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Pyrophilia is now my fetish.

*Strikes match* :pinkiecrazy:

From the short descriptiin I jave to say, look up charizard on urban dictionary. Don't ask why, just do it.

i cant decide which direction to vote in

My name is zazq and I approve this story. I came tiny little burning scootaloos.
!define Scoots on Fire as best thing ever!

A lot of people are unsure of the difference between psychology and psychiatry.

Psychiatry is a medical field, and can involve the prescribing of medication for mental or behavioral issues.

Psychology is a social science; medication doesn't factor in. It's used in everything from understanding peoples' familial interactions (social psychology) to designing intuitive interfaces for spacecraft (industrial psychology).

Rape? Scootaloo didn't even seem to care that Derpy was penetrating her.
Pain from the fire? The big probelm here is that it seems like very little of Scootaloo is actually on fire and it must be a very, very weak fire. Plus, it'd only hurt until that area's nerves were completely destroyed, and the pain would fade.
Danger? See above.

I don't really see how it makes any difference that some unknown part of Scootaloo is on fire. It could just be pain from Derpy's large futa dick and it would actually make more sense. There's obviously appeal to some in just the fact that it's fire, but I think that could be used a lot more effectively.

By your story list, I'm going to guess that you don't like scootaloo, how could you?!:scootangel:

4384703 oh no, don't get me wrong, I adore Scoots, she just made sense for the pairing in Rainbow's New Toilet, and this story was a request I just couldn't ignore.

4385424 hmmmm..... i shall believe you, for now.

Well this was uh..yea. APROVED! :derpytongue2:

Scoots would be pregnant with a Ponyta not a Rapidash

4685278 And ponies can't lay pokemon eggs, but nobody's mentioning that, now are we?

Hey dont question pinkie :pinkiehappy:

.................:rainbowhuh:......................:rainbowhuh:.................................................... ...



“I just don't know what went wrong!”

This gets all of my :facehoof:

Also, this story is made of wut.

69/10 Best... Um...

4357012 Yeah, in this case both are needed.

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