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A story about the future of the mane six characters as time goes on. Ponies pass, stories are shared, and lessons are learned over the years, as Applejack remains to tell the world about her experience with her best friends.

Chapters (10)
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Imma drop this a track for now.. I'm not in the mood to cry :applecry:

This is plenty sad, if a little rushed. Then again, the pace does seem to match the events well enough.


Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a bit of a habit of rushing through events. Trying to kick that though.


It happens to the best of us. It is an amazing story for one with such small chapters though.


Another chapter this fast? Did you have these pre-prepared? Also, I found a grammar error for the grammar nazis
"The time had come, they know"
-know should be knew

Congratulations, this chapter was excellently paced compared to the others.


Umm, nope. Wrote it just now, actually. I like write things as soon as I think of them, or i'll lose it, which is why I tend to rush things, I guess. Oh, and thanks for telling me about the grammar mistake! I'll fix it now. :twilightblush:

Your quite welcome. And that is a neat skill you have there. Mind if I borrow it? :rainbowlaugh: Still, I wish I could write just like that. I get an idea, and it stays in my mind for awhile before I finally get around to writing it (although more often than not, it ends up discarded, meaning I wasted valuable thinking time.)


Eh, it's not as great as you might think sometimes. Leads to hastily made decisions all to often. But thanks for the support! :twilightblush: (forgot to include that in an earlier comment)

Again, I give it willingly. I think this "welcome" is yours.

this is sad but great capture of character and intense keep going

Just a teensy nitpick, why was it only AJ and TS who visited Pinkie?

Were Rarity and RD off doing something else? Is it to be assumed they were already there?


Yeah, I was just thinking about that. Working on fixing that.

ooh you silly ponies
hiding the truth will only make things harder :3
anyways good job :D

Oh god no.

You killed best pony. :raritycry:

Dear Celestia! It just keeps getting sadder and sadder, don't it? I'm guessing Rainbow will commit suicide when she finds out about Rarity. That, or she ends up killed while preforming some sort of stunt while flying. :raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershbad::fluttershysad::applecry::pinkiesad2:

GOOD LORD MAN!!! :pinkiegasp: Keep writing!!!

Umm... Sweetie Belle is a unicorn.:unsuresweetie:

:raritydespair: Yes, Rarity is crying for her own death. This... was a sad chapter. Positively heartbreaking. Almost cried, and i still might.

Ouch...my heart. F*cking hell.
Overall,it was great;no mistakes in the writing (I think),good ideas...but something keeps bugging me: WHY DA FUQ WOULD PEOPLE WRITE SAD STORIES?! :raritycry:

Please, don't tell us that he commits suicide, please.

I'm sorry, but I believe she is going to commit suicide. That, or a situation in which she requires her wings to escape. Still, this F*cking hurts.


shit has hit the fuck

That is all I have to say about this chapter.



Holy shit that sucks
not the writing, what happened

Aww, I got a dislike :fluttercry:

321129 if memory serves, it's closer to 10 years. I may be mistaken. I have a horrible grasp with numbers. :facehoof:


WELP, tell the truth I wasn't paying attention that much either. I know that Rarity died within a couple months of Pinkie, Fluttershy within around 2 years of everyone else, and Rainbow possibly shortly after her crash- which was just after Rarity's, I believe.

God damn you, you gave me another sad :applecry:

this one hit me the most. brings back memories, feelings, ik its just a story but, shit...this hits closer to home. I feel bad for her.

its sad all right
but the big wall of text...

Wow this is an amazing chapter to an incredible story.


Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Currently working out how many chapters I'll need to wrap it all up. It's looking around 10 or so.

347285 i'm glad you're actually going to end it and not just leave us hanging lol


Nah, I wouldn't do that! I seem to be getting decent overall reactions so far, so I'll keep it going. :twilightsmile:

work this story up like 4play, I LOVE IT. but it makes me hurt...dam you, but i love you but i hate but,..............JUST more..

i wanna say 'shit has hit the fuck' but man, shit hit the fuck a long time ago

Dear lord, this hurt to read. I knew the mane six would die off one by one but you even included Big Mac's death. That just hurt like all kinds of Buck. :applecry: Sadly, you have yet to make me cry, though. I was hoping this would be the one story to make me cry.

im confused, she got shot?
and why do ponies have guns!? :raritycry:


Oh, yes she does get shot.

i see. whens the next chapter, or is it over? :twilightangry2:

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