• Published 20th Jun 2014
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Hearth and Forge - etherealunessence

A continuation of the Xenoverse the day of Twilight's ascension in which an Irish blacksmith and hunter named Galen, who was raised in a medieval tourist trap of a village is brought to Equestria, along with his dog, due to said ascension.

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Great chapter, keep up the fine work.


It lives!!! Please keep going on this, I love this story!

Is it dead again?
I hope not, been a good read thus far.


Nope, just working on the new chapter of Melody along with a fun little once shot I came up with one night. H&F is next up after those gof up :twilightsmile:

this still lives?

I'm performing CPR... Xb been working crazy hours at work lately :facehoof:

Ohh okays ^^, the fact you still live is good enough for me. Not the first time i had to wait sometime between updates for fics. Hope everything goes alright for you and take your time :D

Thanks :moustache: let's just say I'm helping to feed the masses (literally, since I now work in one of the bigger food industry conglomerates :rainbowlaugh: )... and they are hungry XD

Well that's good I think. Good luck with he work and all I understand that. Just found this and looking forward to the read.

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