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Titillating Trifecta - FinnPony

Here you have three CMC shippings. Our favorite fillies are all teenagers now! Will it be any different from the fillies they used to be? Yes, in some ways and No in some others.

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The streets of Ponyville were crowded from ponies, who all were going on with their own day. The sun was shining, but there were couple of clouds on the sky, and the weather wasn't too warm, nor too hot. It was autumn, and the trees were painted in different shades of beautiful fall colors. It was a perfect day...
almost too perfect.

Scootaloo was driving with her brand new scooter trough the masses of ponies, who made way as she drove towards the market. She noticed that all the colts turned their heads towards her, and dropping their jaws. It made her giggle to herself.

At the town center she parked her scooter, and left it leaning against a bench. She then happily skipped towards the park. There were more stalls in the market than usually, and all the ponies seemed happy. There wasn't a single frown or pout on anyponys face, that was odd. She didn't notice it thought. She was too focused on getting to the park. Something made her to do that. Somehow she knew that she had to be there right now.

She saw her father near one of the stalls. She waved to him, and he waved back at him, smiling happily. Scootaloo smiled at him, and continued to skip towards the park, that she could already see. She made it to the park quicker than she had expected, and was now standing on a old bridge. There was a small river running under it, and she saw small goldfishes jumping in the water. She didn't even get bothered by the fact that there were no old bridges in the Ponyville park, or rivers infested by goldfishes.

She didn't know how she got there, but she didn't mind that. It didn't seem to mind her, and she peeked over the rail of the bridge, into the clear blue water under it. There she saw her own reflection.
Her mane was ruffled, like always. It almost looked like Rainbow Dash's mane, but was violet, instead of rainbow colored. Her deeply violet eyes looked back at her, and her light brown coat shimmered in sunlight. She extended her strong, but still elegant wings. It made her look like a angel in the reflection on water.

"I look good..." She thought, and brushed her hoof trough her mane, making it flow temptingly.
She then turned to look around herself. There were anypony else in that part of the park, just her. She listened the calm sound of nature. Birds singed beautifully in the treetops above her. Some golden and deep red leaves danced in the wind, when they fell from the trees. The wind brushed the trees gently, making them swish soothingly.
Scootaloo took a deep breath, and then sighed happily.
"Nothing can be more beautiful than this," she said happily.

Then she heard a voice from behind. It said: "I know one thing."
Scootaloo quickly turned around, and she saw a young pegasus colt standing behind her. He was about the same age as she was, maybe a bit older. Scootaloo looked at him, examining his body carefully. His mane was dark brown, and was swept back. It made him look like he had been flying really fast. His eyes were same color as his eyes. They had a mysterious look in them, but they were calm at the same time. His coat was dark orange, just like hers. Scootaloo looked at his wings, that were big, and well formed. He had a pair of wings as his cutie mark. He was very handsome in her opinion.

"What do you mean?" She asked shyly.
The pegasus chuckled. Scootaloo thought that he did it very cutely, and blushed a bit. The colt then started to get closer to the blushing filly in front of him. Scootaloo felt her heart starting to pound in her chest, and her cheeks started to feel even warmer. She looked at the handsome colt, who was walking closer to her.
The colt was now just a step away from Scootaloo. She couldn't say anything, even her brains told her to. The colt looked at her, smiling gently. He then suddenly leaned closer to Scootaloo, who leaned backwards shyly. Their muzzles were almost touching, when the colt stopped. Scootaloo stared in the dark brown, gently eyes of the colt for a second, that felt like years to her.

"Do something!" Scootaloo's brains shouted to the rest of her body, that didn't seem to react to it anyhow.
Just as she was trying to say something, the colt said: "I meant you."
Now Scootaloo's heart was trying to come out right trough her chest. She stared into the colt's gently eyes, looking suprised. She then felt tears forming in her eyes, and then said quietly: "Nopony has ever said that I'm beautiful."
The colt lifted his hoof to her mouth, and hushed her.

"You are the most beautiful filly I've ever seen," he said, smiling to him happily. Now Scootaloo couldn't help herself, and he threw he hooves around the colt's neck. She sobbed happily in his mane, and felt her heart screaming from love.
She backed up a little, and saw the colt staring back at her. They looked at each other for a second, smiling happily at each other.

"Kiss me.." Scootaloo said, with half lidded eyes, and sultry tone. The colt started to lean closer to her, and she leaned forward to meet his lips with her own. She closed her eyes, and waited for their lips to touch.
It never happened.

* * *

Scootaloo opened her eyes. A bright light hurt her eyes, and she quickly closed her eyes again. She squirmed a little, and slowly opened her eyes again. She let them to get used to the light, and started to recognize her surroundings. She was laying on a big bed, with clean white blanket over her. She looked around room that was covered of wonderbolt and Rainbow Dash posters. There was a door to a bathroom in the wall opposite to her, and a big window to her right. She realized that it was the source of the bright light that hurt her eyes.
She was in her own room.
She closed her eyes again, and yawed heartily.
She then realized that there was something between her forelegs. She opened her eyes, and threw the blanket from top of her. She saw that it was her pillow. She was hugging her own pillow. Why would she be hugging her own pillow?

Then Scootaloo remembered her dream. She frowned and drooped her ears.

"It was just a dream.." she thought sadly, and hugged her pillow tighter. She had seen dreams like that many times before, and it always felt bad when she realized that it was just a dream. Scootaloo frowned, and threw the pillow to the floor. She then rolled to his back, and stared at the ceiling.

"Why can't I have a coltfriend, like everypony else!?" she thought angrily. She felt a little chilly, and she pulled the blanket back over her. She then continued to think.

"Is it because of my looks?" she thought sadly. Scootaloo remembered when she got her cutie mark, and how Diamond Tiara had to come up with a new way of bullying her.
Diamond Tiara had started to call her ugly.

"You're ugly! That's why you don't have a coltfriend!" she had mocked Scootaloo, who had left from the school with tears running down her face. It had taken three days, before AppleBloom and Sweetie Belle had managed to persuaded her to go back to school.

"Rainbow Dash always says that I'm beautiful, but is she saying it just to make me happy?" she thought, and small tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. She looked at the mirror, that was hanging from the door that led to the bathroom.
She gulped, and slowly started to rose up from her warm bed.
She got up eventually, and looked at the mirror, that was now on eye level with her. She saw a tired violet eyes, and ruffled violet mane. She rose to all fours, and walked closer to the mirror. She immediately noticed her wings. They were smaller than most of the pegasies had in her age.
Scootaloo sighed, and unfurled them. She thought that they looked more like some filly's wings, rather than a teenager mare's wings. She held back tears, when she flapped them couple of times.

"I can't even fly.." she said to herself with a shaking, quiet voice.
A small tear rolled down her cheek, when he furled her wings back to her sides. She then looked at her flank.

"Fat.." she thought. She kept seeing her athletic, well shaped body as fat for some reason. She looked at her cutie mark, only thing she liked in her body at the moment.

It was a pair of dancing ribbons, that formed a heart. She smiled when she looked at it, but then she looked at the mirror again, and the tears started to push from her eyes again.

"Completely useless.. Ugly... filly.." she thought and started to cry silently.'

It wasn't like she couldn't fly, nopony just hadn't taught her how to. Her mother and her father broke up when she was just a filly, and that's when..

"You piece of shit! Get to school so I don't need to see your ugly face!" she heard her father yelling to her from downstairs with a slurry voice.
She trembled, and fell to her stomach on the floor. She couldn't held the tears anymore, and she started to cry loudly. Scootaloo grabbed the pillow from next to her, and cried into it. She didn't want her dad to hear her crying, or things could get even worse.

.. her father started drinking.
Her father had been drinking ever since Scootaloo's mom left. First he had started to get really drunk on weekends. Slowly he started to drink more often, and now he was drunk almost every day. At first he wasn't angry at Scootaloo, but when she got older, and started to turn into a mare, Scootaloo's father had started to get more aggressive towards her. Then he started to throw insults like 'You're just as useless as your mother was' at her.
Scootaloo had noticed that she had started resembled her mom from the pictures she still had of her, and maybe that's why her father was so insulting to her. Maybe he tried to revenge her mom?
At first Scootaloo didn't care about it, because it happened so seldom. Then he started to get more insulting. He started to call her slut, and other bad things that made her really sad.
Only couple of ponies knew. Of course other cutie mark crusaders knew, but besides them only Rainbow Dash knew.
Her father luckily never hit her, but sometimes words can do more damage than hooves.

Scootaloo started to calm down, and she didn't cry anymore. She lifted her face from the pillow, and saw that it was soaked from her tears. She stood up slowly, and placed the pillow onto her bed. She looked at her alarm clock on the nightstand next to her bed. The clock was half past eight.
Scootaloo still had half an hour before she usually left for school, but now she felt like leaving early.

She wiped the last tears from her eyes, and looked at the mirror again. Her eyes were red from crying, but they would get better before anypony important would see her. She quickly ran her hoof trough her mane, and decided that she wouldn't need to wash it yet. She then tried to get her ruffled coat into somewhat presentable order.

After she was done, Scootaloo took her saddlebags. She then quietly walked to her room's door.
Scootaloo pushed her ear against it, and listened. She could hear the sound of their old radio. She knew that her father had to be in the living room, where he spent most of his days, listening to the radio and drinking. If she was quiet, she could sneak pass her father, without him noticing.
Scootaloo backed up from the door, and took a deep breath to calm herself. She closed her eyes and thought: "You can make this."

She then opened her eyes, and placed her hoof on the door handle. She pushed it slowly, making the door open quietly. Scootaloo peeked behind the door carefully, to make sure her father wasn't there.
Route was clear.
She came out of her room, and closed the door behind her quietly. She was nervous, and tried to move as quietly as possible. She came to the stairs, that led right to lounge. There she could slip out without her dad noticing. She slowly started to descent the stairs, careful not to make the old stairs to creak. She was halfway down, when she heard the radio turn louder. Scootaloo stopped on her tracks, and listened.
Nothing else, just the radio. Path was still clear.
Scootaloo continued to descent the stairs, and managed to get down without making the stairs to creak. She was almost out. She saw the door that lead out of the house.

Scootaloo walked to the door silently and carefully, she grabbed the door handle, feeling relieved that she got away so easily.

"Good! Get going already, you useless piece of shit!" she heard her father slur from behind her.
Scootaloo froze and turned around slowly.
She saw her father leaning on the door frame. He was a grey pegasus, with green yes and blonde mane, that was now dirty. He had a small stubble growing on his chin. His eyes were half shut, and he had trouble standing up straight. He had a half empty whiskey bottle in his hoof. Scootaloo saw him looking at her with anger and disgust in his eyes.

"Please dad.." Scootaloo pegged, and started to feel the tears forming into her eyes again.

"Not now.." she continued, with shaking voice. Scootaloo watched his dad wobbling on his hooves, ass he walked closer to her. She drooped her ears and backed against the door. She looked at her dad with terrified expression, tears running down her cheeks.
Her dad was now so close to her that she could smell the booze from his breath. She looked at her father right into his green eyes, that were full of disgust.

"You're crying," he said drunkenly. Scootaloo didn't answer. She just kept looking at her dad, who leaned backwards from his daughter.

"Dad.. Please.." Scootaloo said, scared and sobbing a little.
Her father turned around and said loudly: "You cry like a little foal! That means you're not just ugly as Tartarus, but weak too!"

Scootaloo lifted her hoof to her mouth, to keep herself from bursting into a uncontrolled cry.
Her father didn't stop there though. He turned around, wobbling a little. He took a long sip from the whiskey bottle, and looked at Scootaloo with drunken anger on his face. He then said slowly: "Slut.. just.. like.. your.. mother."

That was too much for Scootaloo, who quickly turned around, and opened the door.
She didn't look back, or close the door behind her. She just dashed out of the house, with a heartbroken cry. She started running, without any destination. She just wanted to get away from her father. She ran and ran, without even thinking where she was headed.

They lived in the outskirt of the town, and the Sweet Apple Acres was close to them. When Scootaloo was getting back to her senses, she decided to head there. She wanted to find Apple Bloom, or Applejack, or Big Macintosh, or even Granny Smith. Anypony who wasn't her father!
She turned towards the distant apple orchard of the Sweet Apple Acres, and ran.

* * *

"Thank's girls," Scootaloo said smiling sadly. She was walking towards the Ponyville junior high school wit her best friend Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.

"Ah can't believe he did that to you!" Apple Bloom said, hissing from anger while setting her bow better. Sweetie Belle didn't look so angry, but more like upset and worried. She brushed the curly mane from her eyes.

"You should really talk to somepony," she said with caring in her voice. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at her.

"Or we could just kick his flank!" Apple Bloom shouted angrily, and threw couple of jabs towards a invisible enemy in front of her. That made Scootaloo smile a little, and she said: "Thank's girls, but I can take care of my own things."
The other two teens looked at her, and then at each other.

"We understand," they said in unison. Then they all of the sudden trapped Scootaloo between them, in a big hug. Scootaloo was caught off guard, and didn't have time to react. She blushed and tried to wiggle away from her friend's crushing hug.
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle held him, and nuzzled her neck.

"If you ever need us, just tell us," Sweetie Belle said, nuzzling Scootaloo's neck.

"Yeah!" Apple Bloom exclaimed, and tightened her hooves around the squirming Scootaloo, who was now smiling happily.

"Oh guys you are such a wimps!" she said, trying to sound as embarrassed as she could. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle could still hear a little gratitude in her voice.
They let go of Scootaloo, giggling a little when they saw her blushing

"Stop laughing!" she said, even more embarrassed than before. That of course made the two fillies giggle even harder. Scootaloo soon caught their good mood, and started laughing too.

When they finished, Sweetie Belle noticed that they had to hurry, if they would like to get to the school in time. They all started to trot towards the school, and when they reached it, they saw that there were still ponies standing around the courtyard, waiting for the bell to ring.

"Phew! Ah thought we'd be late fer sure!" Apple Bloom said, panting a little. She then looked at Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. She leaned closer to Scootaloo, and said seriously: "If somepony tries to bully ya today, I will punch him or she in the mouth!"

"Yeah! Today they will not bother you! I promise!" Sweetie Belle joined Apple Bloom. Scootaloo looked at her friends, smiling happily.

"I'm happy to have friends like them," she thought, and nodded. She then leaned closer to them, and lifted her hoof towards them. They did the same, resting their hooves on top of Scootaloos.

"Cutie mark crusaders for ever!" they silently said to each other, and then beamed at each other. They then trotted to meet their schoolmates.

Just before the bell rang, Scootaloo saw her idol walking into the schoolyard.
It was Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo's mouth turned to a ear to ear smile, and she trotted to meet Rainbow. She saw that Rainbow too smiled when she saw Scootaloo approaching her.

"Heya there sis!" Rainbow said happily, and grabbed Scootaloo into a sisterly hug. Scootaloo buried her face into Rainbow's neck and said: "Hey Rainbow!"
They then broke the hug, and looked at each other. Rainbow's expression turned into a serious look, and she asked: "How's at home?"
She saw a small tear coming into Scootaloo's eye, while she drooped her head towards the ground. Rainbow Dash quickly lifted Scootaloo's head towards her and smiled to her.

"Let's not think about that, right? I have something to cheer you up," she said, smiling to the sad filly, who immediately perked up, and looked confusedly at Rainbow Dash.

"Really? What is it?" she asked, eager to find out. Rainbow Dash just smiled to her brightly, and then turned around. She looked behind the gate, that lead to the school yard.

"Blue Sky! Come here!" Rainbow Dash shouted towards the gate.

Scootaloo looked at the gate, and saw a cyan blue pegasus colt appearing from behind it. She noticed that the colt had same rainbow colored mane as Rainbow Dash had.
Her eyes widened, when he realized who he was. She turned to Rainbow Dash and asked: "Is that who I think it is?"
Rainbow nodded and briskly said: "Yep."

"The Blue sky?" Scootaloo asked exited. Rainbow turned to her, and said smiling: "That's him!"

"Your little brother Blue Sky?" Scootaloo asked, with widened eyes. Rainbow turned to her once again, looking teasingly annoyed.

"You're a bit slow aren't you?" she asked from Scootaloo, smiling teasingly, rising one brow. Scootaloo blushed, and smiled at her sheepishly. She then said: "Sorry."
Rainbow just shuffled her violet mane, and then they both turned to see Blue Sky walking up to them.

Scootaloo saw that Blue Sky's coat, mane and tail were the same color as his sister had. His mane was much shorter though, but it was still messy looking, just like Rainbow's. Or when he got closer, it seemed more spiky than her's actually. His eyes were lightly golden, and they looked back at Scootaloo a bit shyly.
Their eyes met, and Scootaloo quickly looked away. She didn't take her eyes off him though. She continued examining rest of his body. His legs were strong, just like her big wings.Scootaloo looked at his flank, and it made her blush again. His cutie mark was a cloud, that was exploding into smaller parts.

"Blue Sky.." Scootaloo tried the name in her mind, and noticed that it sounded pretty good.

"Blue Sky, this is the gal I've been talking about. Meet Scootaloo," Rainbow introduced them.
Blue Sky looked at Scootaloo, who fought off a blush. He then reached his hoof towards her, and said briskly: "Hi Scootaloo, Nice to meet you!"
Scootaloo looked at his hoof for a second, and then reached her hoof towards it. She carefully laid her hoof on Blue Sky's hoof, and then quietly said: "H-hi. I'm Scootaloo,"
Blue Sky smiled and then their hooves separated. They kept looking at each other, until Rainbow cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Scoots," she said, and looked at her.

"Blue Sky moved to live with me, and he starts school here. He's on the same class as you, AB and Sweetie Belle," Rainbow continued looking to them both.

"T-that's nice.." Scootaloo said, smiling carefully. Rainbow looked at her, and then said: "He doesn't know anypony from here, so would you please show him around the school?"

"Sure I can," Scootaloo said, and glanxed at Blue Sky, who smiled at her. Scootaloo quickly looked back at Rainbow when she noticed that.

"And if you like, you can show him around the Ponyville after school," Rainbow finished. Scootalo looked at her, and then quickly at Blue Sky, who smiled at her questioningly.

"Well.. If you really want to hang around with a nopony like me th..." Scootaloo started, but stopped when Rainbow lightly slapped her in the back of the head. She yelped from surprise and then held the back of her head, where Rainbow had hit her.

"What the.." she started, but then Rainbow started to rant at her, sounding a bit angry and caring at the same time:"We've talked about this already! You're not just a nopony! You're a beautiful, young mare with great future ahead of you! So don't you underestimate yourself..."

Rainbow stopped, when she saw Scootaloo and Blue Sky looking at her confusedly. She perked up and cleared her throat. She then said calmly: "Scoots, you go ahead to the class, I'll have a quick chat with Blue here."

"Okay," Scootaloo said, sounding a bit shamed, but then Rainbow slashed her a big smile, and she too started to beam.

"Seeyou Rainbow!" Scootaloo said, and started to trot towards the school building.

"Seeya too!" Rainbow shouted after her. When she was sure Scootaloo was far enough she turned to Blue Sky, who was still looking a bit confused.

"What was that?" he asked confusedly from Rainbow, who squirmed a little. She looked into his little brother's eyes, and then drooped her ears. He too drooped his ears, and listened as Rainbow said: "She doesn't have the best possible father, and she thinks that she's nothing. It really breaks my heart when I see her like that, underestimating herself."
Blue Sky looked at her sister, with a bit sad expression on his face.

"Ohh. I see," he said, and looked after the trotting Scootaloo. Rainbow looked at her little brother, and then at Scootaloo. Her face lit up when she got a idea. She quickly hid her excitement when Blue Sky turned back to her.

"Hey buddy," Rainbow started, and Blue Sky looked at her.

"I know this might sound a bit weird, but promise me to look after her okay?" she asked from Blue Sky, who's cheeks went red. He looked at his sister nervously, and asked: "What do you mean by that?"
Rainbow chuckled, but then said: "She helps you to get know to this place, so just hang out with her. She'd like that."

"Hang out with her?" Blue Sky asked, sounding suspicious.

"Trust me. She rocks," Rainbow said happily, and then waited for his answer. Blue Sky seemed to think for a second, but then sighed and said: "Okay sis, if you wish."

"Super! Now get to school, so you won't be late," Rainbow said, pushing Blue Sky towards the school building.

* * *

"Okay class! We have a new student in class," Mrs. Abecedary, a unicorn mare in her thirties announced in her cheery voice, and the tumult in the class quickly died down. Everypony in the class turned to listen to their teacher.
When Mrs. Abecedary was pleased by the silence in the classroom, she continued: "Like I said, we have a new student in the class, who has just moved here in Ponyville from Cloudscale."
Everypony was silent, and looked confused. Only Scootaloo was smiling, because she already knew who the new student was. Mrs. Abecedary waited for a second, before she said: "Everypony welcome Blue Sky!"

Blue Sky walked to the classroom, and everypony looked at him. Scootaloo noticed that he looked a bit nervous, standing in front of all the ponies watching him.

"Hey all," he said waving his hoof towards them. Mrs. Abecedary then said to him from behind her desk: "Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, hm?"
Blue Sky looked even more nervous, but then he met Scootaloos cheering smile, and he too started smiling. He then started telling about himself: "Well. I just moved here from Cloudscale, I'm living at my sister's house for now."
Somepony in the back raised his hoof, and Mrs. Abecedary said: "Yes Rumble?"

"Are you Rainbow Dash's brother?" the colt asked from Blue Sky, who then answered: "Yeah, I am."
Now there were silent talking in the class room. Scootaloo could hear somepony saying: "I knew it when I saw his mane!"
She saw Blue Sky looking around the class nervously, when everypony was talking about him.

"Class!" Mrs. Abecedary said sternly, and everypony silenced again. Then Mrs. Abecedary smiled at Blue Sky, and asked: "Do you wan't to tell us anything else?"

"No thank you," Blue said, and nodded to the teacher.

"Well go find a seat then, and we all can get started with some economics," Mrs. Abecedary said, and the class room got filled with frustrated groans.

Blue Sky tried to find a empty desk, and then noticed Scootaloo waving her hoof at him. She then pointed at a empty desk next to her, and Blue then walked to it and sat down.

"Thanks," he said to Scootaloo, who smiled at him happily.

Mrs. Abecedary levitated a chalk with her magic, and then started to write something on the chalkboard. When she finished, there was a subject for that days work.
'Presentation about the markets in Equestria'

Everypony looked at the chalkboard, like there would have been a really complex mathematical formula written on it. Somepony lifted her hoof in the right side of the classroom.

"Dinky," Markets said, letting the filly speak.

"Umm.. Mrs. Abecedary.. What are we supposed to do?" the grey unicorn asked confused. Mrs. Abecedary chuckled, and then started to explain: "You will work as pairs. Every pair picks a city from Equestria, and will do a short presentation of it's markets and what products they sell. Then they will present it to whole class."
Everypony was silent, but then they heard Rumble saying: "Aww man, this sucks!"
There were some quiet chuckles heard, and even Mrs. Abecedary giggled a little. She then said: "I know you don't like economics, but I promise if we get this done early, you all will get to go home earlier."
There was a short silence, and then everypony started to quickly pick their pairs.

Blue Sky again looked around him for a pair, but everypony already had one. He drooped his ears and frowned, but then he felt somepony tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw Scootaloo smiling shyly at him.

"I don't have a pair," she said, looking at Blue Sky.

"Now you have," Blue said, and moved his chair next to Scootaloo's table. Scootaloo blushed a bit, when the colt came so close to her. She could hear Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggling from their table. She waited for Blue to look at another direction, and then stick her tongue out to them.

"Blue Sky, since you are from Cloudscale, why don't you and Scootaloo take Cloudscale as you're subject?" Mrs. Abecedary said, when passed the books about the economy of Equestrian cities.

"That sounds okay," Blue said, and Scootaloo nodded. Mrs. Abecedary then gave them a book and a big paper, where they could make the presentation.

After about fifteen minutes of working, they had the presentation ready. Scootaloo and Blue Sky admired their handiwork. They had done a really good presentation in their opinion. It had some hard facts, while it also looked good. Scootaloo had even drawn a good looking picture of Cloudscale in the top of the paper with her crayons.
Blue admired the picture, and then said: "You're really good at drawing Scootaloo."

"Thank's," Scootaloo said shyly. Blue then continued: "Is that your special talent?"
Scootaloo was taken aback by that question. After a second of freezing, she said confusedly: "No, it's dancing. I didn't know my cutie mark was so hard to read."
Blue's eyes widened and he started to explain, tumbling on his words: "Nonono! I-I.."
He was silent for moment, and then leaned closer to the confused Scootaloo and whispered: "I just haven't seen your cutie mark.."

Scootaloo was even more confused. How Blue did not see her cutie mark? After all, it was pretty clearly visible. She looked at Blue and noticed that he was blushing a little, and looking at their presentation nervously.

"Blue, how did you not see my cutie mark?" Scootaloo whispered. Blue then looked at her, and whispered to her: "I thought it would be weird for me to be looking at your flank.."
Scootaloo's eyes widened, and a hard blush appeared on her cheeks. She hadn't think about it that way. She noticed that blush was looking at her sheepishly, and then turning his gaze at the presentation again.

"His so cute when his embarrassed.." Scootaloo thought, giggling in her head. She then poked Blue in the side, causing him to wince. Blue looked at him annoyed, but he then saw Scootaloo's expression.

"Y-you can look at my cutie mark," she said quietly, looking at the presentation. Blue then nodded slowly, and Scootaloo lifted her body a little, to gave him a better view.

"This is so weird," Scootaloo thought, but felt that the situation was a bit funny at the same time. Blue Sky saw Scootaloo's cutie mark now, and could immediately tell that her special talent was dancing.

"That's a nice flank.." Blue slipped, and they both blushed deeply when he realized what he had said. Blue quickly started to correct himself quietly: "I mean cutie mark! Yeah, that's what I meant!"
Scootaloo sat back down, and giggled nervously. She couldn't help herself. Now Blue too chuckled a little. Then Scootaloo hit her playfully in the chest and said: "You perv."
Blue smiled teasingly, and whispered: "Sorry! I couldn't help myself!"
They both laughed quietly for a while. While Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled at them from their own table.

After couple of minutes, Mrs. Abecedary announced: "It seems that everypony is ready! Very good job."
She looked around the classroom for a good candidate to start the presentations. Her eyes met the quietly laughing Scootaloo and Blue Sky.

"Maybe we should let our new student start the presentations?" she asked from Scootaloo and Blue Sky, who both nodded and took their presentation paper. They carried it to the chalkboard, and attached the paper to it with magnets.
When they were ready, Blue Sky cleared his throat.

"We are going to tell you about Cloudscale's markets," he started.

"And it's main products," Scootaloo added. Blue Sky nodded as thank you, and then continued: "As you know, Cloudscale is the number one producer of different weathers."
Scootaloo pointed at 'Weather!' that was written on the paper with big letters. She then said: "And the sales of thunderstorms has risen thirty percents in just a year!"

She was about to continue, when they heard a filly saying: "Why is Scootaloo doing a presentation about cloud city?"
Everypony turned to the voice, and saw that it belonged to Diamond Tiara. She was sitting with Silver Spoon, and had a cocky look on her face. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle knew that this was going to end badly.

"What are you trying to say?" Scootaloo growled, looking angrily at her.
Diamond Tiara perked up, when she had everypony's attention, and said: "Just saying that it sound pretty odd to listen presentation about Cloudscale from the mouth of a pegasus -" Diamond Tiara held a small dramatic pause "- who can't even fly."

Everypony wen't silent. Even Mrs. Abecedary was speechless.
Blue Sky looked at Scootaloo, and saw that she was going to cry anytime soon. Her eyes were starting to glitter, as they got wetter. She closed her eyes, and turned towards he door. Scootaloo then rushed to the hall of the school, leaving confused pupils, and evilly grinning Diamond Tiara to the classroom.

Mrs. Abecedary was first to speak.

"Diamond Tiara! That was awfully mean from you!" she said angrily, not looking anything like the nice teacher she was just minutes ago. Diamond Tiara looked at her, and just shrugged. She then turned to Blue Sky, and said calmly: "You shouldn't be hanging with that loser."
Blue Sky looked at her confusedly, but then his expression changed into disgusted. He brushed his rainbow colored mane from his eyes annoyed, and he then pointed his hoof at Diamond Tiara, saying: "You're a bitch,"

Now it was Diamond's time to be shocked. She looked at Blue Sky in complete disbelief. She totally froze.
Blue Sky didn't care about it, and he turned to Mrs. Abecedary and asked: "Mrs. Abecedary, can I go after her?"
Mrs. Abecedary looked at him gently, and said: "Please, go. Before anything happens."
Blue Sky nodded, and then started running after Scootaloo, who had disappeared outside the school.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at each other, and then they smiled.

"Scootaloo has caught pretty darn fine coltfriend into her hook!" Apple Bloom whispered happily. Sweetie Belle nodded exited, and whispered back at her: "Do you think they're going to make out out there?"
They both giggled at the image, and then Apple Bloom Whispered, still giggling a little: "They darn better should be!"

* * *

"Who can't even fly!" Scootaloo kept hearing Diamond Tiaras voice in her head as she ran towards the park. She knew that there wouldn't be so many ponies in there at that time, so she could be alone in there. She felt how the big tears were running down her cheeks onto her chin, where they dropped onto her chest. She swept her eyes quickly, and then Scootaloo jumped over a small bush that almost tripped her.
She continued running. She could already see the park getting closer. She reached it in less than couple of minutes, and then she started to look for a place where to weep in peace.

The park wasn't like in her dream she had had last night.
The weather was a bit chilly, and there were some dark clouds on the sky. Scootaloo cursed in her mind that she hadn't looked at the weather calendar when she was in school. She didn't know if it was going to rain or not.
She shook her head, and focused on the task at hoof. She slowed down, and trotted towards the middle of the park. There she looked around herself, with small tears still coming from her eyes.

"Come on girl! Pull it together!" she tried to encourage herself, but then she again heard Diamond Tiara saying in her head, with a evil voice: "Pegasus who can't even fly!"

That made her sob again, and she started to look for a lonely place, where to hole up.
Soon she noticed a old, rickety stone bridge, that somehow reminded her about the bridge in her dream. It made her feel a bit more sadder again, but she decided to head there.

Scootaloo stopped in the middle of the bridge, and leaned over the edge. She sobbed lightly, and looked at her reflection in the dark water. All she saw was a ugly, fat, useless pegasus, who couldn't even fly!
Her tears made the reflection ripple, but she saw something in the water next to her own reflection. It was cyan blue blob, with rainbow colored top.
Scootaloo yelped a little, when she realized that it was a reflection of somepony. She quickly looked to her right, and saw Blue Sky looking at her with a worried expression.

"Go away!" Scootaloo said annoyed, with shaky voice.

"No," Blue just said to her and stepped closer to the crying filly.
Scootaloo wanted to be left alone, so she suddenly started to run again. She heard Blue Sky taking off with couple of strong wing flaps, and soon he was flying next to her.

"Scootaloo stop!" he pegged, but Scootaloo did a hard turn to the right. Blue flapped his wings faster, and flew in front of Scootaloo, who hid her face from him.

"Scootaloo.. please stop!" he pegged again, but she screeched to a stop and did a one eighty. She then started to run back the way she came.
This started to annoy Blue Sky.

"I'm just trying to help!" he shouted after her, but Scootaloo didn't answer. Blue then frowned, and shouted: "Okay! Let's do it the hard way then!"

He started to accelerate towards the galloping orange filly in front of him. He then flew over her, and saw how she looked quickly up. Scootaloo tried to dodge him, but Blue folded his wings, and dived right towards her.
Blue Sky caught the running filly in his hooves, and they rolled on the ground for couple of meters, before coming to a stop. Scootaloo was lying on top of Blue Sky, and she tried to quickly rise up.

"Hey man what the.." She started, looking angrily at him. She was cut off by Blue Sky placing her in a tight, caring hug. Scootaloo was taken by surprise, and she didn't know what to do. She just laid there, on top of the cyan colt.

They laid there for a moment, and Blue Sky felt Scootaloo's wet cheeks against his own. He also felt how heat was rising to his own cheeks, and on her's probably.

"If I let you go, will you run away again?" He whispered carefully in the ear of the filly on top of her. Scootaloo winced when he spoke to her, but managed to say: "I wont promise anything."

"I don't want to risk it, so I have to keep you here then," Blue said teasingly, and then Scootaloo started to squirm in his hooves. She placed her hooves on the chest of Blue Sky, and tried to push herself up. Blue Sky was too strong, and he held Scootaloo tightly against his chest.

"Let go!" she demanded, but Blue just tightened his grip around the filly. They struggled for a minute, but then Scootaloo gave up. She turned to see Blue sky and said, sounding surrendered: "Okay, I won't run away.."

"Good," Blue said, smiling to her.
Scootaloo then tried to get up, but couldn't go. She looked at Blue, who was staring into her eyes. Scootaloo blushed, and then cleared her throat. Blue snapped from his trance, and smiled to her sheepishly. He let go of Scootaloo, and said: "Oh yeah, sorry."

He let go of Scootaloo, who quickly rose from top of him, and then sat down to the ground next to the laying colt. Blue Sky too rose up to a sitting position, and then turned towards Scootaloo, who was still sniffing a little.
Scootaloo was looking at the ground, but soon a cyan hoof lifted her head up from her chin. Scootaloo looked in the golden eyes of Blue Sky, that were looking back at her's with concern.

"W-why did you come after me?" Scootaloo asked. Blue reached his hoof towards Scootaloo's cheeks, making her lean backwards a little. He swept couple of tears from her cheeks gently.

"He's so nice to me.." Scootaloo thought. Blue then took her hoof into his own, smiled lovely and said: "Why wouldn't I?"

Scootaloo looked at him, she was so confused that she forgot to sob.

"What?" was only thing she could say? Blue shrugged his shoulders, and then said: "I said, why wouldn't I?"
Scootaloo rolled her eyes annoyed, and then said: "I heard what you said! I mean why would you come after me!?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Blue Sky said, snickering a little this time. Scootaloo noticed that he was trying to annoy her this time, and he was doing a good job at it.

"Stop that!" she half shouted, and hit Blue in the shoulder. Blue jumped a little, and then rubbed the spot where she had hit him. He folded his ears back, and looked at Scootaloo seriously and said: "Ow,"
Scootaloo didn't react to that, she just kept looking at him, waiting for him to answer. Blue then saw her expression, and calmed down. He took Scootaloo's hoof into his own again, and said again, with confused voice: "Seriously, tell me one thing why I wouldn't have come after you."
Scootaloo looked at him, and then drooped her head and ears and frowned a little.

"Because I'm useless.. and fat.. and ugly.. and... and I can't fly!" she said, and peeked at Blue Sky, who looked surprised and incredulous. She felt his hoof lifting her head up again, and her eyes met with Blue's again.

"You're none of those things!" Blue said to her, looking irritated. He was feeling angry, but didn't show that to Scootaloo.

"I bet it's because of that Diamond Tiara..." He thought to himself.

Scootaloo perked up, and looked confusedly at him. She then said: "I am!"

"No you're totally not!" Blue Sky instigated. He then stared at the filly in front of him, who's expression wasn't sad anymore. It was more like a mix of surprise and hollow stare at the same time. She blushed a little, and looked away from him. Blue Sky got scared, that maybe he had hurt her feelings somehow. He was just about to say something, when Scootaloo spoke quietly: "So you don't think I'm useless?"

"Totally not! You can dance and draw really good!"

"..or fat.."

"Not even in my dreams! That came out a bit wrong.. but no, You're not fat!"

"..or.." Scootaloo started, but stopped for a second. She turned to see Blue, who was waiting for the rest. He saw small tears in corner of her eyes, and then Scootaloo continued: ".. or ugly?"

"Oh shit.. I'm in a trap?" Blue thought nervously. He tried to think of a way out, but then he saw Scootaloo's face. She pouted cutely.

"how can she look so damn cute, even she's so sad?" Blue Sky thought to himself. He then sighed deeply, and looked her straight in her violet eyes.

"You're really beautiful," he said slowly, and saw how Scootaloo's pupils went small from the surprise.
Those words had hit Scootaloo like a train. She couldn't do anything else than just look at him, with her eyes wide and jaw dropped.

"He think's I'm beautiful.. HE THINK'S I'M BEAUTIFUL!" Scootaloo screamed in her head.
Blue Sky didn't have time to react, before the filly was already on him, pressing him down to the ground. Scootaloo was crying a little, but her expression was more happy than before. She then looked at him with narrowed eyes, and asked with a sharp tone: "Are you lying? Because if you are.."

"No, I'm not lying to you!" the now a little scared colt said to the filly on top of her. Scootaloo then started to beam, and she grinned happily. She quickly leaned closer to Blue, and gave him a quick kiss on the top of his nose.
Blue immediately blushed, and looked at her wide eyed. Scootaloo just giggled, and then hugged him gently. It took a moment for Blue to react, but then he returned the hug.

"Thank you.." Scootaloo said, sobbing from happiness. Blue hugged her tighter. They stayed there for a moment, but then Scootaloo rose to sit on him, and looked at him, happily. She narrowed her eyes again, and said threateningly: "If anypony finds out about this, I will be really mad."

"My lips are sealed," Blue Sky reassured her, and then they both started laughing.

* * *

School had already ended, and the cutie mark crusaders were walking towards Rarity's like they usually did after schooldays. There they would plan what to do rest of the day. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle had noticed Scootaloo's new found happiness, and they saw how she had some new spring in her step. They looked at each other, and then Sweetie Belle cleared her throat.

"Soo.." Sweetie Belle started, dragging the word suggestively.

"So what?" Scootaloo asked from her, looking at her and Apple Bloom confusedly. The two fillies just giggled, and looked at each other. They then turned to Scootaloo again, and Apple Bloom said: "So what happened with Blue?"
Scootaloo fought off a smile, and said casually: "What do you mean?"
The two fillies glanced at each other, and they said in unison: "You know what we mean!"
Scootaloo couldn't help herself. She smiled at her friends, who started to giggle, and rushed to hug her. Scootaloo wasn't usually the one for sappy things like that, but this time she hugged them back.

"So tell us exactly what happened!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. Apple Bloom looked at her too, and joined Sweetie Belle: "Yeah! Tell us every dirty detail!"
Scootaloo blushed, and then shooed them off from hugging her. She looked at her friends nervously, and then said: "It wasn't like anything that!"
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled even more, but then Sweetie Belle said: "Well tell us anyway!"
Scootaloo felt a bit uncomfortable talking about the scene with Blue Sky and her to her friends. She looked at them, and saw that they were wearing their puppy dog eyes.

"Guys stop that!" she said. Scootaloo knew that she couldn't resist them, if they kept that face. They looked at her with their big eyes, and then said with their baby voices: "Pweese!"

Scootaloo sighed, and then said annoyed: "Okay! I'll tell you!"

"Yayy!" Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle exclaimed. They then pushed Scootaloo to a nearby bench. They forced Scootaloo to sit on it, and then they sat on the ground in front of her. They had a waiting smiles on their lips. Scootaloo looked at them, still feeling a bit uneasy about telling them.
She thought for a second, how to start the story, and just as she was about to start, they heard a swoosh above their heads.

The trio looked up. They saw two cyan dots in the sky. They circled each other, and did some volts in sync. Then they seemed to stay in place, until they noticed that they were actually getting bigger. The two pegasies dived right against them, with their wings folded tightly against their sides.
They all recognized who they were. Scootaloo felt her heart jump a little, when Rainbow Dash and Blue Sky pulled up just before they would have hit the fillies. Sweetie Belle yelped, and fall to his back, while Apple Bloom hid under her hooves. Scootaloo was used to tricks like those. After all she was Rainbow Dash's sister.

Rainbow Dash and Blue Sky flew towards them, decreasing their speed, so they could land. They gently landed between Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, who were still curled on the ground, hiding under their hooves. It took a moment for them to open their eyes, and then they saw Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Blue Sky snickering at them.
They both blushed, and seemed ashamed. That made the pegasies burst into a laughter. After they were done, Rainbow said, still chuckling a little: "Hi girls!"

"Hi Rainbow," Scootaloo said, while Blue Sky sat next to her on the bench. He sat pretty near her, but left a small gap between them. Scootaloo looked at him slyly. She pushed her flank closer to him, so their cutie marks touched. She didn't feel shy anymore, not after the scene at the park. He seemed to blush a little.
Rainbow Dash didn't seem to notice them, but Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's eyes shimmered.

"Where did you go after school? I thought we were supposed to go around the town?" she asked from Blue, who looked at her, and then turned to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow smiled to Scootaloo a bit sheepishly, and then said: "I forgot we had flight practice today."

"That's okay," Scootaloo said, moving around so her flank rubbed against blushing Blue's. Rainbow still didn't seem to notice, but the other fillies were staring at Scootaloo, with blank and confused expressions.

"I just remembered that you was supposed to show him around, and we came looking for you," Rainbow Dash explained to Scootaloo, who smiled happily.

"Really? Awesome," Blue Sky said. Scootaloo smiled at him, and they heard the other two fillies giggle. Blue smiled sheepishly, and blushed a bit.

"I mean.. cool," he said quickly, looking nervous. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled, and Rainbow Dash chuckle and said to her brother: "I thought you didn't like hanging out with these fillies?"

"Nah, she's.. They're awesome!" Blue said, and threw his foreleg around Scootaloo's neck. Scootaloo leaned closer to him.

"Okay then! Come home before midnight!" Rainbow said, and unfurled her wings.

"Bye girls!" Rainbow Dash said, before taking off, leaving a cloud of dust hovering in the air.

After she was far away, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle rushed to question Blue Sky.

"DoyoulikeScootalootelluswhathappenedattheparkareyoutwodatingalready!?" they blabbered in unison, and so fast that nopony could get anything they said. When they finished, they panted heavily, and looked at Blue Sky and Scootaloo. They sat on the bench, looking at them confused. Blue Sky even had one of his ear flopped down.

"What?" Scootaloo finally asked.

Sweetie Belle took deep breath, and was ready to say the whole thing again, but Apple Bloom quickly put her hoof onto Sweetie Belle's mouth. He then said: "We asked Blue here, that does he like ya. Then we asked ya to tell us what happened at the park, and then we asked ya both that are ya two dating already."

Scootaloo and kept staring at the two fillies. Then Scootaloo said: "Actually none of that is you two's business."

"I like her," Blue said briskly, making Scootaloo blush a bit.
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle both gasped, and then started to squeal like little foals. They then stopped all of the sudden, and smiled teasingly at Scootaoo, who looked annoyed.

"Scootaloo has a coltfriend!" they both said in unison, with their girly singasong voices.

"Aw buck you," she said annoyed, but the two teen mares just kept giggling.
She then got a good idea how to give them some payback. She leaned closer to Blue Sky, and snuggled right into his side, half laying on the bench they were on. She nuzzled Blue's neck, gaining a small jump from him.
The two mares went silent, and looked at the pair. Scootaloo looked at the blushing Blue Sky with a flirty stare, and he looked back at her. Scootaloo then ran her hoof down his chest, making him wince. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at the two lovers in front of them with their jaws almost hitting the ground.
Blue Sky realized what Scootaloo was trying, and decided to go with it. He stroked Scootaloo's violet mane. It was soft, even it looked ruffled. He supposed to do just one quick stroke, but couldn't stop, once he started. He quickly peeked at Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, who were still silent.
Scootaloo felt her heart racing, even they were just fooling around. She looked up, and saw Blue Sky looking down to her with his golden eyes, still stroking her mane. Their eyes met, and for a moment Scootaloo felt something inside her forcing her to do one thing.. And she couldn't stop it.

"I hope I don't take this too far now.." she thought, and lifted her head just that she could plant a small kiss on Blue Sky's cheek. That made all of them blush. Blue, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo herself.

Then Scootaloo and Blue Sky started to snicker.
The expression on Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's faces were too much for them, and they started laughing out loud. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at them confusedly, but then Apple Bloom realized that they had just fooled around with her and Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle too noticed the same thing, but she formed a sly grin on her face when she looked at Apple Bloom.

"Okay, we get it." she said casually.

"Get what?" Scootaloo asked, while still leaning against Blue's side. Sweetie Belle just grinned at her, and then said: "You two wan't some time alone, so we'll just leave you two alone."
Apple Bloom joined the joke. She too teasingly grinned at the two ponies on the bench.

"Oh yeah! You two can have some good ol' together time right there! We two will be on our way!" she said with a teasing tone in her voice.
Scootaloo and Blue Sky looked at her friends, who had just turned the joke on them.

"Bye bye, be gentle 'loverboy'" Sweetie Belle said, stretching the word 'lover' with a suggestive tone in her voice. She then began to trot away from them, with Apple Bloom near behind her. Scootaloo and Blue Sky saw how she turned her head towards them, and winked at them.
Then they disappeared behind a set of trees.

"How did they manage to do that?" Blue asked, confusedly scratching the back of his head.

"Sweetie Belle is Rarity's sister, they know how to do things like that," Scootaloo said. They were silent for a minute, and then They both noticed the pose they were in. Scootaloo was about to move away from Blue, but then she thought: "This's actually pretty nice.."
Meanwhile Blue Sky thought preety much the same thing: "She's still leaning against me, that's good I guess."

"Maybe we could be like this for little longer?" Scootaloo asked carefully, and Blue nodded to her. He then rested his head to lean against Scootaloo's head.

"Yeah, sounds good to me," he said, and they decided to be there for a little longer.

* * *

"So what you wanna do?" Scootaloo asked from Blue Sky, who was walking next to her in the streets of Ponyville. They walked slowly towards the town square. Blue looked around himself, examining all the buildings around him. He thought that everything looked so different than in Cloudscale.
He kept looking around himself, and then spotted something he liked. He pointed his hoof at a building, that was shaped like all kinds of different pastries and said: "What's that place?"

Scootaloo looked at the direction he was pointing, and then said: "That's Sucarcube corner. It's the local bakery."
Blue Sky felt his stomach rumble. He realized that he hadn't eaten since morning.

"Could we go there? I'm really hungry," he asked from Scootaloo, who looked a bit unwilling. Blue thought that the place was owned by somepony like Diamond Tiara's father, and that's why she didn't want to go there.

"Why not?" he asked. Scootaloo looked at him confused, and said: "I didn't say we couldn't go."

"But you looked like it," Blue said.

"It's not that I don't like the place, but Pinkie Pie lives there," Scootaloo explained to Blue, who then asked: "Is she mean?"

Scootaloo started to laugh, making Blue Sky confuse.

"Pinkie Pie... mean!?" she said between waves of laughter. Blue was really confused, and Scootaloo noticed that. After she stopped laughing, she explained: "Pinkie is a bit.. random. I like her really much, but she would like make a improvised musical number for you."
Blue Sky was just a bit more confused than he was a minute ago. He thought about what she had told her. It sounded pretty weird, but he'd like too see that.

"And I want to spend some time with you anyway," Scootaloo added, with a more sultry tone. Blue Sky looked at her, and then thought: "Well maybe I'm not that hungry."

"Okay, maybe later," Blue said, and Scootaloo nodded happily to him.
They walked a bit further, and then Blue remembered something. He turned to Scootaloo, and asked: "I remember Rainbow saying that you were pretty good with a scooter?"
Scootaloo smiled when he said that, and then answered to him: "Yeah, I guess so."
Blue was displeased with the short answer, and she inquired further: "How good?"

"So good I could kick your flank in scooter race," she said cockily. Blue frowned, but he still had a small smile on his lips. That's one of the features he liked in Scootaloo.

"I'd like too see you ride with it," he said, and pushed her with his flank, so she had to took a couple of quick steps not to fall down. She looked at Blue irritated. He just smiled at her. Scootaloo took couple of fast steps, and shove him with her flank, making him too almost fall down. Then they both shared a laugh.

"Well. Maybe I could show you some moves," Scootaloo said after that. Blue smiled to her, and said: "We should get your scooter right away then."

Then Scootaloo stopped, and drooped her ears. She realized that her scooter was in her room.. back at her home.

"Maybe we should just do something else," she said, trying to sound as calm as she could.

"What? Why?" Blue Sky asked, looking worried as he saw some uneasiness in her. Scootaloo didn't answer, and Blue walked closer to her.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, and leaned closer to Scootaloo, who looked at him and said: "It's just.. my scooters back at my home."
Blue didn't understand, and he asked: "So?"
just then he remembered what Rainbow had told him about Scootaloo's father. He cursed to himself in his mind, but didn't show it to Scootaloo.

Scootaloo looked at Blue sadly, and said: "I haven't told this to many others, but my father's... A drunk."
Blue Sky had imagined something like that. He stayed quiet as she continued talking: "This morning we had a pretty nasty fight.. and I don't want to go home right now."
Blue looked at her with worry in his eyes. He gulped and asked carefully: "Did.. Did he hit you?"
Scootaloo's eyes went wide, but she quickly said: "No. He doesn't hit me.. physically at least."
Even Blue Sky wasn't one for fancy words, he still knew that meant that her father abused her with words. He started to get angry.

"What did he do?" he asked seriously. Scootaloo looked at the ground, and drew invisible circles in it. She seemed to think if she should or shouldn't say anything.

"Scootaloo," Blue said, with more pleading voice. She looked at him in the eyes. Blue saw that they were a bit watery.

"He.. He called me a slut.." Scootalo said quietly, and a single tear ran down her cheek. She then threw herself towards Blue, and hugged him wit her forelegs. Blue Sky returned the hug, but inside he was boiling from rage.

"How can he call his own daughter that!? I promise.. I will kill him!" He thought angrily.

Scootaloo broke the hug. She didn't cry, but she was a bit sadder than a moment ago.
Blue Sky didn't like to see her sad like that, it was tearing him apart. He thought for a moment, and then came up with a great plan, or at least it sounded like a great plan in his head.

"Scootaloo, honey," he started, gaining her attention. She looked at him questioningly.

"Where's your house?" he asked.

* * *

Blue Sky was flying towards the outskirts of the Ponyville, where Scootaloo's house was.
Scootaloo had first said that it was a stupid, and that she didn't even want to skate with her scooter now, but Blue Sky had reassured her, that it would work.
She had then agreed, and told him where her house was, and that her room was on the second floor, and that the window was probably open.

He had promised not to do anything to her dad, just get the scooter from her room and leave.
That was not going to happen. He was so angry at her dad, that he just couldn't let it be. Blue Sky already saw her home building, and started to slow down. He circled the house couple of times, until he found the right window. He levitated right in front of it, and tried if it was open.

Like Scootaloo had promised, it was open. He snuk into the room trough window, where he saw the walls, that were covered in posters of Wonderbolts and her sister. He then continued to to seek for the scooter, and soon found it.
He could hear the sound of an old radio from the living room, like Scootaloo had told him.
He placed the scooter near the window, and walked slowly towards the door.

"I gonna show him not to call my Scoota..." he thought, but then one loose blank under his left back leg creaked loudly. He heard how the radio got turned down a bit, and then he heard some clumsy hoofsteps from the downstairs.

"Is it you, little dumbfuck for daughter!?" Blue Sky heard the drunkard yelling from the bottom of the stairs. He could have just dashed and kicked his face in, but what if his father was much bigger than him?

"You deaf or something, or just dumb? Answer me!" Scootaloo's father yelled more angrily this time. Blue went behind the door, and heard hoofsteps in the stairs.
He was coming up.

Blue quickly hid behind his left side of the door, where it would be opened. This would give him a good advantage of surprise.
Scootaloo's father was now just behind the door. Blue could hear him breathing heavily, and small clopping sound of his hooves. He stopped right behind the door. For a second nothing happened, but then the door crashed open.

"You little sl.." he shouted to Scootaloo, who wasn't there. He didn't get to finish his sentence though, because enraged Blue was already over him.

Blue threw his forelegs around the neck of the unsuspecting father of Scootaloo, and puled him backwards. The father made some gagging sound, and tried to get the intruder from his back by waving his wings rapidly. Drunk was an easy to control for Blue Sky, who was stronger than most average seventeen year old pony.
He wrenched the grey pegasus into the corridor, and then send him flying down the stairs.

"Ow, I think I overdid it," he thought to himself, as the drunken pony clumsily stood up. He looked up the stairs at Blue Sky. He narrowed his eyes, and said: "You must be one of that little whore's screws"
He shouldn't have said that, because now Blue was flying down towards him. Scootaloo's father was too drunk to react, and Blue crushed him between himself and the door that lead outside.
He let out a loud cough, and fell to the floor.

Blue quickly grabbed his head, while he was gasping for air.
He smacked back of Scootaloo's father's head against the door, because he didn't want Scootaloo to see the mark on his face. He did it once more, before he started to hiss from between his teeth: "You.. don't never.. call her slut again.."
Scootaloo's father looked at him painfully, and then groaned: "Fuck y..."
Blue hit his head against the door again, and continued: "She's your daughter for Celestias's sake! Why are you torturing her like that!?"
He banged the drunks head in the door again, when he tried to say something. He then leaned closer to him, so than their faces were only couple of inches apart.

"I don't know if you care about her, but I do," he said angrily, and looked him right into his green eyes. He then continued: "And If somepony does anything bad to somepony I care, I will be really mad.."
Scootaloo's father looked him with scared look on his face.

"And you don't want to see me mad, trust me," Blue Sky said quietly. He then looked him right into his eyes again, and shouted, making his voice crack: "Is that clear!?"
Scootaloo's father winced when he shouted to him, and quickly replied, scared stiff: "Yes! I will never do that again!"
Blue rose up, and left the drunken pony on the floor. He then turned around, and started to walk upstairs. When he took the first step, he said, without looking at him: "If you break that promise, I will come.. and kill you."

Scootaaloos father started to sob, and soon it turned into a plain cry. Blue didn't wait to see what would happen next, and he left to Scootaloo's room, took the scooter and climbed out of the window. He then started to fly towards the market.
"I hope I didn't make the things even more worse.." he thought as he flew.

* * *

"Wow that was amazing!" Blue said, when Scootaloo did a full three sixty with her scooter. She pulled up next to Blue, and smiled to him happily. They had already spent hours in the skate park, and were the only ones left. The sun was already starting to lower from it's highest point. It would soon be dark.

"Thank you so much for bringing this to me!" Scootaloo said. She then leaned forward, and gave a quick kiss to him. The kiss landed on his lips. They both blushed really hard, but Scootaloo giggled, and continued to do some tricks. She wanted to impress him, so she tried to come up with something new, something unique. She thought for a minute, and then came up with something.
Scootaloo looked at Blue Sky, who waved to him to cheer him.

Scootaloo smiled at him, and when she was sure that he was watching, she started to kick for speed. She gained pretty good speed, and then turned towards the biggest ramp in the whole Ponyville skate park. She leaned backwards, when she reached the ramp, and her scooters climbed up it easily. Just as the scooter reached the edge of the ramp, she kicked it, and she was airborne. Scootaloo leaned backwards even more, and saw the ground on top of her. She saw Blue Sky looking at her in amazement, but concerned.
Then Scootaloo noticed that she didn't have enough speed in her spin, and that the ground was closing in fast. She started to flap her wings furiously, and it helped. She spun enough, so that she landed safely to the ground with her scooter.

"Whoa!" she heard Blue Sky saying behind him, when he trotted to check on her.
Scootaloo panted heavily from all the flapping of her wings. She then saw Blue Sky next to her, looking concerned.

"Are you okay? It looked like you wouldn't make it," he said, checking her for any injuries.

"I'm fine," Scootaloo said, smiling to him, but Blue still kept checking her. After he was sure that she was okay, he turned to face her. Blue smiled to her proudly, and said: "You know, but I think you flew for a second there."
Scootaloo's eyes widened, and she looked at her wings.

"Really?" she asked, and unfurled her wings. Blue Sky nodded happily, and then said: "I noticed that you are strong enough to fly."

"You think so?" Scootaloo asked exited, and looked at him. She then let her scooter to fall to the ground, and looked at her wings. She again started to flap her wings really fast, but all he did was to rise only couple of inches from the ground. Scootaloo gave up, and fell to her stomach, panting again.

"I just can't do it," she said discouraged. Blue crouched next to her, and stroke her soft mane. Scootaloo closed her eyes, and purred from pleasure. She then heard him say: "I bet you can. I think you're just doing it wrong."
Scootaloo opened her eyes, and looked at him confusedly.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Here, let me show you," Blue said, and rose up. He then unfurled his big wings, and started to flap them furiously, like Scootaloo had done. He couldn't get of the ground either. Scootaloo looked at Blue, who too started pant from the fast flapping. He finished, and sat down next to her.

"See.. flying isn't just flapping.. your wings.. like crazy.." he said, breathing heavily. He let his breath to even out a little, before continuing: "It has it's own technique."

Scootaloo now rose up to a sitting position, next to Blue Sky. She looked at him interested, and slowly asked: "A technique?"

"Yeah, I will show you!" Blue said. He then extended his wings fully, and gestured Scootaloo to do the same. She did, and the Blue Sky said: "Flapping like crazy will just burn energy, without getting anywhere. What you need to do is use your wings to push the air around them."

"Push the air around them?" Scootaloo asked, looking confused. Blue nodded, and said: "Yeah! Like this."
He waved his wings downwards smoothly, and he got up on all fours, without using his legs.
Scootaloo looked a him in awe, and then tried. She quickly waved her wings down, but didn't rose up. She groaned in frustration, and looked at Blue for help.

Blue scratched his head, and thought how to explain it. He then got it.

"Have you ever been swimming?" he asked.

"Of course I have, but how does that have anything to do with flying?" Scootaloo asked annoyed. Blue patted her on the head, but she just tried to shove his hoof away. She pouted, trying to look angry, but Blue just chuckled.

"Flying is like swimming with your wings.. in air.." Blue said, thinking of a better way to say it.

"I don't still get it," Scootaloo said, looking at her wings again.

"Think that the air, would be like water, and then think how you would move your hooves in water," Blue explained. Scootaloo nodded. She started to understand what he was trying to tell her.

"Levitating is pretty much like keeping on the surface when swimming," Blue continued his lecture, and now Scootaloo listened carefully. He showed her how. Blue Sky flapped his wings slowly, rising of the ground and staying in the air.

"See? It's easy!" he siad, smiling to the filly, who still was sitting on the ground. He then said: "Now try again."
Scootaloo nodded, and unfurled her wings again.

"like swimming," she thought, and prepared. She fapped her wings just to make sure she was ready, and then waved them slower, just like Blue had showed her.

Scootaloo was surprised by the feeling of rising upwards so easily, she then did the same motion again, and again, and again. She got to her hooves, without using her feet at all. She looked at her wings in disbelief, and then smiled stupidly.

"Did you see that!?" she exclaimed.

"I did," Blue said, smiling to her happily. He then took off from the ground, and rose to couple of meters. Scootaloo looked at him above her.

"Now try to get here," he said. Scootaloo readied her wings, and again calmly started to flap them. She felt the air moving under her wings, lifting her body upwards. She smiled as her feet disconnected from the ground. She slowly rose upwards, and she had to focus really hard.
Finally she reached Blue, and looked at him. She had small tears in the corner of her eyes, when she shouted: "I'm flying!"

Blue Sky smiled at her, closing his eyes for just a second. He felt how Scootaloo wrapped her forelegs around him, squealing like a little foal. He opened her eyes, and noticed that Scootaloo was so happy, that she had forgotten to flap her wings. Her weight was too much for unsuspecting Blue, and they fell down to the ground. Blue managed to turn so, that he didn't crush poor Scootaloo under him. He hit the ground with a loud thud, and then Scootaloo fell over him, knocking the air out of him.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Scootaloo said ashamed, but Blue just patted her on the head. He then said, with groaning voice: "You flew Scootaloo."
Scootaloo nodded exited, and then leaned closer to him, and said with a coy voice: "Because of you."
She then pushed her lips to Blue's, catching him off guard.
His eyes shot open, and he looked at Scootaloo, who had her eyes closed. She was focused on the kiss.
Blue decided that maybe he should do the same, and closed his eyes. Their mouths were locked for a long time, and Scootaloo though that he would pass out soon. She quickly broke the kiss, making Blue Sky look at him with stare that pegged for more.
She gasped for air, and again pushed her lips to Blue's.

they continued kissing for a while, until they were panting.
Scootaloo rested her head on Blue Sky's chest, sighing happily. She draw circles to Blue Sky's chest, tickling him a little. She then looked up, and saw a stupid grin and a blush on Blue's face. She giggled, and rested her head back on Blue's chest. She just thought that they were lucky that there were no other ponies in the skate park besides them, because that would have been awkward.

They stayed there like that for a while, until they noticed that it was getting dim outside. The sun started to set down, and they could see that the horizon was getting darker on the other side of the horizon. Scootaloo looked at the setting sun, still resting her head on Blue Sky's chest, and asked: "Blues, do you believe in love at first sight?"
Blue Sky looked at her, and she turned to look back at him.

Blue looked her right into those beautiful violet eyes, and then his eyes wandered to her soft mane, her beautiful smile with those small cute dimples. He then looked down, to her wings. They were maybe smaller than usual, but they looked so elegant, and they would get bigger stronger quickly. His eyes started to examine rest of her athletic and slim body ... and that well shaped flank with a cutie mark on it.
Even her voice was so damn cute in his opinion. It was a bit boyish, but it just highlighted her girly essence.

"I didn't believe in it this morning," he said slowly, and Scootaloo looked at him slyly.

"How about now," she asked, and kissed Blue onto mouth. They broke the kiss, and they both sighed happily and satisfied.

"I think I'm in love.. And it's my first day here!" Blue thought.
Then he said: "Yes Scootaloo. Yes I do."
They both snickered, and kissed again, and the kiss had more passion in it than last time.

Blue Sky noticed that she had called him 'Blues'.

"Was that a nickname?" Blue said lifting a brown, and looking at Scootaloo questioningly. Scootaloo just giggled, and nuzzled his chest, burying her face into it cutely.

"Yes," he heard the muffled sound of the filly speaking. He chuckled, and said: "Okay, Scoots."

"Hey!" she said against his chest, hitting him playfully.

Scootaloo rolled from top of her coltfriend, so that their sides were still touching. She then took Blues hoof into her own, and watched him.

"How did I even found a colt like him?" she thought, and snuggled closer to him.
She would have wanted him to talk more, she liked his manehattan kind of a way to speak.
She liked everything about him actually. He's a bit shy, but still has that 'Rainbow Dash attitude'. His spiky rainbow colored mane, his golden eyes that looked caring back at her, his handsome face and his smile, not to mention his strong body and big aerodynamic wings. She thought that it was strange how pegasies always got exited about their partners wings.

They snuggled and nuzzled each other for a little longer, until it started to get really dark. They then slowly started to rose up. Their backs hurt from laying on the ground, but it was worth it. When they got up, they looked at each other, with love in their eyes.

"It's Saturday tomorrow, and I don't really have nothing to do.." Blue started, looking at Scootaloo a bit shyly. She looked back at him, smiling a seductive smile.

"Are you trying to say that you would like to hang out with me?" she asked quietly. Blue nuzzled her neck, and said: "Yep."
Scootaloo giggled, because her neck was really ticklish. She gave Blues a quick peck on the cheeks, and they stared at each other.

Scootaloo's expression quickly changed, when she remembered that she had to go home eventually. Blue noticed that, and hugged her tightly. They hugged for a moment, before they broke the hug.

"Can you please walk me home?" Scootaloo asked, with a pleading look on her face. Blue Sky kissed her on the forehead, and said: "Of course I can honey."

* * *

"Thank's for walking me home," Scootaloo said, and leaned against Blue Sky. They saw her house in the distance. Blue looked at her, and saw that Scootaloo was a bit nervous. He felt it too. He had started to regret his actions with Sootaloo's dad. Maybe he just got more angry, and would hurt Scootaloo even worse?

"Pleasure was all mine," Blue said, earning a small giggle from her.

"Don't try to be gentlecolt, when you really aren't," Scootaloo said to him. Blue then grabbed her into a hug, and gave her a playful noogie. She squirmed in his hooves, and tried to escape his grip.

"Stop it!" she shouted annoyed, but she still kept giggling girly. Blue Sky stopped, but he still kept his hooves around Scootaloo, who leaned against him. They looked at Scootaloo's house, that was only about hundred meters away.

Scootaloo sighed, feeling the nervousness building up in her chest. She just kept leaning on Blue, and felt how he tightned his grip around her.

"Do you want to go?" He asked, looking at the house. Scootaloo was silent. After a while she nodded slowly, and said sadly: "I have to."

"No you don't. I bet Rainbow Dash will be okay with you sleeping at our house for tonight," Blue Sky said, and Scootaloo heard some sadness in his voice. She turned around, while Blue's hooves were still around her. She planted a small kiss onto his lips, and said: "I can handle it, I always have."

"But.." Blue started, but was silenced by another kiss from Scootaloo. She looked at Blue with a small sad smile, and said: "He's probably passed out already, no need to worry."
Blue thought that maybe she was right, but what if her father was still awake. He could even hit her, to revenge him for beating the drunkard. He looked at Scootaloo right into her violet eyes, that glowed in the moonlight.

"Okay, but I will walk you to the door," he said, and Scootaloo hugged him.

"You think I would have let you just fly away? Of course you're walking me to the door!" she said, and nuzzled his neck. Blue nuzzled her cheek with his muzzle, and kissed her softly.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yeah," Scootaloo said, resting her head on Blue's shoulder. They stood there for a minute, before they started to walk towards the house.

They walked slowly, and Blue Sky tried to see any sings of her father. They approached the house, and then they saw it.
The porch was full of empty beer bottles, and couple of empty whiskey bottles too.

"Buck me.. he has to be fucking hammered.." Blue thought, looking at all the empty bottles. Scootaloo too looked at the pile of bottles on the porch. Her heart started to beat more faster, and she thought: "Oh no..."

Blue looked at her, and asked: "You still wanna go?"
Scootaloo looked at the pile of bottles doubtfully, but she then nodded quickly.

"I don't want to look like some foal, who can't take care of herself," she thought. She and Blue were still standing about twenty meters from the house, when they heard the door opening. They saw Scootaloo's dad coming out, with a bottle in his hoof. Scootaloo's heart ached, when she saw her dad drinking again.
He looked at the bottle, and then he lifted his head towards the night sky. Blue thought that he saw something else in his hoof too, but wasn't sure about it.
Scootaloo's dad lowered his gaze back to the bottle, and twisted the cap open. Scootaloo sighed sadly, when she saw that.

Her dad looked at the bottle for a minute.
Blue Sky and Scootaloo watched at her dad, who hadn't noticed them yet. Blue thought that there was something wrong in the scene in front of him. Scootaloo's father seemed to be standing up pretty well, unlike when he first met him earlier that day.
He was still staring at the bottle. He lifted it up. Scootaloo and Blue Sky then saw something they didn't expect to happen.

He turned the bottle upside down, letting the liquid fall to the ground.
That's when Scootaloo and Blue Sky noticed that the sand path, that led to the porch was soaked with something. Scootaloo's eyes widened when she realized that her dad hadn't drunk all that booze. He had poured it to the ground.
They watched him emptying the bottle onto the ground.
After it was completely empty, he tossed the empty bottle on top of the pile. Blue was dumbfounded. Had his intimidation worked?

Scootaloo watched as her father then sat on the steps of the porch, and looked at something in his hooves. She couldn't tell what it was, but her dad looked sadly at it. She was now more confused, than nervous. She had never seen her dad like this, or not for a really long time at least. She had gotten used to him being drunk and angry, looking at her in disgust. Now he was pouring his booze on the ground, and sitting on the steps of their house looking sad.

Scootaloo leaned closer to the confused Blue, who leaned closer to her in turn.
They watched her father for a minute, before moving closer.
That's when he noticed the two. He looked at them, with surprised look on his face. The grey pegasus then stood up, and stared at them. They stared back at him, and then Scootaloo's father's expression changed into a pained pout.
He started to trot towards Scootaloo quickly, and started: "Scootaloo..."
He stopped, when Blue Sky stepped between him and her. He looked into Blue Sky's golden eyes, that had caution look in them.
He saw scared and confused Scootaloo peeking at him carefully, from behind Blue Sky. He tried to move closer to her, but Blue Sky furled his wings aggressively, blocking his path.
Scootaloo's father stopped, and looked at Blue, who's face had a look of determination on it. Scootaloo's father backed up a little, and then fell to his haunches. He drooped his ears, and tears started to form in his eyes.

Scootaloo looked at him, blinking confusedly. Blue Sky furled his wings, looking at her.
They turned to see her father, who had started to shake a little. He looked at Scootaloo, with watery eyes full of remorse. The daughter and father stared at each other for a second, until the father started to sob.

"Scootaloo.. I-I'm so sorry!" the grey stallion cried, and Scootaloo lifted her hoof to her mouth.

"What!?" she thought surprised.

"I've been a terrible father," he continued, and Scootaloo noticed that his voice wasn't slurry, and he looked pretty sober to her. Her father paused, sobbing a little.

"I don't know if you can never forgive me.. but I will change.. and be a better dad!" he said, with big tears falling down from his chin. Scootaloo too started to cry, but it was a silent cry.

"He made me open my eyes! -"he points at Blue Sky"- I never thought how bad you must have felt... I was a monster..." he continued. Blue looked at him, and saw him looking back at him, with somewhat grateful look in his eyes. Scootaloo's father then turned to his daughter again.

"I am a monster.." he said, and drooped his head down towards the ground, and let the tears fall down to his chest.

"I'm so sorry.." he said again quietly.

Everypony were silent. Only sound they could hear was quiet sobbing from Scootaloo's father.
After what felt like years, Scootaloo started to walk closer to her dad. Blue tried to stop her with his hoof, but Scootaloo looked at him gently, and he let her pass.

Her father didn't notice her coming closer to him, until she knelt in front of him.
Her father looked at Scootaloo with a sad and teary eyes, that were red from crying. He then drooped his head again, and said: "I can't never repay you for what I have done, but please give me a second change.." he pleaded, and waited for Scootaloo's answer, that would probably be 'no'.
Scootaloo was still silent, and he waited for her father to look at her again. When he did, she placed her hoof on his, and said, crying a little: "I will.."

"What!?" both stallions said in unison.

"Scootaloo, he tortured you for years! How can you just forgive him?" Blue asked stunned, and looked at her. Her father too looked at her in disbelief, and said: "You don't need to say anything you don't really mean..."
Scootaloo cried, and looked at Blue.

"I didn't say I forgave him!" she said angrily, and her father's ears drooped. She then looked at him, and said sternly, but still sobbing: "I promised to gave him another change."
Her father's eyes widened, as Scootaloo gave her a small, timid smile. He couldn't believe that after all what he had done for her, she was still giving him a change to make things right.

"Scootaloo.." he started, but then the filly threw her hooves around him, and pressed her head gainst the surprised stallions cheek. She then started to cry, but it was a happy cry, a cry from joy.
Her father closed her to a hug, that she hadn't had in years. A fatherly hug.

Blue Sky looked at them, and couldn't help to smile a bit.

"Now I almost feel bad for beating him up," he though. He then walked closer to the father and daughter, who were both crying from happiness, and hugging each other tightly. He knelt behind Scootaloo, who noticed him. She turned around and hugged him. Her father looked at the two, smiling.

"She couldn't have chosen a better coltfirend," he thought, while looking how the two teens kissed each other. He looked at the object he still had in his hoof.
It was a picture of their family, Him, his ex-wife, and their newborn filly. He sniffled, and quickly hid the picture, when the two lovers stopped kissing each other.

The father and daughter hugged once more, before getting up from the ground, helping each other. Then Scootaloo's father turned to Blue Sky, who still looked at him a bit wary.

"I can't never thank you enough for what you did," he said gratefully. Blue just nodded to him. It was hard, trying to be happy for somepony like him. Blue then saw Scootaloo smiling, like she had never smiled before. It made his heart melt, and he looked at her father, saying: "Just promise I don''t have to 'help' ever again."

"I promise, and I promise that you don't ever again have to come inside trough the window. Our doors will alays be open for you" he told Blue Sky, who smiled a bit and nodded.

They spent a moment looking at each other, but then Scootaloo's father turned towards the house, and had a sheepish smile on his face, when he saw the pile of empty bottles.
"I think I should clean up in the house a bit," he said embarrassed. Scootaloo rose up, and happily said: "I can help!"
Her father quickly turned to her, and said: "Nonono! I can't ask you to do that!"
Scootaloo drooped her ears, and sadly said: "Oh.. okay."
Her dad frowned, when he realized that he had made his daughter sad again. He quickly peeked at Blue Sky, and then got an idea.

"Scootaloo, honey," he started.

"Yes?" she asked, lifting her head when she heard her dad asking for her. He looked at her, smiling. He then said: "Why don't you go and spent a night with this colt here? I mean if it's okay for him. I really have... a lot of cleaning to do."
Scootaloo perked up, and looked at her father, and then at Blue Sky.
Blue smiled at her, and said: "It's okay for me."
She thought for a second, before saying happily, and a bit shyly: "Okay.."
Her father smiled, when he saw her daughter blush.

"You should leave right away. It's getting really late." her father continued.

"Yeah, it's pretty long way to walk," Blue Sky agreed. He then looked at her father, who said: "Scootaloo, why don't you go ahead? I wan't to talk with your friend for a second."
Scootaloo looked at him worried.

"is he planning for something?" she asked from himself, but then she saw his warm smile, and knew he wasn't. She then smooched Blue on the cheek, and said: "Okay, don't take too long."
She then took off from the ground, flying a bit clumsily towards the way she and Blue Sky had came.

Her father looked at his daughter, with his jaw dropped and eyes wide.

"She can fly?" he asked surprised.

"I taught her how to," Blue said coldly. Now he didn't need to act like he cared about Scootaloo's father. He then asked: "So what do you want to talk about?"
Scootaloo's father looked at him with shame on his face. He then looked after his daughter, who was now walking a bit further on the road.

"I know this sounds stupid coming from my mouth, but treat her right," he said to Blue, who thought that it sounded really more than stupid coming from his mouth.

"I will," he said, and the Blue's face got serious again.

"And remember what I said I'd do to you, if you broke that promise you gave me earlier. I still mean it." he said, poking him in the chest with his hoof. Scootaloo's father gulped, and said nervously: "I will."

"Good," Blue said, and took off. He then started to fly after Scootaloo.

"Cocky as Tartarus. I like him," Scootaloo's father thought, and walked inside. There he took the picture into his hooves again, and placed it on a kitchen table. He then started to clean the house, and at the same time.. his life.

* * *

"I love you!" Scootaloo exclaimed, and locked her lips with Blue Sky.
They kissed passionately, and Blue Sky felt Scootaloo's tongue slipping into his mouth, exploring his mouth. His eyes shot open, and he blushed like mad. His eyes met with Scootaloo's big violet eyes, that were looking at him playfully.
They broke the kiss, and Scootaloo giggled at Blue's reaction.

"T-that was.. nice," he said shyly. Scootaloo looked at him in those golden eyes, and hugged him.

"Just wanted to thank you.." she said quietly, nuzzling her muzzle against Blue Sky's cheek.

"You don't need to thank me," Blue said, nuzzling her. Scootaloo looked at him, eyes wide. She then said: "You made my dad stop drinking, and helped me in school, and.. and.."
She stopped, and looked a him with half-lidded eyes. She leaned closer to Blue, so that their muzzles touched.

"And you found me a really handsome coltfriend," she finished her sentence, and gave him another tongue kiss.

After they broke the kiss, they looked at the night sky, where they saw Luna's moon, and something else. A big white cloud house, with rainbow waterfalls garnishing it. It floated about twenty meters of the ground, and they saw light coming from one of the round windows in it.

"Sis is still awake," Blue said. Scootaloo looked upwards, so that her mouth hung open cutely. Blue noticed that, and lifted her chin whit his hoof to close it. Scootaloo swung her hoof at him annoyed, and he chuckled.

Scootaloo looked up. Their house was pretty high up. Normally she laid on the back of Rainbow Dash, and she carried her up there, but now she wasn't there.

"How am I going to get up there?" she asked, still looking up. Her neck started to hurt, so she turned to see Blue, who just smiled at her teasingly.

"Your a pegasus, remember?" he said, and flapped his wings to demonstrate. Scootaloo looked at him, feeling a bit uncertain. She then looked back at his house, and gulped.

"It's pretty high up," she said nervously. Blue's smiled at her teasingly again, and said: "Are you afraid to fall down?"

"It's not that! Its just.." she started, but words stuck in her throat. Blue looked at her, smiling a little.

"Chicken.." he said, making Scootaloo look at him angrily and shocked.

"What did you call me!?" she asked angrily, unfurling her wings. Blue did the same, and then said calmly: "I said that you're a chicken."
Scootaloo looked at the cockily smiling colt in front of her angrily. She dug her right front hoof in the ground, for a better grip, and lowered her head, readying for a charge. Blu Sky just kept looking at him teasingly, and didn't show any sing of moving away.

"Take it back," she commanded, but Blue just shook his head. Scootaloo blew air from her nostrils, and thought: "That's it!"
She then charged the coyly smiling colt in front of her. Suddenly he took off into the sky, with a quick flap of wings. Scootaloo turned around, and looked at him.

"I'll take it back, if you catch me," Blue said, flying around her in circles. Scootaloo looked at him for a second, and then tried to grab him, without succeeding. Blue pulled up, and flew over her.

Scootaloo was now getting really annoyed. Blue swooshed over her, and that's when she took off too, flying clumsily at first. She soon started to control her movements better, and started to chase laughing Blue Sky.

"I gonna get you!" she thought, and flew after the cyan pegasus. She didn't notice how they were rising higher, and how Blue was slowing down a bit.
When she noticed it, it was already too late. Blue turned around, and grabbed her into a tight hug, so that their muzzles were touching.

"I take it back," he said, and kissed Scootaloo, who tried to struggle at first, but then calmed down.

"See, that wasn't so hard now was it?" Blue asked, after they broke he kiss.

"What wasn't hard?" Scootaloo asked, looking confused. Blue snickered, and pointed down. Scootaloo looked down, and saw that they were really high on the sky. She looked down for a second, and then at Blue, who smiled at her happily.

"I'm flying.. like.. really flying," she said with a brittle voice.

"You sure are," Blue said.

They were still hugging each other, in mid air. Blue then got an idea.

"So your special talent was dancing, right?" he asked from beaming Scootaloo, who snapped from her trance. She looked at Blue, and said: "Yeah. Why did you bring that up?"

"Well. I'm not much for dancer myself on ground," he started and looked at confused Scootaloo. He then continued: "But I would like to show you how pegasies dance."
Scootaloo looked at him, with one eyebrow raised. She then asked: "What?"

"Here, let me show you," Blue said, and took Scootaloo's hoof into his own, while placing another on her hip. Scootaloo winced a little, when he did that, and blushed. She then placed her hoof on his back, like in a normal dance on the ground.

"Here we go," Blue said, and folded his wings. Scootaloo did the same, she trusted Blue. They started to fall down, but then Blue Sky opened his wings, and started to turn his body to the left. They were soon spinning around slowly, and their speed slowed down. Soon they came to a stop, when they both flapped their wings in rhythm.
Scootalo looked at Blue, and waited for the next move.
He noticed her stare, and started to flap faster, raising upwards. Scootaloo followed, and they gained more speed, spinning around again. This time Blue started to lean a bit backwards, so that they started to do a loop. Scootaloo first was a bit scared, but she felt Blue's hoof holding her tightly, and she relaxed, and started to enjoy their little 'dance'.
It went on like that for a good minute, and they both enjoyed themselves. Scootaloo laughed cutely, and Blue enjoyed her voice. They did loops, spins, barrel rolls and dives in the moonlight.

Blue started to slow down, so that they were almost floating in the clear night sky. Scootaloo giggled exited. Their eyes then met, and they stared at each other's eyes. They then kissed, and Scootalo started to giggle in Blue's mouth.

"You know, pretty many things has happened in one day," she said, still giggling.

"Is that a bad thing?" Blue Sky asked. Scootaloo nuzzled his neck, and said happily: "No. This has been the best day of my life."

"Day's not over yet," Blue said, earning a small giggle, and kiss from her. Scootaloo looked at him in the eyes, and asked: "How are you going to make this day any better?"
Blue thought for a moment, and then said: "Well. We could snuggle in my bed, until we fall asleep with you resting you're head on my chest."
Scootaloo liked that idea, and she nodded exited. She then felt something rumble against her stomach, and saw Blue smiling at her sheepishly.

"Could we first get something to eat?" he asked.

* * *

The two teens entered Rainbow Dash's house, that was made from clouds. They looked around themselves, and saw light coming from the living room. Scootaloo and Blue sky walked towards kitchen, when they head Rainbow shout from the living room: "You're late!"

"Sorry sis, I had couple of things to do," Blue Sky shouted back to her, and looked at Scootaloo, who snickered quietly. Rainbow Dash was quiet for a moment, but then shouted, with a wry tone in her voice: "So how did it go with her?"

"Who?" he asked, and tried to hear confused. He and Sccootaloo chuckled silently at each other.

"Scootaloo of course!" Rainbow said from the living room.

"Well.." Blue said, stretching the word. They heard a loud chuckle from the living room.

"Did you make out with her?" Rainbow asked.
Scootaloo looked a bit surprised, but then smiled coyly. Blue lifted his hoof to his lips. They waited for a second in silence, and Rainbow shouted: "I knew it!"
They heard her getting off from her couch, and walking towards them. Clouds made a small thudding sounds as she walked. They saw her coming from behind corner. Without noticing Scootaaloo, she started with a teasing tone: "Was she a good kiss.."

Rainbow Dash stopped, when she saw Scootaloo, who was snickering at her next to Blue Sky. Scootaloo noticed something in her hoof that didn't somehow seem right. A book.
Rainbow noticed her looking at the book, and she quickly tossed it behind her back. She then looked at Scootaloo confussedly.

"Scootaloo? What are you doing here?" she asked, and then turned to Blue. She asked again: "What is Scootaloo doing here?"

"Her father said she should come here, while he cleans up the house," He said casually, looking at Scootaloo happily. Rainbow Dash's surprised expression turned to worried, and she asked: "What happened? Are you alright Scootaloo?"
Scootaloo smiled at her happily, and leaned against her coltfriend, who perked up immediately.

"I'm more than alright! I'm super!" she said, beaming from happiness.
Rainbow looked at her smiling brother and 'sister', who glanced at each other with something in their eyes, that she felt familiar.

"Just like when me and Applejack.." she thought. Her mouth turned into a small wry, understanding smile, that made the two lovers blush. The trio stared at each other for a second, until Rainbow Dash said: "Well?"

"Well what?" they asked in unison, sounding confused.

"Well is she?" Rainbow asked. Blue and Scootaloo looked at her, even more confused than before. Blue bliked couple of times, before asking: "Is she what?"
Rainbow rolled her eyes, and facehoofed. She then looked at her brother, with a irritated look on her face.

"Is she a good kisser? I asked you already!" Rainbow explained slowly, and They Scootaloo looked at her, smiling funnily.

"Why didn't you say so?" she said, and quickly pushed herself towards Blue, catching both of the siblings off guard. She pressed her lips against Blue's, who was still surprised by her sudden actions. He felt Scootaloo's tongue touching his lips, asking for entrance. For her delight, Blue opened his mouth and Scootaloo pushed her tongue inside his mouth. There it found Blue's tongue, and their tongues danced in his mouth for a second, before they broke the kiss.
They blushed and panted slightly.

"Yes she is," Blue said, nuzzling her cheek with his muzzle, gaining a happy squeak from her.
They turned to see Rainbow Dash, who was staring at them wide eyed. Her wings were fully opened and pointing towards the ceiling. Blue started to laugh, and Scootaloo too noticed it.

"Sis please!" Blue said amused, pointing at Rainbow's wings, that were fully erected. Rainbow looked back at them, and gasped. She sat to the ground, and grabbed her wings. She had to force them to back against her sided. She looked at Scootaloo, and blushed hard.
Scootaloo giggled loudly, and said: "I didn't know I was that good!"
Rainbow just smiled at her sheepishly, and tried to held her wings against her sides, but they escaped from her grip, and sprung back up. She looked ashamed, and quickly flew to the living room.
That reaction made both of the teens burst into a uncontrolled laughter.

"Buck you guys!" they heard Rainbow shout from the living room.
Scootaloo calmed down slowly, and flapped her wings happily. She then kissed Blue on the cheek quickly, and said: "That was fun."

"Rainbow's reaction, or the kiss?" Blue asked, smiling coyly. Scootaloo hit her in the chest playfully and grunted irritated. She then smiled again, and nuzzled his neck, saying: "Both, I guess."

"You two want something to eat?" they heard Rainbow's voice, and she soon walked back to them, with her wings back to normal. She seemed to be back to her cool self.

"What do you got?" Blue asked, and looked towards the kitchen. He felt his stomach rumble again. Scootaloo too felt hungry. Rainbow thought for a second, and then remembered: "Oh, I have some pizza in the fridge. Interested?"

"Awesome," teens said in unison, and then chuckled at it.

Blue almost galloped down the corridor, that led towards the kitchen, while the two mares calmly walked. Rainbow gave Scootaloo a quick noogie. Scootaloo smiled to her.

"So how do you like him?" Rainbow asked quietly. Scootaloo looked towards the kitchen, and she could hear Blue Sky emptying the fridge.

"That's pretty dumb question," Scootaloo said, looking at Rainbow playfully. Rainbow chuckled and said: "Yeah, but I meant what's he's like? Is he funny, or romantic, or maybe just awesome like I am?"

"He's a softy," Scootaloo giggled.

"I heard that!" they heard Blue shouting from the kitchen. They both laughed a little, and then Rainbow stopped Scootaloo. She hugged her sister tightly. Rainbow then leaned a bit backwards, and looked at confusedly smiling Scootaloo.

"I'm so happy for you squirt," Rainbow said gently, and hugged her again.

"Thanks Dashie," Scootaloo said, nuzzling her neck. They then looked at each other for a second, before Scootaloo remembered something.

"I learned to fly today!" she exclaimed, suprising Rainbow Dash completely.

"Really!?" she asked, and Scootaloo nodded exited. Rainbow the asked: "How?"

"Blues helped me!" Scootaloo said, and smiled while saying his name. Rainbow snickered.

"Blues.. a nickname.. heh," Rainbow thought. She then said, smiling happily: "I'm gonna hug him to death for that."

"No you won't!" Blue shouted from the kitchen again, making the two mares laugh. They then hugged again.

"You're such a softies," Blue said from the door, imitating Scootaloo's voice badly.
They all started to laugh.

* * *

"Ladies first," Blue Sky said, opening the door to his room for Scootaloo, who giggled and said: "I'm not a lady!"

"For me, you are," Blue said with a affectionate voice.
Scootaloo grunted, and playfully swapped him in the face with her tail as she walked past him. Blue held his hoof on the spot where her tail hat hit him, and could still feel the softness of it on his cheek. He snapped from his trance, when he heard Scootaloo say: "Wow.."
He turned around, and saw Scootaloo staring at his room's decor in awe.

Scootaloo looked at the room with her mouth open.
There was all kind of awesome things in there. Of course there were Wonderbolt posters, and their merchandise. Then there were some band posters, and she even liked couple of them. Scootaloo saw a shelve, that was full of trophies from Blue Sky's previous school. There was a radio on a night table, that was next to his big soft looking bed.

Scootaloo grinned to herself.

"Can't wait to just fall onto that," she thought. Scootaloo felt Blue's muzzle in her mane, and she giggled. Blue continued to nuzzle her neck and mane.

"You smell good," Blue said, and rested his head on Scootaloo's shoulder.

"And you smell goof, you little pervert," she said playfully, and pushed Blue with both of her front hooves. Blue acted like she had pushed him harder than she really had, and fell down onto his bed.
Scootaloo jumped after him.

They struggled playfully for a moment. They laughed and giggled loudly while they rolled in the bed. Then Scootaloo pinned Blue Sky under her. She was about to kiss Blue, but he suddenly rolled her from top of himself, and now she was pinned down under him.

"Hey!" Scootaloo shouted, and tried to struggle under him. Blue just grinned evilly, and held her front hooves down with his own. Scootaloo watched in horror, as he unfurled his wings, and started to move their tips closer to her sides.

"No! If you do that I will.." she tried to shout, but Blue started to tickle her with the tips of his wings.
Scootaloo started to scream and giggle loudly.

"Stop! Please stop!" She giggled and almost cried at the same time. Blue Sky tickled her for a couple of seconds more, before he let Scootaloo free, laughing a little.

"THAT WASN'T FUN!" she shouted to him, with small tears in the corner of her eyes from laughing so hard.

"Then why were you laughing?" Blue asked teasingly. Scootaloo pushed him from top of her with a strong push, and jumped onto the floor. She looked angry, and said: "I said that if you do that I would leave."
Blue had a apologetic look on his face. He drooped his eyes and said: "I'm sorry Scoot's, maybe I took it a bit too far."
Scootaloo just pouted, letting out a loud 'hmph'.
She then sat down to a carpet, and said: "Since I can't go home right now, I will just sleep here."
She then laid down, and curled to a ball on the carpet.

"Night," she said coldly.

Blue watched her laying on the ground. She was probably just fooling around with him, but maybe she really got angry at him? Blue Sky looked at the filly, and scratched his rainbow colored mane, thinking: "Better to play it safe."
He jumped down on the floor, and walked over to a Scootaloo, who was laying on the carpet. HE saw her peeking at him quickly, before closing her eyes again.
Blue smiled to himself, and laid down next to her.

"This is my favorite spot to sleep anyway," he said, and grabbed Scootaloo into a hug. Scootaloo squirmed away from his grip, and moved a bit further away from him. Blue Sky frowned, and moved closer to her. She again moved a bit further.

"C'on Scoot's, don't be mad at me," Blue pegged.

Suddenly Scootaloo jumped to all fours, and jumped over surprised Blue Sky. She landed onto his bed, with a small thud. Scootaloo threw the blanket over her, so only her muzzle was visible from under it.

"You can stay there. It's you're favorite spot to sleep anyway," Scootaloo said from under the blanket. Blue Sky turned towards the blob on on the bed. He could see those beautiful violet eyes shining under the blanket, looking at him playfully.

"Clever trick," he thought.
"Okay, that sounds reasonable," he said, and laid his head down to the floor an closed his eyes.

"Damnit. didn't work." Scootaloo thought. She would have wanted him to peg if he could come to bed with her. Now she would need to wait for him to do that. She didn't want to do it herself, because she was still pretending to be angry at him.
Time passed. After maybe about ten minutes, Scootaloo started to get hot under the blanket, and she thought that maybe Blue Sky had actually fell asleep.

Just as she was about to get out from under the blanket, she saw Blue opening his eyes, and rising to a sitting position. He crawled in front of the bed, and laid his head on the bed, so that their muzzles touched.
Scootaloo kissed his muzzle lightly, and made room for him. She couldn't make him peg, after she had looked into those golden eyes.
Blue clumsily climbed onto the bed, but then rose up. He mumbled to himself annoyed, and trotted towards the light switch. He clicked the lights off, and then quickly trotted to the giggling Scootaloo. She patted the bed next to her temptingly, and Blue Sky laid down next to her.

They smiled at each other for a second, but then Blue's expression changed into a apologetic stare.

"I'm sorry Scoots," he said, drooping his ears. Scootaloo nuzzled closer to him, and kissed him on the mouth.

"It's okay, and it was pretty funny," she said, smiling to him happily. A relieved smile spread on Blue's face and he nuzzled Scootaloo's muzzle while saying: "I'm glad you're not such a girly girl as your friends."

"What's wrong with them?" Scootaloo asked offended. Blue Sky quickly corrected himself: "Nothing! I mean that I like you because you're not such a 'softy' as your friends."
Scootaloo looked at him confusedly, and asked: "So you think I'm not girly?"

"Oh buck," Blue thought, when he realized what he had said again. He tried to find suitable words to stop the storm from brewing, but didn't find any. Scootaloo looked at him, waiting for an answer.

"What do I say!? BRAINS DON'T DO THIS TO ME NOW!" Blue thought nervously.
Then he got it.

Scootaloo was surprised by Blue kissing her softly. She winced at first, but then returned the kiss. They kissed couple of times more, and then Blue said, staring into her eyes: "What ever you are like, you will always be perfect for me."
The words were like honey for Scootaloo, and she thought: "He surely does know how to sweet talk."

"Aww," she said, and shuffled Blue Sky's rainbow colored mane with her hoof. Blue chuckled, and they stared into each others eyes while laying on the bed.

The room was dark, but they could still see each other's faces clearly. Dim light from Luna's moon illuminated the room a little, and Blue thought that it made his Scootaloo look even more beautiful than normally. He couldn't help himself, and he started to stroke Scootaloo's soft mane. He was almost obsessed of it.
Scootaloo sighed happily, when he stroked trough her mane. It was calming, and she started to feel her eyelids fall shut. She tried to fight it for a little while, but then she felt how Blue stopped petting her, and pulled her closer to himself.
Scootaloo looked up, and saw him looking back at her.

"I love you Blues," she said quietly.

"I love you Scoots," Blue Sky said.

Scootaloo then laid her head on his chest, and yawed cutely. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. Blue Sky too fell asleep, still hugging her tightly.

* * *

Sun's light started to pour from the window, tickling Scootaloo's nose. She was lying in her bed, and she was again hugging her pillow. She didn't open her eyes, because she knew the light would hurt them.

"Best dream ever," she thought, and yawed. Then she started to feel dark again. If all that had been a dream, her father would be still drunk, and.. she has never even seen Blue Sky.
A small tear rolled down her cheek, and she hugged her pillow tighter. The pillow let out a small 'hurgh'. Scootaloo thought it was strange, because pillows shouldn't say 'hurgh'. In fact they shouldn't say anything at all!

Scootaloo opened her eyes wide, and the sun blinded her, just as she had thought.
Her room was looking blurry, but it was also looking different. It was white instead of cyan blue. Actually only cyan blue object in the room was her pillow, that she was hugging.

"Good morning, had a good sleep?" her pillow asked from her with a sweet voice, and Scootaloo gasped. Her eyes focused on her pillow, and she soon realized that it was Blue Sky!

"Blues!" she exclaimed, with tears of relief in her eyes. She immediately pushed her lips to meet his, and they locked their mouths together for a good two minutes.

Blue Sky had never been woken up like that.

"I could get used to this," he thought happily, but his mood dropped when he saw Scootaloo crying a little. He broke the kiss, and asked worried: "Scoots, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I-I'm just so happy! I thought that yesterday was a d-dream!" she said with a tearful smile. Blue closed her to a caring hug, and said: "It wasn't.. no need to cry."
Scootaloo sniffled, and then said happily: "Yeah, I have you."

"Yeah.. and I have you," Blue said, gently stroking her mane. That drove Scootaloo over the edge, and she just wanted to kiss him forever. They kissed passionately for ten minutes, before they heard a knock from the door.
They looked at each other for a second, with their mouths still locked together.

'Let's not answer' said Blues eyes, and Scootaloo's eyes said 'Yeah'.

"Guys wake up! I've made breakfast!" Rainbow Dash said to them trough the door, but the two teens didn't answer. They heard a annoyed grunt from behind the door, and then Rainbow asked: "Are you even there?"

"If you are, say something. I'm coming in," she then continued and the door swung open. Rainbow Blushed a little, when she saw her brother making out with Scootaloo in bed.

"Sorry guys, didn't know you were.." Rainbow started, but stopped when Scootaloo lifted her head, and beamed at her.

"No problem!" she said, beaming at Rainbow Dash, who started to snicker.

"I see somepony had a good night," she said, looking at the two teens embracing each other in the bed.

"More like a good morning," Blue said casually, causing Scootaloo to giggle. Rainbow chuckled at the pair, and then said: "I'm off to see Applejack, there's breakfast in the kitchen."

Scootaloo and Blue Sky looked at her teasingly. Then Blue Sky said: "Yeah sis, you just go ahead and go see her."

"Yeah, I bet she loves it when you go see her," Scootaloo continued, giggling wildly. Rainbow Dash blushed hard, and thought would she get charges for throwing them down from her house. She then calmed down back to her cool self.

"She does love it." she said cockliy, and now it was their time to blush. Rainbow chuckled a bit, and left the lovers in Blue's bed.

After a while they heard the door opening, and then closing.
Scootaloo snuggled closer to Blue Sky, and said: "Thank you for yesterday."

"Thank you for today," Blue said coyly, and Scootaloo looked at him confusedly. She lifted her head, and looked at his coltfriend in the eyes.

"What?" she asked. Blue smiled at her, and said: "Just thanking you in advance for spending the day with me."
Scootaloo smiiled, and hugged him tightly, while saying: "Of course."

She felt Blue's stomach rumbling against her's. She looked at him, and smiled teasingly.

"You're hungry again?" she asked, and kissed his chest.

"Always," Blue said, and kissed the top of her head. He was in ecstasy when he buried his muzzle into her soft violet mane. Scootaloo giggled and said: "Again with my mane you perv!"

"I can't help myself! It's just so soft and beautiful and.." Blue started to praise her mane, but Scootaloo stopped his blabbering by pushing him down from the bed with a big thud.

"What the hay?" Blue asked from the floor.
Scootaloo popped her head over the edge of the bed, and planted a quick kiss on his lips, and then said: "Seriously, enough with my mane."
Blue smiled a sheepish smile at her, and nodded. Scootaloo then smiled at him, and asked happily: "Wanna go to Sugarcube Corner today?"
Blue got exited again and said: "Yes!"
Scootaloo chuckled, and said: "Well maybe we can go after the breakfast?"
Blue nodded exited, and they sarted to make their way towards the kitchen.

* * *

"That was best cupcake I've ever eaten!" Blue Sky said exited. He then looked at Scootaloo, who had a smile on her face. He then said: "But you were right about that pink pony. She's random."

"I told you," Scootaloo said to him with a singasong voice, that was cute in Blue's opinion.

"Yes you did honey," Blue said, nuzzling Scootaloo's muzzle.

"Honey?" Scootaloo snickered.

"You don't like that?" Blue asked. Scootaloo nuzzled him back, and said: "I love it."

"Like 'I got a new dress and I love it' love it? Or 'I love you Scootaloo' love it?" Blue asked, and Scootaloo had to think for a moment, before realizing he basicly said 'I love you Scootaloo'.

"Aww, I love you too," she said, and smooched him on the cheek.

They trotted around the town for the whole day, spending their time in shops, and meeting Scootaloo's friends. Then they had flown a bit, because Blue had said that practice is key to everything. Of course Scootaloo had liked that. They also ate some ice cream, and snuggled on a bench in the park.

"A perfect day," Scootaloo thought, when the sun started to set from the sky. They were on the outskirts of the town, making their way towards her house.
Scootaloo was a bit nervous actually. She trusted her father, but what if her father had started to drink again? Alcoholism is still pretty hard to get rid off.
Her worries faded away, when she felt familiar muzzle in her neck. She felt it nuzzling and kissing her neck, making her forgot all her worries. Then the muzzle moved to her mane, and Scootaloo frowed a bit annoyed.

"Blue.." she said, stretching the word.

"Sorry, sorry," Blue Sky said, and quickly withdrew his muzzle from Scootaloo's mane.

They reached the house, and Scootaloo saw big garbage bags next to the trash can. Her father had actually cleaned the house. Then she heard some rustling from the side of the house, and looked there. She saw her father standing on his hind legs, with a rake in his front hooves. He was cleaning the yard too.
Relief flowed over Scootaloo.

"Hey dad!" she shouted, and the grey pegasus turned to see them. He waved at them. They waved back, even Blue's wave was a bit stiff. Scootaloo turned to see Blue Sky. She was smiling lovely.

"It's Sunday tomorrow, and I don't really have nothing to do.." Scootaloo started, imitating the conversation they had had yesterday evening.

"Are you trying to say that you would like to hang out with me?" he asked. Scootaloo smiled at him, and said: "Yep."

They then leaned forward, and locked their lips into a passionate kiss, that lasted for half a minute.
After they broke the kiss, Blue said: "See you tomorrow, honey."

"You bet, hunk," Scootaloo said with a sultry tone in her voice. Blue Blushed a bit when he heard his new nickname. He then gave Scootaloo one last kiss, before taking off into the now orange evening sky.

She looked after him, until she couldn't see him anymore, and then sighed happily. She squeaked like a little filly after that, and danced to the front door of her house. There she stopped, and looked at her father, who smiled to him, still looking ashamed when looking at her daughter.

"Come inside dad! I have so much to tell you!" Scootaloo exclaimed, making her dad smile. He then placed the rake to lean against the wall of their house, and walked to Scootaloo. He lifted his hoof over to her shoulder, and they walked inside.

For the first time in years, Scootaloo walked to her house without being sad, scared or nervous in any way.

Author's Note:

Phew.. That was Scootaloo's story. Probably will take a day off from writing, and continue on Apple Bloom after that.
Hope you liked it!