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You never know where the green beans are going to land.

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Oh jesus christ you didn't...
Oh god, you did...
I think I might avoid reading this one...
(is unable to resist taking a peek)

I think this is the first cheesiepie lemon


yellow strands? sperm is white though

You know, I'm not sure what's worse. Not seeing the episode and reading this, or seeing the episode and reading this. Either way, I'm gonna read this.

It was only a matter of time before this would start happening:rainbowlaugh:

The episode isn't even 24 hours old yet and there's already a clopfic for Cheese.
God, I love this fandom.

Thaums #8 · Feb 2nd, 2014 · · 7 ·

fuck you

The ship has sailed .... Damn you sir ... Confound you.... Jk

What in Celestia's name is wrong with this fandom.

I've been waiting a week for a tatzlwurm clopfic. AN ENTIRE WEEK. What do I get instead? A Cheese Sandwich clopfic.

Downvoted for NOT being the tatzlwurm clopfic I've been waiting for. :applejackunsure:

As good as this is, as a big fan of wierd al yankovic, it's SUPER awkward because I can't stop thinking about him as I read.

Just like Cheese’s body as a whole, for what he lacked in thickness, he made up for in height. His cock must have been at least sixteen inches tall when it was fully erect!

that exclamation mark was unnecessary in every regard

Tell me about it.:pinkiegasp:

3882694 umm... Ok... I see someone doesn't like pinkie pie... Tisk tisk

I love you...

3882718 oh come on... Just leave it be...

Let the fandom bask in the cheesy Glory

3882812 oh god... There goes my sides..

Pinkie Pie is awesome. So is Cheese Sandwich. The tatzlwurm clopfic is just a week overdue, and here we are pumping out a Cheese Sandwich clopfic less than 24 hours. It's underappreciation for an incredibly good clopfic character, and it's unjust.

If you want to please me, Sir Pizzy1334, write me that tatzlwurm clopfic. I will then rescind my unjust downvote.

3882851 ok... So why won't you write one then ... Just a suggestion....

I don't write clopfic. :coolphoto:

3882451 Three words............Canned Spray Cheese :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

3882945 oh i get it now because his name is cheese sandwich he cums cheese that makes sense but you cant fault me for not making that connection immediately

Oh Pinkie... no protection?

Guess sometimes you just have to dare to be stupid.

I came here only to read the comments, and i was not disappointed. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I fucking knew this fanfic would be here.

The episode aired less than 24 hours ago, yet I FUCKING KNEW this would happen.


I skipped the sex scene, I just want Cheesepie so bad I'm reading clop

3883394 what I was thinking... They are PERFECT for each other, soon, someone will make a good romantic fic, WHERE THEY PLAN THEIR WEDDING TOGETHER OMG FEELSPLOSION

That you even have to ask that question is hilarious to me. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor weird al. Truely nothing is sacred.

3882945 In other words, he's totally infertile!


3882851 I don't even know what tatzlwurm is. :applejackunsure: Are you referring to that thing Cadence and Twilight fought off in Three's a Crowd? Because I really don't like working with tentacles. I like working with the chemistry between two ponies. Also, if you downvote my fanfiction simply because you're outraged with not receiving your own personal wants, that's really rude. If you downvote it because you it's poorly written or I was too OoC or something, then that's understandable.
Also, saying if I write a tatzlwurm clopfic and then you'll remove the downvote and upvote my story, is sort of like blackmail. I don't enjoy feeling "pressured" or told to write something I have no interest in.
With all due respect, I hope you carry on and succeed in your attempt to find tatzlwurn porn, but that's not something I plan on writing. My apologies for not satisfying your needs.

3882282 I did indeed, my dear Unique. This is the reason I didn't get my next chapter out yesterday.

3882451 As Derpmau5 already said, it was meant to be "cheese".

3882718 Alright, I think I'm going to go change that...

3883264 Cheese can't get you pregnant.

It was a Weird Al joke.

3884755 Ah! That slipped my mind. (I never listened to his music too much) :unsuresweetie:

Heh - just as well that I didn't make a joke about Albuckerque (ponified intentionally, 'cause I can't spell the real one any better than anyone else) then!

Besides, that'd be a really, really long joke, and the payoff is just complaining about sauerkraut....

I guess he wasn't boneless after all

Good joke.

3882451 I think the author must be completely colorblind. Apparently he doesn't know what color a ruby is.

Don't even need to read, comment section says it all. Good story brah, also... it'd be strange if I read it... especially since it'd be in Al's voice... oh my.

Cue the bets on how long it'll take before Weird Al himself gets wind of this ...

Someone mark this date on the calendar. We have the very first Quiche fic.

This isn't about my wants. This is about underappreciation of a great clopfic character. :ajbemused:

The tatzlwurm, yes, is the worm that Twilight and Cadance fought. It has three tentacles.

THREE. :trixieshiftleft:

TENTACLES. :trixieshiftright:

How has a clopfic of it not taken the fandom by storm? :fluttershysad:

I find it wholly unfair that you devote your writing talent to busting out a quick clopfic less than 24 hours after the episode airs as opposed to giving a truly underappreciated character the spotlight it deserves. Anyone can write a Cheese Sandwich clopfic, and I'd rather see you write an original, inspiring work with a tatzlwurm instead of trying to ride the wave of fame that comes with every new episode character.

So, if you want my approval, don't just try writing something for your 30 seconds of fame. Write something that's inspired and wonderful. Like a tatzlwurm clopfic. :moustache:

3887116 And as I said, I do not like tentacle clop. I find it rather disturbing. I enjoy writing clop that expresses chemistry between two characters.
I wasn't writing this because I wanted to "Ride the Wave of Fame". I did it because I loved the chemistry between Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie. Saying I did this because I wanted attention or "fame" is very insulting.
Also, I don't "devote my writing" to bustin' out clopfics for every new character. I devote the majority of my writing to my fanfiction Raising Rainbow. And even so, don't say it's "unfair" of me to write what I want.
Also, I don't find the thought of Twilight and Cadence being raped by a tentacle monster that inspired or wonderful.
If you want tatzlwurm porn that badly, write it your own damn self.
But I will agree with you on one thing: When I saw that monster I was like, "There will be so much porn of this". Sorry you were disappointed.

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