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Orion wasn't always a pegasus... as a matter of fact, he wasn't even a pony. He was once a human, a Brony even. But one night while dreaming of life in Equestria, he accidentally makes a wish that Luna is all too happy to oblige. So what happens when you're lucky enough to be plucked from life on Earth to live as a pony in Equestria?
Well if you're Orion, you get mobbed by a party whirlwind named Pinkie, accidentally get genderswapped by a distracted friend, entertain a Goddess of the night at a sleepover, and get into situations with a certain red farmer that start rumors that you're both colt cuddlers...

and did we mention that that's just the first week?

Buckle in for a long ride, because the story doesn't end until things turn normal again, and as we all know, normal doesn't seem to exist in Ponyville.

contains feels, romance, adventure, comedy, and of course, a Human.... just don't tell Lyra...

EDIT- Story is on hiatus as of 12-23-2013 for editing and rewriting. So far, the expected date for the next update will be sometime in late January, early February.

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No really, this should be good.

1996916 heheheh... so i take this is a good idea then?

1996984 This first chapter just made me feel a bit fuzzy inside :rainbowkiss:

1996994 fuzzy inside?

care to elaborate? you're the only person who's commented, so you have my undivided attention :raritystarry:

1997002 Well, who doesn't want to visit Equestria once in a while? Im not really good at explaining specifically why, that's just not my forté, but we can all dream, can't we? Who, out of everybrony you know, does not want to take in the sights and sounds of equestria without having to worry about the fact that it only exists beyond the dimentional divide? Who wouldn't want to hang out with the Mane 6, have an audience with the princesses :trollestia:, or maybe take part in one of the untold stories of Equestria along with the background ponies :derpytongue2:. Heck, maybe you just wanna sing along to a random musical number. :pinkiehappy:

Basically, I'm a dreamer, as are we all. :twilightsmile:

If you're looking for analasys on specific writing techniques, I'm not the pony to ask :applejackconfused:

i could care less about an analysis of my writing technique. Every writer has a different technique after all. My only concern is whether i can give people a good feeling emotionally when i write. Besides, i figured it was about time there was a story where a brony got to Equestria and it wasn't some unexplained wormhole or a tie-in to a fantasy game. Besides, now i can skip the usual two or three chapters of "Crap, it's the princesses, i need to hide!" cue pointless shenanigans. Anyway, did you like the visual description of Equestria? and did you feel anything when the main character got mugged and slashed? or was it too rushed?

I don't think it was all that rushed: I've never been thrashed quite that badly, but I know my first order of business would be to quiet the screaming inside my head, so his reactions seem more than reasonable to me.

1999548 awesome :pinkiesmile:
By the way, does the fact that the main character isn't named as a human a bother to anyone? I'm worried that the whole "faceless protagonist" may be a little weird and difficult to read...

Not a problem. I did a story last year in which the protagonist was referred to mostly as "the old pony." He'd introduce himself by name now and then, but it wasn't until halfway through -- when he seemed on the way to reaching the goal he'd set for himself -- that I let it drift back into the narrative.

Hmm... My interest has been piqued. I'll keep an eye where this goes. Favorited for now.

2002900 :pinkiehappy: Thanks! will have the next chapter posted sometime today. probably by 9 PM EST

Wow! :pinkiegasp: You work fast. I wish I could get my next chapter out as quickly as you proclaim.

2003014 Eeyup. I have to upload fast so i don't lose the momentum and annoy any of the readers. I'm actually doing the formatting for the new chapter now, and then it'll be posted. Can't help but wonder though, when i look at the stats for this story, what did those five people not like that they thumbed me down?

I can only guess. One such guess is that they find the concept of a brony (whose life is or is not less-than-ideal) going to Equestria automatically unappealing. Another is that something in the narration, characters, or setting didn't mesh with them, and thus, a downvote was justified. Anyhow, if you can maintain a good quality despite the quick publication pace (indicating your mind and fingers work very fast), then hey, more power to you!

:rainbowdetermined2: Well the new chapter's up and i'd love to hear what you think of how it worked, despite my fast pace.

I think it turned out pretty well! This is well written, I can't pick out any grammar mistakes immediately, and is a fun read. Keep it up, please!

2006302 glad you think so :pinkiehappy: I begin working on the next chapter tomorrow, should be up tomorrow night if all goes well.

This seems to be a fairly original fic so keep up the good work. I look forward to the next chapter :rainbowdetermined2:

:pinkiehappy: I'm not sure what a MOAT has to do with the story, but i'm sure we can figure something out.
:facehoof: They mean MOAR Pinkie... we've been over the concept of a typo before when you accidentally Applejack wasn't BUCKING the trees...
:pinkiegasp: Well how was I supposed to know what she meant when her hoofwriting is almost as bad as my therapist's?!
:ajbemused: Ya still didn't have ta go and get me a bottle of varnish and a book on how to whittle a "Stallion" on mah own...
:rainbowlaugh: At least Twi got a new book to add to the adult section!

well well, that story is really good, more good than the one i writte. i cannot wait for read the next chapter.

Ho and rainbow, i have found a little video of you on the net.


and you owe me a cookie

“Great…” Aegis Shield said, rolling his eyes, “Another crazy pony in the castle… you’d think we had enough madmare’s around here between the Princesses and those girls from Ponyville…”

is it just me or are the guards saying that he's a mare???

2008425 well for all Aegis knows, the person giggling in the room IS another mare. but more importantly, i feel like certain words are just used for the sake of sounding good. Madstallion doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as Madmare, you know? in any case, i hope you liked the chapter and will come back for more when i update later tonight :pinkiehappy:

oh ok and i cant w8 for the next chapter keep up the great work!!!:pinkiehappy:

So, I walk in here thinkin', "oh gee, another HIE," in all honesty, this on isnt so bad, I'll be keepin an eye out though.

2010827 Then i hope you don't plan on leaving the site just yet... Seriously, i'll have the next chapter up within a couple hours. I have to ask though, is there something in particular you like so far? and i'm considering taking the HIE tag off the story after this next chapter gets posted because it's not really about humans. just a character that started out as one.

Well, you don't necessarily need to do that, it's just that sometimes people won't read a story if it is the same thing as another, This has an interesting concept, but I would like to see were it goes.

:rainbowdetermined2: FIRST!

Sorry, i just realized i could do that for once! :twilightblush:



cannot wait to see more of this fic, i like it.

wow I just discovered this story tonight and Im glad to say I think this is going to be fun:pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

“OOOOH! I know what he can do for a job!” Pinkie exclaimed, “He can help me and the cakes at the shop!”

“Uhhh… will you be shooting me with the party cannon if I work at the shop?” Orion asked, concern in his voice at the thought of being a test dummy for some of Pinkie Pie’s inventions.

“Of course not, silly!” Pinkie said, giggling at his question, “I use Gummy for testing the party cannon!”

“You shoot gummy with that thing?!” Fluttershy asked, gasping in shock.

“Oh nonono Flutters… HE fires the cannon at ME!” Pinkie answered, as if this were the most sensible thing in the world.

Throughout the room, the sound of hooves smacking faces could be heard.

And throughout this bronies universe palms could be heard smacking faces

Orion as a chick magnet thats what I want to see, every mare gunning for him. Oh man that just opens up this story for shennanagins:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

i should take example on you and writte more faster :rainbowwild:

awesome story by the way, its was long time that i dont see a story like that:twilightsmile:

edit: ............i'm wondering if i should make Orion exactly like you have make it :D

2019161 do whatever you want with him. Not gonna lie, he's rather clueless about things. Aurora is the brains of the duo.
glad you liked the chapter :pinkiesmile:

Poor Orion, you would have thought that Luna or Celestia told him about things are considered awkward in public. Then again, considering how Luna was acting with Orion, everything might be going as she planned.

2019513 I'm glad someone asked about that :raritystarry:
Here's my thoughts on that aspect... Orion doesn't know some of the social mores of the show because they're never covered in the show.
Luna doesn't know some of them because she has a thousand years of isolation still bogging her down, and normally nobody will talk about something that's frowned upon BECAUSE it's frowned upon. And since it was almost exclusively Luna that was teaching Orion about his new home, how could he learn what he wasn't supposed to do?
:trollestia: plus some of us just get a kick out of watching a nice stallion showing off without knowing it.

I never said that those situations didn't make me roll on the floor ;)

I wonder who will tell Orion what his wing over the other pony mean. I thought that Applejack would do it, but now my guess is that it might be Spike if he see him do it (hmm, to Twilight, that could make a funny scene), because Spike tend to be rather straightforward about his thoughts.

About the shipping part, I vote for Luna with Orion. The princess seem to be on him since the beginning ;).

Well, there's Luna, Fluttershy, Rarity(altho she now thinks he's gay), Applejack, Daisy.....and I didn't see anypony else in this particular chapter that looked that interested.

2022408:moustache: Enjoy your ten thousand internets. and don't worry about others being interested or not, there is still SOOOOOO much silliness to come. Especially with the next chapter. Pinkie Pie actually set him up for a rather funny little misunderstanding with our favorite red stallion. :raritywink:

2022556 -Insert George Taki "Oh my!" here- :rainbowlaugh:

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: oh god my sides I cant stop laughing please some on help me HAHAHAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

What the fuck this is hilarious.

I have to say, you have outdone yourself. Seriously how do keep coming with those ideas?
*A few round of rolling on the floor*:rainbowlaugh:
There, I'm feeling better now.
About Derpy, her actual name is Ditzy Do (I mean who else could manage not to go in the right direction to get the southern birds at least twice during Winter Wrap Ups?:twilightsheepish:), Derpy Hooves being the nickname the gave her. But, this is only my opinion, though that could make for a funny scene with Orion and Ditzy. Then again, the two of them don't really need much for something hilarious to happen. With an older Dinky included of course :raritywink:

Also,I was wondering how cannon the wing boner is? (The meaning of the stretched wings, not the action)


Orion's gay?

2028650 I have a VERY loose idea about sticking to canon ideas. if it can be made funnier by changing it, then i do. The idea that there is an extra depth of body language for Pegasi because of their wings is too good to pass up. And there is some proof in the show that the action is not necessarily sexual, but more of a reflex when a pegasus feels a very strong emotion or has a strong reaction to a given situation.

2029478 maaaaaaayyyyybeeeeee... or maaaaaaaaayyyyybeeeeee i'm just messing with him... who knows? I don't. I haven't plotted a chapter out yet and i'm no going to start now. It's way too much fun to just let the story flow naturally with as little planning as possible.

2028449 You know, given that everything seems to just malfunction around Orion, i don't think any gender swapping will be intentional... in fact, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the events surrounding THAT particular chapter. working on it now, i think it'll be just as good as this chapter was.

Did anyone pick up the hint with the first song he played btw?

2030253 I'm sorry, I didn't intend on sounding so serious about the canon part. I was only curious about it after seeing a similar meaning across the net. Maybe I should add more Pinkie Pie smileys. :twilightsheepish:

2030694 oh i didn't take offense or anything, i thought i was just clarifying things so that you could enjoy the story more. :pinkiehappy:

also, i might not be able to update the story until late tonight, or possibly tomorrow... it all depends. I've hit a point in the story where i could take a break, but this story has such a small following that i don't want to lose anyone by updating slowly...

-Random day or so of insanity caused by "The Heat"
-Dream sequence silliness with Luna.

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