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After observation, Rarity thinks that Twilight has fallen in love with Flash Sentry and doesn't know what to do about it. She decides to tell Pinkie Pie about it. Pinkie Pie even has a plan. It has to do with the new word she learned; Ship. Discord also gets involved.

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Everypony in Equestria have been absolutely all over this new movement called, "twerking", that has been made popular by a celebrity named Filly Cyrus. Rarity struggles to keep her sanity over every single pony that is trying to get her to twerk.

(Final Draft)

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Discords thoughts as he was slowly being turned to stone.

(Edited a bit.)

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When Bardock found out about Friezas plan, he went, and failed in attempt to stop him. Though he wasn't killed, he was sent back in time by Frieza. What if he wasn't, but instead sent to another world. But as you may know, Frieza seeks to rule all of the galaxy. What if Frieza came to Bardocks new found home and destroyed it. Will Bardock avenge his race? Does he have the power to let go of his saiyan pride, and call this new land home? Can he defend it?

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