel to Settling In

Moving to Ponyville has proven more of an adventure than Night Sky had anticipated. Who knew small towns like this could have such a problem with monster attacks?

With the drakon dealt with and the observatory under repair, Sky has time to get aquatinted with his new place of residence. Surely he can find SOMETHING to pass the time with until the construction ends.

Nyx Sparkle is from Past Sins written by Pen Stroke. All credit for her creation and characterization belong to him.

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Night Sky has a good home, great friends, and a loving family. His position as an astronomer for the University of Canterlot is everything he could hope for... except for the feeling that his job is limited by the light pollution that surrounds the Equestrian capitol.

So when Princess Luna commissions for an observatory to be built in the nearby village of Ponyville, away from the lights of the city, and he is offered a position at the new facility, Sky jumps at the chance. He packs his things and prepares to move onto the next step in his life. Ponyville, a place where he can be left alone with his telescopes and the stars he loves so much. His plan is to quickly settle into his new home, no distractions. What he doesn't plan for is the craziness that is Ponyville to stop him. Or his new neighbors, who seem intent on taking him along for the ride. Or the angry drakon that seems intent on razing the town...

Guess stargazing will have to wait.

Nyx Sparkle is from Past Sins written by Pen Stroke. All credit for her creation and characterization belong to him.

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