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The Electric Fireflies are one of the most popular techno bands in Equestria. Perhaps the most popular. The voice of an entire generation of music. There isn't anything Vinyl wouldn't do to get an autographed vinyl record of their latest album. And lo and behold, just what is the club offering as first prize for their 'dance till you drop' dancing competition? That's right, an autographed vinyl record.

Everything seemed great; Vinyl was one of the best groovers in the city, until she received the news that she would be providing the music for said event, and as such could not compete. With nowhere else to turn, Vinyl turned to her dear friend Octavia to win the record.

Now if only Octavia knew any dance move that wasn't 'the robot.'

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Princess Lun Midnight Shimmer

Oh, the laughs.

"Wow. Have they apologized yet?"

I look forward to the day when I can work that into an actual conversation.

"The last time you said that I was set on fire."

"Please, I was on fire much longer than you; why do you always bring that up?"

I really, really want to know the circumstances that lead up to that particular incident.

No regrets mr freeman? Tavi should either the shepard shuffle, spy shuffle, or medics fuck you dance. Either way great story.

HAHAHA! Aweosme! That it then? It was really funny!

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