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You never know where the green beans are going to land.

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Well, that was interesting. I only found myself laughing at it, though.


leaving Equestria venerable for a brief amount of time

Might I suggest "leaving Equestria vulnerable for a brief period of time"? Pretty drastically different meaning, and I'm pretty sure this is the one you want.

4196376 Thanks! :twilightsheepish: Honestly, I wouldn't have seen that myself. :twilightoops:

4197744 Collage humor, diffrent from any humor elsewhere.

Try to read this in school while your female teacher is looking at you with a strait face.
End of challange

I just spent four hours jumping from video to video in that post. It's now 4 in the morning. wunderbar.
MFW I just realized I didn't even read the story.

Damn, that was hot. I look forward to more! :heart:

(I came):raritywink:

4201534 This is no problem, I do it everyday lel

Is Rainbow Dash unaware that the G spot is located inside of the vagina? :derpyderp2:

I enjoyed this though. I always enjoy your writing.

4201534 Did it... It was Freakin' hilarious!

... Well my first read of clop was just 'what. just. happened...' Oh well.

Like it so far

I love it!:raritystarry:

I demand more!:rainbowdetermined2:

(see reference, R34),(see biography, page 69,

I saw what you did there...

“Okay, but how am I supposed to get what’s in there…” She pointed to the book below her unsurely. “Into here…?” Rainbow Dash raised a hoof to her head and pointed at her cranium before tossing her friend a questioning look.

Extreme Reading! You have to. It says so in the book.

A huge block of text took up the entire page, without a single picture to shorten the length.

Wall of text. Does this have the Comedy tag?

Celestia of Equestria (see reference, R8) successfully defeated and banished the overpowering Nightmare Moon (see reference, R34)

Overpowering is a pretty strong word. More like Celestia tried saying a few words, ran away and got bitch slapped. Also, are you using R34 to refer to Nightmare Moon but not providing links or pictures? How could you tease me like this?:fluttershysad:

...General Firefly (see biography, page 69

Oh! I see where you're going. Clever girl.

That was different, though.
That was so, so different.
“Well, Miss Dash…?”

How do these lines make it hot? It works, but how?

“Take a guess…” Miss Sparkle said in a sultry tone.

Sound like a well balanced diner to me.

“You want the sweet, sweet taste of my cum on your tongue. You want to feel the warmth of my marehood pressing against your hungry, little muzzle…”

Twilight talks pretty dirty.

It was hard and made entirely of wood.

<smirk>I see what you did there.

The unrealistic wetness of Twilight’s marehood made Rainbow wonder what kind of book she was previously reading.

Fifty Shades of Yellow. Spongebob smut.

She simply continued to nibble the g-spot of her teacher and lightly lap up the juices in the deeper regions of her pussy.

The g-spot is inside her vagina. Usually at the front, right below the skeins gland. Her clitoris and g-spot are not the same. Although it would make sense for Dash to think so if no-one's taught her.

Not the erotic, sexy Twilight from her fantasy. No, this Twilight was barren of any lingerie and had her mane put down in a boring fashion.

Nude, boring Twilight.

Alright, Rainbow… Just keep calm, study, and don’t do anything like that again…

Do plenty of that, often.
Can we expect another chapter soon?

Awww... this won't be updated, will it?

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