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Everypony in Equestria have been absolutely all over this new movement called, "twerking", that has been made popular by a celebrity named Filly Cyrus. Rarity struggles to keep her sanity over every single pony that is trying to get her to twerk.

(Final Draft)

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*clicks chapter to read*

Well it was bound to happen.

*clicks like button*

This is just too grand :rainbowlaugh:

lol, The Princess Rarity!! :rainbowlaugh:

ya it was ok. a little strange :rainbowhuh::trixieshiftleft:

my little twerky :rainbowlaugh: poor rarity :raritycry:

one of my friends on my school bus once put his feet on the window and started twerking! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

4997527 It happened recently, This reminded me of it. :rainbowlaugh:

The word twerk was said so many times that it doesn't sound like a real word anymore.

Also, the song bit. I loved that! I feel like it was pretty creative

How uncouth! *clicks fav button*

6215075 Why thank you my dear sir.

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