Curse Of The Darksign

by PonySlayer

First published

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

The unnamed warrior tries to find a way to escape the asylum, but he ended up taking a fatally wounded knights undead mission. He eventually meets up with six other travelers who recently turned undead, and who are also trying to complete there own undead mission, But little do they know what kind of dangers lie ahead...
(loosely based on the game Dark Souls)

The Escape Pt.1

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Ever since I became undead I was taken to a faraway prison called the Undead Asylum. Everypony believed that once undead; you’ll be filled with hate, become hallow and turn on your fellow ponies. I can’t remember how long I’ve been sitting in the same cell. The days fuse with night and it feels that time itself has stopped. For amusement I wait for a lone rat to crawl in my cell. Sitting oh so quietly, I’ll throw a rock at the rat just to see how many pellets I can scare out if as it runs away… my record is three.

It seemed to be mid-day as I can tell from the light shining from the hole in the roof of my cell. Don’t get me wrong I did try to climb out of it several times. I was staring into the light when I saw a glimpse of a figure moving around the hole, when a corpse came hurtling into my cell with a thud as it hit the ground. I didn’t flinch nor say anything. This kind of behavior was common here, I actually found it amusing. With boredom I walked towards the corpse with caution. I didn’t know if it is completely dead, or if it has some sort of plague emitting from it. After the corpse was presumed dead I checked its pockets for anything to keep me sane while I’m here. I found a small object wrapped in a cloth. It was a piece of honey comb! Oh, how rare it was to have any sweets here… or food in general. I gently place it in the pocket of my torn tunic when I noticed a key clenched in the hands of the corpse. I quickly swiped the key and crammed it in the lock of my cell door. It worked! I’m free!

I swung the door open quickly not thinking of the other undead loose in this wing of the asylum.
“I’ll be fine “I said to myself.

They’re so lost in the head the can barely stand, let alone attack me. I walked down the corridor with I small smile mixed with caution on my face. At the end of the corridor there was a corpse lying face down in a room filled with water. It was only hooves deep and I hate getting wet. The smell of wet undead was horrid and can make anypony gag. I sighed softly and started to tread through the flooded room when I spotted an old ladder. The ladder was about fifteen feet tall and rusted beyond use. I sighed softly once again and started to make my way up the ladder.

At the top of the ladder there was a small courtyard with an object that I have never seen before. I walked toward it until I stopped to look at a glowing symbol on the ground.

“Light the Bonfire”. I read out loud to myself.
“Bonfire? Is that what this is?” I said looking down at the rustic looking object.

The strange land mark was nothing but a rusty iron rod sticking up from a pile of ash and bone.

“How do I light it?” I said looking up as if the sky would answer me.

Some time went by as I was staring at the bonfire before I came up with the idea to touch it. As I started to move my right hoof towards the tip of the top of the object I started to feel warmth coming from the bonfire. It felt sincere, and peaceful I have never felt like this before. As soon as I touched it the whole rod burst into a single flame and an amber aura burst from the base of the fire. I have never felt so alive! My cautious face turned into a heartfelt smile and it seems as if all my troubles where gone… I felt at piece with this world. Gazing deep into the bonfires flame, I slightly looked up towards the wall on the other side of the court yard.

“How could I have missed this?” saying to myself as I was looking at a giant iron gate.

I left the warmth of the bonfire to go and examine the gate.

“It must take at least four ponies to open this thing.” I thought to myself as I pushed on the gate slightly.

The door budged as I pushed on it.

”What? It’s not heavy at all!” I shouted while pushing the gate wide open.

The room on the other side of the gate was massive, Filled with empty jars and stone pillars. I started to walk into the room listening to the clop of my hooves as they hit the stone floor. Clip clop clip clop clip clop I stared to hum out of boredom as I walked deeper into the room. My ears started to twitch from a faint sound coming from the room.

“H-hello?” I said nervously looking around my surroundings.

Out of the corner of my eye came a giant hammer hurling itself towards me. My whole body froze, when suddenly I heard a mysterious voice being shouted towards me


I ducked down avoiding the hammer. I gazed up at the wielder of the hammer. It was a demon, but not any demon. It was the gate keeper of this asylum.

The gate keeper was at least thirty feet tall. There where jagged spines sticking out of its elbows and shoulders. Its stench was horrible and the sight of its body, full of wrinkled skin and rolls of girth. It had wings but they were far too small and weak looking to hold him up in the air.

“Run!” shouted the voice with a blood curdling scream.

I quickly moved my hooves running away from the beast.

“There is a gate to your left… use it!” the mysterious voice said with haste.

I caught the gate with my eye and started to head towards it. The monster swung his hammer one more time just as I leaped for the gate. Smash! I lied on the ground staring at the hammer as the bars of the gate start to fall giving me a barrier to protect me from the demon.

I stayed in that room for several minutes before even thinking about leaving its safety. I looked down another corridor just to see more water logged rooms. I thought in my head while sloshing through the water

“rather wet than dead.”

At the end of the corridor there was a dry hallway with prison cells. I looked down the hallway to look at a figure standing on the other side.

“Are you the one who helped me?” I shouted.

There was no response only a quick flicker of light and the sight of an arrow being released. The arrow had strike me in the shoulder making me release a yell


I dove into the room next to me to avoid getting hit again. I clenched the arrow with my mouth and started to slowly pull it out as I let of a slight whimper of pain. Once the arrow was out I spat it on the floor next to a corpse holding an old wooden shield.

“Oh thank Celestia!” I said equipping the shield to my front left leg.
“I’m ready for you now!” I yelled towards the figure as I dashed quickly to his presents.

I was able to make out the figure, it was a hallow that had found a bow and had decided to cause havoc with the other undead. It ran off dropping a small rusty sword as I got close enough to kick it in the chest.

“Big mistake” I said smirking at the cowardly hallow running away.

I picked up the sword with my mouth and stared to chase the hallow down with anger inspiring the movement of my hooves. It stopped at the end of the hallway drawing his bow getting ready to release yet another arrow, but before it drew its string back, I stuck it with my sword piercing through its chest. My eye winced as curdled blood came squirting from the opening in its chest hitting my face as I pulled my sword from its lifeless body. I rummaged through the corpse to see if there was anything useful. Knowing I had no way to carry the bow I left it with the body. I continued down the hallway to finding a glowing white portal blocking the door. I heard of these before, the ancient ponies call them fog gates. They appear only to strike fear into a pony’s heart not knowing what’s on the other side. I looked deep onto the gate getting ready to walk through. My ears folded downwards as I pushed my head through the gate. First my sword, then my snout and then I entered.

The Escape Pt. 2

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The fog gate sent chills down my mane as I passed through it. I walked forward a little before noticing an armored pony lying in a small pool of blood.

“y-you made it out all right.” The armored pony said.
“Was it you who helped me?” I asked with slight aggression.
“Yes, it was I…but, there is no time to talk about that. I freed you for one purpose and one purpose only… will you hear me out?” he asked with shutters in his breath.
“Yes… I will listen to you.” I responded as I helped set him against the wall.
“My time is short, but my task isn’t over. Please take my undead mission and make your way out of this asylum. From there you can carry out the course of time.” He said while coughing blood and gasping for air.
“I will take your undead mission. For it’s the least I could do to repay you for helping me.” I replied while trying to stop the bleeding.
“T-take… this key… it will o-open the door… leading…..”Those where his last words before he died.

I took the key from his hand, but nothing else. I left his body how it lied out of respect.I gave a small prayer to the night and I closed his helm peace so that the sight of the dead cannot haunt the living. I wandered around the asylum’s second story for the duration of the night. I found a nice corner to rest in while I wanted for the sun to rise. The cold breeze was soothing and it was hard to sleep in quiet. The constant moans of the dead were like a lullaby to me. It brought memories and good favors in my head.

The sun’s rays have passed through a crack in a wall letting its warmth hit my face, waking me peacefully. I stood up slowly letting what happened the previous day set in my mind.

“What did he mean? Carry out the course of time?” I replied while strapping the sword to my back.

I started to head down a small flight of stairs leading to a hallway filled with windows facing towards the inside of the great hall. As I was walking down the hall, I thought to myself

“what have I gotten myself into?”

I let of a small sigh as I turned the corner. I stood still in shock, there was a small horde of hallows blocking the corridor. Quickly, I turned and hid around the corner. I thought loudly to myself

“oh Celestia help me.”

Looking around for an advantage, I noticed one of the windows have had its iron bars removed.

“Maybe I can climb out the window?”

I’ve realized that the window was facing over a tall cliff. If I chose to jump out I wouldn’t be able to survive. A new idea had struck my head when all of a sudden, one of the hallows noticed my hoof sticking out around the corner. It let out a low growl and started to make its way towards me.

“This isn’t good.” I said pulling the sword off my back and placing the old hilt in my mouth.
“If I fight him I couldn’t draw the others and be out numbered. What do I do?”

The undead has made his way through the hall and its now in striking distance. As the hallow swung its rusty sword I countered by smacking the blade with my shield. The hallow let out another grown

I noticed an opening and took a chance, quickly thrusting my sword toward the undead’s chest, when an arrow released from another hallow flying true as it hit the tip of my sword redirecting the blade. The hallow let out a laugh as he lifted its sword over its head ready to strike again. I had no time to lift my shield, trying to avoid the blade I was struck, taking a small but deep cut across my chest.

“Gahhh!” I yelled while trying to regain my balance.

Blood was filling my tunic coating my body with warmth. Rage filled my heart and out of hatred I dropped my sword and bit the hollow’s neck dragging him to the window. With one powerful buck I through the hallow out of the window listening to it scream as it falls to its death. A fleshy thump was heard in the distance as the hallow hit a solid surface. I grabbed my sword and hurled it at the other hallow as it drew its bow. My blade struck the hallow in the neck releasing a shower of blackened blood covering the other hallows. Charging towards the remaining undead I let out a cry of rage.


Two of the hallows climbed down a whole in the floor fleeing from the battle. The only enemy that staid was an armored hallow equipped with a thick shell of iron covering its body.

“You w-will die!” shouted the hallow in a curtailing voice.

It started to swing its sword towards me in a sweeping motion. I was unarmed, the only thing I had for protection was my shield. The sword had made contact with the rounded piece of wood, splitting it in chunks. Splinters flung into the air like a shower, hitting both me and the hallow. As I dropped to my hooves from the shock of the attack I’ve left myself open for another swing. I thought to myself.

“Move! Get up and fight! You can’t die here, not like this.“

My sentence was stopped by the sight if the hallow dropping its sword. Blood gushed out of its mouth and landed upon my face dripping down my cheek. The thought of a divine power striking the hallow was flowing in my mind.

“Celestia? Was it you that struck down my enemy!?” I shouted in confusion looking out the window and into the sun.
“Your princess is false! tiny pony!” said the gate keeper demon dragging the hallow from the corridor and dropping it in his mouth.

The sound of bones being crushed and ground by this monster had struck fear into my soul. The sheer size of him was all ready too much to handle, especially for a pony with no way to fight. The demon clutched me with his scaled hands and started to drag me out of the corridor. Looking around I was able to grab the long-sword that the armored hallow was wielding before his death. With a flawless swing I severed the scaly fingers of the demon. In response he threw me into the air with such force that I could not help but to flail like a rag-doll. On the fall down the demon opened his mouth expecting me to fall into the dark abyss. I took this opportunity to hold the sword in my mouth, presenting my blade to the demons face. The speed of my decent and the sharpness of the blade pierced the face of the demon with ease, goring itself deep into the skull in the now brain dead demon. Thick warm blood filled the air like a mist covering everything. My drained body came crashing to the cobble stone floor, breaking my fall and my front hoof. Battered and covered in blood I lifted my head to look at the corpse of the beast. Its flesh was turning into an aura of dark and hate filling the room in a shroud.

The back aura has depleted in minutes and the corpse was gone. There was nothing left but blood and myself covering the floor. I looked up at the spot of the finishing blow when I noticed a pink bloom forcing its way out from the stone floor.

“What could it be now? A pony eating plant?” I said to myself jokingly looking closer at the plant.
“Wait! Is th-that… Hearts Desire?

I stood up in astonishment and limped toward the plant.

“it is! Ha-ha” screaming with joy I picked the flower and smelt it.

The sent filled my nose with a gentle scent. I looked cautiously around the room only to find one exit, a giant iron gate with a carving of the demon.

“Well, better check it out before I bleed to death.” I said with a sick smirk on my face.

The door was very large and looked heavier than the first gate I’ve opened. I placed the key in the doors key-hole and turned the tumblers. Large clanks where coming from the large door as it was being unlocked. Clank! Clank! Clank! Another mechanism moved and the door began to open its self with a slow but loud creek. I was finally outside in the main courtyard… or what was left of it. The cliff had collapsed over time leaving nothing but some piles of bricks and an old hill leading to a drop. I walked slowly trying not to spill more blood humming to the sound of my hooves. Clip… clop… clop… clop. My movements where slow and carful, my breathing was heavy. I finally made it to the top of the cliff just to be greeted by a view of the mountain range covered with snow, a beautiful sight for a dyeing undead.

Time went on and the sun was setting, my body was getting weaker and I was ready to die. The clouds made way for what was left of the sun. Flap! My ears started to twitch from a distant noise. Flap!

“There it is again,“ I whispered while looking into the distance.

I saw a small black crow flying this way baring its talons. It was only moments later until I noticed that the crow was actually a giant raven hurling its body toward me! I tried to run, but it was too late. The giant raven has grasped me with its gigantic talons. I instantly blacked out from the scare and the loss of blood; lost in a bed of dark not knowing what dangerous place this raven will take me as it fly’s towards an unknown land.

The Bells of Awakening pt. 1 The six

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“Do not touch him. Please” said a soft voice.
“Oh come on Why not?” replied another.
“I haven’t finished healing him, he’s still weak”

my vision started to come to when I noticed another pony leaning over my body, touching my chest with her hoof. Out of shock I started to push the pony off of me.

“Dash. Hold him down” the soft voice commanded with a gentle tone “I’m not finished.”

My arms started to stop there movement as they were being held against my will.
“Stop Squirming!” A blue pony yelled as she was holding me to the dirt.
“What are you doing to me?” I shouted in fear trying to regain control of my arms.
“Please stop moving, I’m tending to your wounds. You were badly injured, and I thought you wouldn’t mind if I were to help you.”

Her voice was so calm and gentile my body stopped its squirming and I let the yellow pony finish her job. “There all done” she said with a smile. “Okay Rainbow Dash you can let him go now.”

I fell asleep from the exhaustion of the struggle. I thought in my head

“am I really this week? Who were those ponies, and where am I?”

my body started to feel warm and I can hear a heartbeat. Thump, Thump. Thump, Thump. I awaken slowly to notice that I was at a bonfire. The glow of the flame was comforting. I looked around to see where I am and I notice a big tree sprouting out of a ruin. I thought I went mad for a second when I saw the giant raven sitting on a perch made of rubble then a voice said.

“How are you Feeling?”

I looked toward the direction of the voice and I saw five shadows sitting on the other side of the fire.

“I feel fine.” I replied looking at my body.

Shock struck my mane as I examined my body. The dried flesh was a light grey coat and my matted main was short and light brown. I haven’t seen my coat ever since the last time I was alive.

“We used your Hearts Desire to return your body to normal. I hope you don’t mind it made it easier to heal you.” Said a voice coming from the other side of the fire.

I didn’t mind at all, actually I’m surprised you could do that. They must be powerful magic users to be able to do this to an undead. I asked the shadow if I’m pony again, they replied with a shake of the head.

“You’re still undead, but ya look like a pony so it will be hard to tell the deference.” The voice that spoke had an accent I’ve never heard before.

“Oh forgive us! We haven’t told you are names.” Said a purple pony walking from a tree making her way to a seat at the bonfire. “I’m Twilight Sparkle” she said with a smile.
“Nice to meet you” I replied examining her body.

She was a purple unicorn with purple hair. She was well maintained, and from the looks of her robes and the books in her side saddle she was very talented with magic. The pony next to her was an orange mare. She looked proud and truthful. Her body was covered with thick plated steel armor. The only part of her that was uncovered was her head. She propped herself up against a gigantic claymore stuck in the ground, using it as a back rest. The sword was at least five feet long, it was well polished but you can tell it had its days’ worth of use, as it had chips and dings all along the side of the blade.

“The name’s Apple Jack” she said with an unusual accent.
“May I ask of your voice? Where do you hail from?”

I asked oh so carefully trying not to offend her.

“Oh. It’s southern. Have you never heard one before?” she answered with a grin.
I shook my head and replied “No. I have not.”

She giggled at my fascinated look.

“I’ll tell ya a little more about it later.” Apple Jack said bringing my fascination to its highest level.

The pony at the end of the bonfire started to shout

hopping up and down with energy I've never seen in a pony.

“I’m… Pinkie Pie!” She shouted almost putting out the bonfire.

She was an unusual character. Her whole body was pink even her hair. She wore a tattered cape on her back. Examining her body I've noticed she had burn marks on her right hoof.

“Have you met Pebbles yet!?” Pinkie yelled smashing the ground with a giant stone bow.

The sheer size of the bow has left me speechless. It must take two ponies to hold it up and another pony to fire it.

“Uh… h-hi Pebbles?” I greeted in confusion.

Pinkie pie let out a squeal hopping up and down yelling over and over

“Pebble has a new friend! Pebble has a new friend!”

finally Twilight stopped pinkie by giving her something sweet to eat.

“Here Pinkie, why don’t you leave our new guest alone for a moment.”

In my personal opinion I wouldn't give her anymore sugar, but it seemed to work, really well. Counting my blessings I started to Move back down the line, a pail mare look at me with poor favor and said

“OH my. What are you wearing?”

I gave no response to the insult.

“Well then, it looks like someone need new manners as well as a new wardrobe!” she said with her horn glowing folding and sewing leather into a vest.
“My name is Rarity” she said while flipping her hair back.

She was beautiful and she did have a slight fragrance emitting off of her that brought joy to my nose. She wore a long silk robe covered with gems about the size of my hoof. The robe doesn’t look like it would protect her much, but at least she looked comfortable.

“Here put this on” rarity ordered, throwing the vest at my hooves.

It fits well; it felt more like a second skin rather than armor. I bowed my head to her and I thanked her in the most sincere possible way I could.

“You’re Welcome.” She replied with a proud look on her face.

My eye started to drift to the next pony when it caught a glimpse of pink hair. I stared at the yellow bodied pony only to see her shaking and avoiding eye contact.

“Where you the one who healed my wounds?” I asked.
“Y-y-Yes” she responded oh so very timidly.

She was so shy I felt sorry for her. She looked peaceful in the cream colored robe she was warring. I stated to examine her until I noticed a talisman hanging from her neck. I through myself at her feet making her let out a little squeal.

“Do you perform miracles?” I begged.
“y-y-yes” She replied once again.
“May you cast a blessing on me?” I asked with my face in the dirt.

Her eyes closed for a moment as she chanted something over my head. The warmth of her hooves was so calming I felt like it could put me to sleep. The hair on my main rose for a moment as I felt her blessing move through my body.

“There” she replied as she pulled her warm hooves back and tucked them under her chest.
“Thank you. Uh, I didn’t get your name.” I said to her gently.
“It’s F-F-Fluttershy” she whispered looking down at the ground.

I looked around the bonfire looking for the final pony, but I couldn’t seem to find her. My eye caught a quick glimpse of a shadow in the sky. I quickly looked up expecting the raven to grab me again. The flying creature was not a bird but a Pegasus. She was doing all kinds of aerial maneuvers. She was doing barrel rolls, loops and even spins. I just sat there watching her perform for a moment before I shouted for her name. She responded with a yell

“Rainbow Dash!” her legs where covered with leather but her back was covered with a contraption of some sort… I couldn’t tell. The sun was shining on her wings causing a blinding light reflecting off of the steal blades she had delicately strapped to the tips of her wings. From that speed, those wings could probably cut through anything.Several moments have past giving me time to remember everypony’s name. Twilight looked at me with a face that looks like she trying to tell me something. She finally came out and asked

“So, what’s your name?”

I responded by pointing my ears towards the ground and I started to stare off into the distance.

“I don’t have a name.” I told her with shame clocking my voice.
“How do you not have a name!” Pinkie shouted.
“It died with me a long time ago.” I sadly told them.
“Oh. I’m sorry to have asked you. I didn’t know” Twilight said as I interrupted her and said
“it’s, okay.”

Some silence was roaming the air until Rainbow Dash said

“how about we give you a new name.”
then Twilight Replied “That’s not a bad idea.”

Apple Jack then got up and started to come towards me, she had a seat next to me and asked

“What would be a good name for ya?”

I thought to myself for a moment and I told them that I would be happy with whatever they come up with. Everyone had a blank look on their face thinking hard for a name to call the nameless warrior. Pinkie Pie started to pump again shouting many different manes… most of them where girl names. Pinkie finally stopped, she got extremely close to my face and said to me a name in the creepiest manner.


I looked at her with confusion and asked

“How did you come up with that?”
She replied “The color of your coat silly! Its grey! Like a rock! Duh!

I looked at Apple Jack for reassurance

“well I like it” She replied.

The others nodded their head.

“I guess from this day forth my name is Rocky” I said to myself with a sigh.

Morning came and I was about to part ways the small group of six. When I noticed the dirty cloth that held the honey comb was sitting in the dirt. My eyes widened and I saw pinkie pie eating my sweet delicacy in one bite.

“NOOO!” I yelled on my knees out of disappointment.
“What?” pinkie said with honey all over her face.

I planted my face into the ground and started to yell foul words. Everypony was looking at me with a strange look on their face and Rainbow Dash asked

“Rocky, are you okay?”

I told her that it was nothing and that I was over reacting. I glared at Pinkie Pie with an evil look. She looked back and gave me a smile before she started to dig in her bag. Evil thoughts where filling my head when she came up to me with an amber flask in her mouth, she dropped it at my feet.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were going to eat that. It just looked so yummy.”
“It’s fine Pinkie” I said looking at the flask. “What is this?” I asked looking at Twilight for answers.
“It’s an Estus flask” She replied with an intellectual smile on her face. “They have healing properties, and there a source of food. Try it.”

I took a sip of estus and my anger quickly turned into gluttony as I start to chug the amber fluid from the greenish vile.

“This is sweeter than anything I’ve ever had.” Boasting to the group as I drink some more.

Apple Jack started to walk in my direction when I decided to meet her half way. The mare looked at me with a nervous smile face and asked me if I wanted to join them on their mission. Taking a minute to think of an answered I took a look at the group and I thought of everything they done for me.

“You don’t have ta if you don’t want ta. We understand.” Apple Jack said before I could make up my mind.
“I will take up your offer, and I’ll accompany you on your mission for now. I do have a task of my own.”

My voice was a little more masculine when I said that. Apple Jack smiled and tossed something in front of me.

“Here ya go sugar cube.”

The object she through in front of me was a sword, not any sword this sword was special. Its hilt was blood red and its blade was a silvery white color.

“It’s an enchanted sword I found the other day. I’m not going to use it, so I thought I would give it to you instead.”

Out of respect I bowed my head and thanked the mare by quickly picking up the sword off of the ground and placing it on my back.

“Well how do I look” I asked the crowd turning so they can see all of me.

They all replied with a nod, and in that instance my place in the group was final.

Chapter Two, The bells of awakening pt. 2

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The evening sun was starting to set, when I looked around my surroundings. Apple Jack was hiding on a side of an old store with her claymore held tightly in her mouth ready to jump out and swing. I turned my head to the north end of the square looking at Pinkie and Rainbow Dash crouching down on a roof top, baring Pebbles and a crossbow. Twilight sparkle and I were sitting behind an old fountain trying to keep our heads down and the others hidden.

“When is it safe to come out?” Rarity moaned as she was lying in the dirt behind Twilight and I.
“Shh!” I responded holding my hoof in front of my mouth.
“There hear” I whispered to Twilight pointing to an alleyway.

The alleyway started to light up as hallows where walking through it with lit torches.

“1,2,3…6…9…12” I counted adding up all the hallows.
“Are you ready” I said looking into Twilight’s Eyes.

She nodded and said

“I’ll give the signal now”

Twilight’s horn started to glow faintly giving Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, And Rainbow Dash I signal telling them to ready themselves. The hallows where standing in the center of the square, letting off deep groans and mindlessly yelling.I lit a fuse to a small black ceramic ball and hurled it into the center of the crowd. We all could hear the hiss it gave off before, BOOM! The explosion released fire into the crowd while sending chunks of debris into the flesh of the undead. Right at that moment Rainbow Dash yelled to Pinkie


They both let loose a volley of arrows filling a small portion of the sky in a rain of iron arrow heads. Hallows began to drop to the floor groaning and running for cover. When the volley was over Apple Jack and I charged out of hiding letting a battle cry roar into the group of hallows, before making contact with them. I made my way to the closest hallow thrusting my sword into its side pushing it to a wall before swiping my blade to the side nearly cutting it in half. Looking toward another hallow I looked quickly at Apple Jack to check up on her. She had already killed two hallows and have another completely skewered with her claymore. She started to charge close to a ledge when she swung her sword around catapulting the skewered hallow off a ledge waiting for a splat to be heard in the distance.

The battle was over within minutes and we all regrouped next to the fountain. Fluttershy looked at each of us searching for any wounds.

“Everypony looks alright. How do you feel rocky?” Shy asked me less timidly than the day before.

I nodded to her and replied happily

“I’m fine, thanks.”

I walked up to Apple Jack While she was finishing off the last of the undead. She looked back towards me and smiled while pulling her sword out of a fresh corpse.

“Are you okay Apple Jack?” I asked her trotting closer to her.
“I’m do’n just dandy” Apple Jack said walking my way.
“I saw what you did to that hallow you had stuck on you sword earlier.” I said with little insult.
“Stuck!? Just to let ya know that was all part of my plan.” She argued punching my arm softly.
“You can do some work on your throwen skills a little, ya getting kinda rusty.”

Apple Jack and I teased each other for a good five minutes before Twilight sparkle interrupted us.

“Guys, it’s time to find a spot to camp. It’s going to be dark soon.”

We all walked towards a small residential area in a line scanning the areas for threats.

“Dash, fly up and check the area from the sky” I ordered her looking through a dusty window.
“Yah sure.” She said with a touch of sarcasm taking off in the air, flying quietly over the setting sun looking far into the distance. “All clear. I don’t see anything for that can do much harm nearby. Just some dogs but they are pretty far away.” Rainbow Dash shouted, making her decent to earth to regroup with the other ponies.
“Look!” Pinkie Shouted. “That looks like a good place to stay” she said hopping vigorously pointing at an old bakery.

We all made our way to the bakery checking out the surrounding buildings for any danger. The area looked fine, nothing life threatening just some broken glass and rats. Apple Jack, Dash, and I scanned the inside of the building looking for any threats while the others look around the building as well.

“Looks peachy in here” Apple jack howled to the group.
“The outside is safe as well” Twilight yelled through a broken window as she was placing something over it.

The sun had already fallen by the time Pinkie and I finished making dinner. Apple Jack was getting over excited about the soup that was made.

“Here you go Apple Jack.” I said handing her a bowl of delicious potato and fennel soup.
“Gasp! Wha-what is this slop! I’ve seen gruel more appetizing than this!” Rarity began one of her drama queen moments, this time complaining about the first real meal she would have eaten in days.
“You don’t like it? Fine!” I said picking up her bowl, eating the contents inside.
“Noo! Stop, I’ll eat it!” her attitude against mine and pinkies food began to change.

I refilled her bowl and handed it to her smiling as I nudged her a little.

“Sorry Rarity. I think I went a little too far this time.”

She took a sip of the broth and said

“No. No. it is fine, I may have deserved that. It’s better than it looks.”

I looked over at Fluttershy and I noticed her talking to something in the corner.

“It’s okay little guy, I won’t hurt you. You need to eat up, it’s good for you.”

I looked over her and I saw a rat, actually there were seven rats, having there fill with Fluttershy’s dinner.

“Here” I handed a bowl to Fluttershy.
“More for the rats?” she asked.
“No. This is for you; I put a little mint in it to give it some extra flavor. Go on eat up.” I responded watching her eat the soup making sure she does not give any away.
“I’ll take the first watch for tonight.” I said to the others.
”I’ll wake you up for your shift in three hours Dashy” I reminded her.

We usually have a rotation every day, but I tend to take the first shift letting the other ponies have more sleep. Three hours is the agreed time but I wake the next one up in four. It brings me more joy to watch them sleep than, well most anything.I was about an hour in my shift when Apple Jack came and stood next to me.

“I can’t sleep. Can I stay up with ya, just for a little bit?” she said quietly trying not to wake the others.

I scooted over and patted my hoof over an open spot with a welcoming gesture inviting her to sit next to me.

“The night is calm.” I said smiling over my shoulder looking at Apple Jack.
“Yeah, sure is.” She replied
“In the asylum, I would fall to sleep to the songs of the undead. But now I can hardly stand the sound.” I told Apple Jack with confidence.
“I hate the sound too.” Apple Jack agreed.
“You know. I use to be a farmer once when I was still a living pony. My sister and I inherited the farm when my mother passed.” I told her.

Apple Jack looked into my eyes and scooted closer to me resting her head on my shoulder as she asked me a question.

“Rocky… What was ya real name?”

I felt my heart speed up. I looked out the window taking a moment to think before I told her.

“My name? My name was, Havel. Havel Stone plow.”

There was no response from the orange mare. I looked over at her

“She fell asleep.” I said gazing back into the night sky continuing my watch as the moon rose high into the night.

Chapter two. The bells of Awakening pt. 2 continued

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My shift for night watch was almost over. I turned towards Apple Jack’s head seeing that it was still resting on my shoulder. The moon light was shining on her face when faint memories of the past rolled through my mind. I thought of my father, he was one of Celestia’s good war buddies, one of her finest solders. My mother named me after him. I carefully lifted Apple Jack’s head off of my shoulder and placed if on the ground. I quietly took off my tunic rolling it into a make shift pillow, and placing it under her head. I walked over to Rainbow Dash pushing on her shoulder trying to wake her up.

“Hey, wake up. It’s your turn for watch.” I said gently trying not to wake the others.
“One… more minute.” She gowned turning the other direction.

Out of exhaustion I gave her a slight kick on the rear. There was no response. I reached over towards her cross bow and grabbed a bolt from her quiver. I looked at the tip of the bolt and then I looked at Rainbow Dash with an evil grin. I crept up behind her holing the bolt in my mouth, ready to give her a jab hopefully waking her up. I started to thrust the bolt at her rump when suddenly she looked at me.

“Don’t… you dare!” her voice sent a chill down my spine knocking me to the floor.
“Get some sleep.” She commanded. “I’ll take over now.”

Rainbow Dash strapped her cross bow to her back as she was walking out of the building. She took off in the air for a moment before landing on the roof. Her hoofs made a loud noise as she walked on the tiled roof top, trying to find a good spot so sit down to begin her shift. I slowly moved towards Apple Jack to stopping half way. I wanted to talk to her some more, telling her about my past. I continued my way to Apple Jack sitting next to her head, drifting to sleep.

Pinkie had the final shift which means she gets to wake everyone up.

“GOOOOD MORNING!” she screamed in my ear.

For a moment, I couldn’t hear anything but in my right ear.

“What did I tell you about waking me like that?” I shouted rubbing my ear.
“To not to. Sorry, I just can’t help myself!” Pinkie screamed once again, but in the left ear.
“Ouch! Go away!” I yelled at Pinkie turning her unnaturally large smile into a frown. “Pinkie I’m sorry.” I said patting her back. “I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

She looked up at me and smiled

“Gotcha! Ha ha!” She laughed in my face making my want to kill something in a most disturbing way.

Twilight started to gather us into a group going over a checklist before we leave

“there’s just one more thing left.” Twilight added. “Okay Rainbow Dash. I need you to fly overhead and check out the surrounding area. If we are luck we can avoid fighting all together.” Twilight commanded with a friendly tone.
“Consider it done!” Rainbow Dash said running out side and taking off into the sky.

We waited a few moments for rainbow Dash to return with a report when there was a thud heard in a distance.

“AHHH!” we heard a scream.
“That sounded like Dash!” yelled Apple Jack strapping her Sword to her back getting ready to help her friend.
“I’ll go ahead.” I yelled to the other making way to the distant yells.
“Rainbow Dash!” I Yelled ‘Where Are you!?”

I had my hooves placed around my mouth trying to project my voice. “Help me!” I hear her yell nearby. I circled my way around the corner to find Rainbow Dash lying on the ground bleeding from her wing and holding her front hoof in pain.

“Rocky! Help me!”

I started to run to Dash when a shadow appeared over my head. As I looked up my eyes opened wide and my ears pointed to the ground. I stood still shocked by the sight of a bull demon staring at me ready to charge. I started to run towards Rainbow Dash Yelling to her.

“Find cover! Stay out of the open!”

I quickly turned around preparing myself to fight the demon. There was a whistling sound in the back ground. I peered over my shoulder to notice two hallowed solders with crossbows. I quickly grasped my sword in my mouth counting the seconds until the bolts where in range for me to dodge. I tried my best not to run, if I do the bull might chase me.

“What do I do?” I said to myself biting the hilt of my sword.

The bull looked annoyed and he let out a quick snort before charging right at Rainbow Dash. Two more bolts have been released towards me making me dodge and roll farther and farther away from Dash. The ground began to shake underneath the demon’s gigantic hoofs.

“Rocky!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she tried to limp away from the demon’s path of destruction.

“Rainbow Dash!” I yelled through my teeth trying not to drop my sword.

The bull smashed into the building Rainbow Dash had crawled to, completely destroying it. I made my way to the building dodging more and more bolts before one struck me in the back of my rear hoof tripping me in the proses.

“Put… me Down!” I heard Dash yell at the demon while he grasped her in his hands.

My eyes opened wide as the sight of my friend still alive gave me more motivation to fight. The bull demon lifted Rainbow Dash towards his mouth ready to eat in one giant bite, when I caught a glimpse of a quick flash zipped by my face. Boom! A fiery explosion made contact with the bull’s face causing him to drop Rainbow Dash.

“Yippy! Direct hit!” pinkie shouted channeling yet another massive fireball in her hoof.

Two more bolts where released but not in my direction.
“Nice try” Twilight said catching the bolts with magic and redirecting them towards the hallows.
“Graaar!” One of the hallows yelled as the bolt struck it in the face causing a small mist of blood to fill the surrounding air. “Bulls eye!” Twilight cried in success.

Pinkie giggled at the pun as she released the second fire ball missing the demon completely. The bull demon looked at pinkie not noticing the balcony she hit with the fire ball; when chunks of stone started to fall hitting his head, knocking him to his knees. Apple Jack took this opportunity to inflict damage to the enemy. She led her claymore in her mouth charging at the demon with the point aimed for it’s neck. I noticed the demons face, he didn’t look threatened at all that’s when I glance at his hand noticing a monstrous axe clutched in his hands.

“Apple Jack, Stop!” I screamed trying to stop her charge.

Thwack! My heart stops as I witnessed the sight of the orange mare being thrown into the air with one mighty swing. Her body twirled and flailed, blood was spurting from her head, fragments of armor where flying through the air like shrapnel from an explosion. Her body was caught by a purple glow

“I got you Apple Jack” Twilight said to her moving her unconscious body from combat.
“Fluttershy! Apple Jack need attention NOW!”

Twilights face had a stern look that could make any hooligan orderly and neat.

“Oh, my!” Fluttershy gasped flying to Apple’s body.

The talisman hanging from Fluttershy’s neck began to show a faint glow as she whispered a chant.

“By the divine power of Celestia, purge all pain and hatred from the wounds of your servant, letting her see another cycle of your glorious sun.”

the chant has begun to get louder.

“Darkness and the sins of ponykind, I banish you from the soul of this mare and place you into the realm of misery and demise. Where you will fester and atone for your cruelty against Celestia!”

a burst of light was released as those final words that left her mouth, engulfing Apple Jack closing her wounds. Pinkie Pie was hurling Fire at the bull demon distracting it as I pulled the bolt from my leg and spitting it out of my mouth. I still couldn’t stand no matter how hard I try too.

“I’m useless!” I grunted, squirming where I lie.
“Rocky” she said “You, Rainbow Dash, And Apple Jack are out of this battle.” Twilight said moving Rainbow Dashes body next to Apple Jacks.
“I agree with Twilight.” Rarity said walking out of no were, warring a suit of armor fig for a god.

The armor was steel plated with detailed engravings of runes all over the chest piece and helm. She had a long spear held by magic floating next to her side pointing at the demon. The spear was also engraved with runes, the head of the spear was glowing a faint blue as it was enchanted.

“You look horrid!” Rarity said walking toward the bull demon Trying not to make eye contact.
“I can’t be leave you were the one making all this trouble, the least you can do is look half decent.”

Rarity’s insults have little to no effect on the demon, but the flashiness of the armor looks like its attracting the demons attention. The bull turned its attention to rarity snorting in frustration.

“Come on!” Rarity shouted as the bull began his charge.

The bull was getting closer to Rarity when she braced for an impact of any kind thrusting her spear forward making contact with the bulls gut. The bull grunted in pain as rarity started to twist the spear head pushing it further into the bull’s stomach. Blood was spraying all over rarity’s helm.

“How dare you get your filthy blood all over my beautiful armor! Your death will be slow and painful!” She said grinning as the bull lifts his ax into the air.

The bull swung his axe making a loud noise. Fwoosh! Rarity jumped into the air landing on the giant axe pulling her spear out of the bull and jabbing it in the eye. Over and over the spear quickly moving in and out severing the flesh around the eye and completely reducing the eye into a slurry of gore. The demonic smile on Rarity’s face grew more and more as the bull begins to die. The grunts and shrikes of pain became faint as the bull falls to the ground shaking the area. Everypony looked at her with fear staring at the blood soaked pony as she began to rip off the bull demons horns.

“Don’t just sit there.” Rarity shouted.
“Help me get these beautiful horns! I do want them so!” Rarity’s voice returned to a normal tone when she finally broke off the first horn squeed in joy.

A day has passed since that horrid battle ended. We held up at a bonfire letting Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash heel.

“I think my wing is better” Rainbow Dash said moving her wing up and down.

A loud pop was herd coming from her wing.

“Ouch! No its still bad.” She said biting her lip trying to hold in the pain.
“I told you go give it another day before moving it.” Fluttershy reminded Rainbow Dash.

Everypony was doing their own thing, not much conversation between us. Twilight sat in a corner of the shack where the bonfire rested, reading an old tome found in a rotted bookshelf. Pinkie Pie was talking to Pebbles spitting on him while shining him up with a rag. Rarity was obsessing over the bull demon’s horns

“What should I make? A helmet, daggers, oh I got it!” she said talking to herself. “Oh! I can… No, that won’t work.”

Her smile turned into a frown, as she couldn’t make up her mind on what to do with the horns I sat next to Apple Jack tending to her needs. She was very week, her chest moved slightly with each breath she took. I stood up and walked over to my satchel retrieving an apple. I bit a little piece off putting it in Apple Jack’s mouth.

“Chew, you need to regain your strength.” I told Apple jack in a soft voice.

She attempted to chew the apple piece before spitting it out in exhaustion, panting heavily. I took the piece of apple in my mouth and began to chew. I leaned over Apple Jack’s face placing my lips over hers, pushing the chewed apple into her mouth. My head retreated for a moment as I saw her chew the apple a little before swallowing it. I took a bite of the apple and started to chew again. Placing my lips on hers feeding her more and more of the apple Intel half of it was gone. I looked at Apple Jack’s face as she began to cry

“Th-thank you, Havel” she said using my real name.

I wiped the tears off of her cheek giving her a smile.

“You don’t need to thank me.” I said pulling a wool blanket over Apple’s body keeping her warm.

Night came quickly as the cold breeze blew into the shack. There were no windows so we all huddled in our own blankets. I didn’t have night watch tonight. The other ponies put Apple jacks care in my hoofs. Apple Jack was still weak but she was able to talk to a certain extent. I told her more stories of my past, letting her now every little detail on who I used to be.

“So your family got there name because of a plow?” Apple Jacked questioned interrupting my story.
“Yes, but it was not any old plow. The stone we used was special, and enchanted.” I told her defending my name.

Apple Jack kept asking question after question showing much interest with my family.

“Was it your father who found this magic stone?” Apple Jack said now looking a little week from all the talking.
“Yes, he did find the stone. He told me it was a blessing from Celestia herself.” I told her, fixing her blanket.
“You should get some sleep now.” I said to Apple jack as I began to unroll my blanket next to her.
“I’ll be right next to you if you need anything. Just ask, and you shall receive.” I said winking my eye at her.
“Thank you Havel.” She yawned before dozing off into a deep sleep.

I looked around the room noticing the other ponies looking at me with smiles on their faces. There was a long pause before pinkie started to sing.

“Rocky and Apple Jack sitting in a, Ouch!”

Her song was interrupted by Twilight thrusting her elbow deep in pinkie’s side.
“Don’t ruin the moment.” Twilight told Pinkie.

My face took on a rosy shade as the other ponies giggled and began to do their own thing before heading to bed.

Chapter Two. The bells of Awakening Pt. 3 Rebuilt

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The morning sun started its new cycle beginning the day with the blessing of light. The warmth of the sun peered through a hole in the ceiling of the shack where we camped overnight. Waking me with a peaceful channel of light as it shined upon my face. I stared into the light thinking of my purpose here in the group. Contemplating on my strengths and questioning my weaknesses. I reached my hand to my side feeling the figure of another pony. Looking over, I saw the recovering body of an orange mare, huddling my side trying to keep warm. The morning was still young and I didn’t want to disturb Apple jack’s rest. I lied next to her for a moment more before getting up to make food for the group.

“I hope everypony likes Apples and warm oats.” I said to myself putting a pot of water next to the bonfire.

The glow from the bonfire kept me company as the others slept. Every so often I would check on AppleJack, periodically fixing her blanket. I placed my hoof over the steam from the boiling water seeing how long I could hold it there before pulling it away. Even in a land full of mystery and adventure I still find myself bored at times. I poured enough oats into the boiling water watching them dance gracefully as they expand, transforming from a soup into gruel. I mixed in pieces of apples before filling my bowl halfway. Watching my food I waited for the others to wake before eating.

“Living in a land of undead or not, there is no excuse for bad manners.” I told myself staring deep into my bowl.
“What smells good?” Yawned rainbow Dash, stretching out her wings as she woke from her slumber.
“I made warm oats and apples.” Answering her with a smile.

I filled another bowl with gruel, placing apples on top as garnish. Handing her the bowl Rainbow Dash let out another yawn before taking it from my hoof.

“You look like you slept well.” I said to Rainbow Dash. “I did. I was in the middle of an awesome dream! I think you were in it too.” She replied filling her mouth with food.

She told me a little bit of her dream. I wasn’t paying much attention to it but some parts of the story sounded interesting.

“Wait, wait, wait.” I interrupted Rainbow Dash “so there were four kings that ruled one city?” I questioned with a tone.

She continued her story waving her arms like a phantom.

“Yeah. Four of them, and they were all ghost like and stuff.” Rainbow Dash Quietly yelled making it sound like a horror story.

One by one the other ponies started to wake up from their sleep, helping themselves to a bowl of oats and apples. I set a small bowl aside for Apple Jack letting it cool so it wouldn’t burn as she ate it.

“Hey, you awake yet?” I said turning my body towards Apple Jack’s.

there was no response only small movements caused by her breathing.

“Whacha doen?” Pinkie asked with oats all over her face.
“Getting you a napkin.” A said in a snappy way pulling a torn cloth from rarity’s satchel.

I handed the cloth to Pinkie so she may clean herself, but she had already liked the food off of her face.

“You really are something.” I said tossing the torn cloth and walking away from the pink mare.
“What did I do? Pinkie whined looking at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy shrugged her shoulders before saying.
“I think he’s still worried about Apple Jack.”
“Oh, I see.” Pinkie replied with a fulfilled look.

Apple Jack started to wake up, rubbing her eyes looking around the shack for her friends.

“Where did everypony run off too?” she asked herself sitting up.
“Oh, you’re awake.” Twilight said trotting next to her wounded friend.
“Yes sir. I feel mighty fine today.” Apple Jack boasted attempting to stand.
“You should take it easy for one more day.” Said Twilight as she helped Apple Jack to her feet. “We are going to the Undead Church tomorrow.”
“Finally we’re going to ring the first bell.” Apple Jack said sporting a bold new look of heroism.

Twilight helped Apple jack to the door making their way outside of the shake. The sun was hot, and beautiful. The scent of flowers from a nearby garden abandon years ago were lightening the mood for the recovering mare as she walked with Twilight further and further into an unknown area. There was a crumbled statue standing over a balcony covered with grass and flowers, all the pieces were there but they had been scattered throughout the grassy area.

“What is this place?” Apple Jack asked amazed by the scenery.

There was a noise coming from the general area, a familiar clank of metal on metal. Clank! Clank! Clank! Ding! Ding! The noise stopped and now voices where being heard

“Shh, hide it” one voice said.
"Ouch! You stepped on my hoof.” Whined another.

Twilight And Apple Jack turned the corner to find all of her friends hunkered down in front of an object poorly hidden.

“Surprise!” Pinkie shouted hitting Rainbow Dash in the head as she flailed her arms.
“What in tarn nation!” Apple Jack yelled faking a surprised look on her face.
“We fixed your armor!” Pinkie yelled grabbing the newly repaired armor and slamming it in front of Apple Jack.
“Hey be careful with that!” Rarity yelled.
“It took lots of work patching it together.”

Apple jack looked at the armor for a moment it looked different for half of the steel plates where removed and replaced my leather.

“So..” Rarity asked.
“I like it, Even though it looks a little light for a strong mare like me.” She said with a boastful tone.

Apple Jack looks around for a moment before asking for about Havel’s whereabouts.

“Where’s hav.. I mean Rocky.” She said correcting herself trying not to tell the other Rocky’s true name.
“He’ll be here soon.” Twilight answered Apple Jack.
“He went off on his own to get you something special." Said Fluttershy gazing at a couple of bugs zipping through the air.

Minutes have passed keeping the orange mare waiting in suspense for my arrival.

“I’m back!” I shouted towards the group.

I had Two objects raped up in cloth strapped to my back. Grinning as I make my way to Apple Jack I pulled a small strip of silk holding it in my mouth making it very noticeable to Apple Jack.

“What’s that in ya mouth?” Apple Jack asked all ready knowing what it was.
“It’s a new hair tie I found for you.” I answered her spitting out the silk hair tie.
“The one you where had on before got lost in the last battle… so I got you a new one.”

Apple Jack smiled at me having Rarity tie the silk in her hare before asking me a question.

“What are those things on your back?”
“Glad you asked.” I replied setting the objects on the ground.

I undraped the two objects revealing two handmade swords to Apple Jack.

“Those look familiar.” She said.

I looked at her and smiled before telling her the origins of the swords.

“These swords where make from your claymore.”

Her eye widened for a moment as she picked one of the swords up.

“What happened to my Sword?” She asked.
“I went back to get it for you but it broke when you got hit by the bull demon.” I told her looking less proud of myself as I further examine the meager job I did with the swords.
“I love them!” Apple Jack squeed.

My ears perked upward for a moment before Apple Jack leaned over and gave me a small peck on my cheek, turning my grey face a slight shade of pink.

“I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow.” The orange mare said swinging one of the swords with her mouth.

Chapter Two, The bells of Awakening Pt. 4 The Day Of Enlightenment

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My breathing grew heavy as I started to run towards a pillar for safety. My vision was obstructed by blood, dripping down in front of my eye. I was near the pillar not taking any chances as I dove behind it gripping the handle of my sword tightly with my mouth, ready to swing at anything that pokes its head around the corner. I took a moment to catch my breath before sticking my head out around the corner looking for the other ponies. I noticed Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie hiding in an archway with their backs against stone.

“Apple Jack, Pinkie!” I shouted. “Where’s the boar?”
“He’s Right ova There!” Apple Jack yelled pointing to the armored boar, bashing his tusks at a stone wall trying to get into a narrow space in-between two buildings.

I took another look at the boar before hearing a scream resonating from the narrow space where the bore was.

“Aahhh! Help!”
“That sounds like Rarity!” Apple Jack shouted.

Taking another breath I regained my calm saying to myself

“Okay, Havel. All you have to do is distract the boar long enough for Dash to strike.”

I readied my sword as I jumped out from behind the safety of my pillar. I ran towards the boar before stopping halfway

“Here piggy piggy!” I shouted random nonsense while trotting loudly in place making loud hoof noises.

CLOP! CLOP! CLOP! The sounds of my hoofs echoed slightly passed the giant pig interrupting his frenzy of rage.

“Oh, please be ready Dashy.” I whispered to myself making eye contact with the animal.

There was no pause at all when eye contact was met. The boar let out a snort and charged towards me squealing loudly. Everything slowed down as my adrenaline built up for a moment as the boar charged closer and closer. I felt scared and weak before I saw a shadow zipping by on the ground giving me a small feeling of relief. The boar was only moments away from making contact with my body before one of Pinkie’s arrows stricken the boar’s armor veering it slightly off course giving me more time to dodge. I threw my body out of the path of the boar rolling a couple of feet before standing.

“NOW!” I shouted loudly commanding Rainbow Dash to begin her attack.

Rainbow Dash flew upward into the sky giving her plenty of distance between her and the earth below. She hovered for a second taking aim before starting her decent. She started to fly downward picking up speed, tucking her wings close to her body she bulleted towards earth with unimaginable speed causing a loud crack in the air fallowed by a beautiful radiance of colors filling the sky. The sound of the loud boom pierced our ears causing us to place our hoofs over them trying to muffle the sound. Dashy was only moments away from her target, opening her wings she pulled slightly upward making her body parallel with the ground. Soaring over the boar, Rainbow Dash released a hand full of fire bombs, dropping them on top of the boar’s back. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The explosions where loud and they caused smoke to surround the boar.

“Did She get it?” I hollered to Apple Jack.
“Direct hit!” Apple shouted.

It was only moments before the smoke cleared up revealing the boar.

“Oh… Crap!” I thought watching the perfectly unharmed boar, shaking the ash off of his armor.
“Rocky!” shouted Twilight. “Help!”

I ran off to the side of the warzone avoiding the boar letting it do as it pleases. Running to aid Twilight, I cried out to Pinkie Pie

“keep him distracted!”
“Okie dokie okie!” she giggled pulling back on her enormous bow ready to fire at the pig.

Running up a small passage of stone stairs I cried out Twilight’s name.

“Where Are you?”
“Up here, quickly” Fluttershy called towards me.

Fluttershy lead me to Twilight’s body, her upper thigh was bleeding as a result of being gored by the boar. I began to dig into my satchel retrieving an Estus Flask handing it to Twilight Sparkle. She drank a whole flask gasping for air as a small burp left her mouth. The bloody wound on her side started to heal, slowly sealing itself up as the ripped flesh fused back together.

“Thank you.” She said standing up.
“No problem.” I replied.

I began to run off into the area of destruction when an idea popped into my head. I shouted to Twilight telling her my plan.

“Twilight! I need you to use some magic on those crates right in front of this ledge.”

Twilight stepped toward the edge of where we were standing, pointing her horn at the desired objects her horn began to glow bright and brighter as she focuses more on the crates. The crates began to glow and shine brightly attracting the boar.

“This might work.” I whispered to myself preparing another fire bomb.

The glowing boxes stood no chance as the boar thrashed his tusks into them, flinging pieces of wood into the air. I gallop to the ledge jumping off of it praying to Celestia I don’t die. The fall was short but I felt like I was plummeting endlessly into the boar’s path. Landing on the boar’s back I clung to its armor hanging on for dear life as he started to buck and thrash his body all over. I felt around his armor for any opening where I can place the fire bomb, but the armor was flawless giving me no openings large enough for the bomb. My gripped loosened as I became fatigued, my body began to feel light as I was being thrown into the air. I let out a yelp as my body hit the pile of crushed crates. Yelling as I dropped the fire bomb, igniting next to me.


The bomb went off with a large bang, setting the wooden mess to flame. The fire’s crackle was heard by the boar as he began to charge towards the dancing flames not knowing there destructive power. Rolling his tusks into the fire the boar attempted to kill the dancing flames. A small ember found its way through a small space in the boars armor, catching its oily, matted fur aflame. Busting into flames the boar squealed franticly running away from the fire not knowing that the wind blowing against the bore as it ran was feeding the fire. The plated armor held in the flames like an oven slowly cooking the gigantic pig filling the air with the smell of charring flesh. It took twenty minutes for the boar to die, being cooked alive in its own makeshift oven. Knowing that the boar was dead I ran over to the narrow space that was protecting Rarity.

“Rarity!” I called looking at the pale mare, curled up in a small ball holding her bloody hoof.
“A-Are you okay?” I asked her.
“No, I’m hurt.” She said sarcastically then she was looking at me with an obvious look on her face.

I helped her out of the narrow passageway examining her wound. Her hoof was bleeding badly and it didn’t look like the blood was clotting.

“We need Fluttershy.” I told Rarity.
“I’m bleeding all over myself.” Rarity cried looking at her blood soaked hoof.

Fluttershy made her way towards Rarity looking at the wound.

“OH, my.” She said before chanting softly.

Rarity’s hoof began to glow and her wound started began heal. Within moments her wound was completely mended.

“Oh thank you Fluttershy.” Rarity said hugging the yellow mare.
“There’s no time for that now.” I said to the others.
“We need to head for the church now. It’s just beyond those stairs.”

My frustration was starting to get the best me as I started to talk to the others in a more brutish way.

“Let’s rest for a moment before we head onward.” Twilight suggested.
“There is no time!” I shouted at her causing Twilights ears to point to the ground.
“I Agree with Twilight.” Apple Jack said seconding the idea.

My frustration turned to anger as the others took Twilights side instead of mine, causing me to throw my sword against a stone wall.

“Wow! Rocky calm down.” Rainbow Dash said putting a hoof on my shoulder.
“Get your hoof off of me before you lose it.” I grunted.
“Now, hold on there!” Apple jack shouted leering towards me
“You just can’t go on sayen things like that to Rainbow Dash.“ She continued standing up for the blue mare.

I walked over to my sword picking it up with my mouth before walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you going Rocky?” Pinkie Pie asked.

I said nothing to the hyperactive pony giving her a bad look as I head towards the church alone.

“Rocky?” Fluttershy asked.
“What?” I responded harshly.
“Uh, I think you should rest with us. I can heal that cut over your eye if it’s okay with you.”

I looked angrily at Fluttershy before giving in.

“Fine I’ll Wait.” I said plopping my rump on the ground with my back turned toward the others.

Thinking deeply about the past events my face grew blank as I reached deeper into my mind, pulling all my hate I had for my weaknesses and channeling them into anger.

“I almost died at the asylum.”
” I wouldn’t even have made it this far if I wasn’t a part of this group.”
“I’m weak! I’ve almost got Apple Jack killed because of a small cut on my leg.”

My thoughts stopped for a second as I thought of Apple jack.

“Apple Jack.”
“I wonder what she thinks of me.”

As I was lost in thought Apple Jacks voice Started to overpower the thoughts of anger. I couldn’t make out any words, but the soothing tone snapped me out of it, looking at the church I now question my own abilities as a protector..
A minute went buy before Rarity began to talk to Apple Jack.

“I think you should go speak with him.” Rarity whispered to Apple Jack.
“I Wanah but, I don’t think he’ll listen to me right now.” Apple Jack said looking at Havel’s back.
“You’re the only one he’ll talk to.” She said pushing Apple Jacks shoulder encouraging her to talk to Rocky.

Apple Jack got up and started to trot in my direction. There was a small breeze flowing through her mane as she got closer to me.

“Havel?” she said standing behind me.

I didn’t look at her nor did I give her any of my attention.

“Is everything okay with ya sugar cube?” Apple Jack sat next to me looking at the church, and then at me.
“Do you think I’m weak?” I asked Apple Jack pointing my ears down.
“Havel, course I don’t.” she said nudging my shoulder. “You saved our lives, twice.”

Apple Jack continued. My ears twitched to the sound of her voice trying to cheer me up. A silence crept by causing a small awkward moment between the two warriors. The silence was broken by a faint sniffling noise.

“What’s that?” Apple Jack asked looking around trying to find where the noises are coming from.

She looked over at me only to see a small tear drop fell from my eye.

“Havel…are you crying?” She asked
“Not intentionally.” I said pointing to the large gash over my head. “It hurts quite a bit, and no it’s just liquid pride.”
“Why don’t you let me have a look see at that?” Apple Jack offered.
“No, it’s fine.” I replied back. “Thank you for worrying about me.” I said looking at her with a small smile on my face.

She responded to the smile.

“Let’s join the others now.” She said walking towards the group.

We both sat down in the group. I was welcomed by frowns, mainly coming from Twilight and Rainbow Dash. The tension was a little above the norm when Dashy began to speak.

“You still going to rip my hoof off?” her voice sounded angry, like she was challenging me.

I stood up before her and I dropped to my knees, planting my face into the ground I begged for her forgiveness.

“Please forgive me for my threat, I was blinded by anger and I didn’t mean anything I said.”

The moment was embarrassing for me as I never graveled before someone’s feet in apology. The mare looked down at me before speaking.

“Get up. You’re going to make me sick with all this mushy stuff.”

I looked at her face noticing a faint smile as she crossed her arms. I stood up and put a hoof on her shoulder.

“Thank you.” I told her happy to know that I didn’t ruin our friendship.

The day was turning into twilight when we made our way to the front of the church. The old building was enormous, it was impossible to see the top while looking from the base of the church. The church was decorated with statues and old glass panels. The top of the church had a large bell tower standing proudly overlooking the land.

“Let’s go.” Twilight commanded the group leading us into our new objective.

Once we entered the church it wasn’t too long before we had trouble. Blocking our path there were three Hallowed nights standing with their shields up. Apple Jack and I looked a two of the night picking our enemy. We stepped forward looking at are targets. One of the Hallows backed away slightly letting his two companions have a fair fight, one on one. I griped my sword staring into the Hollow’s soulless eyes before I began my charge. I ran to the Hallow thrusting my sword at his shield. The Hallow braced itself before taking the hit, didn’t even flinch when my sword made contact. With a quick movement the Hallow swung it’s sword at me face missing just barely making me cringe. The Hallow took that as an opportunity to hit me with its shield, my body took the full impact of the blow knocking my sword out of my mouth. My eyes widened as I saw the Hallow jab its sword at my face over and over again. I was barely able to dodge all of the attacks; my face was being cut with every other thrust I saw them for an instant and I noticed that none of the wounds where life threatening but later they will become nasty scars. Small trickles of blood ran down my face dripping on the floor beneath me. I kept back stepping trying to avoid the Hallows mirage of attacks, I rolled out of the way of the final swing spotting an opening. I took the chance and tackled the night to the ground, knocking its sword and helmet away from its body. I crawled up on top of the hallowed knight and started to punch its rotted face over and over listening to the cracks of breaking bones and welcoming the groans of pain that where emitting from the knight. Rage is beginning to take over my body causing me to have little control on what in doing. The Hallow has already died but I kept smashing its head, slinging blood all over my face as I pulled back my hoof bowing my arm ready to hit again.

“Havel stop!” Apple Jack cried “It’s over, ya killed him already.” She said trying to pull my body off of the battered corpse.

In blind rage I jerked my head back hitting Apple Jack in the snout, knocking her to the ground. I vision was blurred by hate and the Hallows blood dripping down my face, walking slowly to Apple Jack I looked deep into her eyes with the intent on killing her. I quickened my pace to her picking up my sword on the way, as I stood over her body I looked deeper into her eyes feeding off of her fears. An evil grin grew on my face as I slowly started to push my sword against her neck.

“He’s becoming Hallow!” Twilight shouted.

At that moment Pinkie quickly dew an arrow and fired it. “Kink!” Yet another one off Pinkie’s arrows saved the day knocking the sword out of my mouth. Twilight’s horn began to glow as a curtain of magic covered my body stopping all of my movements. Fluttershy ran quickly towards my body using both of her back legs to kick me in my chest, sending a rush of pain through my torso.

“AAHHH!” I screamed, sounding more like a pony than a Hallow.
“He’s not completely hallowed yet.” Fluttershy said preparing to chant.

Her talisman started to glow as a phrase leaves her mouth repeating it over and over.

“Oh great god of sunlight and life banish the hate from this lost soul, sparing his life from the undead curse. Let the darkness of night hold the evil that comes from his fears, sealing it away into the black nothingness of the Void.”

The chanting is having effect, with each word my body burns more and more filling my heart with pain making me scream. A large aura burst from the talisman engulfing my body in light. The light blinded my senses letting me see, hear, and feel nothing but warmth. The light started to dim as it felt like it pulled all evil from my body, removing all sense of hate and anger, emptying my soul and clearing my mind. As my body was released from the curtain of magic I fell to the ground landing in a mangled mess next to Apple Jack’s body. She was lying there in shock, crying from the scare of my fiendish actions. I still couldn’t move my body as the spell still had residual effect.

“Shy checks him once more.” Twilight commanded.

Fluttershy trotted to my paralyzed body looking into my eyes.

“He’s safe now.” She said walking to Apple Jacks body. “It’s alright now Apple Jack. Your safe now, no one will hurt you.”

Apple Jack slowly snapped out of shock but her crying never let up the speed it was at. The sobbing orange mare looked over to my body as it lied next to her. She leaned over me resting her head on my stomach crying louder muffling herself with my body. I tried to move my arm so I could give her the comfort of a friendly touch, but there still was no movement from my body. I sat there on the cold floor now knowing my purpose in life; I am no longer blinded by rage and hate, but I’m now guided by love and the will to fight for ponykind.

Chapter Two: The Bells of Awakening. The Ringing of the First Bell

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My body began to stitch slightly as the residual effects of Twilights spell starts to wear off giving me a feeling of relief that soon I would be able to fight once again. The other ponies journeyed on through the church leaving Fluttershy and pinkie pie to guard my motionless body until I was fully able to move. It didn’t take long to regain more and more movement, every couple of minutes or so I was able to move my hoof and inch or flick my ears.

“He’s almost ready.” Fluttershy stated to pinkie.
“Oh! Can I do it now!?” Pinkie shouted reaching for her bow.
“Yes, go ahead.” Replied the yellow mare.

Thinking to myself I was confused on what was going on.

“What’s the bow for?” “What am I ready for?”

My thoughts where cut short from the sight of the bright pink earth pony holding her bow above her head with both hoofs ready to crush something with Pebbles. I tried my best to move out of the way, my brain said move but my body couldn’t respond. Pinkie pie jumped about ten feet into the air building momentum for a more devastating attack. Time itself felt like it slowed watching pinkie’s bow slowly getting closer to my face, fear was filling my chest when Apple Jacks voice was heard deep within my head.

“Ya’ll just gunna lay there and get crushed!? Move!”

The words weren’t that motivating but they were enough for me to use what little control of my body I had to slightly roll away from the path of Pebbles mighty destructive path. The impact of the Giant bow launched me through the air, causing my body to hit a pillar sending a jolt down my spine recovering all my movement.

“How does that even work?” I said confused from the random action that cured my paralysis.
“Are you okay Rocky?” Fluttershy asked as she made her way to my side.
“I’m fine.” I said pausing in the middle of my sentence before continuing. “Where are the others?”
“They went on to scout this level of the church…they aren’t too far ahead.” Fluttershy answered softly.
“Let’s go!” Pinkie shouted as she hopped to the direction that the others went.

The churches hallways where dim and dusty the smell of blood filled our noses as we pass hallowed bodies, cut in half and battered left to bleed out if still alive. Giant statues of priests guide us down the halls of the church giving a more gothic look to the hallowed building. Sounds of fighting could be heard from the corridor ahead, readying my sword I began to trot hastily toward the noises readying myself for anything.

Making my way further down the hall I gave a command to Pinkie to ready her weapon. “Pinkie… ready Pebbles.”

The pink mare said nothing but I heard the stone of her bow buckle and crack from the force of her drawing the string. The songs of war where loud as we approach the room where the skirmish had taken place, looking at my surroundings before completely entering combat I began to scan the fight. Apple jack had three hallows to take care of, fortunately they were unarmed but even the mightiest of warriors can be overpowered. Twilight was holding her own just fine blasting whatever hallow that comes near her into pieces with a powerful beam of magic. The sight and sound of flesh being torn by magic is indescribable and unnatural… a force to be feared. Rarity and Rainbow Dash stood rump to rump watching each other’s backs showing a perfect example of unbreakable trust and defense.

A hallow caught my eye as he made his way toward me charging as fearlessly as he could. Once close enough I quickly turned around showing him my back before brandishing the bottom of my hoofs as I bucked towards his face, the sound of his skull cracking was music to my ears filling my head with its brutal song. As the hallow dropped to his knees I quickly swung my body around lobbing off his head with my sword causing thick black blood squirt out of its neck as it begins to flail on the floor.

The loud grunts and shouts of war filled the hallways of the church as this battle continued. Fluttershy began to chant softly as a hallow began to charge in her direction, her talisman glowed brightly releasing a blast of air as the Hallow jumped launching it far on the other side of the hall. Estus dripped from our mouths as we drank the healing essence whenever we have a chance replenishing our strength with each gulp, strengthening our spirits as we fought on. This fight seemed endless, our will to fight began grew little as we became more and more exhausted from the fight.

“Where are they coming from!” I shouted as I sliced a Hallows arm clean off.
“There an undead priest reviving them.” Twilight shouted back as she released another beam of magic from her horn.

Twilight paused for a moment as she took a breath before continuing.

“If we kill him the others won’t come back after being killed.”
“Rocky.” Fluttershy spoke loudly trying to make her voice heard over the noise of battle. “I can feel his aura nearby. I will lead you to him.”

Fluttershy and I ran farther away from the battle as she began to fallow the aura of the priest.

“He’s close.” Shy said softly parking her ears upward.

A deep chant could be heard through a door, peeking through a crack in the wood I saw five hallows circled around the chanting Priest as he held his arms up high praying to whatever god hallows pray to.

The hallowed priest spoke aloud in an unknown language as the other repeated his words. “Tor ani… kelso tahk... dirmy no shyl”

I gave Fluttershy a look signaling her that I was going in. With a mighty kick I shattered the door into several pieces launching them through the air as they pierce two of the hallows. Moving as quickly as possible I hacked and chopped the lesser hallows leaving the priest to fight me one on one. The hallow let out a low chuckle as he held his right hoof in front of him. A bright light was visible for a moment before it turned into a large trident with several rings hanging from each prong. Not intimidated by the weapon I began to circle around him looking for an opening so I may strike. The priest twirled his trident before lunging toward me trying to impale my body with its prongs. Veering to my right, I stepped to his side slashing his left leg forcing him to jump back while he was in the air, I began to run his direction cutting him again as he landed. Pulling my sword out his body blood shot out his wound hitting my eye making me cringe, taking his chances he thrust his weapon once more only to miss my body slightly. Looking at the handle I noticed Fluttershy pushing against the handle with a dagger tightly held within her mouth. She pushed away the trident knocking it from his hands, both the hallow and I were shocked from the action of the pale yellow mare. taking this as a golden opportunity Fluttershy pumped into the air stabbing the dagger into the face of the priest causing the golden rings from his chained cloak to fly though the air killing him instantly.

I sat the in amazement I just witnessed, the shy little mare just finished off the undead Priest with a single blow.

“Thank you, but I was doing fine by myself.” I told the yellow mare with a disappointed tone.
“You were about to die.” She replied back pointing at a mass of bloody remains.

I looked deep into the mass of flesh before realizing that a creature was being formed from the pieces of the chanting hallows I have slaughtered.

“B-but how?” I shuddered.
“He wasn’t attacking you Rocky. He was doing a ritual summoning dance.” Her voice took a stricter vibe as she continued. “I thought you have already noticed the monster as it began to form so I didn’t do anything earlier. If I hadn’t interrupted his dance, you would have D-died not knowing what hit you.”

Her serious tone made me feel week, o bowed my head and thanked her aloud.

“Thank you Fluttershy, for saving my life.”
Fluttershy’s face took a light tint of red before responding. “Oh, it’s fine. Just please pay more attention when you’re dealing with undead priests.”
“Let’s head back to the others.” I suggested to Fluttershy paying little attention to her request.

We made it back to the other as Apple jack finishes the final hallow, cutting it across its chest showering herself with its blood. Her ferocity was enchanting in a dark medieval way. I approached her cautiously as she whipped the blood off of her muzzle. When she finished cleaning her face she gave me an empty look before speaking.

“Havel...” She said pausing after my name. “Havel I just wanna tell ya…”

She hesitant mare moved closer to me trying to comfort herself with my presents as she attempted to talk.

“I’m sorry Apple Jack.” I told her quietly wrapping my arm around her neck giving her a gentle hug.
“I promise you, I will never be consumed my hate again.”

Not one word left the Mare’s mouth as she nuzzled her head against mine before breaking the embrace. Walking back into the group Twilight began to speak.

“We’ve cleared the bottom of the church. I’ve taken the liberty to scout ahead, the entrance to the bell tower is on the other side of this church. We will make our way onto the roof and walk across it. Dash I need you to sit this fight out.”
“What! Why!?” Dash shouted at Twilight.
“I need you to be ready to catch anyone who falls off the roof. I doubt the hallows left the bell tower unguarded, and you’re the only one that’s strong enough to fly with an armored pony in tow.” Twilight said making a good point.

Rainbow Dash didn’t argue with Twilight’s logic the blue mare turned her head and let out a puff pushing a piece of hare that was covering her eye off to the side of her head. The purple mare continued with her plan pulling out a piece of parchment with her magic.

“Apple Jack, Rocky, and Rarity will take the front lines.” She spoke aloud while drawing a basic sketch of her plan. “Fluttershy Pinkie and I will stay by the main entryway to the roof giving support and healing spells if needed.”

Her plan seemed well thought out and organized taking the characteristics of the magical mare.

“Fluttershy.” Twilight said gathering not just Fluttershy’s attention but everypony’s attention.
“Yes Twilight.” She responded softly
“Can you cast a Restoration miracle on us before we continue to the roof?” asked Twilight giving off a friendly smile.
“Sure, Everypony gather around please.” The pale yellow mare spoke gently.

Everypony gathered around Fluttershy bowing their heads as she began to recite the words to the miracle.

“Born from the womb of our mother all life is given a chance to see the spenders of her sun. Warming our souls with its love so that we may live a life of piece and vanquish the creatures that dwell in the blackness of sin. Oh dear mother give our bodies the blood of your sun so we may gain its divine strength.”

Her words sent a chill down my spine as light aura was expelled from her talisman and engulfed our bodies with light. To see if the spell worked I pricked my wrist with my blade cutting myself lightly, watching the wound heal slowly before my eyes.

“Wow.” I whispered to myself struck by aw.

The path to the top of the church was barley guarded only a few hallows blocked our way. Apple jack easily took care of the hallows, barley breaking a sweat she slayed the enemies effortlessly. The group halted in their tracks stopping immediately as the gazed at the misty body of a Fog Gate.

“Ooo… Spooooky!” Pinkie moaned trying to imitate a ghost.
“What is it?” Rarity asked looking at twilight for an answer.
“I-I don’t know.” Twilight answered with a mixed look on her face.
“It’s a Fog Gate.” I told the group as I swished my hoof on the mist.
“Well how do we get rid of it?” Apple Jack asked scratching her head.
“You just walk through it.” I replied happy to know I was able to share some knowledge to the group.
“Does it hurt?” Fluttershy whimpered hiding behind Rainbow’s back.
“Not at all.” I said comforting the yellow mare.
“Well what are we waiten fer. Let’s hop to it.” Said the orange mare with confidence.

I pushed my body into the Fog Gate walking through it completely before looking back at it watching the others as the hesitantly pass through it on their own. Taking a moment I looked around the rooftop enjoying the view of the undead land from a new perspective. The mares began to get into their positions, heavy hitters in front and range in back. I waited until I saw Rainbow dash fly off to the side of the church before I commanded the front line to move across the roof. Our destination was the bell tower. The rooftop was quits nothing inside besides statues of gargoyles huddling the walls of the tower. Our advance was stopped by a loud crumbling noise, and the sight of stone falling from the tower.

I looked at the gargoyles staring at them intently preparing for the worst. The arm of a gargoyle quickly broke away from the tower gripping a halberd with its stone finger. Jumping high into the sky the gargoyle twisted its body knocking all of the loose stone from its body before landing to the rooftops, crushing a large amount of the rust colored tiles. Everypony ready there weapon, holding our ground we didn’t charge the demon statue but we waited for it to come to us. The was a low growl coming from the maw of the enemy, as an act of war he swung his halberd side to side demonstrating its lethal reach. No one moved from their position not even the demon, Twilight looked at Pinkie giving her a nod. Pinkie answered to the nod by pointing her bow at the gargoyle pulling on the string as hard as she can causing the stone bow to crack and bend, Pinkie’s muscles began to show definition as she pulled the string further back. Sticking out her tongue she took aim before releasing the arrow sending it true. The arrow whistled through the air cutting its path as it made its way to the demon. Everyone sat in suspense watching the arrow fly in what seemed to be in slow motion, but in reality it hit the gargoyle before you could even blink. Enraged the gargoyle began to charge running like an ape he chose his target…Rarity. The pale mare lifted her spear with magic ready to evade the attack and counter with her own. Leaping upward the gargoyle flipped backward surprising rarity as he swung its tail towards her catching the surprised mare off guard. She did what most of us would do and jump out of the way, when in a safe position Apple Jack and I charged to her aid flustering the demon with a furry of attacks. The stone monster took little to no damage as we slashed at its legs, Pinkie and Twilight began to charge their own attacks happy to support the front line. With flames bursting on stone, magic breaking rock, and swords crushing the brittle plaster the gargoyle was almost defeated. Letting out a piercing cry the demon jumped into the air flying back to the bell tower where it was accompanied with another gargoyle. This other demon was scared from past battles, its tail was cut off and its halberd was no more than a handle. The second demon puffed its stone chest out before breathing a blazing ball of fire. Jumping away from the flames I made my way to the new enemy letting Apple Jack and rarity finish their fight with the first. Arrows and magic filled the air as the battle continued, draining the energy from the ponies. Panting heavily a ducked under another one of the demons attacks rolling underneath it as I cut its brittle leg completely off, causing it to topple over and slide on the loose tiles making its way to the edge of the roof. With a burst of strength I bolted towards the legless demon hurling myself into its chest knocking both of us off of the roof. Falling quickly I yelled for Dash’s help!

“Dash! Help!”

It wasn’t too long before the blue Pegasus grabbed ahold of my tunic with her teeth giving my little time to grab ahold of her body before she loses her grip.

“Don’t worry I got you.” She said with slight comfort.

As we flew over the church we watch the other finish off the last demon with a large fireball, blasting it into pieces. As we landed on the roof we quickly ran to the other to regroup.

“Thank Celestia!” I shouted aloud wasting my breath.
“Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!” Pinkie shouted with excitement jumping up high into the air.
“Fluttershy, I need a little healen.” Apple Jack called holding her hoof towards Fluttershy.

As Fluttershy healed Apple Jack I trotted to her and started to rub my cheek against her as I embraced her body with a hug.

“You alright?” I asked the orange mare.
“Yeah… I uh, just got a little scratch.” She replied cringing as Shy touched her hoof.

Our reunion was short when Twilight walked to the bell tower calling us to fallow.

“Almost there, let’s celebrate with the song of the bell.” She said proudly.

The climb to the bell wasn’t long, but we took our time as we looked out the window that overlooked the land. The bell was beautiful, well-polished and cleaned. The bell had an engraving of a warrior ringing the bell as the sun began to rise. Looking at the sun I felt a warm feeling serge through my body as it began to set.

“Rocky.” Twilight said interrupting my embrace with the sun. “You should have the honor of ringing the bell.”

I looked at Apple jack for a moment; she looked back and nodded towards the bell encouraging me to ring it. Pulling a lever next to the bell there where several loud clanks before the mechanism connected to the bell started to move, swinging the bell side to side filling the air with a graceful sound sending a brilliant echo through this undead land signaling the Awakening of pony kind.

Chapter Three: Death of The Timid Pt. 1 The Servant of The Sun

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The days past quickly as we make our way to The Basement of the Burge. The stench of the burning, dead filled the air as we made our way to the bridge that connected the Burge to the church. Bodies lined the bridge; charred and scorched from the flames of an evil entity.

Holding my hoof out, I halted your advanced. “Stop. Look at the ground.”

The group looked at the cobblestone path leading across the bridge. The stone was blackened from flames, not any flame but the hellish flame from a drake.

Holding my head as high as I could in the air, I took in the scent of the burnt bodies. “He was here not too long ago.”
“How could you tell?” Dash questioned, smelling the air herself.
Looking at the blue mare, I stared deep into her eyes with an emotionless expression. “The smell of their burnt flesh… it’s fresh.”

Turning around, I walked up to Fluttershy she looked sickened by the sight of the bodies, resting my hoof on her shoulder, I whispered into her ear. “They weren’t undead. Give them a prayer of passing.”
“Okay.” She sighed walking to towards the bodies.
Turning her head to Apple Jack, she spoke softly to her. “Can you come with me… please?”

Apple Jack picked up one of her twin swords, grasping it with her teeth as she led Fluttershy out on the bridge watching the sky carefully.

Turning my head to Rarity and Twilight, I pointed my hoof to the locked door that leads to The Basement. “Try to get that door open. I’ll be back shortly.”
“Hey!” Dash shouted. “What about Pinkie and I!?”
“You two will come with me, but I need you to be on your guard… we may not be alone.”

Making our way down a stairway, the brilliant figure of a colt stood in front of a balcony that overlooked the sunset. His armor was well polished, and his cloak bared the symbol of the sun. His face was covered by a helm of simple design, but it reflected the sun’s light effortlessly. Suddenly, turning his head, he examined us through the narrow slit in his helmet. Surprised by his quick movement, I reached to my back to planning to draw my sword, ready to strike if necessary.

Watching me ready for combat, he raised a hoof into the air and waved it side to side. “Oh! Well hello there.”

His voice was calm and collective, removing my sword from my mouth I cautiously walked toward the unknown colt.

Standing a few feet from him I introduced us. “Hello, I’m Rocky; this is Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.”
“Ah, well you are a friendly one.” He chuckled. “I am Knight Solaire of Astora, descendent of The Princess herself.”
“What is your purpose hear in Lordran?” Dash asked curiously to the armored colt.”
Gazing at the sun, he stood at attention, not moving as he answered Rainbow Dash. “I’m on an undead mission of my own. I’m looking to find my own sun; for you see the sun is but a wondrous body. Oh what a brilliant mother she is… if only I could grossly incandescent.”

Dash’s eye twitched from the poetic remark, not knowing what to say she looked at me for help.

“The sun is magnificent. She was my only hope for living when I was trapped at the Asylum.” I said to Solaire, gazing up at the sun as well.

Reaching into his side saddle, Solaire retrieved a White Soapstone. Tossing it in my direction, I caught it with my mouth and put it in my bag.

Out of curiosity I questioned the gift. “Thank you… but what is it?”
Giving off a deep chuckle, the sun knight laughed for a moment before explaining the stone. “That there is a White Soapstone, my good fellow. Use it to leave a summon sign, and call forth help. Please do keep an eye out for my summon sign, I don’t know how you could miss it… it shines as bright as Celestia’s sun.”

Thanking the generous colt, the three of us said our farewells before regrouping with the others. Shouting out as we left Knight Solaire, we waved farewell.

“Safe travels my friends!


Walking towards the door to the Basement, Rarity walked up to my side, stopping when her muzzle was in front of my face. Looking into her eye’s I couldn’t help but to blush as she winked at me.

Seductively whispering in my ear, she got straight to the point. “Oh, Rocky. I’m in need of help. Can you be a dear and assist me?”
Choking on my words my eye’s swiveled around the bridge looking for Apple Jack. “U-um… I-I… A-Apple!”
“Ya lookin’ for me sugar cube?” she said walking up from the other side of me.
“Oh, hey Apple Jack.” Rarity hissed.
“Don’t ya hay Apple Jack me! I know what you’re planin’.”
“Oh you do?” Rarity sarcastically stated as if she cared at all.

Caught up in-between the fire, I tried to make peace with the two mares, stepping in-between the two I pointed my back towards Rarity and pushed Apple Jack alone to the other side of the group. (Please help me. I am deathly afraid of bananas. I feel like they are going to make me eat them while I sleep. Can you help reader? –E.A.D.M.3)

“Okay, Apple. Just calm down for a second.”
*Ugh* “I can’t stand to be around her sometimes. She was tryin’ to get you to get one of those dragon scales.”

Sitting next to her, I nudged her shoulder with my elbow, watching her anger slowly fade away as I show more affection.

“You know, it’s going to be some time before Twilight gets that door open. If you want we could go sit and gaze at the sun.”
Looking up at my smile, she pecked my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder. “I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

As we got up to go move to the sunlit balcony, the sky briefly grew dark as a large body flew in front of the sun.

Noticing what made the shadow, Fluttershy screamed at the top of her lungs. “D-d-d-dragon!”