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That was a great story, and it sure did deliver :twilightblush:

I must say i don't frequent clop too often but this was great, you made it seem just the way it would most likely occour in reality

This whole story gets a lot sadder after reading Raising Rainbow.
Very good job. I didn't, shall we say, "toot my own horn," but it was worth the read anyways.

I will read it now but knowing it's from you it surely will be great :twilightsmile:

A.W.E.S.O.M.E You never fail at writing.
My reacitions:
That last part, everyone who read Raising Rainbow will understand and probably feel a little sad.:fluttershysad:
Excelent, this should have more views...and likes.:trixieshiftleft:

Wow. Didn't think I'd find a fic about the parents of a main character. There should be more.

I liked it, you sure know how to do satisfactory cloppy stories.
Is this canon with Raising Rainbow?

4675511 Well, no. I meant to keep the personalities the same, but not the story. In Raising Rainbow, Rainbolt and Firefly had there first time through horny drugs. This time, they were both in their right minds. It was just something I did because I like the shipping, and I think Rainbow dad needs more cloppy stories. :twilightblush: I'm glad you liked it, though.

Wait...how can you flash when you're a pony?

4691187 Well, you can't really flash breasts or anything, but she could show off her mare bits and maybe rub them and stuff. Some guys can get really hard just from seeing that. That's basically what I was going for, and I hope it makes sense.

Damn, this just made me sad. I love this pairing, why oh why did Firefly have to leave him?!

4693218 That makes more sense, I have been enlightened.

My upvote was number 69.:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Am I allowed to think of this as different from Raising Rainbow? A world where the two of them stay together?

It's happening tonight.

Get ready for some down and dirty horizontal action! Yeeah bitches!

Well, yeah. I mean, you'd think doing it on pavement would be kind of uncomfortable.

Or since they're ponies they could, you know, stand up like horses do. But that's too boring for clop, I get it.

"It's kinda hard, but I guess it'll work." In reference to the concrete floor. How can you pour concrete on clouds? Magic I guess.

It won't work too well if it's not hard buddy.

If we're gonna, you know, do it, you're going to have to get hard."
"Oh, I umm... I-I know. I just..." The stallion's cheeks lit up a hot shade of crimson. "I can't just do it on command or anything."

If he's in this situation and it's not up to the challenge, it's a sign he is very nervous. Firefly needs to comfort him. Edit: Which she does, good girl.

"Oh... I'm sure it won't happen. I mean, it sometimes takes me almost fifteen minutes when I, umm... you know."

Apples and oranges, sex is much more exciting. But twenty minutes is a good minimum for sex; gives her time to build up seritionen(spelling). If penetration doesn't last long enough, even if she climaxes, she's still going to get bored with him eventually. If it does finish build(takes about twenty) her body knows she's found a good man and won't let him go. All human anatomy anyway, probably irrelevant for horses.

baby-making orbs

:ajbemused:Really? I guess but that seems more comedy than clop. Just feels out of place here, then again I don't know what other adjective/phrase to use here.

both knew the inevitable climax slowly approaching them both.

Remember, she can have more than one. And there is no shame in her climaxing before him, multiple times by the way. In fact, that's what he should strive for. Right girls?:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::twilightsmile::yay:

He tried his hardest to conceal the release, not wanting to ruin his marefriend's first time.

Just slow down buddy, and take your time.

She heavily desired not only to orgasm herself, but feel her partner coat her inner walls in his salty jizz.

That condom's going to be a problem then. Well, she did remember. Some day...

"Are you okay with cuddling like this?"

Reminds me of something I read in another fic "So, Big Spoon or Little Spoon?"

"I love you, Bolty," Firefly whispered. "Please stay with me forever."

^Every man's dream right there.
4665723 4674216 4696966 But this is NOT Raising Rainbow. They planned this weeks ahead and used protection other than a Holographic Charizard.:facehoof:
More please Sir Author! Or Madam Author! Is it Madam?

4752879 It is Madam, and I am a girl. Also, as a reply to your previous comment, this wasn't meant to be in canon with Raising Rainbow. If you want to believe they happily got married and raised Rainbow together, then that's how you believe it went down. The only reason I enjoy seeing Rainbolt as a single father is because it sort of fills an empty void within me. I never had much of a fatherly influence, so writing for Rainbolt almost makes me feel complete. Heck, that's the only thing that drove me to write Raising Rainbow, and is the main reason so many parents in the story are single parents (and dads). It's a bit odd, but I hope it makes sense.

4752968 That's sad, and sweet in a way. Have you had any luck in finding your real dad beyond that mugshot? Again, I can not tell you how excited I am for Moonstruck's new life with Blue Moon. You do a good job portraying how a father would react in many situations.
I kind of do the same thing to my characters; I make them independent to a fault, quite, do things I see in myself or things I would like.

4753191 Not really. I know his name, where he lives, his wife, and his daughter (appearance wise), but nothing's come up. Also, I'm very excited, too. Moonstruck's my favorite character to write for, and I found his character very easily. There's going to be a lot of good moments in the next chapter, and so far I have about 1,700 words of it written.

Nice story, but there's one thing you may want to edit.

After only a few pulses of her hot marehood, he felt pure relief as thick layers of his hot, white seamen spurt from his urethra.

Such a cute story, but all I can think about Firefly is: you backstabbing bitch!
No, but really I loved reading this, I was reminded of my first time. It was in a pool, a little unconventional, but we were dating for 3 years and decided it was the right time. We're not together anymore(long story) but we are still very good friends, we still fuck occasionally(even after she got married):raritywink:

Thumbs up! :heart:

4786117 :rainbowderp:*gags* uhhhh......

4786117 I feel like a pool would be a bad place in my opinion. If it's deep you'd just sink down over and over and you'll have to stop and swim back up. A hot tub seems more fitting.

4984612 it wasn't like a public pool or anything, it was in her backyard. We were at the shallow-ish end, the water was up to our shoulders. But hey a hot tub? That would have been awesome.:moustache:

This exists.
No face emoji.

Guy this was good.

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