• Published 18th Jul 2014
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The Incredible Automated Stallion - The Infinity Doctor

The life of a self-sustaining, Shock Jockey-powered horse isn't a very lively one...he stands, and he walks, that was about it- until an angel presents him with the opportunity to escape his torment.

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Chapter 6

"Dunooo" he pronounced, the blue mare before him decked out in a fancy hat and cape, stars covering the purple background. She was also nice enough to help him expand his vocabulary. He discovered the hat to have magically mended itself, why or how he didn't know- something to do with the horn attached to the mare's forehead, perhaps?

"No, look," she sighed, her hoof coming up to touch the bridge of her snout "it's easy, all I'm going to do, is teleport you on-stage after the smokescreen"

He shook his head rapidly, something rattling around as he did so.

"well...you- I...fine!" she seethed "Stand off to the side for all I care!"

She stormed off, around the wagon, preparing herself for the act she was about to perform. To his amazement, one side of the wagon actually opened, transforming into a stage. The stage was currently settled along a cobblestone path in a semi-busy market place, the stage-half of the wagon facing the street, the other side facing the woods. He didn't know how she managed to do it, put none of the ponies had noticed him so far, as he was 'hiding' behind the wagon.

"Fillies and gentlecolts!" he heard Trixie announce, followed by a cloud of smoke peek out from over the top of the wagon "The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived to amaze and astound!"

A small round of applause went up, though it sounded muffled. So he stood, waiting for the mare to finish her performance, maybe then they could continue his speech lessons.

As he continued thinking, his head suddenly convulsed, jerking as voices faded in and out of an unitelligible jumble.

"..given...make...rift- bird"

"-pose h- d...for the- good...za- th"

"Make it stop! I ca-a anan't thi-think...want.... home-"

"...frie- round, chances-"

"It's been some time since we last spoke" a voice said, as smooth as motor oil.

His head shot up, and he searched for the source of the voice. The winged-creature appeared before him, along with a smaller creature.

He nodded, agreeing with her.

"I see you've made a companion" she said, stepping closer.

He nodded once more.

The smaller creature approached him, presenting her hand to him. He approached her, and pushed his muzzle into it, letting her stroke his face gently. He hummed, indicating he enjoyed the feeling.

Her tall form stared down at him for a moment, before smiling.

"I wish you luck" she said, turning.

'Why does she sound so sad?' he wondered.

She beckoned for the smaller creature to follow her, and he felt the small hand disconnect from his muzzle, much to his disappointment.

"We shall meet again, do not fret" she said, her soothing voice like music to his receptors.

She then looked down to the shorter creature, its small hand becoming enveloped in the larger's.

"Come along, we'd best be off" she said.
"Yes, mistress" the smaller replied.

'Odd...' he thought, watching the pair leave.

As if coming back to reality, the sound of hooves thumping against the ground made itself known. He wondered what it could be, before Trixie came around the back of the wagon, a burlap sack of money in her magic, if the jingling sound coming from inside was any indication. She arched a brow at him as she trotted past, carrying the bag in her telekinetic grip.

"What're you smiling about?" she asked, only semi-harshly.
He rolled his shoulders, attempting some resemblance of a shrug.
The blue mare only rolled her eyes, then turned to go into the wagon.

'I hope her show went well' he thought, going after her, and waiting obediently outside the entrance.

The blue mare exited the wagon, her hat (as well as the burlap sack), missing from her form.

He tilted his head, showing her he was curious.
Trixie pulled a lever off to the side of the wagon, and the stage began folding in on itself, pulling back into the side of the cart.

"Get to the front of the cart," she said "we're moving on"

'What?' he thought 'Wouldn't it make more sense to do more than one show, and then leave?'

He obeyed nonetheless, and trotted to the front of the wagon, his wheels creaking as he went. A blue aura surrounded the harness- he backed up, getting nearer to them, and they attached themselves to him, the buckles snapping into place snugly. He tested them, and felt the wagon shift, the sensation travelling through his restraints. Looking back, he spied Trixie climbing into the seat, his saddlebags sitting next to her. He saw his gun friend sitting next to the unicorn, and it hopped the gap, landing on his back with no small amount of racket. Pulling once more, he went to turn around, taking the cart with him.

"Where are you going?" Trixie asked, confusion evident in her features.
He nodded with his head, towards the path they came.

"No," she commanded said "we need to head through town"
His eyes flicked in the opposite direction, towards the arrangement of buildings. He waited a bit, staring at Trixie, who was looking at him with...he wasn't sure what it was...

"That way" she repeated, pointing her hoof in the opposite direction.

Hesitantly, he turned, and began walking, tugging the wagon behind him as his hooves thunked metallically against the dirt road.

As they entered, other horses, every color of the rainbow, shape, and size turned to stare at him, their eyes turning wide as he trotted past. He felt himself wither, speeding up as to get through the maze of buildings as quickly as possible. If there was one thing he was determined to avoid here, it was being stared at, and this certainly didn't help. His ears flipped backwards as he flinched, the cause being a high-pitched scream filling the air, coming from a mare on the street corner just up ahead. Her scream set of the rest of the ponies, who either stayed put, whether out of fear or curiosity, and others, who bolted down the street, presumably towards their homes.

"Well? Keep going" Trixie said, bringing him back to the waking world.

He looked down, and noticed that he had stopped, standing in the middle of a busy street, numerous pairs of eyes focused squarely on him. Taking off at a brisk trot, he continued on, inwardly shaking in his iron horseshoes as the ponies kept their stares on Trixie, the wagon, and himself. He briefly looked back at Trixie, as if requesting assistance. She stared indifferently ahead, appearing to not notice his movement. Snorting, he had no choice but to keep up his pace, travelling through the urban jungle as he wished he were anywhere else, doing anything but.

Soon however, much to his relief, the city limit came into view.

'Almost there, just a few more-'

A sharp whistling sound filled the air, forcing him to glance around in panic, wondering what it could be.

'It's not a bomb, is it?' he thought worriedly, hoping that if it landed near him, he wouldn't be blown to a million million pieces.

Something hard collided with his skull, forcing him to glance up, something crumbly rolling down his face and neck. He caught the barest flash of orange retreating into the window high above them. Becoming annoyed, he shook his head, throwing off bits and pieces of broken clay, dirt, and a small white flower, its petals just beginning to bloom. Taking it in his teeth, he walked over to a flowerbed hanging in the bottom floor window. Much to Trixie's dismay, he didn't listen as he took a mouthful of dirt, and dropped it off to the side. Spitting out the offending substance, he took the flower back into his teeth, and placed it in the hole he had created. Carefully, his snout nosed at the dirt, patting it into the ground as it brushed against the flower.

'There' he thought, wondering what compelled him to replant the flower.

He turned, and then became bashful as he noticed Trixie, as well as the rest of the townsfolk staring at him, a few of the foals with confusion and small smiles. He took off, suddenly yanking the wagon, and forcing Trixie to yelp as she held on, lest they hit a bump and she'd go tumbling into the street.

Author's Note:

Hope you liked it, please don't forget to R&R, I'd like to know how I'm doing, or what your opinions are. I'd love it if any of you could provide a review, as well :pinkiehappy:

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Intresting... Sorta

He got hit with a flower pot?

6515915 Well, I put it there, since there're turrets involved, was I not supposed to do that?

Quite interesting so far.

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