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As Brightbug the Changeling sat in his usual spot on his living room dungpile, it occurred to him that he was not particularly satisfied with life.

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Not completely sure what you're saying with this. I feel certain you're saying something. That might just be ... I'm not sure how to call it, cultural or postmodernism or something. There are certainly other sorts of story where no-one reads it and feels "hmm, he must be saying something", and this feels like the other type. Tautologically. But I digress.

I think you're saying something about the internet. Which is interesting, but the Thing being said is not particularly new. (Which is fine.) But then you mix it with Intervention Tropes, and it...

I don't know. But it's interesting. But I don't know where to go from that thought, despite feeling like I should be trying to pick up a dangling conversation thread.


I wrote it in three hours for a write-off. "I Regret Nothing" was the prompt. It was an idea, and that was good enough for me at the time.

Everything I write is crude and unpolished.

...What I'm probably really saying with the story, come to think of it, is that I resent everyone I have personal relationships with because I feel like I'm being drugged and kept down by them.

For instance, when I imagine myself dying, I don't feel afraid. So I think I could do anything at all. But then I remember my mother is still living, and she would be hurt if I died, etc. So then it seems I have to try to keep myself alive at least, even though if left to my own devices, I'd rather just do whatever and let come what may.

That's an extreme example, but it illustrates the point.

So, it's self-aggrandizement basically.

wasn’t good enough him anymore.

I think I understand what you're trying to say with this. I can kind of relate.

Also, those changeling names lol.


Thanks for pointing out the typo.

I had some much more offensive names in mind but I decided against using them =/

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