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The story of Rochelle, a changeling in Canterlot, and how she ends up with a most unusual job...

Prequel to the story A Meal Fit For A King

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This was as good as I had hoped. I gave a thumbs up and fav before reading, and it wasn't for nothing. Good job.

I love your changeling stories. And nuisance is adorbs:heart::rainbowkiss:

Funny story, I named her after a cat my family once had. She lived up to the name: she never stopped 'talking' to you, meowing all day long. She was one of the most vocal felines I've ever encountered.

Looks like this story was "bucking" awesome. Eh, eh?

Yes, in fact, due to it spreading the oils around, water actually makes chili peppers worse.

I eagerly await the day when Rochelle acquires a carriage, which she converts into a mobile kitchen. It would actually be a roach coach!

I loved this. Roachelle has to be in my top 5 changelings.

Okay, so now it's Six Changelings in Equestria?

Well, since Rochelle's story takes place a full year after the failed invasion, it wouldn't be part of the "Five Changelings In Equestria" universe proper. I haven't yet fully decided if it is part of the same universe or not. I'll keep you guys posted.

This is awesome! I love all the stories you make about Changlings! They are always fun and enjoyable to read!

This one will be added to my collection of readings along with the Five Changlings stories...

This is some good stuff! Keep it up!

OH and I hope to see more of Nuisance! That Chick is cute! I don't know why but Griffin Chicks in stories are just so adorable! I've not really read any stories with Griffin chicks in them but I'd like to see more of them out there....

4042605 I think it'd make more sense as a different setting entirely, if only to accommodate Sombra. Were he alive in the Cricketverse, I imagine he wouldn't be able to enjoy fine cuisine, on account of the fact he'd still be looking for all his teeth.

... Do I get the feeling Ling is gonna be seeing this Changeling now?


LOL! Speaking of kitties, I help out with a local cat rescue and was volunteering at the adoption center. Long story short, I let out a pair of adorable kittens out of their cage to play and in five minutes of being out, they messed up everything in the adoption room. When I put them back in their unit, I read their cage card with their names... and mentally slapped myself for not learning their names sooner: Chaos and Mayhem:twilightoops:

I 1-up'd this story before even reading it, and I was quite right to do so. Very enjoyable, as every one of your stories has been so far.

See, adding cute griffon chick to the mix is just cheating. :yay:

4042605 just admit it: you like the changeling trying to fit in in equestria stories

4043636 BN writes most of them. I hope that some of his tales are turned into comics someday.

I do, in many ways, enjoy these stories. Many of my reasons for do so are simply because there is so little we know about changelings: What kind of culture do they have? Where will they go? Where were they before Equestria? How much intelligence does the average changeling have? Are they born like that, or are they what happens when another changeling drains someone completely of love? So many questions, with no real answers. There's all sorts of stuff you can do with that much blank space :pinkiehappy: .

Another reason for it is, I've always had a soft spot for a character that everyone would assume is bad, but is trying to do good.

Seeing as how some are immune to cute, I say it's fair game. You can continue with the kiddo stuff good author.

I feel that the story moves along a bit too quickly for the first chapter. Loved the expansion on the minotaurs for sure, but then wham, here is Celestia and Luna on a personal visit? The sudden "Hi, we know everything about you," is a bit of a jolt. I think you could have spent time expanding more on who Rochelle is, because she really does seem quite interesting.

But in the end, thia is me being nitpicky. Is quite well written and I'm eagre to see some more.

New Chapter Up!

Oh, and I dare you to think of anything more adorable than a changeling in a bunny suit hugging a baby griffin. Spoiler Alert: You. Will. Fail. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
And if anyone wants to do fanart of that, please do :rainbowlaugh: .

Giving up the child would suck, but if you don't have the resources to raise them then...

Right, and for an unwed teenage mother (she's only just turned 18), it would be much harder. The fact that she's done a stellar job so far doesn't mean she could keep it up...

A young changeling-Fluttershy in a bunny suit hugging a baby griffin.

Okay, using Fluttershy is just cheating :rainbowlaugh:

4065457 Dont have the Resorces?! She just obtained 10,000 Bits! That should last for atleast a year... Maybe two? MAYBE! Babys do take a lot of money to take care of....

And when the money runs out? Like you said, babies are expensive. If $10,000 = 10,000 bits, then that amount can run out a lot faster than you might think :fluttershysad: .

I know. How about this, then? Some young changelings playing tag with the CMC.

Put them all in bunny costumes, and you might have something there :rainbowlaugh:

4067244 This is very true... But I think she could do it if she really tried hard enough! I have faith in this awesome Changling and her work ethic!

Just watch and see how this all plays out.

4069698 Oh I will... I willlll........ Muahahaha

Yikes. :rainbowderp: Good thing for Ro's quick thinking.

Ah, there needs to be more family fics like this...

Indeed. That could have turned nasty, otherwise.

Racism would be if it was one race of pony versus another. It's speciesism if it's one species of being against another. And yes, Speciesism is a word. Look it up.

That nose, man what a nose.
In other news, trips, check 'em.
I KNEW I didn't make it up!

:pinkiesmile: Its the ideal amount of action!:raritystarry:

Well, most bug sprays have some sort of odor to them, and the fact that changelings have only four senses, rather than five (no sense of taste) means that their other senses are more acute. But even for a changeling, Rochelle has a pretty impressive nose.

Thanks. This chapter was pretty talky talky, so something exciting had to happen near the end, or else it would be boring :rainbowlaugh: .

4100534 The Chapter was great! I can't wait to see what happens and who did it... Its a intersting consept... I bet it was Silver Toung... >.> I could be very wrong but I just feel as if he is a bad guy...

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