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Unpublished Stories. · 2:30pm Jun 26th, 2013

Have you guys ever ran through your unpublished stories from about...six months ago and just thought to yourself 'this is really shitty, but the idea is so great?'

Getting a huge wave of that happening right now. Considering deleting them and just rewriting the whole thing from scratch.

God, this feels awkward to publish, now I know why I should never get a blog.

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Soldier on. · 2:46pm Dec 2nd, 2012

My hat goes off to the Train Wreck Explorers.
We never saw eye to eye and barely even interacted, but a loss is a loss.
It's a shame about what's happened; what with the group being disbanded, but just keep your chins up.
You're still here, those absolutely shitty stories are still here, and we still need someone to stand in their way.
I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding them, just keep up the good work.

With regards,
Reviewing extraordinaire, Nazkan.

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Doctor Whooves Stories · 12:22pm Mar 16th, 2012

So, my first blog post. Not really sure why I'm making this, but it seems an easy way to get my thoughts out of my head without writing a story, so that's something. I've never been one for purple prose, so lets just skip ahead to why I made this.

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