• Published 18th Jul 2014
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The Incredible Automated Stallion - The Infinity Doctor

The life of a self-sustaining, Shock Jockey-powered horse isn't a very lively one...he stands, and he walks, that was about it- until an angel presents him with the opportunity to escape his torment.

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Chapter 3

His ears flicked back as the blue horse continued screaming as it ran back into the field, the offensive noise echoing behind her as she ran.

'That's the first time anyone reacted to me like that...' he thought, setting the white object on his back as he began turning, slowly following the powder-blue equine.

Trixie's took in deep breaths, her chest heaving up and down as her lungs greedily sucked in oxygen. She was currently in the safety of her trailer, where she'd hopefully be protected from that...that...monstrosity. It terrified her, it looked so alien! Despite appearing to be a pony itself...

She shook her head, and began rifling through the drawers of the small vanity situated in the corner, searching for anything that might help in warding off the...the...whatever-it-was. She feverishly searched, finding nothing more than a few trinkets that she'd bought a long time ago, if only to humor the merchant willing to sell them to her. The objects in question included a ratty necklace with a single, circular blue gem dangling from it. The other was simply a small, clay brick, dark with age, said to have come all the way from Bullivia. If now was ever a time to see if they worked, now was definitely it. She took a deep breath to steady her breathing, and peered out of her wagon. She saw no sign of it, only the field around the wagon. And so, she continued hiding, fearful that if she left the wagon, the creature would leap out and attack her. She feebly clutched the trinkets, thinking herself unable to do anything else.

His hooves soon took him to a small-ish wagon, just sitting in the middle of the tall grass.

'That wasn't there before...' he pondered, walking around the structure.
A small ramp lead into a door on the back of the wagon.
He walked up the ramp, the plank barely supporting his weight. He then thumped his head against the door, thinking whoever lived here might know where the blue pony went.

Trixie trembled, shaking in fear as she felt the wagon jump. She whimpered, curling herself into a ball as the creature on the other side continued to attempt to get in.

His metal skull struck the door once more, attempting to coax whoever was inside, out.

It wasn't working.

A groan of frustration escaped his mouth, and he tried once more. Now, wooden objects tend to snap under the pressure of an object being thrown at it full force, and he just happened to put a little more force than intended behind his next swing. This case was no different.

His head went through the door, snapping it in half. the two splintered pieces swung inward violently, still hanging by the hinges attached to the door frame. The dark interior didn't reveal much, a small mirror and cabinet in one of the far corners, and a number of costumes and other seemingly-useless junk just lying next to the small bed. On said mattress was a sheet, under the sheet, there lay a shivering form. He worked his way into the cabin, his hooves thunking as he heard the wood groan beneath them. He managed to squeeze himself in, though most doors he'd seen didn't bend the way they were at the moment.

Forgetting the misshapen entrance for now, he approached the bed, the red laser of the gun moving around the room. As he approached, it seemed as if the figure beneath it was shaking harder, if the rapidly vibrating blanket was any indication. His metal jaw clamped down on the edge of the sheet, and tugged at it, forcing the cloth to come loose from the bed. What was left was the blue horse, shivering as she tried hiding beneath her white mane. Spitting out the blanket, it landed gently on the floor as he continued to edge towards the horse.

Her purple eyes stared up at him, connecting with his own, wide in terror.

"HEeeeeeeelllllluuuuuuuuu" he tried once more.
The horse fainted, her eyes rolling into her head as her entire body slumped, going limp on the bed.

He was absolutely baffled at her behavior...while at the same time, amazed that a horse could show the level of expression usually only capable of being shown on humans. He looked back at the gun, who stared back at him. He rolled his shoulders, or the eqivalent, at least, in some semblance of a shrug, and walked out of the wagon. He rested his forehooves on the ground, forcing the gun to slide forward, over his muzzle, and land on the ground. He and the gun shared a look, before the gun itself spoke.

"Can I help you?" it asked.


Apparently, the gun wasn't the best conversationalist...


Its eye went dark, and it set itself down, its legs keeping it stable as it apparently went to sleep.

A snort escaped his muzzle as he positioned his head between his hooves, his rear legs still in the air due to his wheels. He closed his eyes, and just listened to the sounds around him, waiting for the horse to awake. Maybe then he might be able to find out just where he was.

Author's Note:

I'll be updating some of my other fics soon, as well :pinkiesmile:
Also, be sure to let me know what you think, questions and comments are helpful :scootangel:

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