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When Bardock found out about Friezas plan, he went, and failed in attempt to stop him. Though he wasn't killed, he was sent back in time by Frieza. What if he wasn't, but instead sent to another world. But as you may know, Frieza seeks to rule all of the galaxy. What if Frieza came to Bardocks new found home and destroyed it. Will Bardock avenge his race? Does he have the power to let go of his saiyan pride, and call this new land home? Can he defend it?

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The synopsis for this story seems incomplete. You should fix that.

There you go onee like please continue theres no bloody DBZ crossover here so please ill fav

A few questions a) does he still see the future? and b) Is Rarity going to steal his headband to wash it?:rainbowhuh:

How strong is bardock in this story? Like is he going to be op to all the other ponies even the princesses or is he going to be stronger than all the ponies but the princesses.

3725515 He is just strong enough to defeat discord.

duuuuuuuuuh pandas are awsome, who dont like pandas?:twilightsmile:

Well sry, if I had known, I could always take back my fave :derpytongue2:
But in all seriousness glad you're back :twilightblush:

pretty good. one word to describe the near end.

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