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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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Chapter Three: Death of The Timid Pt. 1 The Servant of The Sun

The days past quickly as we make our way to The Basement of the Burge. The stench of the burning, dead filled the air as we made our way to the bridge that connected the Burge to the church. Bodies lined the bridge; charred and scorched from the flames of an evil entity.

Holding my hoof out, I halted your advanced. “Stop. Look at the ground.”

The group looked at the cobblestone path leading across the bridge. The stone was blackened from flames, not any flame but the hellish flame from a drake.

Holding my head as high as I could in the air, I took in the scent of the burnt bodies. “He was here not too long ago.”
“How could you tell?” Dash questioned, smelling the air herself.
Looking at the blue mare, I stared deep into her eyes with an emotionless expression. “The smell of their burnt flesh… it’s fresh.”

Turning around, I walked up to Fluttershy she looked sickened by the sight of the bodies, resting my hoof on her shoulder, I whispered into her ear. “They weren’t undead. Give them a prayer of passing.”
“Okay.” She sighed walking to towards the bodies.
Turning her head to Apple Jack, she spoke softly to her. “Can you come with me… please?”

Apple Jack picked up one of her twin swords, grasping it with her teeth as she led Fluttershy out on the bridge watching the sky carefully.

Turning my head to Rarity and Twilight, I pointed my hoof to the locked door that leads to The Basement. “Try to get that door open. I’ll be back shortly.”
“Hey!” Dash shouted. “What about Pinkie and I!?”
“You two will come with me, but I need you to be on your guard… we may not be alone.”

Making our way down a stairway, the brilliant figure of a colt stood in front of a balcony that overlooked the sunset. His armor was well polished, and his cloak bared the symbol of the sun. His face was covered by a helm of simple design, but it reflected the sun’s light effortlessly. Suddenly, turning his head, he examined us through the narrow slit in his helmet. Surprised by his quick movement, I reached to my back to planning to draw my sword, ready to strike if necessary.

Watching me ready for combat, he raised a hoof into the air and waved it side to side. “Oh! Well hello there.”

His voice was calm and collective, removing my sword from my mouth I cautiously walked toward the unknown colt.

Standing a few feet from him I introduced us. “Hello, I’m Rocky; this is Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.”
“Ah, well you are a friendly one.” He chuckled. “I am Knight Solaire of Astora, descendent of The Princess herself.”
“What is your purpose hear in Lordran?” Dash asked curiously to the armored colt.”
Gazing at the sun, he stood at attention, not moving as he answered Rainbow Dash. “I’m on an undead mission of my own. I’m looking to find my own sun; for you see the sun is but a wondrous body. Oh what a brilliant mother she is… if only I could grossly incandescent.”

Dash’s eye twitched from the poetic remark, not knowing what to say she looked at me for help.

“The sun is magnificent. She was my only hope for living when I was trapped at the Asylum.” I said to Solaire, gazing up at the sun as well.

Reaching into his side saddle, Solaire retrieved a White Soapstone. Tossing it in my direction, I caught it with my mouth and put it in my bag.

Out of curiosity I questioned the gift. “Thank you… but what is it?”
Giving off a deep chuckle, the sun knight laughed for a moment before explaining the stone. “That there is a White Soapstone, my good fellow. Use it to leave a summon sign, and call forth help. Please do keep an eye out for my summon sign, I don’t know how you could miss it… it shines as bright as Celestia’s sun.”

Thanking the generous colt, the three of us said our farewells before regrouping with the others. Shouting out as we left Knight Solaire, we waved farewell.

“Safe travels my friends!


Walking towards the door to the Basement, Rarity walked up to my side, stopping when her muzzle was in front of my face. Looking into her eye’s I couldn’t help but to blush as she winked at me.

Seductively whispering in my ear, she got straight to the point. “Oh, Rocky. I’m in need of help. Can you be a dear and assist me?”
Choking on my words my eye’s swiveled around the bridge looking for Apple Jack. “U-um… I-I… A-Apple!”
“Ya lookin’ for me sugar cube?” she said walking up from the other side of me.
“Oh, hey Apple Jack.” Rarity hissed.
“Don’t ya hay Apple Jack me! I know what you’re planin’.”
“Oh you do?” Rarity sarcastically stated as if she cared at all.

Caught up in-between the fire, I tried to make peace with the two mares, stepping in-between the two I pointed my back towards Rarity and pushed Apple Jack alone to the other side of the group. (Please help me. I am deathly afraid of bananas. I feel like they are going to make me eat them while I sleep. Can you help reader? –E.A.D.M.3)

“Okay, Apple. Just calm down for a second.”
*Ugh* “I can’t stand to be around her sometimes. She was tryin’ to get you to get one of those dragon scales.”

Sitting next to her, I nudged her shoulder with my elbow, watching her anger slowly fade away as I show more affection.

“You know, it’s going to be some time before Twilight gets that door open. If you want we could go sit and gaze at the sun.”
Looking up at my smile, she pecked my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder. “I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

As we got up to go move to the sunlit balcony, the sky briefly grew dark as a large body flew in front of the sun.

Noticing what made the shadow, Fluttershy screamed at the top of her lungs. “D-d-d-dragon!”

Author's Note:

Sorry for not posting anything for a while... getting back into my grove...Oh! I started drawing my own FiM-art and its going pretty great for my first time.


P.s. i fucking love my editor ElAngelDeMuerte3! I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!
P.s.s. he put something in there just for all of you peeps out there.

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First Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dem Fucin' Bananas.... they're creeppy!!!!!:raritydespair:

It seems as though the layout of the map has changed because they had killed the gargoyles before they crossed the bridge. this is going to be one long story if it covers the whole of the game.

I didnt follow the game... its my own thing with a twist of DS. be prepaired to ragequit

3590274 I see now. let's just hope they kill the gaping dragon before the magnus keeper of the abyss. lol

Haven't gotten there yet.....

Comment posted by Coconut of Doom deleted Feb 7th, 2014

This story is great, I hope you continue it.

continue it please.

Why does Solaire give a damn about Celestia? It's made clear in the game that he cherishes to sun itself and not Gwyn. Celestia isn't the sun so he'd just be like in the game and praise the sun not the sun mover. Dragons aren't evil they're basically the most passive creatures in the game. Drakes are humans or in this case ponies that joined the dragon covenant to gain the dragons power. The Ancient Dragons never attack without provocation... Actually one of them doesn't attack you even if you cut it's tail off. Further more shut up Fluttershy that's a drake XD

there is a reason why I stopped this story. My Lore back then was off. but like I said in the description, this fic is loosely based off the game. its in my own universe.

4868365 Fair enough... Sorry if I was a bit... Strong with the comments XD

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