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Twilight Sparkle relates to her sovereign a chilling tale of Miss Lyra Heartstrings' discovery of an unspeakably evil artifact. In the guise of an innocent instrument, it is a harbinger of doom. What obsessions will it instill in its owner? What madness and ruin will it bring to Equestria? What corruption and mutation shall result from its accursed existence?

A tale of what happens when one opens one's eyes to the mysteries that lay before or lie beyond. Some curiosities are not worth satiating, lest they be made aware ...

[Lovecraftian Horror][Grimdark][Unspeakable Shipping]

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Let's just hope I have the ability to keep with the florid, purple prose for another 10,000-12,000 words (I have the entire arc outlined). It's quite exhausting to write!

Next time I hear a voice telling me, "You know what Lovecraft needs? Ponies and cannibalism," I will wisely ignore it. :derpyderp1:

Is that a Cthulhu pony in the image??

I... I must read this. :moustache: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn :moustache:

Exquisite in concept, execution, and composition of prose so purple, it's almost the color from out of space. It even makes perfect sense: If we see ponies as idyllic innocents living in a sugar-bowl universe, it only follows that we would seem eldritch monstrosities in a despoiled cosmos to their fragile, unready psyches. I look forward to more.

Iä! Humanity fhtagn!


Without spoiling too much of the plot, though anyone familiar with Lyra stories or Lovecraft can see where this is going; let me point out that to an animal with only one toe, a multi-toed animal must seem as strange to them as someone with hundreds of fingers/tentacles on their hands would seem to us.:raritydespair:


Wait till you see Chapter Two (just posted). This prose is so purple, I'm calling it Twilight.

Seems to be well written, but I believe Lovecraft should remain right where it is and not intrude upon Equestria.

Excellent, my good buck, most excellent. I shall look forward to the future and further examination of your continuing literary endeavors.

Well! I didn't expect that you'd go there, even though Lyra's presence should have tipped me off. Your Lovecraftian prose is properly purple, the tint of Twilight herself, and the description of the things was very amusing. :twilightoops:

I LOLed. All the descriptions of the other thus far seem to be describing humans. Creepy-ass looking humans with mange, apparently, but still humans.

I also enjoyed the Lovecraftian style and the accompanying profuse use of verbose verbiage. Nice style.


Of course they have mange; how else can you explain the lack of body hair? :pinkiehappy:

Updates will be delayed; the next seven days are packed with Real Life (TM)

Not having hair? Mange also implies a inflamed skin symptom accompanied by loss of hair.
I'm also assuming the humans in the dreams were naked (definitely creepy-ass)? Because there's no other way Twilight could infer that mange had claimed most of their "fur".
Too bad Twilight was so horrified by her vision she did not accurately describe the creatures. I'd like to see what she meant by bloated and diseased :D.
Anyway, excuse the fridge logic. It's still a good story, keep up the good work!

:applecry: Real Life (TM)'s a cheap-ass product that will disappoint you every single time. See if you can surreptitiously unpack some of it from your days and throw it away. :pinkiehappy:

380387 It seems unfortunate, but some of your Lovecraftian prose have actually made what should be normally in-character characters sound out-of-character. Twilight, not under the influence, seems unlikely to be denigrating of Spike or Zebras.

While this tone may be typical of Lovecraftian with the European egocentrism, I'm dubious this fits Twilight well...

423287 Neither does a corset. :moustache:

In any case, fantastic stuff. It's both appropriate and hilarious that carnivory and polydactyly qualify as eldritch corruption and mutation in ponies. I dread seeing what Lyra does next, and yet I cannot wait.

Oh. And poor, poor Fluttershy... :fluttercry:

I find myself drawn, again and again, almost bound to read and re-read this accursed blasphemy against ponydom...

And I like it :scootangel::pinkiecrazy:

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Ha, cute.
Laying it on a little thick with the horse puns, aren't we?
Seriously, you can stop now.
Truly, this is indeed a text rife with all manner of foul terrors.
>>hundreds -- neigh, thousands
For the love of Celestia, Bronio!
gibber gibber gibber gibber

I'm sorry it took me this long to get to this story, not just because, well, I feel kind of guilty, but also because it was superb! Definitely looking forward to more, whenever it may come.


Don't feel bad -- I've been so busy (with mostly good things!) that taking the time to write has been a real challenge; I'd rather do it right than half-plotted.

I request an update on this stories progress, Im not used to seeing lyra as a villian but this is relavent to my interests

Also Music:pinkiecrazy:
Remember, friendship is madness:scootangel:[youtube=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QZZPryle_eY]


An update is that I have two chapters left in my outline that I will probably merge into one, and I'm traveling for work so time is tight :)


By outline do you mean drafts of them or completing the story. Sorry if its trouble asking

Spectacular! Never have I seen Lovecraft recreated so well; I can only hope to write as well as you do one day. I look forward to seeing what happens next

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