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(taken from a spark of TCB: new universe: mankind trumphant by chatoyance
and edited by the 20% cooler Kaliedo Clockwork)

a thousand years have passed since mankind had met, learned, and distroyed the land known as Equestria.
they had decapitated and sealed away the princess known as "celestia" and created a labor force of ponies to do the businesses bidding.
but what if they were wrong. what if instead of destroying equestria.. the just distroyed the link between the worlds?

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Huh, so this is a revenge fic?

maybe. maybe not. the story is in progress still.

So you're not going to demonize the ENTIRETY of humanity?

nope. not the entirety.
because there is one thing humanity has going for it.
for every Ralph, there is a hero.
but it may surprise you who the hero is.


Ok then. why the hell does this story have so many dislikes?

well because this is the second pass of this story.. the first pass was... well not the best.
it was moving way too fast and the grammar of mine was.. well horrid.


Ah. Well its nice to see a break from the black and white that plagued most of the stories in this genre.

what stories are those?
i have seen many TCB stories.. and only a few have painted black and white..
in a good TCB story there is five groups (or close)
there is the newfoals/ponies
there is the PER
there is the HLF
there is the Blackmesh
and lastly there is the shruggers.
the first four have the strait cut corners of their creeds..
the shruggers are like.. well like last man standing or azure future.
the people who dont care about certain things untill something changes theier perspective.

You know, i should really start throwing my name in at the end of these, when i'm done editing. Maybe i'll start doing that

Edit: If it isn't obvious, I do the editing. I could do better, and I am working on it.

yes! and you can also toss in a few things that make my humdrum writing more... well more!

So in this one, they werent xenocidal hypocrites? interesting.

i am basing my version of the TCB universe.. on what i have read and created myself.
the world is what it is..
in fact my world is more closely set to the real world as those with jobs (the "twopers") wear regular clothes rather than color coded jump suits.
so in other words
"this is my world. i see both sides and the good and bad of both sides."
thats why i have the four groups.

Awww shit. If what I thing is going to happen next, This is going to messy and alot more chaotic than a discord ruled Equestria.

it possibly will even if what you think will happen wont happen.
main reason: i dont even know what will happen next.. i am making it up as i go along XD

This is cool beans, Kryxel, and I am so very waiting for more!

you say that now.. but you may regret it..

C'mon guys! Get some more thumbs-ups on this!

wait... ponies don't have thumbs... Whatever.

Oh, that's cool. Mama Snowbell. Cool.

yeah, the reason i chose her mainly is because.. well as with any TCB universe you have to include elements of previous writer stories. and also create your own.
and i thought that in this verse that mama snowbell should be a staple as much as Recumbent 63 is in the regular verse.

So wait... the doctor is the good guy? Or Bad guy from Equestria's perspective?

the Doctor is, and always will be, the Neutral factor.
he is.. The Doctor.
if you want to know what i mean, go watch Doctor Who on netflix or online.

Doctor is decidedly not neutral. He takes sides all the time. Normally it's against what ever variation of 'Evil' is on that episode, but even when it's two parties with legitimate issues, he would rarely take a position that would leave him on one faction's hit list, which was seemingly implied.

Granted, no clue what sorta TCB backstory your going to go with, but the human side of it seems pretty damn despicable, and I'd assume he'd side against them.

true, but what i ment is he is nutral on the grounds of chaos and order. sometimes he fights against the chaos (like when he fought the vasnarada and weeping angels) and other times he fights against order (daleks and cybermen.)
he walks the thin line between the angry god, and the wise healer.

Rather than Order/Chaos, though I can see where your going with that, he rather fights for life and freedom.

Vasnarada, Weeping Angels, Daleks, Cybermen and the Silence, all enslave/kill/eat/destroy/yada yada stuff and he works to stop them. I can't ever really see him taking a side against the common interpretation of the TBC Equestrians, maybe isolated groups of PER, but not mainstream.

well you shall soon see NLR is not your comman equestrians..

Mental note: More paragraph breaks.

it looks fine in MS word, but as soon as it gets posted it gets squeezed into a thinner space, turning it all into a lovely big blob.

okay. i will try to keep it in mind.

Just one thing, what in fields of blazing hell is going on?
Makes no sense.

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