• Published 16th Feb 2014
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Private Lessons - Pizzema Forte

Blues wasn't the best player in the orchestra, and he knew it. After many mistakes in one rehearsal, however, his maestro sends him off to a private lesson with a peer. There, he learns a bit more than how to play the trumpet.

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I'm gonna read this, but before I do, I have to say...Since this guy plays the trumpet, he's awesome.

3954921 I agree. Both trumpet players in my orchestra are very fantastic, and I envy them both. My teacher calls them "brassholes" though, and it's pretty funny. Do you play trumpet/brass?

That ending was cheesy as fuck. It got at least three Rimshots.
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: Four out of five moustaches.

3954927 Trumpets kick brass :rainbowlaugh:

3954902 Music Teachers do that. I'm not even kidding.

3955468 Ohhh well if anything i would be in Octy's position because i am a great musician for only been playing for about since the about the beginning of school...I play the Trombone and i was naturally good at it..i could learn the other Brass instruments but i think imma stick to 1 instrument at eh moment so yeah but still that is true some teacher do do that and boy Blues that's just the first day of training :P:derpytongue2:

3955468 Oh I know, I just shrugged them off by being a charismatic mofo.

3958541 Not all, though. I've met some who are very nice. Like my current one.

3958596 Yeah, one of mine was a real nice guy. He was in the Gulf War too. I found this out because me and my friends kept on pissing about in his class and when everyone left he told us that. We became the best students ever.

Being musically educated since she was only five

“How do you think I learned?”


I've also always been quite fortunate iwth my music teachers, I like them all.
But I also haven't fucked up so badlyas well...

I like this but really Blues? Never had a girlfriend? I'm 14 and even I've had a girlfriend and I'm not exactly "outgoing" as a person but hey,some people wait for the right person for years!

3961346 I'm 15 and I've only been in one real relationship. Honestly, I think it's cute when guys (or girls) have never dated anyone. I find that to be an attractive trait. Besides, it's not a bad thing.

3961434 Oh I didn't mean it as a bad thing *twilightblush* I was just saying as the main six and background ponies(in my headcannon) are between 18-25 based on their personalities,you'd think he'd have had at least ONE relationship. And I've only had one relationship too and since she broke it off I haven't been looking for anyone but I did help my friend get a girl as he had set me up with my girlfriend. Just out of curiosity did your partner know about the whole*gestures everywhere* brony thing?

3961486 He was a brony. We split becaue I was "too boring" for him. Later, he begged for me back and said it was because of emotional problems. I rejected him and then he got mad...so, yeah..
Also, the story takes place when he's a sophomore in high school (Octavia's a senior) so he was only 15-16.

3961554 no offense but emotional problems or not that was a dick move by him. And thanks for the context :P it helps me understand their emotional state.I've been told I read into things too much but everyone reads differently so yeah thanks! I gotta sleep! I don't know what time it is where you are but here its 1:30am and I gotta be up early-ish tomorrow so bye!

3962497 In my orchestra, there are only two trumpet players, two French horns, two trombones, and one bassoon. Yet we have six cellos, fifteen violins, and six violas. Based off personal experience, I notice there are far less brass players. The fact that there are only three cellists says something about the size of the ensemble. Also, anything's possible.

3963970 Pizzy I'm one of three trumpets in my schools band. One trumpet is moving somewhere else and the other is thinking of quiting so I will be the only trumpet in the band until we get more freshmen. I'm, and to be honest, not a very good player but learn fast. Only if this happened for real....

3967835 That's still more than one.

3963970 Orchestras typically have few brass and more strings. Our string orchestra is about the same size as our band, roughly 100 people. When we do full orchestra, however, we take only the top few winds and percussion who aren't already in orchestra as string players, so there aren't many of them. We have plenty of strings for the regular string orchestra joined by a few percussion and winds(five percussion, three trumpets, three trombones, two horns, two clarinets, one flute, one piccolo, one tuba, and one "bassoon", actually a bari sax playing transposed bassoon music because the only bassoonist, and in fact the only bassoon in the district is in seventh grade).

3971081 Dang, big orchestra. My orchestra alone is about... 60 people, and we have no string only orchestra. I love being in a full orchestra, though. It's really intense, but I love it.

I've been a Notelight shipper but now that I see this, I will ship them soooo hard. :rainbowkiss:

3968097 I've been playing the violin for 11 years but i'll put it down for either the trumpet of the saxaphone.

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