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Twilight Sparkle relates to her sovereign a chilling tale of Miss Lyra Heartstrings' discovery of an unspeakably evil artifact. In the guise of an innocent instrument, it is a harbinger of doom. What obsessions will it instill in its owner? What madness and ruin will it bring to Equestria? What corruption and mutation shall result from its accursed existence?

A tale of what happens when one opens one's eyes to the mysteries that lay before or lie beyond. Some curiosities are not worth satiating, lest they be made aware ...

[Lovecraftian Horror][Grimdark][Unspeakable Shipping]

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Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are helping Twilight with her magically powered particle accelerator. Operating under the auspices of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Superconducting Supercollider Data Collators, they discover a strange energy signature and realize they have discovered a fundamental particle that could revolutionize physics. Will their discovery be used for peace and not weapons of mass destruction?

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The Mane Six are at their regular movie night, when Twilight decided to expose them to the low-budget hilarity of Zebra Exploitation film! Will the violence, political activism, prurient content, funk guitar and visible boom microphone enthrall the ladies, or disgust them? And what are the ramifications for racial equality in a world in which successful zebras are still treated as second-class citizens?

An homage and social commentary on the lasting legacy of blaxploitation, viewed through the eyes of equines, who know no. prejudice nor depth perception

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