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Just an old school hybrid spaceship/pony writing some stories.


A bottle of Cider? Bottle of White?

Even after all these years, even though he loved her but she loved another, he'll meet her anytime she wants.

In a Canterlot Restaurant.

Pre-Read/Edited by Sharp Spark. Inspired by Billy Joel's magnum opus.

Part of the Royals-Verse. Takes place after Royals, but before its (soon to be published) Sequel.

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OOOO. New story by Ein.

...Royals? ...Incomplete...?

Oh fuck yes sold.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I am deeply intrigued

Ooh. This could go places.

What's up with the downvotes, I wonder.


Don't mess with Octascratch, don't mess with Lyrabon, and don't ever put Flash Sentry in your story.


don't mess with Lyrabon

Unless it's Lyra x human, apparently.
And personally, I wish there were more stories that shipped Vinyl and Octavia with other ponies. While I love the two of them, I think I've just sort of gotten kind of tired of that ship.

Oh my god, this is so fucking gay! This story has only 65 views?

Why has it not yet gotten at least 1,000? This is really good and well-written!

I'll fave this right now cause' I like your take on the whole Octavia relationships scene, friend! It's a great change of scenery from Octavia x Vinyl.

Oh, and you got a Follower and a Like from me too!

... Oh my god.
Billy Joel?
Is this... This has to be a reference. >w<

Haven't read Royals yet, but I like the Billy Joel song, so I'll try to give this a shot when i have some time.

Hopefully it ends happier then the song that inspired it.

Noteworthy is pony Billy Joel...

Headcanon aquired.

First I saw "New Story- Royalsverse" in my feed, and I was :pinkiegasp:
Then I opened it, hovered over the link and saw the title, and I was :pinkiehappy:
Nice and melacholy (but more the former than the latter) so far.
Are all of your entries in this verse going to be framed in restaurants?:rainbowwild:


Are all of your entries in this verse going to be framed in restaurants?:rainbowwild:

No, but, (looks at unfinished stories and ideas) you do have a point... :twilightblush:

Whoops, took me longer than I expected to get to this. What an interesting take on Noteworthy, I like it.

At this point I honestly don't think there's a way you could write a bad story. YOu take simple concepts and do 'em in this way that sorta subverts the idea. The dialogue in this was great, the characters were cool and the little lines that alluded to stuff in 'Royals' were exceptionally well done.

There are times when I read your stuff and sorta just get insanely (but healthily) jealous at how you can turn a simple concept like two friends having a drink together into something really great and heart wrenching. I'll stick with writing stories about debauchery, drunks, drugs and sillyness if you keep doing all this mature adult stuff?

Good job, Einhander.

Inspired by Billy Joel's magnum opus.

I haven't read the story, but I wanted to say I was thinking this looking at the artwork
and reading your description, but I just wasn't sure until I got to the bottom.
So, good work there!


More more more more I have never been so enthralled by a story in my life. Please. This was amazing.

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