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'Sup? The name's Shortcake, and I'm a silly bastard who loves pretty ponies. I'm sort of maybe an artist, and I'm a very novice author. Don't expect too much from me o3o


Today was the day. He could taste the freedom. Spike has just turned 21, which in Equestria, is the age a pony can legally purchase and consume alchoholic beverages. Join us as Spike and his friends head to the clubs to get bucked up.

If you have a problem with crude humor, or just don't like Spike; keep scrolling buddy.

Rated Teen because of the swearing, and more adult themes.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 28 )

Has potential. Will keep an eye on.

It's isn't so bad that I can't read it, and I like the direction the story is headed in, as well as the character tags. I'll keep an eye on it.

Yeah, I appologize for the grammatical errors and whatnot, but I'm in need of an editor for my stories. That, and the fact that I'm an artist, not an author.

Pretty good. I just hope we get to see a drunk spike soon :moustache: (sorry, no other Spike emoticons)

Don't worry man, the next chapter begins with them leaving to the club. Drunk Spike will be coming very soon, I added the romance tag for what he does when he blacks out, and the consequences that follow.

This is pretty good. It got ME wanting some booze

I'm not opposed to drinking with you.:eeyup: Too bad I'm underage :fluttercry:, but our oc's can drink together. We just gotta believe! :twistnerd:

Please tell me your going to do a spin off or something on what happened.:raritystarry:

The next chapter covers what happened from the other mares' perspectives, but I'll be sure to add Spike's perspective that night as a bonus chapter.

Don't tell anyone, but there's gonna be a sequel to this, and it's gonna be a romance fic.

I'll edit this soon enough, so before you grammar nazis attack, know this is not edited yet.

What.....the.....fuck....did I just read?

Nice ending doh! Laughed mah ass off

Is there a problem Mr.Mandalore? :3

Sorry, it's just...I've never seen Spike portrayed like this before. Its like walking in downtown Seattle only to find myself at Cape Cod. Just give me a moment.

We were all as inncoent as Spike when we were younger, and as time flows on we change. Regardless of what we're exposed to, the change still occurs, for some of us we change ourselves, and others are changed by what surrounds them. Spike, to me at least, is portrayed as a lively 21 year old, he's at the peak of his life, and wants to have fun. Learn from experience right? And further into the story I plan to add some more elements that we're present in canon to Spike's character, after all; old habits die hard.

And sorry bout this essay.

Umm....wha???? No idea what's going on.

I'm putting this story on hiatus. I'll continue it some other time, I'm currently working on the best fic ever with my bro Auroric, and I hope to see you there.

What this it, boy?:twilightoops:

4283871 It could be, but I may just revive this story, and improve it ^w^

I'm not really sure yet

We want read about Spike and Carrot Top... and see the Twilight's misadesventures too.:trixieshiftright:

Oh crap, I forgot I wrote this down ^///^
As for everypony here, this story will resume in the next few days, and I will get back to the main story.

Oh man this is gonna be good. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

i added the romance tag for what he does when he blacks out, and the consequences that follow.

Well that's dosint sound good. :twilightoops:

Uh oh that's gonna hurt in the morning. :facehoof::rainbowderp::eeyup:

5.......5!?!?!?!?! At the same time?!?!?!?!? How in the fucking hell is that possible oh man twilight is gonna be pissed.

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