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Bitter southerner with a laptop. I write Mountain Dew fueled train wrecks.



Big Mac heads to town to sell apples. Along the way, he engages in conversations with strangers.

Chapters (5)
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I like your Profile pic! I'm a big Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door fan.


4400005 Admiral Bobbery is best princess.

You know, I'm more or less the same as Donnie I feel. Up until that suicide part, that was a pretty jarring change from me knowing exactly where the guy's coming from to him doing something I get shudders thinking about.

4401633 not suicide. he laughed. he knew he wouldn't die.

Ah, now I see the tone this story is going to be taking. I wonder how many philosophical topics you can do before you run out.

4404336 My philosophy tanks are still at approximately full capacity. We'll see how it goes.

I was just thinking, could we write a big book of objective ethical calculus for determining punishment for crimes? Such that you have modifiers and base values, like murder is base 400 days and heat-of-thee-moment crimes get a 0.8x modifier, in contrast to planned crimes which get 3x. That sort of thing.

4407408 That's sounds efficient, but way too fair. Determining crime sentences should only be allowed after massive amounts of alcohol consumption.

Reading this, I was coming up with a great point about how God or souls or some other spiritual type thing could possibly disprove the old stallion's point. Then I remembered I'm barely philosophical enough for my head to not explode while reading this, let alone make counter points against this stuff.

4412784 Perhaps we are not bodies with souls nesting inside. Perhaps we are souls lucky enough to have found bodies to inhabit.

The ponies who call self-termination selfish are fucking idiots. For many, it's simply the last step in the great checklist of life, like remembering to turn out the lights.

Well, it could be considered selfish because while life could have no purpose for you, your life could still have purpose for others. Keeping to the metaphor, it'd be like turning off the lights when someone else is still in the room. I'm not sure if that made sense, it did in my head.

Well yes, but they'd be in a pitch black room so you wouldn't have to see them...
Anyway, I'd say the problem isn't that it's inaccurate, it's just not going to be very helpful. Someone at that point either doesn't really care about anything anymore, or is already very "low" and calling them bad things won't help.

4418928 I'm not saying that calling them selfish would help convince them to not commit suicide, but that they are not objectively unselfish for committing suicide, like it was said in the chapter.

Not bad not bad at all *clap* *clap*

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