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A Wild Magikarp

Faith, family, friends, food. In that order.


This story is a sequel to Settling In

Moving to Ponyville has proven more of an adventure than Night Sky had anticipated. Who knew small towns like this could have such a problem with monster attacks?

With the drakon dealt with and the observatory under repair, Sky has time to get aquatinted with his new place of residence. Surely he can find SOMETHING to pass the time with until the construction ends.

Nyx Sparkle is from Past Sins written by Pen Stroke. All credit for her creation and characterization belong to him.

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Good start on the next story. Looking forward to more.

Oh, that was a good one and I wonder what Blueblood would think?

I really hope the next chapter comes out soon

He’s literally called Starswirl the Bearded, and have you seen his beard? It’s magnificent. Of course he went to the spa.

I was unaware Sparkle-butt had more than one family.

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