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What drugs were you taking when you wrote this, and where can I get some?

That makes so much sense.


No drugs, just hugs! Drugs are for slugs!

4563126 Shrooms or LSD. Don't do the Angel Dust though, plebs don't survive PCP.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash went out fighting, like all men should.

If only I was there to make all your jokes.... just... so much worse.

I can't even...
I mean, it was just...

That was... beautiful? Maybe? I'll go with beautiful.


holy $#!^ new readers

Why would you subject yourselves to this? Are you spiders too? :pinkiegasp:

4912689 For all I know, I could be... :rainbowderp:

4912689 I saw it. I got scared. If I didn't read it, who knows what would happen?!!?!?!?

It was weird, gross, annoying, funny, stupid, crazy, messed up, completely out of control, and was a does-not-even-have-a-rometly-possible-chance-at-a-good-plot-line-type-story-that-makes-no-sense-and-makes-me-want-to-rethink-my-life type story....

Also, is twilight a spider too?


Shhhhh! Keep your voice down! You'll give away the plot of Sunset Spider 2: The Re-Shimmering!

After reading this, all I think of is a question. That being:

Take heart, my yellow-bellied comrade!

Is this really an insult if the intended target (aka Fluttershy) literally has a yellow belly?

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