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Titillating Trifecta - FinnPony

Here you have three CMC shippings. Our favorite fillies are all teenagers now! Will it be any different from the fillies they used to be? Yes, in some ways and No in some others.

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Celestia's sun was trying to hide behind the puffy clouds, but sometimes it peeked over them, making the day pleasetly warm, but not too hot at the same time. Birds were quiet, only couple of stubborn ones sung their songs in the apple orchards.

In the middle of the orchards, there stood a light orange tree house.
A really luxurious one. There were stairs that could be lifted up from the tree house and it had even two floors. The handiwork was made Apple family's youngest member, Apple Bloom.
It had been working as a cutie mark crusader's clubhouse for many years, until they all got their own cutie marks. Even after that those three fillies had used it as their own personal place to spend time.

Now there were two ponies inside he clubhouse.
Other was a orange pegasus mare with purple eyes and mane. The other one was pegasus too, but he was a stallion with cyan coat and rainbow colored mane. His eyes were golden, and they were fixated into the purple eyes of the filly.

"Do you think they're even coming?" Blue Sky asked, while staring into Scootaloo's eyes. She shrugged, and pushed herself closer to the colt.

"If they don't come, that means we have more time for ourselves," Scootaloo said with a sultry tone, and nuzzled his cheek. Blue Sky used this to his advantage, and pushed his muzzle to Scootaloo's purple mane. She immediately grunted and pushed him away from herself.

"How many times do I have to tell to stop doing that!?" she asked, sounding irritated. Blue Sky knew that she actually liked that, but she wanted to look tough.

"I know you like it," Blue Sky said and pressed his forehead against Scootaloo's, who smiled and said: "No I don't."

Blue Sky suddenly took a good hold of the filly, and tipped her over to her back. Scootaloo let out a small squeak, when Blue Sky pressed his muzzle into her mane again. Scootaloo giggled and tried to struggle while he rubbed his muzzle around her neck, planting small kisses around it.

"Aww.. Won't ya take a look at that," they heard somepony saying. They stopped snuggling on the floor and looked towards the sound. It was Apple Bloom. Behind her they saw Spike trying to struggle his body trough the small doorway. Apple Bloom noticed that and said: "Ooh poor Spikey.. Let me help ya with that,"

She grabbed Spike's hand into his hooves, and pulled.
Spike's body nudged suddenly, and he was free. There was too much momentum for him to stop, and Apple Bloom let out a small scream. She and Spike tumbled onto the floor with a loud rumble. Apple Bloom fell on Spike, so that her muzzle touched Spike's nose. She gave him a quick kiss on the nose, and they started to laugh like crazy.

"Sorry Apple Bloom, didn't meant to do that," Spike said when he managed to control his laughing. He tried to get up, but Apple Bloom didn't want to move, so they stayed there, laying on the floor.

Scootaloo and Blue Sky had rose to sitting position, and they looked at the light yellow filly and the purple dragon. They then glanced at each other.

"Well you sure know how to make a entrance," Scootaloo said, and watched as Spike straightened Apple Bloom's ribbon on back of her head. Apple Bloom looked at the two, and then looked around the clubhouse.

"Isn't Sweetie Belle and Rumble here yet?" she asked. Scootaloo shook her head and said: "Nope. Haven't seen them yet."

It seemed like Apple Bloom didn't really hear that, because she was snickering with Spike, while Spike's tail wrapped around her hind legs. Apple Bloom kissed Spike on the cheek, and stared at his green eyes with her sweet orange eyes. Spike was hypnotized by her beautiful eyes, which were highlighted by those cute freckles.

Scootaloo let out a gagging sound, and said: "You two are such a wimps."
Spike turned towards her and Blue Sky. He smirked to them and asked: "Well what were you doing when we got here?"
Scootaloo blushed, but Blue Sky just chuckled and wrapped his hooves around Scootaloo's chest from behind. She quickly looked at him with annoyed look, but didn't make him take his hooves from around her.

"That's what I thought," Spike said, earning a cute giggle from Apple Bloom. Spike quickly placed his hands over Apple Bloom's back, and she rested her head on Spike's chest.

Blue Sky tried to snuggle with Scootaloo, but she seemed embarrassed. She didn't want to look like a wuss in front of her friend. Blue Sky continued his attempts, finally breaking Scootaloo's will. She giggled and leaned backwards, letting Blue Sky whisper something in her ear. It made her smile, and then Blue Sky kissed her on the neck, making her wings twitch.
Apple Bloom and Spike looked at the pair, and then at each other. They snickered a little.

After a while they heard talking from outside the tree house.

"I told you we would be late!" they heard Sweetie Belle saying.

"It wasn't me who took ten minutes to get her make up ready," Rumble answered calmly. Inside the tree house ponies and Spike snickered a little while listening to their conversation.

"Hmph, Well we could have been here on time if you.." Sweetie Belle started, but then there was a little slap sound. They heard Rumble let out a little grunt, and Sweetie Belle gasping.

"Sorry Rumble! I didn't see you there!" Sweetie Belle said, sounding sorry. Soon they heard Rumble answering: "Its okay.. Accidents happen."
Then there was a small scream and they heard loud rustle, Rumble laughing and Sweetie Belle hissing something angrily. Not long after that Rumble trotted inside the tree house, smirking strangely.

"Sup?" he asked and sat down. Everypony then turned to look towards doorway.
They saw Sweetie Belle coming inside after him, her white coat covered in old leaves. She had a irritated look on her face, and she flopped next to Rumble. She glared daggers at him.
Other had hard time trying not to laugh.
Rumble turned towards her, and started to brush the leaves of her silky mane, but Sweetie Belle still looked angry. Rumble gave her a sheepish smile, but Sweetie Belle turned her head away from him. Rumble hauled himself closer to Sweetie Belle, and nuzzled her neck.

Sweetie Belle let out a small 'hmph' and turned her head more. Now Rumble planted a small kiss on her neck, making her almost smile. Rumble repeated it, and now Sweetie Belle started to smile more. When Rumble tired to kiss her for the third time, she quickly turned around so the kiss landed right onto her lips.
Rumble lifted his hoof on the back of Sweetie Belle's head, and pulled her into a deeper kiss. Other's looked in awe as those two made out in front of them.

After the kiss Sweetie Belle leaned against Rumble's shoulder, and they looked at the two other pairs, who were still staring at them too. Sweetie Belle smiled happily, and said with coyly voice: "He's getting better at kissing."
Other pairs started to snicker, when Rumble turned red around his cheeks.

"Well aren't ya two cute as a bug's ear," Apple Bloom said to them. Sweetie Belle just giggled and snuggled closer to Rumble. Then the pairs looked at each other for a while, before Apple Bloom asked: "Now what?"

"I don't know. You were the one who wanted us to come," Scootaloo said, while Blue Sky nuzzled her mane. Sweetie Belle was under Rumble's wing, and looked at Apple Bloom. She then said: "Yeah, I thought that you would have something planned,"
Colt's and Spike shared confused stares with each other.

Apple Bloom frowned, and looked around the tree house.

"Maybe Ah should have planned this more carefully.." she thought out loud. Scootaloo let out a chuckle, and said: "Yeah, maybe you should have."
Everypony were silent, trying to figure something out. After a minute, Apple Bloom lifted her head from Spike's chest and said: "Well throw something at me. Anything?"

All wondered for a second, and then Spike asked: "Maybe we could go to Sugarcube corner?"
Apple Bloom seemed to like that idea. Rumble and Sweetie Belle looked at each other, and then Rumble said: "We were in this really nice café. We could go there."
Sweetie Belle nodded excitedly. Apple Bloom nodded and said: "Yeah why not?"

"That sounds really boring, I wanna go flying!" Scootaloo exclaimed. Two other fillies looked at her with a frown.

"How are we two supposed to fly?" Sweetie Belle asked, pointing at Apple Bloom who nodded.
Spike and Rumble spread their wings, and both fillies let out a silent 'oh'.

"Okay, that sound pretty cool too," Apple Bloom agreed.

"Now we have to decide what we do," Sweetie Belle said. Scootaloo chuckled amused, and said: "I thinks it's pretty obvious. We go flying!"
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle still didn't seem so sure about it. Blue Sky, Rumble and Spike looked at each other. They seemed to have the same idea.

"Why can't we do all those thing?" Blue Sky asked, and looked at Scootaloo for a answer. Spike and Rumble nodded. Spike hugged Apple Bloom tighter, and said: "Yeah, we have plenty of time to do all those things."

"And everypony would be happy!" Rumble added, pulling Sweetie Belle closer with his wing.

Fillies looked at each other, and then at their colrfriedns, who smiled at them warmly. They smiled back at them and then said in unison: "Deal."

Author's Note:

That wraps it up folks!
Hope you liked it!

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I loved it you should write some more about them!:heart::pinkiehappy:

I agree with robotsonmars you should write more about them. Or if you're going to do other shippings include them in there somehow. :heart::pinkiehappy:

Maybe I will do something like that in future?

I loved this fic so much <3


Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you liked it!
Grammar should get better in the later chapters though.

hey i had an idea! maybe you could make a miniseries for this

What do you mean by miniseries?

3564373 a story that is continued from this with anything you think the crusaders and friends would do it wouldn't be a direct sequel but some thing to keep the fans satisfied or it could be comment driven meaning you find the best comment suggestion and use it for a chapter

Thank you very much! It is always nice to hear that someone likes my stories. :heart:
Thanks for noticing that. I didn't use any proofreader with this story (Nor any before this), so there is pretty many errors and mistakes in it.

THE SPELLING!!!!!!!! WAS GOOD!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it! I actually have an editor working on this story. He's doing a great job and he has already finished Scootaloo chapter. :twilightsmile:

loved this story
great work

I am not much of a :unsuresweetie::heart::moustache: shipper but good job.

Definitely needs work on the grammar and spelling, but I liked it

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