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After observation, Rarity thinks that Twilight has fallen in love with Flash Sentry and doesn't know what to do about it. She decides to tell Pinkie Pie about it. Pinkie Pie even has a plan. It has to do with the new word she learned; Ship. Discord also gets involved.

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That is adorable! I am a strong Flash Light shipper and I love the hilarious, innocent fanfics. I could not help but ship Pinkie Pie and Discord!

Oh, how she wanted all her little love fantasies to come true. For her to find the perfect stallion, get married, and have children. She knew there would be hardships on the way, but she wanted those things to happen. She wanted to cry, and have her heart broken, and then have her heart sealed back up again. She'd love that.

Okay, I ship FlashLight as much as, if not more, than the next guy, but I'm pretty sure Twilight would be more sensible than this even if she was completely head over hooves in love. :unsuresweetie:

This whole fic was pretty weird but good for a laugh.

Yeah, once Discord was thrown in expect nonsense. But I agree, the two wouldn't fall head over heals in three days. Three weeks but not three days

Nicely written. And fun for a quick read.:heart:

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