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Titillating Trifecta - FinnPony

Here you have three CMC shippings. Our favorite fillies are all teenagers now! Will it be any different from the fillies they used to be? Yes, in some ways and No in some others.

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Apple Bloom

"Ah can't believe they did this to me!" a lightly yellow filly shouted.
There was no response, just wind whistling around the deserted beach. The sun shone brightly, and made the sand warm up nicely. The surface of the pond was calm, and almost looked like glass.

The cutie mark crusaders had planned to go swimming that day, but it seemed like their plan didn't work out.

Apple Bloom had been waiting for her friends there, but they should have been there half an hour ago.
She sat on her towel, with big sunshades over her eyes, and her bow on back of her head as usual.
She still tried to look around the beach, waiting for her friends to appear. She started to realize that they weren't going to show up.

"Celestia darn it. It would have been such a dandy day for a swim," Apple Bloom said to herself irritated. She then looked around herself for the last time, hoping to see her friends. She frowned when they weren't nowhere to be seen.

"Well Buck them. Ah'm not going to wait here any longer," Apple Bloom thought angrily, and started to pack her things. After she was done, Apple Bloom rose to her feet, and folded the towel in half.

"I bet Scootaloo's with that stupid Blue Sky.. or who ever he was," Apple Bloom thought, while placing the folded towel into her saddlebag. She frowned again. She was remembering how Scootaloo had started to hang out with her and Sweetie Belle more seldom, after she started dating that colt.

"But where's Sweetie Belle? I'ts not like her to be late," Apple Bloom thought a bit worried. She quickly shook her head, to clear it. She then threw her sunglasses into her saddlebag, and thought: Shucks. Maybe something else just came up to her?"

Apple Bloom decided not to bother herself with the subject any longer.
She threw the saddlebag over her back. It had same picture in it's side, as her flank had. Her cutie mark was a half of an red apple, that had a hammer on it.

At first she didn't like it. She had been envious towards her friends, who had much more beautiful cutie marks in her opinion. Scootaloo had two dancing ribbons that formed a heart. Sweetie Belle had a bell with notes coming from inside it..
And she had a hammer.
It had taken long time, until her siblings and friends had managed to make her realize how special and unique her own cutie mark was. After that she had always thought it was the most beautiful cutie mark ever.

She looked at it, with a small smile on her face.
She noticed that her coat was all sweaty,

"Must be because of the heat," she thought. Her sweaty coat glimmer in the sunlight. She couldn't go to town like that. Everypony would be looking at her, and she didn't like that.

Apple Bloom looked towards the bond, and thought to herself: "A little dip won't hurt anypony."
She then took her ribbon from back of her head, and tossed it into her bag. She then dropped the saddlebags to the warm sand, and started to trot towards the water.

Apple Bloom splashed in to the water. It was a bit chilly, making her skin go goose bumps. She went further towards the center of the bond, where the water started to get deeper. Soon the chilly water touched her belly, and she winced a little. She hesitated for a second, but then dived in the water.

A cold shock wave went trough her body when she went underwater. Apple Bloom then quickly came back to the surface. She gasped and swept her soaked red mane from her eyes, only to see something she didn't want to.

"Celestia damn it! Pipsqueak, Weatherweight!" she shouted, and started to quickly swim towards the shore.

"Hurry up Pipsqueak! She's coming!" said the cream white pegasus with brown mane and gaunt build. The other one was a pinto coated earth pony, with white and brown coat. They both were laughing hard, while the pinto coated pony threw Apple Bloom's saddlebag on his back.
They looked at swimming Apple Bloom, laughing mischievously. They then started to run away from the pond, Pipsqueak shouting back at her: "Sorry AB! Couldn't resist!"

"Ya little.. When I get ya in my hooves, ya gonna wish ya never born!" Apple Bloom shouted at him furiously. She sloshed to the shore, but the two colts were already gone.

"Aw heck, what do Ah do now?" Apple Bloom thought, sitting on the sand. They had taken her towel, and she was soaking wet. They had also taken her bow, and without it she felt almost naked.

"Bucking colts!" she angrily half shouted. She drooped her head, making her wet mane fall over her face again. She couldn't go to town like this, and Sweet Apple Acres was in the other side of the town.

"Do Ah really need to wait until the sun dries me?" Apple Bloom thought, and started to lay down on the sand. She quickly noticed that it was a mistake, because now her coat was covered in sand.

"Buck.." she mumbled to herself and laid her head to her hooves.

"You need help AB?" she heard somepony say from behind her.
Apple Bloom peeked to the direction where the sound came, and swept her mane from her eyes again. She saw the Ponyville's new librarian, the purple dragon Spike.

He had grown a lot since Apple Bloom had last time seen him.
He was about the same height as she was. He had grown a pair of leather wings to himself, and his green Spikes were swept back. He was still walking on his hind legs, even he could walk with all his legs on the ground. His face had started to get a bit more manly features, making him look more adult than before.

"Looking good Spike," Apple Bloom thought, but quickly shook her head to dismiss that thought.

"Howdy spike," Apple Bloom said, lifting her head from her hooves. Spike looked at her a bit confused. He then asked: "Um.. why are you laying here all alone? Are you alright?"
Apple Bloom frowned, and said: "Ah'm alright, but boys stole my stuff!"
Spike chuckled, and said amused: "So that's why Weatherweight and Pip were running so fast."

"It's not funny! They took my towel, and Ah'm all wet!" Apple Bloom said, looking at Spike. Spike pondered for a second, and the said: "Library's not too far away from here actually. I can borrow you a towel."
Apple Bloom looked at the dragon with happy smile on her face.

"Thank's Spike," she exclaimed, but then her smile vanished, and she said: "They took my bow."
Spike shuffled her mane, and said: "Don't you worry about that, they'll give it back to you."

"You sure?" Apple Bloom asked, smiling a little.

"one hundred percent sure," Spike said smiling convincingly. Apple Bloom then nodded at him, and stood up. She walked next to Spike and said: "Well partner, let's get going on then!"

* * *

"Whoa.." Apple Bloom admired when they entered the library. There were only couple of books in the shelves, and the rest of them were in big piles on the floor.
She had never seen it so unorganized in her whole life. Spike noticed her confused look, and said: "It's re-shelving day."

"What day?" Apple Bloom asked.

"re-shelving day. I take every book down from the shelves, and re-arrange them," Spike explained, and pointed at the pile of books on the floor of the house.

"Twilight and I used to do this every month, but now I do it only once in two months," Spike told her, and picked up a book from the floor. He looked at the title, and mumbled to himself: "Hmm.. Ghosts and poltergeists, goes to the fiction under G."

Apple Bloom watched Spike placing the books into the shelves for a minute, before she remembered why she was there. She looked at herself. Her mane was dry now, but it was tangled badly. Her lightly yellow coat was ruffled, and underside of her belly was covered in sand.

"Um.. Spike. Can Ah take a quick shower?" Apple Bloom asked, making Spike snap out of his book arranging trance. He turned to Apple Bloom, and said: "Oh, yes, sure. The bathroom's in the second floor."
Spike then returned back to his work, leaving confused Apple Bloom standing there.

"Okaayy.." Apple Bloom said and looked at Spike, who was in his own world. She then looked at the stairs, that lead to the second floor. She quickly glanced at Spike, who still moved the books around the library.

Apple Bloom shrugged, and then trotted to up the stairs, to the upper floor. There she found the door that led to the bathroom. She stepped into the bathroom, that still had some signs of Twilight Sparkle's presence.
There was some shampoo bottles, that Apple Bloom knew Spike wouldn't use.

"Marebellinne, L'Orial, some makeup. I hope these are Twilight's, and not Spike's," Apple Bloom thought and giggled silently. She then stepped into the shower, and turned the water on.

After a refreshing shower Apple Bloom stepped out from the shower, and grabbed a towel from a towel rack. She scrubbed her mane and coat dry, and she then looked in the mirror.
She chuckled when she saw her reflection.
Her red mane was all messed up, and looked more like Pinkie's mane than her own. She tried to look for a brush, but didn't find it from anywhere.

Apple Bloom creaked the door open, and pushed her head outside the bathroom.

"Spike!" she shouted, and heard Spike stop assembling the books. Spike soon yelled back at her: "What?"

"Do ya have a brush in here?" She asked. She heard Spike walking away from the stairs, but the sound of his footsteps soon came closer again. Spike walked up the stairs, and Apple Bloom saw a brush in his hand.

"Thank's!" she said when Spike gave her the brush, snickering a little. Apple Bloom noticed that, and asked annoyed: "Whats so funny?"

"I like your new look," he said smiling playfully. Apple Bloom looked up at her ruffled mane. She then frowned and closed the door. There she started to brush her mane, and it slowly started to fall back to it's shape. After Apple Bloom was pleased with the results, she came out of the bathroom and descended the stairs into the library.

Apple Bloom's jaw dropped, when she saw the library.
All the books were back in the shelves, and Spike was sitting on a couch. There was two cups on the couch table in front of him. He looked at Apple Bloom, who was still looking around herself shocked.

"Ah was in the shower for fifteen minutes!" she thought. Apple Bloom turned her head towards Spike, who was still looking back at her, with one of the cups in his hand.

"Wha.. How.. How did ya do this?" Apple Bloom asked from Spike. He took a sip from his cup, and pointed Apple Bloom to sit down.

"It has become a habit. Like I said, we did it twelve times a year," He explained, while Apple Bloom sat on the couch next to him. Spike gave her the other cup, which she gladly accepted. She looked inside it, and saw that it was filled with black liquid.

"Hope you like coffee, I'm all out of tea," Spike said when he noticed Apple Bloom looking into her cup. She lifted her gaze from the cup, and said to Spike, while saying: "Ah'm a farm pony!"

"So?" Spike asked, and looked at Apple Bloom take a sip from her cup. He noticed that she didn't add anything into it, she drank it raw. Apple Bloom gulped the coffee down, and then said: "So, Ah have to get up at six o'clock in the morning! Everyday!"

They both laughed a bit, and drank their coffee. After that their conversation pretty much died. They drank their coffee in silence. After a while of awkward silence, Apple Bloom decided that she should speak up.

"So.. How is it going with Rarity?" Apple Bloom asked. She then immediately thought: "Really Apple Boom? That's the best ya could come up with?"

She saw Spike's happy expression change into more serious like. He then took a long sip from his coffee cup, and gulped it down. Spike turned towards Apple Bloom.

"Not very good.. I've stopped trying," he said, giving her a sad smile. Apple Bloom looked at him with a surprised expression. She placed her cup to the table, and then looked at Spike with a sad look.

"Why did ya stop? I thought ya were head over hooves for her?" She asked from Spike.

Spike was silent for a moment. He kept staring at his coffee cup, but after a while he lifted his gaze towards Apple Bloom. He looked at her orange eyes, but quickly looked away and said: "Well.. Everypony knows I'm totally out of her league."
Apple Bloom was silent. She knew that was rue.

"Do ya think so too?" Apple Bloom asked from him, and Spike hesitated to answer for a moment. He then drooped his head, and said: "Yeah.. I know I am."

Apple Bloom placed her hoof on Spike's hand, but he didn't react to it. He lowered his gaze back to his cup.

"It's okay. Just.. Just bugs me a bit you know?" Spike said, lifting his head back towards Apple Bloom again. She looked at spike, with a comforting smile.

"Don't ya be so gloomy Spike! There's lot of fish in the sea!" Apple Bloom tried to cheer up Spike, who just chuckled sadly. He then said: "Yeah maybe, but I'm a dragon! Not a fish!"
Apple Bloom frowned a bit confused.

"I mean, have you ever heard of a pony who dated a dragon?" Spike said, a bit more frustrated now.
Apple Bloom felt bad for him. She had never thought of that. She looked at the sad purple dragon, and thought: "Poor thing. I hate to see him so sad."

They were silent for a second, and Spike noticed that Apple Bloom was still holding her hoof on his hand.

"Nopony even want's to go to a date with me," Spike said, and downed the rest of his coffee. He then noticed Apple Blooms worried expression.
He quickly rose up and said: "Sorry about that AB, I shouldn't be bothering you with my problems."

"Aww Spike." Apple Bloom thought sadly. She wanted to make him feel happier somehow. After all, he had taken her to the library, and had let her use the shower.
Apple Bloom watched Spike picking up the cups from the table. She then knew what she had to do.

"Ah can go on a date with ya," she said quickly.
Spike froze, and almost dropped the other cup. He quickly caught it with his other hand, and placed them both on the table. He then looked at Apple Bloom, and she noticed a small blush on Spike's cheeks.

"What?" was all Spike could ask. Apple Bloom rubbed her hooves together, nervously glancing at Spike.

"Ya seemed so sad, and ya were so kind to me today," Apple Bloom said to Spike, who sat down to couch and said: "Apple Bloom, you don't need to do anything for me."

"But I want to! Just don't want to see ya so sad," Apple Bloom said, and placed her hoof on Spike's hand again. Spike looked at her hoof in his hand for a second, and a small smile formed on his face. He then looked at Apple Bloom and said: "Okay Apple Bloom, if you insist."

"Sweet!" Apple Bloom said, looking at him happily.
They looked at each other for a second, before they both looked away. Then Spike asked: "When do you have free time?"

"Tomorrow after work," Apple Bloom answered. Spike turned back to her, and she turned back to him. They both blushed a bit, when they noticed Apple Bloom still holding Spike's hand. Apple Bloom took her hoof from his hand, and said: "I'll see ya tomorrow?"

"Okay. I'll pick you up at eight?" Spike asked. Apple Bloom thought for a second, and then nodded happily and said:"It's a deal!"
They both chuckled a little.

After that, Spike took the cups to the kitchen, while Apple Bloom walked to the door. There she waited for Spike, who came to her soon. They stared at each other for a moment, before Apple Bloom reached her hoof towards her.

"Thank's for letting me use the shower," she said, and hugged the purple dragon. Spike returned the hug, and said: "No problem AB."

They then said goodbyes, and Apple Bloom exited the library. Then she heard Spike saying: "I hope you find your bow!"

"Thanks! Ah'll be waiting for tomorrow!" she replied, and waved at Spike. She turned around, and heard the door closing behind her. She then though to herself: "Ah'm going on a date with a dragon..."

* * *

Twilight Sparkle sat on the couch in the library, drinking tea. She watched as Spike paced around the house nervously. Twilight took a sip from her tea, and then said: "Spike calm down."

"Calm down!? How can I calm down?" Spike asked, waving his hand. Twilight chuckled a bit, and said: "Its just a date, no need to be so worried about it."
Spike looked at him wide eyed. He then walked closer to princess, and said: "Just a date? It's my first date ever!"
Twilight giggled at nervous Spike, and then offered him a cup of tea.

"Drink this, It will calm your nerves," she said, and Spike took the cup. He downed the tea with a one big gulp, and then gave the cup back to surprised Twilight.

"Didn't work," Spike said.

Twilight looked at the empty cup for a second, but then shook her head and turned back to Spike.

"So who are you even going out with? You never said that," she asked, and Spike stopped pacing around the library. He turned towards Twilight, looking at her with a shy look. Twilight took another sip, while waiting for his answer.

"Apple Bloom," Spike said quietly, making Twilight's eyes grow wide. She lowered the cup from her lips, and then said, sounding surprised: "Applejack's little sister?"

"Have you seen many Apple Blooms around?" Spike asked, irritated by Twilight's reaction. Twilight blinked couple of times, before she could say: "Sorry Spike, just got me off guard there."

"What's so shocking about it?" Spike asked, when he noticed Twilight's surprised expression. Twilight then took a quick sip from her tea, and said: "I just didn't expect it to be her."

"Why not?" Spike asked with his eyes narrowed. Twilight placed her tea cup on the table again, and started to explain: "Applejack just told me once that she doesn't seem to be into dating and such."
Spike looked at Twilight, blinking in confusion. He then walked closer to her.

"So she's never been on a date with somepony either?" he asked.

* * *

"What do Ah do? What do Ah do!?" Apple Bloom shouted in panic. She flopped her head on her bed, burying it into her blanket. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle glanced at each other, and then turned back to Apple Bloom.

"You can just tell him that you can't go, if you don't like him," Scootaloo said.
Apple Bloom lifted her face from the blanket, and looked at Scootaloo with annoyed look on her face.

"Ah wanna go! And Ah like him" she said, and noticed how the two other fillies started to giggle.

"Apple Bloom likes Spike, Apple Bloom likes Spike!" they sang teasingly.

"Cut it out!" Apple Bloom said embarrassed.
Scootaloo looked at her confusedly. She then asked: "Well. You like him, and you want to go. what's the problem then?"
Apple Bloom looked at them a bit sheepishly, and said: "Ah never been on date,"

Scootaloo looked casual, but Sweetie Belle gasped dramatically.

"You have never been on a date!?" she asked with a shocked voice. Apple Bloom nodded to her, and then Sweetie Belle pushed her face closer to her, so that Apple Bloom had to back up a little bit.

"How can you have never been on a date!?" she asked.

"Why would Ah have been on date before?" Apple Bloom asked annoyed.

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes, and then said to her: "You're such a nice looking filly! Has somepony asked you out before?"

"Well.. There's been few, but Ah never went to a date with them," Apple Bloom said, earning confused looks from the other fillies. Sweetie Belle then asked: "Why?"

"Because date's are just a waste of time!" Apple Bloom said loudly. Scootaloo then chuckled, and asked: "Why are you going on a date with Spike then?"
Apple Bloom blushed a bit, and said more timidly: "Ah didn't want too see him so sad."

"Yea.. Right," Scootaloo said, and she and Sweetie Belle started to giggle, making Apple Bloom blush even more. She then rose up from her bed, and said sternly: "If ya aren't going to help me, ya can go away."

"Of course we will help you silly!" Sweetie Belle said, and smiled at her.
Apple Bloom nodded, and then trotted over to her mirror, looking at her reflection.

"So.. What Ah must do?" she asked from her friends. Scootaloo shrugged, and said: "I'm not so much into this dating stuff, so I can't help you."

"Says a pony, who's always snuggling with Rainbow Dash's brother," Sweetie Belle said teasingly, making Scootaloo blush. Apple Bloom rolled her eyes, and then said: "What Ah must do!?"

Sweetie Belle turned back to her, and examined Apple Bloom for a second. She then took Apple Bloom's bow from the table, and placed it on her head. She then examined Apple Bloom for a second more, and nodded to herself.

"There!" she said, smiling happily. Apple Bloom then looked at her confusedly. She then looked at her reflection again, and asked: "That's it?"

"Yep, You just need to be yourself," Sweetie Belle beamed at her.

"But Ah thought ya were supposed to be dressed up pretty, and stuff like that," Apple Bloom said, looking at the mirror. Sweetie Belle shrugged and said: "Well it depends on a person, but do you really think Spike will wear a tuxedo and tie?"

"Yeah! It's your first date after all," Scootaloo said, while laying in Apple Blooms bed.
Sweetie Belle threw her hoof around Apple Bloom's neck, and nuzzled her cheek.

"Yeah. Don't be so tensed up, everything will go just fine!"

* * *

"Ohh.. Ah'm so nervous right now.." Apple Bloom thought to herself.
Clock was almost eight. She couldn't even sleep last night, because she was so exited about her date with Spike. She was now standing on the main gates of Sweet Apple Acres, waiting for Spike to show up. She was shifting her weight from leg to leg nervously.

Apple Bloom waited and waited, and it was almost ten past eight.

"Maybe he doesn't want to go to a date with me.." Apple Bloom thought sadly, drooping her head. Just then she heard somepony, or something walking towards her. She squinted her eyes, and saw Spike walking towards her.

"Yes!" she quietly exclaimed, and then waved at Spike. Spike saw her waving. He waved back at her, and flapping his wings couple of time.

"Hi Apple Bloom!" Spike said when he reached her.

"Howdy Spike," Apple Bloom said, and looked at the dragon in front of him. They spent a moment just looking at each other, before Spike cleared his throat.

"Um.. You look.. really good," Spike mumbled, blushing a little. Apple Bloom giggled a little.

"Aww, he's so shy," she thought.

"Aww shucks, ya too look really dandy," she said, and they both snickered a little. After that they couldn't come up with anything else. A moment passed, before Spike asked: "So what do you wanna do today?"

Apple Bloom thought for a moment, but she didn't really know what they were supposed to do on a date.

"Ah don't really know what we're supposed to do," she said, and paused for a moment. She then said, more timidly: "This is my first date too actually."

"Really? How come's that such a good looking mare has never been on date with anypony before?" Spike asked, even he knew that these were Apple Bloom's first dates.

"Now you're just flattering me," Apple Bloom giggled, and Spike too chuckled. Spike then looked at her seriously, and said: "I really mean it!"
Apple Bloom smiled at him happily, and then leaned forward. She planted a small kiss on Spike's scaly cheek, that immediately turned rose red. Spike lifted his hand to his cheek, looking at Apple Bloom with a surprised look on his face.

"Thank's for calling me pretty!" Apple Bloom said, giggling a little.

"No problem AB," Spike muttered, smiling a goofy smile.

They started to walk towards the town. Apple Bloom had trouble keeping up with Spike at first, but when Spike noticed it, he slowed his pace so that Apple Bloom could keep up. The sun was still up, but soon it would start to descent from the sky.

"Should we go eat somewhere?" Spike proposed. Apple Bloom thought for a second, but then said: "Ah don't know. Ah already ate today."

"Actually I ate just before I left the library too," Spike said, with a sheepish smile on his face. Apple Bloom giggled a little, and then asked: "How about we go get some dessert from Sugarcube Corner?"

"Oh yeah!" Spike exclaimed, but then remembered that he was with a mare now, and quickly said: "I mean.. If you want to."

Apple Bloom giggled a him, making Spike smile at her sheepishly. They then started to make their way towards Sugarcube corner.

When they reached bakery, Spike opened the door for Apple Bloom, who nodded to him happily, and trotted in. Spike then followed her, and they went to the counter. There they found one hyperactive pink pony greeting them.

"Hi guys! What are you doing here?" Pinkie Pie asked from behind the counter. Apple Bloom and Spike looked at each other, and then nodded. Apple Bloom leaned closer to Pinkie, and whispered: "We're on a date."

"A DATE!?" Pinkie exclaimed loudly jumping into air, so that everypony in the shop turned towards them. Apple Bloom and Spike felt like shrinking under their gazes, but soon Pinkie Pie continued: "If you guys are on a date, everything is on the house!"

"Wow, thanks Pinkie," the teenagers said in unison, making Pinkie Pie giggle a little.

"No problemo! Just take whatever you want!" Pinkie Pie said. With that, she left skipping happily towards the next customer, leaving Spike and Apple Bloom looking after her in confusion.

After the confusion Pinkie had created, they started to look at all the tasty looking pastries in the shelves. Spike had his eyes locked in one with a blue frosting. Apple Bloom was looking at couple of good looking cupcakes on the counter.

"Can Ah take two? Or will Spike think Ah'm eating too much?" she thought nervously. She saw Spike taking one cupcake from the shelve, it was the one with blue frosting.

"Ah'll take just one, like he did," Apple Bloom thought, and took one of the two cupcakes she would have wanted.

Spike noticed Apple Bloom glancing at the other cupcake. He chuckled, and took it from the counter and gave it to Apple Bloom, who beamed at him.

"Thank's! Ah didn't want to take it, so ya wouldn't think Ah eat too much," Apple Bloom said happily, while staring at Spike. They sat down, and confused spike asked: "Why would I think like that?"
Apple Bloom moved nervously in her seat, and said shyly: "Because Ah'm already a bit chubby."

Spike was confused.

"You.. chubby?" he thought confused. Spike looked at Apple Bloom. Sure she had a bit more curvy body than her other friends, but it was a good thing in Spike's opinion. He liked mares, who weren't too skinny. Well, Rarity had been pretty skinny, but she was Rarity.
Spike then lifted his gaze up, towards Apple Bloom's face.

She had deep orange eyes, and they were surrounded by cute freckles. She was focused on eating her treat, so she didn't notice Spike staring at her.
Spike smiled a little, when he watched Apple Bloom eat. Spike liked the way she ate. She took big bites from her cupcake, and did not nibble it shyly, like many other fillies did. Her eyelashes fluttered cutely, when she blinked. Also her bow swung happily on back of her head when she ate.
Spike's heart melt, when Apple Bloom blew her thick red mane from her eyes. It was so damn cute gesture, but so small, that many wouldn't even notice it.
Spike noticed it.

"How I haven't noticed her being so cute before?" Spike thought, smiling.

"Ya haven't even touched yer cupcake," Apple Bloom said, stopping Spike's daydream.
Spike winced a little, and looked at his cupcake. He then turned back to Apple Bloom and said: "Oh. I was just lost in my thoughts."
Spike then started to eat his cupcake, and Apple Bloom smiled at him.

"Aren't they good?" she asked from Spike, who nodded while taking a bite.

"Pinkie never let's us down," he said. Then they heard a giggle from the counter, and Pinkie Pie yelled to them: "No I don't. That's for sure!"

Apple Bloom and Spike both snickered.
Spike then looked at Apple Bloom, smiling. Apple Bloom noticed him staring, and stopped eating.

"What?" she asked. Spike reached his hand towards her face, and said: "You have something there."
Apple Bloom felt how Spike brushed her cheek softly, wiping away some frosting from it. She felt heat rising to her cheeks when he did that, but managed to keep herself from blushing. Spike licked the frosting from his finger, earning a little giggle from Apple Bloom.

"Thank's, " she said, and looked at Spike, who took another bite from his cupcake.
She smiled at him happily, and tried to take her cupcake into her hoof. Apple Bloom didn't find it anywhere, so she looked down, and there were only crumbles left on the table.

"Aww. Ah already ate my own," she said, sounding a bit disappointed.
Soon she saw a half eaten cupcake with blue frosting on it appear in front of her eyes. She looked up, and saw Spike offering his cupcake to her.

"Spike. It's yours," Apple Bloom said, and tried to push it back to him. Spike pushed it back to her, saying: "I'm not into sweets anyway."
Apple Bloom knew that it was a lie, but she took the cupcake, and her hoof touched Spike's hand while she took it. She held her hoof there for a second, and Spike held his hand there too.

"Thank's Spikey," Apple Bloom said, making Spike blush.

"Only Rarity uses that name," he thought. Apple Bloom took the cupcake, and ate it quickly. She then looked at Spike, who too had some frosting on side of his mouth.

"Umm.. Ya have something there too," Apple Bloom said, pointing at Spike's mouth. Spike tried to sweep it away, but Apple Bloom stopped his hand with her hoof. Spike looked at her, with confused look.

"Let me take it," she said, and leaned closer to Spike.

She saw how Spike tensed up as she got closer to him. Spike's green eyes stared into her's.

"Apple Bloom, don't push it too far," she tried to tell herself, while her muzzle was getting closer to Spike's face. Spike was stiff from excitement.

"Just a small kiss," Apple Bloom thought, and quickly smooched him in the corner of his mouth, so that their lips didn't quite touch. She sat down again and licked the frosting from her lips, chuckling nervously. Spike was still staring at her, but there was a small smile on his lips.

"Sorry Spike," Apple Bloom said, blushing.

"No problem AB," Spike said, breathing heavily. He had forgotten to breath when Apple Bloom started to lean closer to him. He was so exited that he could burst any moment now.

"Heyaa loverbirds!"

A pink blur suddenly appeared next to their table, making them both jump. Pinkie Pie smiled her trademark ear to ear smile to them, and then asked: "Was the cupcakes good? You wan't some more? I have lot of them to spare!"

"Not for me," Spike said. Pinkie nodded and turned to Apple Bloom, who shook her head and said: "No thank's Pinkie, I'm full."

"I saw how you guys kissed eleven point seven seconds ago," Pinkie beamed at them, making them both blush. Apple Bloom looked at Spike, and then at Pinkie Pie.

"I't wasn't a kiss," she said quietly. Pinkie thought for a moment, and then started asking: "was it a smooch? A peck? A.."

"Pinkie!" Spike said frustrated, and the pink party pony giggled, snorting a little.

"Just messing with ya! Have a good night!" Pinkie said, and disappeared under the table. Spike and Apple Bloom peeked under the table, but didn't see Pinkie Pie anywhere. They glanced at each other under the table, and then rose back up. They saw Pinkie Pie waving at them from behind the counter. and Apple Bloom asked: "How does she do that?"

* * *

Celestia's Sun had almost gone under the horizon, when Apple Bloom and Spike arrived back at Sweet Apple Acres.
They walked slowly, chitchatting about pretty much everything they came up with.
Spike noticed that Apple Bloom was now walking much closer to him than before. They had been much bolder after that little 'kiss' they had had.

The roof of the Apple family's barn started to rise from over the top of all the apple trees. They would soon reach the main gate to the farm, where they would go to their separate ways.
Apple Bloom and Spike's conversation died down.

"We're almost there," Spike said after a minute of silence, scratching his head.

"Yep," Apple Bloom said. She then looked at Spike, smiling briskly. Spike noticed that, and smiled back at her. Apple Bloom then said: "Ah had fun today."

"Me too," Spike said, flapping his wings once.

Not long after that, they arrived at the Sweet Apple Acre's main gates. There Apple Bloom turned towards Spike. They stared at each other for a while, right into each other's eyes.

"So.. What are we supposed to do now?" Apple Bloom asked, making Spike blink couple of times. He looked around himself, while thinking for the right words.

"Umm.. I don't know, we could.. like.." Spike started, but couldn't figure the rest, before Apple Bloom said: "..Kiss?"

Spike froze, and just stared at the light yellow mare in front of her.

"She want's a kiss?" he thought nervously. Spike thought for a quick moment, before he cleared his throat.

"I was thinking of a hug, but kiss is okay too," he said smiling stupidly, and making Apple Bloom snicker a little. She then looked at Spike, and asked: "Could ya come a bit lower?"
Spike was about a head taller than Apple Bloom, when he was standing on his back legs. Spike nodded, and lowered his body so, that his face was on the same level with Apple Bloom's.

"Ya ready?" Apple Bloom asked, looking into Spike's green eyes. Spike looked back at her orange eyes, and said: "I can't get readier than this."
Apple Bloom nodded, and then they just stared at each other, waiting for other to take the initiative.

"Come on Spike, you can do it," Spike engouraged himself, while Apple Bloom thought: "Its just a kiss.. So why am Ah so nervous!?"

Finally Spike managed to start moving his head closer to Apple Bloom's, who too started to lean forward. Apple Bloom pursed her lips, waiting for Spike's lips to touch them. They stared at each other's eyes, and Spike pushed his lips against Apple Bloom's. The kiss only lasted for a second or so, but they kept looking at each other for the whole time.
Spike was first to broke the kiss, because he didn't want to seem pushy.
They both blushed and snickered nervously.

"Whoa, my first kiss," they both thought happily.

"That wasn't so bad!" Apple Bloom said smiling at Spike, and playfully. bumped him in the shoulder with her hoof. Spike smiled and said: "No, it wasn't."

"Apple Bloom? Spike!?" they heard a feminine voice with a thick southern accent from their right.

The two teens turned towards the direction of the voice, and saw a orange coated mare with a long blonde mane, that was tied to a ponytail just like her tail. She had a old and worn brown stetson on her head. It was Apple Bloom's big sister, Applejack, and she had a confused, and kinda angry look on her face.

Spike gulped. He knew that she was upset about something, and he had pretty good guess what it might be.

"What the hay Spike!?" Applejack said, and angrily started to walk towards the purple dragon. Spike looked at Apple Bloom for help, but she was as confused as Spike himself.

"What were ya doing with mah little sister!?" Applejack continued angrily, still walking closer towards Spike. He started to back up when Applejack got closer to him.

"A-Applejack, It was just a..." Spike tried to explain, but Applejack cut him off: "What were ya even thinking.."

"Applejack!" Apple Bloom said from behind her, trying to get her attention. Applejack just quickly turned to her and said: "Sugarcube, let me handle this, okay?"
She then turned back to Spike, looking even more angry. Spike was now leaning against one of the apple trees that surrounded them. He knew not to try anything stupid, he had seen Applejack kick thinner apple trees in half.

"Now ya get the hay out of mah farm! Twilight's not gonna like when Ah tell her about ya.." Applejack started, poking nervous Spike in the chest with her hoof.

"Applejack!" Apple Bloom shouted, making Applejack and Spike look at her.
Apple Bloom was sitting down on the ground, with her front hooves folded. She looked at Applejack with a irritated expression on her face.

"Apple Bloom, honey. What's wrong?" Applejack asked, sounding worried. Apple Bloom let out a small 'hmph', and then pointed at Applejack.

"Ya are!" she said angrily, making both Applejack, and Spike look at her surprised.

"What?" Applejack asked, walking closer to her little sister. Apple Bloom turned away from her, looking hurt. She then said: "Ya ruined my first kiss!"

Applejack looked at her with wide eyes, and then at Spike.

"Ah thought that.." Applejack started, but was silenced by Apple Bloom's hoof. Apple Bloom rose up from the ground, and turned towards Applejack.

"Me and Spike were on a really nice date, and then ya come and ruin my first kiss!" she said loudly, making Applejack fold her ears.

"Ah didn't know that ya were on a date," Applejack tried to defense herself. Apple Bloom trotted next to Spike, and hugged him. She nuzzled his neck, making Spike blush. He smiled sheepishly at Applejack, who looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"Well we were! And we had fun," Apple Bloom said, sternly nodding. She then looked at Spike, and nuzzled his neck again. Spike looked at Applejack, but this time he returned the hug. He closed his arms around Apple Bloom, and saw that Applejack didn't like that.

"Can we do this again?" Apple Bloom asked from Spike, who quickly glanced at Applejack. She seemed to shook her head a little. Spike returned his gaze at Apple Bloom in his arms, and saw her puppy dog eyes. How could she say no to that?

"Of course we can, if you want to." he said, earning a smile and a hug from Apple Bloom.

Applejack mumbled something to herself, but they couldn't hear what. Apple Bloom looked at her angrily, and she stopped. Apple Bloom turned towards Spike, and said: "G'night Spikey,"

"Good night Apple Bloom," Spike said, smiling happily.

They then hugged one last time, until Spike started to walk towards Ponyville. Apple Bloom looked after him, until she couldn't see him from behind the apple trees. She then turned around, and trotted towards her house.
She passed confused Applejack, with her bow swinging happily on back of her head.

"Ya have some explaning to do young lady!" Applejack said when she trotted next to Apple Bloom.

"No Ah don't," Apple Bloom said, making Applejack frown.
They continued towards the house in silence.

* * *

The Apple family was sitting around their dinner table, eating supper in the dim light of a lantern that hung from the ceiling.
Apple Bloom calmly ate her apple fritters. Big Macintosh was sitting on her right side, and Granny Smith on her left side. Applejack was sitting right across the table from Apple Bloom. Her hat was hanging on the back of the chair.

They all ate their food eagerly, except Applejack. She pushed her food around her plate, while looking at Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom noticed it, but didn't pay any attention to it. She took another bite of her apple fritter, and turned her eyes to meet with her sister's.

"Ah don't like that ya go out with Spike," Applejack said suddenly, and everypony stopped eating. Granny Smith looked at Applejack, but her expression was calm. Big Macintosh had his mouth full, and he kept glancing between her sisters with wide eyes. He then swallowed down the food with a big gulp.
Apple Bloom looked at her older sister, and then said: "Ah never said ya need to like it."

"Ah mean Ah don't want ya to go out with him!" Applejack said to her. Apple Bloom looked annoyed, and said angrily: "Well that's too bad, because Ah don't care what ya think."

"Ya should respect yer older sister!" Applejack said, pointing at Apple Bloom, who rose up to lean against the table with her front hooves.

"And ya should respect yer younger sister! Ah'm not a foal anymore!" she almost yelled.

The situation seemed to be getting out of control, and Big Macintosh looked at Granny Smith. Granny Smith nodded to him, and said with her creaky voice: "Manners!"

"Sorry Granny Smith," both Applejack, and Apple Bloom said, and sat down again, looking sorry. Then Granny Smith looked at them both, and asked: "What's all this ruckus ya two are going on about?"

"Apple Bloom's going out with Spike!" Applejack started, and then Apple Bloom quickly continued: "Applejack tries to stop me from going out with Spikey!"
Granny Smith and Big Macintosh looked at each other confused. Big Macintosh blinked couple of times, before taking another slow bite from his apple pie.
Granny Smith turned towards Applejack, and asked: "The dragon from the town?"

"Yeah! Ah tried to tell her tha.." Applejack started, but her grandmother stopped her by asking: "Ah thought ya were friend?"

"Ah am, but he's a dragon! Apple Bloom can't date a dragon!" Applejack explained, waving her hooves. Apple Bloom frowned a her angrily.

"At least he's a boy!" Apple Bloom said, making Applejack's eyes go wide. She leaned closer towards her little sister and asked: "Ah Beg yer pardon?"
Apple Bloom looked at her, and folded her front hooves over her chest. She then repeated: "At least Spike's a boy!"

Applejack was about to rush over the table, but she managed to control herself. She sat down again, and took a deep breath, before asking: "What are ya trying to say?"

"If ya can date a mare, why can't Ah date who ever Ah wan't?" Apple Bloom asked, pointing at surprised Applejack. Applejack didn't know what to say, so she looked at Granny Smith for help.

"She's right," the old mare said, and nodded slowly. Applejack folded her ears backwards, and looked shocked. She then turned towards Big Mac, and asked: "Big Mac, ya're on my side, right?"
The big red stallion looked at her calmly, and said with his deep voice: "Nope."

"What!? Ya too?" Applejack asked, even more shocked than before.

"Yeap." Big Macintosh said, nodding.

Applejack was now lost for words. She looked around her family, opening and closing her mouth. Her eyes met with Apple Bloom's. A wide grin had appeared on Apple Bloom's face. Applejack frowned and was about to rise from the table to leave, when she felt a wrinkled hoof touch her own.
Applejack turned her head, and saw Granny Smith looking at her calmly. Applejack stopped, and sat down again.

"Applejack," Granny Smith said, looking at her gently. Applejack looked back, and asked: "What?"

"Would ya have stopped messing around with that Rainbow Dash, if Ah had told ya to?" Granny Smith asked, looking at her questioningly. Applejack squirmed on her chair a little, and said quietly: "Ah wouldn't."

"See?" Granny Smith said, patting Applejack's hoof with her own. She then continued: "Apple Bloom didn't tell ya what to do, so why won't ya give her that too?"

Applejack looked at her little sister, who was smiling to her pleadingly. Applejack looked at her brother and grandmother too, and they too had the same pleading smile on their faces. She then drooped her head, and sighed deeply.

"Fine, do what ya wan't sis," Applejack said, and immediately felt somepony's hoofs wrapping around her. She looked up, and saw Apple Bloom snuggling closer to her.
Applejack looked at her surprised, and Apple Bloom said: "Thank ya Applejack!"

"It's nothing sis, but if he ever make's ya sad, just tell me and Ah'll take care of it," Applejack said seriously, and returned the hug. Apple Bloom looked at her with a annoyed smile on her face.
Applejack chuckled, and said: "Okay okay, Ah wont bother ya two."

"Now get to bed everypony! Ya have lot of work tomorrow," Granny Smith said, smiling happily.

"Yes Granny Smith," all the Apple family siblings said in unison, and took their plates. They placed them to the kitchen sink, and said goodnight to Granny Smith. They then started to move towards the stairs. Apple Bloom skipped happily to her own room, saying: "G'night Applejack, G'night Big Mac,"

"G'night," Applejack and Big Mac said to her.

After Apple Bloom had closed the door, Big Macintosh said to Applejack: "Glad ya came to yer senses sis,"

"Ah didn't. Ah still don't like her going out with Spike," Applejack said, lifting her stetson with her hoof. She then continued: "Something bad is gonna happen, that Ah tells ya."
Big Macintosh sighed, and said: "Ah don't think so, Spike's a nice fella."
Applejack glared daggers at him, and Big Macintosh decided that it maybe would be better if he shut up. He then walked towards his own room, and said: "G'night Applejack."
He received a annoyed grunt for a reply, and then he closed the door.

* * *

Two days later.

Something disrupted Spike's sleep. He couldn't tell what it was, but it woke him up. Spike opened his eyes slowly, and saw that it was still dark, or so he thought. He could hear rippling from outside the window.
Suddenly he heard a loud crack, and quick flash illuminated his bedroom. Spike groaned, it was thunder that didn't let him sleep.
Spike was curled to a big ball on his bed, like a dragon guarding his treasure. Spike chuckled at the image, and thought that his bed actually was his treasure. He tried to close his eyes, but lighting cracked loudly again.

"Fine! I'm waking up!" he thought angrily, and stretched his body lazily. Spike then rolled down from his bed, so that he landed to all his four legs on to the floor. He stayed that way, and walked to bathroom, where he took a shower.

After a quick shower, Spike came back to his room, and light a candle with his flame breath. He picked it up, and lifted it close to a watch, so he could see what time it was.

"Half past one in the afternoon!? Why didn't Twilight woke me up?" Spike thought shocked. He then looked out. It was almost as dark as it would be during the night.

"That's a pretty bad looking storm out there," he thought, scratching his chin.

After a while of watching the storm ravage through the Ponyville, Spike started to walk towards his door, where he saw a note attached to it. Spike took the note to his hand, and lifted the candle closer to it.

Dear Spike,

Sorry for not waking you up, but I had to leave during the night to cloudscale. There's a problem with the storm machine jamming, and as a princess my duty is to go and check it out. I'll come back as soon as possible.


PS. I left you something in the fridge.

That explains couple of things," Spike thought, and looked out of the window. Another lighting struck some poor tree in the distance.

"I can almost smell the smoke from where it hit," Spike thought, but soon realized that he really smelled smoke. He looked down, and saw that the note had caught on fire, because he had kept the candle too close to it for too long.

"Oh sh.." Spike started, and tried to blow out the flame. He's a dragon, and instead of blowing air, he blew green fire. The note burst into flames, and soon there was only a small pile of ash in Spike's hand.

"Well, glad I managed to read it first," Spike thought, and threw the ashes into a nearby trash bin.

Spike then walked downstairs, and light all the candles and lanterns he could find. They had some electrical lights too, but Spike knew that it wasn't a good idea to turn them on during a thunderstorm as fierce as this.

After he had light all the candles, Spike remembered the note.

"I left you something in the fridge," he said to himself, licking his lips. He quickly walked towards the kitchen, when he heard a sound from behind him: "Hoo."

Spike turned around, and saw Owlowiscious, Twilight Sparkles pet owl. Spike reached his arm towards the owl, and it flew from top of one bookshelf and landed onto his hand.

"Hoo," it said again. Spike chuckled and said: "Twily of course. She left something for me into the fridge."

"Hoo!" Owlowiscious said again, and Spike frowned.

"Don't start that with me again!" Spike said, pointing his finger at the owl, that replied by saying: "Hoo."
Spike swept his free hand over his face, sighing deeply. He then looked at the bird that kept looking out from the window, into the storm. Spike decided to change the subject.

"So you can't sleep either?" Spike asked. Owlowiscious looked at him, and said: "Hoo."
Spike grunted, and said irritated: "You can't answer to that question like that!"

Their wrangling stopped, when they heard knocking from the door. First Spike thought that he heard things, but then he heard the knocking again.

"Hoo?" Owlowiscious asked, and Spike replied: "I don't know."
Spike walked to the front door, while Owlowiscious flew back to the top of the bookshelves, and continued to watch who the visitor was.

Spike opened the door, and was greeted by a lousy looking, rain soaked filly with red mane and light yellow coat. Even her bow was hanging downwards, making it look sad. The filly was shaking from cold. She swept the wet mane from her eyes, and looked at confused Spike with a sheepish smile.

"H-Hi S-Spikey," Apple Bloom said, and her teeth clattering.

"Apple Bloom? What are you doing out there in that storm?" Spike asked, and pulled Apple Bloom inside. HE closed the door after them, and turned back to shaking Apple Bloom.

"Ah was at Carouselle Boutique, visiting Sweetie Belle. When Ah left, that storm came out of nowhere!" Apple Bloom explained, still shaking. There was a small bubble of water starting to form under her.
Apple Bloom started to draw circles to the wet floor, and then said: "Ah thought.. Maybe Ah could stay here? Until the storm passes?"
Spike looked at her with a grin, and said: "Sure, but first we need to get you dried up. Or you might get flu or something,"

Apple Bloom nodded happily, and then followed Spike to the bathroom. There Spike gave her a towel, and she started to scrub herself dry. Spike had to give her another towel, because the first one got soaked wet.

"Could ya give a helping hand here?" Apple Bloom asked, when she tried to scrub her back, where she couldn't reach. Spike hesitated for a moment, looking at Apple Bloom shyly. Apple Bloom just smiled at him, and offered the towel to him.

"Sure," Spike then said, and took the towel from her. He then laid the towel onto Apple Bloom's back, and started to scrub it gently. Apple Bloom let out a small sigh, when Spike moved his hands to her shoulders. They both blushed when she did that, but Spike kept massaging.
Spike kept massaging her for a moment, before Apple Bloom said: "Ah think my coat's dry already."

"Oh.. Yeah, sorry about that," Spike chuckled nervously, and threw the towel into a laundry bin. Apple Bloom turned around and snuggled Spike's neck.

"Ah liked that," she said, making Spike feel somewhat proud of himself.

Apple Bloom quickly brushed her mane, and Spike placed her bow back to it's own place.
They then made their way back to downstairs, where they sat on the couch. They couldn't figure anything to speak about, They had a small gap between them.

"Go closer to him," Apple Bloom thought.

"Speak. Speak. Speak," Spike told himself, and after a while he managed to ask: "You want something? I can make tea."
Apple Bloom smiled, and asked: "Ya have any coffee?"

"Coffee it is!" Spike said and rose up from the couch. He then walked to kitchen.

Apple Bloom sprawl on the couch, and waited for Spike to come back to the living room. She heard how Spike warmed the coffee with his flames, and how the storm still raged outside. Apple Bloom quickly moved closer to Spike's end of the couch, so he had to sit right next to her when he would come back.

"How do you want it?" She heard Spike asking from the kitchen.

"Black!" Apple Bloom answered, and of long after that Spike came back to the living room. He had two cups of steaming coffee in his hands, and he gave the another one to Apple Bloom, who said briskly: "Thanks!"
Spike seemed like he would have remembered something, and he placed his cup to the couch table.

"Wait just a sec," he said, and rushed back to the kitchen. Apple Bloom frowned annoyed.

After about a minute, Spike came back with two plates. Apple Bloom's eyes widened, when she saw what was on the plates. There was a big peace of cake on both of the plates.

"Where did ya get that?" Apple Bloom asked, when Spike gave her the other plate. Spike chuckled, and said: "Twilight left this for me."
Apple Bloom started to grin happily, and patted the couch next to her. Spike smiled a little, and sat down. He carefully placed his tail, so that it wouldn't hit Apple Bloom.
Apple Bloom snickered, because her plan worked just like she wanted. They were now sitting so that their sides touched. Spike scratched his Spikes nervously, when Apple Bloom snuggled closer to him.
She then dropped her head on Spike's lap, so he had to look down at her.

Apple Bloom and Spike stared at each other for a second, before Apple Bloom asked: "Could ya do that again?"

"Do what again?" Spike asked, petting Apple Bloom's mane. Apple Bloom sat back up, and then said: "That massage."
Spike smiled, and said: "Sure, just lay there on your stomach."
Apple Bloom did as Spike asked, and laid onto her stomach. She took a sip of her coffee and started to eat the cake, while Spike moved his hands to her shoulders.

Apple Bloom tensed up when Spike first touched her. She soon relaxed, when Spike started to untie knots in her shoulder. She let out satisfied sighs, so Spike could tell he was doing a good job.
Spike slowly started to go higher towards Apple Bloom's neck, and shivers went down her spine.

"How is he so a good at this?" Apple Bloom thought, while enjoying the massage she was getting. She quickly took a sip of her coffee, and another bite from the cake.

The cake tasted really good, and Apple Bloom was pretty sure that Twilight had bought it from Sugarcube corner. She munched the cake happily, while Spike massaged her neck gently.
Suddenly she felt something hard in her teeth. Apple Bloom yelped, and Spike quickly stopped massaging her.

"Sorry! Did I do something wrong?" worried Spike asked.
Apple Bloom gulped down the cake, but left the hard object in her mouth.

"Nah. Ah hav somthin in ma mouth!" Apple Bloom mumbled, and showed Spike the object, that was between her teeth. It was a red ruby.
Spike chuckled a bit. He had forgotten that the cake was made for him.

"What ish it?" Apple Bloom asked, when she saw Spike's amused expression.

"It's a ruby," Spike said. Apple Bloom looked at him weirdly, and Spike explained: "I forgot that the cake was made for me."
Understanding spread on Apple Bloom's face, but then her expression changed into more seducing stare, that made Spike nervous. Apple Bloom had the ruby still in her teeth, when she asked with a sultry voice: "Ya want it?"

Spike nodded, and reached towards it, but Apple Bloom slipped the ruby back into her mouth, and fell to her back on the couch. She looked at confused Spike with half lidded eyes, and said: "Come and get it."
Spike's eyes widened, and his scaly cheeks went red. He looked at Apple Bloom who was laying on the couch.

"Do you mean.. like..?" Spike asked, without finishing the sentence.
Apple Bloom giggled girlishly, and then nodded.

Spike gulped, and braced himself.
He started to lean closer towards the slyly grinning Apple Bloom. He had to place his hands around Apple Bloom, so he wouldn't fall over her, and crush the poor filly.
Apple Bloom's muzzle was just a couple of inches away from Spike's nose, and her heart was beating like crazy. She moved the ruby around in her mouth. She couldn't take her eyes off from Spike's green eyes, that were getting closer to her face. Spike stopped leaning forwards just before their lips met, and he looked at Apple Bloom, bit uncertain.

"Just c'mere," Apple Bloom said, and pulled Spike closer with her hoof.

Their lips met, and Spike seemed tensed up for a moment. He soon relaxed, and wrapped his arms around her. The kiss seemed to last forever, and they both had trouble holding their breath. Apple Bloom broke the kiss and bit Spike's lower lip lightly. They both breathed heavily, but kissed quickly again, and again, and again.

After half a dozen smaller kisses, Apple Bloom remembered the ruby in her mouth. She pulled Spike closer to her, and whispered: "Ya still want the ruby?"
Spike snickered and grinned slyly. He then pressed his lips against Apple Bloom's.
Spike licked her lower lip gently, asking for entrance. Apple Bloom opened her mouth, and let Spike's tongue in. Their tongues played around in her mouth for a second, before Spike's tongue grabbed the ruby.
They broke the kiss, and Spike crunched the ruby in his mouth. He then gulped it down, and looked back at Apple Bloom, who was still in his tight hug.

Spike rolled around on the couch, and Apple Bloom yelped surprised.
She soon found herself laying on top of Spike, who smiled at her playfully. Apple Bloom giggled, and nuzzled his cheeks. Spike nuzzled her mane, that smelled clean, with a hint of apples.
They snuggled there for a good while, and listened the sound of storm.
The rain made a small rippling sound against the glass, and it was surprisingly soothing. Even they both had slept well last night, they started to feel their eyelids closing.
Apple Bloom tightened her grip around Spikes neck, and yawed loudly. Spike smiled and stroke her mane, while she laid her head on his chest.
Apple Bloom fell asleep quickly, and Spike soon followed.

* * *

About one and a half hour later the storm had ceased. It was still dark though, because there still was lots of black clouds on the sky. The library was silent, but there was couple of small candle flames fluttering in some windows.

Wind had calmed down too, but there was broken branches laying on the ground, and fallen leaves everywhere. It would take a whole day to clean up Ponyville.

Suddenly the wind started to howl again, but it was centralized to a small area right next to library's door. Wind blew harder, and a purple flash appeared in front of the door. There was a big purple magic aura, that lasted for couple of seconds. When it disappeared, it left a purple alicorn standing next to the library door.

Twilight Sparkle shook her head, and flapped her wings couple of times. She didn't like long distance teleportation. It made her feel light headed, and her mouth always felt like sand paper after it.
Twilight wobbled for a second, but then her nausea disappeared, like always. She sighed from relief, and trotted towards the door, because it was still a bit chilly outside.
She opened the door, and stepped inside the library.

"Spike, I'm home," Twilight said, while walking towards kitchen. There she immediately noticed that the coffee pan had still about half of it full of coffee.

"Spike doesn't usually drink coffee, unless we're out of tea," She thought, and then realized that Spike hadn't even answered to her. Twilight was confused, and walked towards the living room.

There was only one candle, that was still alight in the living room. Twilight tried to see look around the library, but didn't see anything. She used a illuminating spell, and a small white glow emerged from her horn. She looked around the room again, and saw a long purple tail with green spikes hanging over the handrail of the couch.

"He's taking nap again. Lazy dragon," Twilight thought and smiled. She then walked towards the couch, and said: "Spike, I'm home. Get up, we nee.."
She stopped when he saw Spike. He was curled to a big ball, and Apple Bloom was curled up with Spike. Spike looked like he was guarding Apple Bloom with his body, and they let small sniffling sounds when they slept.

Twilight looked at the couple, with eyes wide from surprise, but then Apple Bloom mumbled Spike's name, and squeezed him tighter. That made Twilight's heart melt, and she smiled at them. She started to slowly back away from the two sleeping lovers, but then Spike lifted his head.
He looked at Twilight with sleepy eyes, and then did a silent yaw. He smacked his mouth, and then quietly said: "Hi Twily."

"Hi Spike," Twilight said quietly, trying not to wake up Apple Bloom.

They stared at each other for a moment, before Twilight pointed at Apple Bloom and asked: "What's she's doing here?"

"The storm caught her by a surprise," Spike said and nuzzled Apple Bloom's neck, making her squirm in her sleep. Twilight snickered at him, and asked: "I see its going pretty well with you two?"

"Yeah. She's the best," Spike said, and smiled at Twilight. He then asked: "What time is it?

"Half past three. The storms already over," Twilight answered to him, and Spike turned to Apple Bloom. He whispered something to her ear, and Apple Bloom started to slowly open her eyes.
She yawed cutely, and then looked at Spike.

"Hi Spikey," she said, and they kissed. The kiss was caring and soft.
Then Apple Bloom noticed Twilight, and she blushed. Twilight too was blushing a little, but she had a warm smile on her face. She waved at Apple Bloom and said: "Hi Apple Bloom."

"Hi Twilight.." Apple Bloom said nervously, and waved back at her. Spike snickered, and started to stretch his arms and legs. He rose up to a sitting position, and so did Apple Bloom.

"You two wan't something?" Twilight asked, while walking towards the kitchen.

"Nah thank's Twilight, Ah need to get back to farm," Apple Bloom said, while adjusting her bow. Spike looked at him a bit sadly, and asked: "Do you really need to go?"

"Sorry Spikey. Ah would really like to stay -" Apple Bloom kisses Spike on the lips "- but I bet Applejack's worried sick," Apple Bloom told Spike with a sad look on her face.

"Can I walk you there at least?" Spike asked, with a pleading look on his face.
Apple Bloom smiled happily, and said: "Sure ya can Spikey."

* * *

Apple Bloom and Spike were once again getting closer to the Sweet Apple Acres. They walked slowly, and Apple Bloom leaned against Spike, who held his hand on her shoulder. He sometimes rubbed her shoulder with his thumb. I made Apple Bloom giggle and nuzzle his neck, which he liked.

When they reached the farm, the sun already started to peek from behind the clouds. Apple Bloom and Spike looked at ech other at the main gate, and they shared a warm hug, and a small kiss.

"Maybe I'll visit you during the next thunderstorm," Spike said, smiling at Apple Bloom teasingly. Apple Bloom frowned, but smiled.
She was just about to say something, when they heard familiar creaky voice.

"Apple Bloom? Is that the Spike fella ya were arguing about yesterday?" a light green pony, with a bad hip and a walker walked towards them slowly. Spike waved at the older mare, and said: "Good afternoon Granny Smith."

"Nothing too good about it," Granny Smith said, and looked up at the sky. Apple Bloom and Spike snickered a little.
Granny Smith looked at the couple, and then started to examine Spike. She seemed thoughtful.

"Ah can't see why in darnation Applejack doesn't like ya. Ya seem like a nice and strong fella to me," Granny Smith said, touching Spike's wings.

"You're flattering me," Spike said, and Granny Smith, smiled a tired smile. She then turned to Apple Bloom, and said: "Ya think yar boyfriend would stay for a dinner?"
Apple Bloom's eyes widened and a wide smile spread on her face. She looked at Spike and thought: "Why didn't Ah think of that?"

Spike looked at Apple Bloom, and then whispered into her ear: "What about Applejack?"
Apple Bloom waved her hoof towards him, and let out a small 'pfft'. She then looked towards the house, and said: "What about Applejack? Ah can do what ever Ah want."

Spike and Granny Smith smiled at her, and then Granny Smith said: "So it's settled then?"

"I guess so," Spike said, and pulled Apple Bloom closer to him. Granny Smith smiled again, but then said: "Apple Bloom, ya come and help me in the kitchen."

"Okay Granny Smith," Apple Bloom said. Granny Smith nodded, and then turned toward Spike.

"Ya go help Big Mac in the barn. He'll see if ya're good coltfriend material for our Apple Bloom," she said, and Apple Bloom giggled at Spike's reaction.
Spike quickly swept the surprised expression from his face, and said: "Of course ma'am."
Granny Smith seemed pleased with the answer, and she and Apple Bloom headed towards house, while spike walked towards the barn.

Spike found Big Macintosh from the barn, and told him what Granny Smith had said. Big Macintosh had just nodded, and told him to stack the hay pales in the corner of the barn.

At first Spike had thought that he was useless in the barn. Of course Big Macintosh hadn't said anything criticizing, but he had looked at Spike with a bit judging look.
After a while Spike got used to moving big hay pales around, and he actually was pretty helpful.

Spike took one of the pales, and he pushed on top of three others. His height was a real advantage, even he was a little shorter than Big Macintosh, he had long arms that helped. Big Macintosh would have needed ladders or something to lift the hay pale to the right height on his back.

After lifting one more pale on the top of the others, Spike looked at Big Macintosh. He saw him do something, that resembled a nod. Spike knew it meant that Big Macintosh was impressed. Spike himself felt good too, some physical work made him feel refreshed.

Spike and Big Macintosh looked around the barn. All the hay pales were in order.

"So.. We done here?" Spike asked from Big Macintosh, who nodded and said: "Yep."
Spike nodded, and waited for Big Mac to think something else for him to do. Instead of further instructions, Big Macintosh asked: "How do ya like Apple Bloom?"
Spike was surprised by Big Macintosh's sudden question. He looked at the calm looking red farm body with a confused look. How could usually so quiet pony suddenly ask question like that?

"She's nice," Spike said carefully. Big Macintosh looked at him with his calm and green eyes, that seemed to see right trough him.

"And I like her really much," Spike added. Big Macintosh nodded slowly, and then asked with his deep voice: "How much?"
Spike thought for a quick second, before he decided to be straight with him. He looked Big Mac into eyes, and said: "So much that nothing else is more important to me,"

"Now that's what Ah wanted to hear," Big Macintosh said, smiling a little at the purple dragon. Spike smiled back at him, and then they heard Apple Bloom shout: "Boys, get over here! Dinner's ready!"

She didn't need to tell them twice, because Spike felt his stomach rumble, and he had waited for the dinner ever since he arrived at the farm. They moved to the house, and Spike followed Big Macintosh to the kitchen. They both had to watch their heads, when they walked trough doors.
They reached the kitchen, where Spike saw that the whole table was full of different kind of foods. There were vegetable soup for main course, bread and butter, milk and apple juice and just some plain apples. Spike was sure that there would be something as a desert too.
The other apple family was already sitting around the table, waiting for them.

There was two free seats. One between Granny Smith an Apple Bloom, and one between Applejack and Apple Bloom. Spike saw Applejack looking at her with narrowed eyes, and front hooves folded over her chest. Spike gulped, and decided to sit between Apple Bloom and Granny Smith.
After he and Big Macintosh had sat down, Granny Smith gave a signal that they could start eating.

Spike didn't know should he take just a little bit of food, even he was so damn hungry. He watched the apple family taking food from the table, and he realized that he shouldn't be too shy around them.
After Spike had taken all the food he wanted, Apple Bloom placed a scoopful more soup for him, and he thanked with a warm smile. Apple Bloom rubbed her hind leg against Spike's leg under the table.

"So how did he do in the barn?" Apple Bloom asked, breaking the silence. All of them turned towards Big Macintosh, who was just about to take another spoonful of soup.

"Did he do good?" Applejack asked, while glaring at Spike. They waited for Big Macintosh to finish swallowing down the soup. He then said: "Yep."

Apple Bloom smiled at Spike, and said: "Ah knew ya could do it."
Spike chuckled at her, and then Big Macintosh added: "We got four pales on top of each other without ladders."
Applejack almost chocked to her soup, and he couched couple of times.

"Four? Without ladders? How!?" she asked, glancing between Spike and Big Macintosh.

"Long arms," Spike said, and waved at her. Applejack looked at him with wide eyes, and then leaned back to her chair. She scratched her head and said: "Well Ah'll be damned."

"Applejack," Granny Smith said, looking at her with a frown. Applejack looked apologetic, and said: "Sorry Granny."

The mood got a lot lighter after that, and even Applejack seemed to be acting more positively towards Spike. They ate the dinner, speaking about the farm and Spike's work in the library. Apple Bloom kept rubbing her hind leg against Spike's leg under the table, and Spike sometimes returned the gesture.
After they had eaten the main course, they moved to the deserts. Just like Spike had predicted. They had apple pie with ice cream. Spike noticed that Apple Bloom wasn't the only one in her family, who had a hearty appetite.

"So Big Mac," Spike started, and Big Macintosh looked at him with a blank stare. Spike then continued: "How is it going with Fluttershy?"
Big Macintosh stared at him, and said: "Good."

"Not a guy of long words," Spike thought, and took another bite of his pie. He thought he saw a small grin on Big Macintosh's face, when he asked: "How is it going with Apple Bloom?"
Apple Bloom giggled, and said: "Were doing fine."

"Ain't that nice to hear," Granny Smith said, and Spike thought he saw Applejack smiling a little too.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud crack, and a flash.
They all turned towards the kitchen window, and saw that it had started to rain again, even the sun was still shining. Applejack jumped off her chair, and looked out of the window.

"There's a another purdy bad looking storm headed our way," she said, looking back at the rest of them. Spike thought that he would need to walk home in a total storm, if he wouldn't be leaving soon. He looked at Apple Bloom, with a sad smile and said: "I think I need to go before it gets any worse."
Apple Bloom looked at him, and was about to say something, but Applejack said before she could: "Ya're not going anywhere Spike. Just think what would Twilight say, if Ah send her best assistant into the rain?"

Other Apple family's members nodded, and Apple Bloom beamed at Spike. She hugged Spike, and said: "Ya gonna stay here for the night!"

"For the night?" Spike asked confusedly. He then looked at the others, who again nodded. He thought what would Twilight say.

"I don't know, Twilight might get upset," Spike said, but Applejack just waved her hoof at him, saying: "Ah'll tell her that it was mah idea."
Spike wasn't so sure about that, but he then felt Apple Bloom plant a small kiss onto his cheek.

"If you insist," Spike said, while Apple Bloom nuzzled his neck.

"Ah'll make the guest room ready," Applejack said, and flipped her hat onto her head. She was about to leave, but the look on other's faces made her stop. They looked at her with a bit amused.

"What?" Applejack asked, and saw Apple Bloom squeezing Spike closer to herself. She looked at her older sister, and said: "He'll sleep in my room,"
Applejack looked like she was about to say something, but didn't. She just grunted, and nodded to

* * *

Apple Bloom skipped towards her room with Spike. Applejack followed close behind them. Apple Bloom opened her room's door, and waited for Spike. Just as Spike was about to go inside, Applejack pushed the door shut. She and Spike were in the other side of the door, and Applejack leaned against it, so that Apple Bloom couldn't open it.

"Applejack!" She shouted angrily and tried to push the door open, but her older sister was too heavy. Apple Bloom frowned, and pressed her ear against the door.

She could hear Applejack speaking: "Ya know ain't too happy about this."

"I know," Spike said, and Apple Bloom heard some nervousness in his voice. Apple Bloom tried to push the door again, without result.

"Ah will let ya in, with one condition," she hear Applejack saying. They were quiet for a minute, before Apple Bloom heard Spike ask: "And what's that?"

"No funny stuff," Applejack said immediately, sounding serious. Apple Bloom started giggling, and she heard Spike chuckle too. She could also hear Applejack grunt annoyed.

"Don't worry about it," Spike said, still chuckling a little. Then there was a short silence again, before Applejack said: "A'right then,"

The door opened, and stupidly smiling Spike entered the room. He was greeted by a snickering Apple Bloom. Spike shut the door behind him, and they waited, until they heard Applejack walk away from the door. They heard her room's door open and shut.

"Applejack seems pretty protective," Spike said to Apple Bloom. She took of her bow, and threw it to a table. She then said: "Yeah, she has always been like that."

Spike looked around Apple Bloom's room. The walls were painted in light green. There was a molding on the top of the wall, which had red apples painted on it. Corner beams of the room were big wooden bars, that were painted a bit more deep green than the walls.
There was a big vanity table on the opposite wall from the bed. Next to it was a chest, that was probably full of her old toys.
Spike looked out of the big windows, and saw how clouds had started to move away from over the Ponyville, and Luna's moon started to rise over the horizon. Some of the bigger stars too had appeared on the night sky.
Spike turned towards Apple Bloom, who was laying on the bed. The bed was a four poster bed, that too had lots of apple related decorations in it. The sheets were light pink, and it too had red apples sewn on it.

Spike walked towards the bed, and extinguish the last candle on the night table. He then looked at Apple Bloom, who was laying on a bed, in a tempting pose.

"Spikey.. come to bed.." Apple Bloom whined, rolling to her back and stretching. Spike chuckled, and walked towards the bed. He sat down onto the pink sheets, and Apple Bloom rolled closer to him. She brushed his spikes with her hoof, making Spike arch his back. His back spikes were a bit ticklish, so he quickly laid down next to Apple Bloom.

Spike was laying right on the edge of the bed, while Apple Bloom took almost all of the bed. Spike frowned at the smiling filly, and pushed her gently toward her side of the bed. Apple Bloom rolled back onto her back, and gave some room for Spike.
Spike pulled the blanket over them, and Apple Bloom closed him into a warm hug. Spike pulled her a bit closer, and kissed the tip of her muzzle.
Apple Bloom giggled, and kissed his nose in return. They then locked their lips to a longer, more passionate kiss, that lasted for a while.

"Ya know, If somepony would have said that Ah would be sleep in a same bed with a dragon someday, Ah wouldn't had believed them," Apple Bloom said when they broke the kiss. Spike rubbed her muzzle with his nose, and said quietly: "If somepony would have said that I would be sleeping in a same bed with so beautiful mare, I wouldn't had believed them."
Apple Bloom blushed, and smiled at him lovely. She then kissed Spike again on the mouth.
Spike brushed her mane with his hand, and looked at her orange eyes, that reflected the rising moon's light.

They cuddled for a while, before Apple Bloom looked at Spike with a sly look.

"Ya really think Ah'm beautiful?" she asked, blinking her eyes cutely. Spike looked at her in the eyes, and ran his hand down her curvy side. Apple Bloom blushed when Spike stopped his hand over her flank.

"You're the most beautiful mare in all of Ponyville," Spike said, and ensured her with a kiss. Apple Bloom giggled, and wrapped her hooves tightly around Spikes chest. She then whispered into his ear: "Only in Ponyville?"

"In all of Equestria," Spike added quickly, and Apple Bloom giggled.

She pushed her lips against Spike's lips, and slipped her tongue into his mouth.
Their tongues struggled for dominance in his mouth for a moment, until Apple Bloom broke the kiss, saying: "That's more like it."

Spike yawed quietly, and Apple Bloom joined him. She let out a small cute sight after she yawed, and pressed her face into Spike's neck, nuzzling it with her muzzle. Spike sighed from satisfaction. He pulled her a bit closer to himself, so that they were now tightly pressed together.

"Goodnight," Spike said, and kissed Apple Bloom's forehead.

"G'night, I love ya," Apple Bloom answered to him. Spike chuckled at her, but then said with a gentle voice: "I love you too."

After that they quickly fell asleep, holding each other in their warm and caring embrace.

* * *

Applejack opened her room's door. She looked around the corridor, and saw nopony there. Morning sun's light shined trough the only window in the corridor. She flipped her hat onto her head and stepped outside. She silently closed the door, and sneaked towards Apple Bloom's room.
When she reached the door, she pressed her ear against it. Applejack listened for a while, holding her breath. She couldn't hear anything, so she leaned away from the door.

Applejack looked around her nervously. She then looked back at the door, and seemed hesitant.
After a while of thinking, she drooped her ears and grabbed from the door's handle. She slowly pressed the handle, so the door would open as quietly as possible.

The handle let out a small click, that sounded like a gunshot in Applejack's opinion. She froze still, and waited. She sighed relieved, when nopony seemed to react to the sound.
Applejack pushed the door gently, opening it slowly. She peeked in the room, but couldn't see the bed from that angle. She opened the door a bit more, and pushed her head into the room.

She saw the bed now, and the two teens on it.
Apple Bloom had stolen the whole blanket to herslef during the night. She was holding her hooves around Spike's neck, so that her face was buried into his neck. Spike was laying on his back, holding his other arm around Apple Bloom. The other one rested on Apple Bloom's hind leg, that was stretched over his lap.
They let out small snuffle while they slept.

The scene was a bit amusing, but Applejack frowned at the sight.

"Sleeping with a darn dragon. Better wake them up.." Applejack thought, but then she heard something. She turned towards the sleeping couple, and saw Apple Bloom squirming a little. She seemed to be dreaming about something, and she pouted and let out little whimpering.
Applejack saw Spike leaning closer to her little sister, and planting a small kiss on her forehead, immediately making her calm down. Apple Bloom smiled a little, and muttered: "Spikey.."
Then they continued to snuffle silently.

Applejack looked at them, with her lower lip quivering a little. Her frown faded away, and her lips turned into a small happy smile. She then looked at the pair, and thought: "Aww shucks. Why in darnation was Ah so worried about her?"
Applejack flicked her hat upwards and pulled her head from the room, closing the door after her.

"Ya believe now?" Applejack heard a low voice from behind her. She jumped and almost let out a yelp, but managed to gulp it back down. She turned around, and saw Big Macintosh staring at her with a blank stare.
After recovering from the scare, Applejack asked annoyed: "Believe what?"

"That Spike will make a pretty dandy brother-in-law," Big Macintosh said. Applejack tried to look annoyed, but her expression changed into a small smile.

"Yeah, I do," she answered to her big brother. Big Macintosh too smiled. Or in other words the corners of his mouth jerked upwards a little, but that meant lot in his case.

They smiled at each other for a moment before Applejack shook her head, and noticed they were still standing in the corridor. She looked out of the window, and saw that the sun was getting higher on the sky.

"What are ya standing there? We have lot of things to do!" she said, and bucked Big Mac on the flank just hard enough for it to hurt. Big Mac grunted and drooped his ears, but started to walk towards the stairs with his sister.

* * *

Apple Bloom felt warm, or rather hot actually. She tried to roll around onto her back, but something stopped her from doing that. Something held her tightly, so she couldn't move. She opened her eyes, and saw Spike's face right in front of her muzzle.

Apple Bloom giggled quietly, and struggled to get out of the tight grip of the dragon. Spike tightened his hug, and slowly opened his eyes. First thing he saw was a pair of big orange eyes, and a sly grin.

"Morning Spikey," Apple Bloom said with a alluring voice. She then pressed her lips against Spike's, shaking the rest of the sleepiness from him quickly.

After the kiss Apple Bloom rolled away from the hug, and hopped down from the bed. Spike looked at her sadly, and wished for her to come back to bed with him.
Apple Bloom just chuckled, and threw the blanket back onto the bed, and trotted towards the door.

"Ah'll take a shower, so ya get up and ready for breakfast," she said to Spike, who nodded lazily. After that she left the room, and skipped towards the bathroom, that was next to Applejack's room.

She didn't hear anything from her room as she passed the door, but noticed that the sun was already high on the sky. Apple Bloom had slept really long, and nopony had woken her up. Applejack usually woke her up when she herself woke up, but not today.
It was weird, but she soon realized that it was probably because of Spike.

She didn't bother herself with that anymore, and stepped into the bathroom, where she took a warm shower. After that she brushed her mane and tail, and put on a little bit of mascara to her eyelashes, even Applejack didn't like that.
She took a new clean bow from a drawer, and placed it onto the back of her head.
Apple Bloom looked into the mirror, that was hanging on the wall over the sink. She fluttered her eyelashes couple of times, and looked at her reflection with a half lidded stare.

"Spike's gonna like this," she thought to herself, but then she heard hoof steps from the other side of the door. She was sure that she had heard at least two ponies walking in there. Apple Bloom heard the door of Applejack's room opening and closing.
Apple Bloom walked to the bathroom's door, and opened it. She could hear quiet talking from the other side of the door to Applejack's room. Apple Bloom looked around the corridor, and saw nopony else in there.
She walked to the door, and listened carefully. She could hear two voices. Other was Applejack's of course, and the other one sounded very familiar. It was mare's voice, Apple Bloom could tell that.

She heard faint giggling from other side of the door, and her curiosity got the better of her.
Apple Bloom opened the door silently, and peeked trough the small gap. She saw Applejack laying on her bed, with somepony else. Apple Bloom immediately recognized the other mare as Rainbow Dash.

They were holding each other in sweet embrace, while whispering something into each other's ears. Applejack had her long blonde mane untied, and Rainbow Dash had Applejack's hat on her own head. Apple Bloom knew that nopony else than Rainbow Dash had permission to wear Applejack's hat.
Applejack and Rainbow Dash giggled at the things they whispered at each other, and kissed between every whisper. They continued kissing for a moment, and Apple Bloom kept spying on them.

"You're the best, Apple muffin," Rainbow Dash said sultry, while kissing Applejack on the cheek. Applejack chuckled, and started: "Ya're the best.. Rainbow.. umm.."
She stopped, and tried to come up with something good. Apple Bloom giggled silently at the sight, and so did Rainbow Dash. Applejack's cheeks started to get redder, when she didn't come up with a good nickname for her partner.

"Rainbow muffin?" Apple Bloom proposed from the door, snickering a little. Both of the mares on the bed jump a little. They turned towards Apple Bloom, looking at her wide eyed and a bright red blush on their cheeks.

"Apple Bloom!?" Rainbow Dash shouted, sounding surprised and a bit irritated. Apple Bloom started to laugh a little, but then a pillow flew towards her head. She managed to dodge it, but Applejack threw another at her right away, shouting: "Shoo! Go bother somepony else!"
Laughing madly, Apple Bloom left the room and closed the door behind her. She then trotted towards her own room, still chuckling a little.

She was sure that Spike would be up already, but when she reached her room, she saw Spike deep asleep. Spike had pulled the blanket over himself, and snored a little while he slept.
Apple Bloom grinned playfully, and sneaked closer to the bed. There she lifted the blanket, so she could get under it. She tugged herself next to Spike. Apple Bloom leaned closer to Spike, so that her muzzle touched Spike's nose.

She waited for Spike to slowly open his green eyes, before she pushed her lips against his, and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Spike's eyes shot open, but soon closed again, as he joined into the kiss. Apple Bloom moaned a little into his mouth, and they continued kissing for a while.

Suddenly Apple Bloom broke the kiss, and kicked Spike out of the bed with her hind legs.
Spike landed onto the floor with a loud thud. Apple Bloom rolled around the bed playfully, and giggled. Spike meanwhile rose up to a sitting position, rubbing his back and groaning in pain.

"Why did you do that!?" he asked, looking angrily at Apple Bloom, who rolled onto her stomach.

"Ah told ya to get up, while Ah was in the shower," Apple Bloom said, and fluttered her eyelashes cutely. Only a halo above her head would have made her look more innocent.
Spike couldn't stay angry at her, and his angry expression turned into a smile.

He stood up clumsily, still rubbing his aching back.
After he got up, Spike reached his hand towards Apple Bloom, who placed her hoof into it. Spike gently pulled her up from the bed, like a gentleman should. Then he looked at Apple Bloom wryly.

"You also spoke something about breakfast," he said and licked his lips, making Apple Bloom giggle.

"Yeah, Ah did," she said, and walked towards the door, still holding her front hoof in Spike's hand.

* * *

The next day.

"Twilight! I'm going out!" Spike yelled to Twilight Sparkle, who was in her own personal laboratory in the basement. He heard some rumble from the basement, and there was hoof steps coming up the stairs. Spike waited at the front door, and soon the door of the basement opened.

"We agreed that you can go after you..." Twilight stopped talking, and looked confusedly around the library. It was spotlessly clean.

"... you clean up.." Twilight finished her sentence, and looked at Spike with wide eyes. Spike chuckled, and opened the front door of the library.

"Can I go now?" he asked, pointing out. Twilight looked at him for a second with a confused stare, but then shook her head and said: "Yeah. Sure you can go.. After all we agreed.."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Spike said and stepped out of the door, and closed it behind him.

The day was rather hot, and the residents of Ponyville were spending their day outside, where was a bit cooler than inside their homes.
Spike chuckled at all the ponies, who tried to find cover from the beaming sun. His thick scales rejected most of the heat from the sun, keeping him cool even during the most hottest seasons of Equestria.

Spike walked towards the town center, and decided to buy something to eat from the market.

"Maybe hay fries? Or maybe some apple fritters.." Spike thought, and soon found himself thinking about Apple Bloom. Her red silky mane and tail, her curvy body and her happy smile and cute freckles, her beautiful big orange eyes, and those eyelashes, that fluttered cutely when she blinked.

Spike sighed, and rubbed his forehead. After the night at Apple family's house, he couldn't shake Apple Bloom out of his head. She kept appearing in Spike's head all the time, like everything would remind him of her.
Spike passed some playing foals, and one of them had a red bow on back of her head. It too reminded him of Apple Bloom.
Spike grunted, and decided that after he got something to eat, he would go find Apple Bloom.

Spike arrived at the market soon, and started to look around for a stand that served food. He turned around couple of times, before he spotted one. There was a small stand with two big deep fryers, and a light brown stallion stuffed hay into them. Spike's mouth started to water, and he started to walk towards the stand.

After ordering some hay fries, he leaned against the counter of the stall, waiting for his fries to be done. Apple Bloom was still running around in his mind, and he nervously scratched his long green spike's.

"Wonder where she is.." Spike thought, but just as if on cue somepony grasped around his neck.

* * *

Apple Bloom was working at the market, fixing the Apple family's apple stand. It had gotten some damage during the storm two days ago. Scootaloo was with her, watching as Apple Bloom worked.
Apple Bloom was sweating a bit, and she had a utility belt hanging around her lower body. It had all kind of carpentering tools hanging from it.

The stand was quickly fixed, and Apple Bloom marveled at her handiwork. The stand was like brand new, and nopony could have guessed that it had been totally torn just one hour ago.

"Damn girl.. you even fixed the spelling error on the sign," Scootaloo admired, while looking at the 'Apples!' sign that used to have 'Aples!' written on it.

"Couldn't leave it there ya know," Apple Bloom said, looking at the good as new stand.

After a while of looking at the stand, Scootaloo leaned against it, and asked with a teasing tone: "So how is it going with Spike?"
Apple Bloom looked at her friend with a irritated look on her face. She then turned back towards the stand she had just fixed. Scootaloo flapped her wings couple of times, waiting for her answer.

"Fine," Apple Bloom said calmly, but Scootaloo wasn't pleased with the answer. She trotted closer to Apple Bloom, and said: "Now it's my turn to give you a little payback."

"Payback from what?" Apple Bloom asked confusedly. Scootaloo rolled her eyes, and said: "You and Sweetie Belle didn't leave me and Blues alone for a second when we started dating!"

"Oh yeah.. that. How's it going with ya two anyway?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Don't try to change the subject now!" Scootaloo said, poking Apple Bloom in the chest. Apple Bloom grinned at her sheepishly, and then said: "Really we're doing fine. We really like each other."

Scootaloo smirked at her, and pointed towards something.

"prove it," she said, and Apple Bloom turned towards the direction Scootaloo was pointing. She immediately saw what she was pointing at.
Spike stood out of the crowd, being half a head taller than the ponies. Maybe the fact that he is a dragon had something to do with it too. He was ordering something from a nearby stand. Apple Bloom snickered when she realized that he was ordering food.

"Well?" Scootaloo asked, breaking her daydreaming. Apple Bloom quickly glanced at her friend, and asked: "Well what?"

"Prove that it's going 'really fine' with you two. Go kiss him," Scootaloo said, smirking teasingly. Apple Bloom blushed a little. It wasn't like she couldn't do it. But there was a lot of ponies around them. What would they think?
Scootaloo saw Apple Bloom's hesitation, and quickly grabbed onto it.

"I knew you don't have the guts," she mocked Apple Bloom playfully. Apple Bloom turned towards her, looking at her with a angry expression.

"Are ya saying that Ah'm a coward!?" she hissed from between her teeth. Scootaloo just smirked at her teasingly. Apple Bloom stared at her with narrowed eyes, but then sighed, and turned towards Spike.

Apple Bloom trotted towards Spike, who was leaning against the counter of the stand, where a brown stallion was preparing his hay fires.
Apple Bloom saw that Spike had swept his green spike's back, like usually. His long tail was curled against his leg, and he seemed to be in his thoughts. She smiled and walked closer to him, stopping just few steps away from Spike. She waited for him to notice her, but he was too deep in his own thoughts.

Apple Bloom frowned and tapped her hoof on the ground couple of times, hoping that Spike would notice her. Spike didn't, and Apple Bloom grunted. She then looked at Scootaloo, who was still leaning against the apple stand. She grinned at Apple Bloom, looking amused.

"Okay, that's it," Apple Bloom thought, and looked at Spike.
She jumped towards him, and threw her hooves around Spike. Spike quickly turned his head towards her, with eyes wide from surprise. Apple Bloom giggled, and pushed her muzzle against his nose, and she saw how Spike's surprised expression changed into a broad smile.

"Apple Bloom!" he exclaimed, wrapping his hands around the filly. Apple Bloom smiled, and quickly glanced towards Scootaloo, who's grin had vanished, and she was now staring at the pair with a serious expression.
Spike noticed Apple Bloom looking at Scootaloo.

"What's going on?" Spike asked from Apple Bloom, who giggled and said: "She wanted to see us kiss."
Spike chuckled nervously, and looked around the crowd. There were already some curious ponies looking at them.

"Here? In the middle of all these ponies?" He asked. Apple Bloom frowned, but still smiled.

"What's wrong? Are ya embarrassed?" Apple Bloom asked, while nuzzling her muzzle against his nose gently. Spike shook his head, and said: "No.. It's just.."

"C'mere then!" Apple Bloom said and pulled Spike closer to her, locking her lips with his.
Spike looked around himself while they kissed. He saw many ponies looking at them, just as he ha feared. Soon everypony would know about them. He turned his eyes towards his fillyfriend, who had her eyes closed.
As if on cue, Apple Bloom opened her eyes, and gazed right into the eyes of Spike with those big beautiful orange eyes of her. At that moment, all of the Spike's doubts.
He pulled Apple Bloom closer, while leaning forward. Apple Bloom tightened her grip around Spike's neck, to prevent herself from falling onto her back. They kissed long and the kiss was full of caring and love.

The kiss could have lasted forever, but they were interrupted by somepony clearing his throat. They broke the kiss, leaving a small string of saliva between their lips. Spike lifted Apple Bloom up, and they looked at the brown pony in the stand. There was a box of steaming hay fries on the counter in front of him. He was looking confusedly at Spike.

"Umm.. That would be seven bits," the vendor said, while looking at the blushing couple. Spike snickered nervously, and took seven bits from the pouch, that hung in a string around his neck.

"Heh.. sure... here you go," he said, and placed the bits onto the counter. The vendor gladly accepted the bits, but still kept looking at them with a awkward stare.

Spike quickly took his box of hay fries, and he and Apple Bloom started to walk towards the snickering Scootaloo.

"You two really overdid it!" she laughed when they reached her. Scootaloo saw Apple Bloom and Spike blush a little, and she said: "It was pretty cute though."
Spike and Apple Bloom chuckled, and then Spike took couple of fries from the box. He put them into his mouth, and ate them slowly, enjoying every bite. It was his first meal of the day. After few more fries, he noticed Apple Bloom glancing at his fries. She licked her lips, without noticing it herself.

Spike sat down, leaning against the apple stand. He patted the ground next to him, and Apple Bloom sat next to him. They snuggled closer to each other, and then Spike offered some fries to her fillyfriend.
Apple Bloom smiled at him, and kissed Spike. She then took couple of fries and munched them quickly. Spike chuckled, and threw one fry into his mouth. They then kissed again, and ate some more.

Scootaloo watched them eat and make out for a minute, until she started to feel like a third feel. She looked around the market, and decided that she should go somewhere.

"You too a such a wimps," Scootaloo said, and looked at the couple, who were just in a middle of a kiss. They turned to look at her, and then Apple Bloom said, with a playful smirk on her face.

"Ah've seen ya do this with Blue Sky. Does that mean that ya're a wimp too?" she asked from Scootaloo, who blushed scarlet red. Scootaloo opened and closed her mouth couple of times, trying to say something. When nothing came out, she just let out a small 'hmph'.

"It's totally diffe.. Oh! It's Blues!" Scottaloo exclaimed, when she spotted a cyan blue colt with a rainbow colored mane in the other side of the market. Without saying anything, she took off with couple of strong wing flaps.

Apple Bloom and Spike watched her fly over the market like a pro. She then landed right in front of Blue Sky, and it seemed like they kissed.
Apple Bloom started to giggle, and Spike too chuckled. They then looked at each other. Apple Bloom tilted her head cutely, making her bow swing on back of her head. Spike too tilted his head, still staring at Apple Bloom. She leaned her head against Spike's shoulder, and sighed happily. Spike wrapped his arm around Apple Bloom, and held her close to himself. They then spent a while looking at the other couples in the market.

After a while, Apple Bloom saw a little foal running around. She then asked: "Ya want a foal someday?"
Spike coughed from surprise, and then looked at Apple Bloom with wide eyes.

"A-Ain't it a bit too early for that?" he asked, tumbling over his own words. That made Apple Bloom giggle. She then said: "Ah didn't mean that! Ah meant like have ya ever thought that ya would like to a have a foal."
A wave of relief swept across Spike's face, and he then said: "Well.. maybe someday."

"With me?" Apple Bloom asked, running her hoof down his chest.
Spike looked at her again, and started: "You just said.."

"Ah know, just messing with ya," Apple Bloom said, and kissed Spike on the cheek. She then added: "But ya could do it with me?"
Spike seemed really irritated, but he still smiled. He leaned closer to Apple Bloom, and whispered into her ear: "I could."
Apple Bloom giggled, and hugged Spike roughly, almost suffocating him. When she released Spike from the bear hug, she kissed him on the lips, and said: "I love ya Spikey,"

"I love you Apple Bloom," Spike answered.

They pushed their lips into a long and passionate kiss, that lasted for half a minute. After they broke the kiss, Apple Bloom leaned against Spike again. Spike held her hoof in his hand, and Apple Bloom wrapped her tail around Spike's leg. Spike snickered, because her tail tickled him a little. He would have done the same for Apple Bloom, but he was afraid that his strong tail could accidentally broke the filly's leg.

They spent some time just sitting there, but then Apple Bloom saw something that caught her attention. She sat more upright to see better. She saw Sweetie Belle walking at the market with somepony. Spike too saw her, and noticed the same thing that Apple Bloom had.

"Is that.." Apple Bloom started.

"..Rumble?" Spike finished the sentence, just like a old couple.

They then started to laugh at themselves, and kissed again. They would have enough time to interrogate Sweetie Belle later. Now they had more important things to do.

Author's Note:

Okay. Apple Bloom's done.