• Published 18th Jul 2014
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The Incredible Automated Stallion - The Infinity Doctor

The life of a self-sustaining, Shock Jockey-powered horse isn't a very lively one...he stands, and he walks, that was about it- until an angel presents him with the opportunity to escape his torment.

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Chapter 4

Trixie eyed the sleeping creature from the safety of the (bent) entrance to her wagon. It looked harmless now, when it wasn't moving, but she knew there was something off about this- this thing, who had so rudely filled her prized possesion with holes. The oblong object sat near the metal pony, its eye dark as it somehow kept itself upright. She continued to stare at the oddities, as if doing so long enough might bring the answers she was looking for.

'He does appear to be quite healthy...' she thought briefly, then banished the thought from her mind
'Why?! Why would you think that?'

'Because he might just agree to pull your wagon?' her mind replied.

It could be devious when it wanted to be.

Though, referring to her mind as a seperate wasn't too good a sign, either...

She continued silently debating with herself, still keeping an eye on the creatures.

'But- but- what if it's dangerous? It looks bigger than a Timberwolf!' her reasoning chimed.

'Not if you handle the situation carefully' the other part responded.

Trixie bit her lip, eyes darting to her hat sitting on the bed quickly, before shooting back outside. Her inner battle continued to rage on, debating whether she should allow the mysterious things to travel with her.

'If nothing else, it'd make a good attraction- you do need the bits...'

'And if he finds out you've been using him?'


"Is he doing well, Mistress?" a small angel asked, her brass face staring into the pool, along with the taller next to her.

The large pool of water was revealing to them the event surrounding the stallion.

"Better than I expected," the taller replied, sighing a bit "though the unicorn may prove to be troublesome, if he isn't careful"

"She seems nice enough" the smaller pointed out.

"She is, to an extent," she replied "though her pride and personality aren't a good combination at the worst of times"

The younger stared up at her mentor, blinking owlishly. The older sighed good-naturedly, and clarified.

"She acts foolishly, at times"
"Don't all the ponies?"
"Yes, but not like this one," she said, a small laugh escaping her mouth "her pride prevents her from making true friends"

"Mistress, do you mean-"
"I hope so- if not, I'll have to send the poor thing back to that wretched city..."

"Do you have to send him back, if he fails, Mistress?"

"Back to your studies, young one" she said, turning from the pool with her student.

She gently patted her on the back, briefly brushing one of her metallic wings, and the child plodded down the dimly-lit hall, the sound of her bare feet touching the stone floor echoing off of the smooth walls.

She gave one last glance to the pool, before following her student, the lanterns hanging from the ceiling extinguishing themselves as she left.

Trixie stepped (inched) closer to the pony-like creature, the white object sitting nearby, its eye still dark.

Her heart leapt into her throat as the white object stood, its singular, red eye flickering to life.

"Who's there?" it asked softly, two things springing out from it.

A thin, red line appeared, then trained itself on her forehead. She waited with baited breath, fat drops of sweat running down her face .

The things on its sides closed, and it stared at her, unblinking.

"Hello" it said, still staring at her.

"H-hhello" she replied, some of the sweat stemming its flow "erm, I'd like to talk to him..."

The creature swiveled between herself and the pony-like creature, then continued staring.

"I'm watching" it said.

A faint shiver ran down her spine, and she approached the- well...to be honest, she didn't know what it was- for all she knew, it was some thing that fell out of the sky, probably belonging to a species far more advanced than anything in the world. She hesitantly raised a hoof, and prodded at the pseudo-stallion's foreleg, her hooves quivering.

He felt himself being poked, and he begrudgingly awoke. He pushed himself up, standing as he yawned. He found it unusual that he had laid down in order to sleep, he usually slept standing up...
He took his first yawn, his metal jaw creaking as it closed.

He then took in his surroundings, finding the blue pony in his presence, as well as his little white gun/friend/protector...thing...

"Hellluuu" he tried, standing at full height.

The horned-pony was shaking, its white mane covering one eye rather cutely as it stared up at him. Standing before it, he found it to only come up to his chest-plating, including the horn. Which was unusual, as well, seeing as all of his model were the same height.

"I'd- I- was er- just...wondering... if um...would you happen...to....want...to travel...with...er- me?"

He thought on it a moment, then nodded, excited at the prospect of not having this particular pony fear him, as well as getting a companion other than the four white guns and the box-like object remaining untouched in his other bag.

"Can you, er, speak- other than 'hello'?"

He shook his head rapidly, then said 'Hello' once more.

"That's all he can say" the gun piped up, startling the blue horse.

"Oh, yes, of course," she said, a small smile splitting across her muzzle "well, come along, we've got to be in Baltimare day after tomorrow"

He nodded eagerly, then slipped the gun onto his back, ducking under it in order to pick it up. He then stopped, as he stared at the entrance to the cart- which he'd kind-of-sort-of...broke...

"Oh, it appears you might not be able to fit into the wagon..." the pony said sadly.
He thought a moment, then nodded, agreeing with her statement.

"Of course...we will need somepony to pull the wagon as well..." she mentioned, stroking her chin "it's not going to get there by itself..."

He looked down at her, then an idea popped into his iron cranium.

'I can pull it!' he thought 'I'm good at pulling things!'

And, he'd be helping his new companion as an added bonus!

He nodded, motioning to himself with a hoof.

Her eyes went wide, and her mouth twitched a bit.

"Oh, no! You're my guest! I couldn't possibly ask you to pull my wagon"
He shook his head once more, and walked around the cart, discovering the cart's harness. Pointing to it, he tilted his head questioningly, meant to ask if she could hook him into it.

"Well...I suppose if you insist..." she finally relented, trotting up to him.

The harness felt a bit snug, considering it was made to fit the smaller pony. He tested it, pulling at the cart. It rolled forward (not much surprise there, but...still...), and he looked back to the powder blue horse, who was looking upon him with a look of uncertainty. He smiled reassuringly, or, at least he thought he smiled, it was a little hard to tell if his jaw could move that way or not. Though, he could talk, albeit one word- yet he found the the functions of his mouth lower on his list of priorities (small as it was...).

He began pulling, tugging the wagon behind him as he plodded through the fields, and towards the treeline.

Author's Note:

I'm back! :yay:

Hope you enjoyed it, please leave a review of what you thought, I could use the feedback :pinkiesmile:

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