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When Twilight leaves on a diplomatic mission for the Princesses. She trusts the care of the library to the hands of Spike and Rarity. Which will get to them first: the patrons they try to serve or the romantic tension between the two of them...

This is based upon a picture by Pia-Sama, and with her permission, I was able to craft a story out of it. I also based this tale upon my own personal experience as a Librarian.

Hasbro owns the characters...not me.

Source for the picture in question...http://pia-sama.deviantart.com/art/Librarity-and-her-Assistant-399904806

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

Why not use Pia-sama's artwork as the story cover...? :o


Well, this looks like it will be a good story.
However, I would recommend getting a pre-reader. There were a few tense shifts and several wrong word usage incidents. This story has a lot of potential and I'd hate to see it languish because of such easily fixable errors. I will be favoriting this story and looking forward to more.

I like it so far c:
Hope there will be more

i do hope to read more of this story, just try to pace it a bit slower since quite a bit of ti t seems rushed but i guess you just want it out of the way in the prologue

Grammar needs to be checked. :o

I have to agree with you on the peewee thing. Those two should be together.


True, it was sad that Spike had to let PeeWee go back to its parents.....but it never said that the phoenix was gone forever. If phoenixes are immortal, I have a feeling that somehow Pee Wee is going to return to Spike--as a full grown Phoenix. There's no way that he's gonna forget everything that Spike did for him, plus there is the whole thing about chicks and other egg newborns having the issue that they become attached to the first thing that they see.

He'll be back. :twilightsmile:

3422107 True but I wish we could see them in fics more often.


Actually there are several fan-fics that focus on Pee-Wee's relationship with Spike...

One is Peewee's Big Adventure by Abstract Thought


Another is Halcyon Hearts by The Myth, Pee-Wee makes a couple appearance in the story as Spike's Pet...


Hope this gets you started...:twilightsmile:

it's probally gonna be funny seein how good :raritywink: handles her temporary librarian job along with :moustache:'s help here n' there :twilightsmile:. So, i'm gonna follow this interestin fic to see what u got in store for these two :yay:

I got a new title for this story, Dead

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