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If there is a fic I want to read, but it hasn't been written, then I make it happen. Simple as that.


It was the last day of school, and both Rumble and Scootaloo felt terrible the entire morning. As the two of them met up to walk to school, they notice that they both feel absolutely sick. Instead of going back home, they decide to toughen it out for the last half day.

Blossomforth catches the two of them, and notices the familiar symptoms of the Feather Flu...

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Comments ( 26 )

Cute story.

Very cute. But I think it would better if it were longer instead of just a one-shot.

3388447 Probably, but this One-Shotober! :rainbowdetermined2:

I smell a first date between Rumble and Scootaloo.

Is shining armor an alicorn?

3388551 So, if it wasn't One-Shotober you'd do it? :pinkiehappy:

3388562 I'm going do it anyway after this whole month is up :pinkiehappy:

There will be very few one-shots I've written that won't be continued

3388561 F:yay:k yes he is

Welcome back my loyal ponies the the land of equestria,
In this weeks episode The magnificent DegeTheMighty faces his biggest enemy yet.
Writers block!

3388600 I'll just have to use my old forbidden technique!


Writers Block " Muahaha you can never defeat my frustration kung fu style! "
Dege " Oh yea? Insperation No Jutsu! "
Writers Block " No the forbidden technique!!! "

3388627 Taught by me from writer's long past! You're a common foe, that even the greatest of us have fought! Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and know you decide to trickle your misfortune on to us peace fanfiction writers? Does you evil know no bounds!?

thats good writing right there.

Cool story.

Good thoughts: The plot in it was good for someone sick, I know it's hard to make a story sick... I've done that before. Blossomforth I knew something was up with those two ponies. I by the way liked the way you described the symptoms of being the Feather Flu.

Bad thoughts: Not much was wrong with this story. However I see one thing that was wrong in the story:

Rumble watched the familiar mare run to and fro throughout the house, rather amused at her pace.

I'm not taking big thing here. I'm just saying you might be missing an 'M' in fro it I believe it's supposed to be 'from' correct?

Over all: As you said it was adorable. What do I give it? Still I don't want to bore you with other things I liked and disliked about it so I give it seven scootangels :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

PS: I took some time off of reviewing. So, it may not be as hands on as some of my others.

3390156 Sorry, didn't realize that was actually a word... :ajsleepy:

3390370 It's good, I can't tell you how many words aren't in my office's dictionary

Like teleportation. I had to enter it manually. :facehoof:

Blossomforth catches them and notices they have some very familiar symptoms...

Symptoms can be familiar with each other? I didn't know that this story had sickness that were personified.

On a non-sarcastic note, it should be "similar."

I don't really like Rumble or Thunderlane, but this was a cute story.

Keep up the good work.


Seemed too rushed.

3391299 It was, I was not in the mood to do anything but sleep at that point :twilightblush:

Good job in turning your actual sickness into a cute story :pinkiesmile:

3397516 That question mark is looking at me funny :pinkiesad2:

3397876 The question mark is more asking will you give it to me. I could so see a nice sweet daw inducing romance fic from this.

3399590 Oh there will be more of this, and there kinda is. The Forgiveness Festival involves these two. There will be more with these two. Like BlossomLane

Cute but confusing.

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