• Published 8th Sep 2013
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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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The Bells of Awakening pt. 1 The six

“Do not touch him. Please” said a soft voice.
“Oh come on Why not?” replied another.
“I haven’t finished healing him, he’s still weak”

my vision started to come to when I noticed another pony leaning over my body, touching my chest with her hoof. Out of shock I started to push the pony off of me.

“Dash. Hold him down” the soft voice commanded with a gentle tone “I’m not finished.”

My arms started to stop there movement as they were being held against my will.
“Stop Squirming!” A blue pony yelled as she was holding me to the dirt.
“What are you doing to me?” I shouted in fear trying to regain control of my arms.
“Please stop moving, I’m tending to your wounds. You were badly injured, and I thought you wouldn’t mind if I were to help you.”

Her voice was so calm and gentile my body stopped its squirming and I let the yellow pony finish her job. “There all done” she said with a smile. “Okay Rainbow Dash you can let him go now.”

I fell asleep from the exhaustion of the struggle. I thought in my head

“am I really this week? Who were those ponies, and where am I?”

my body started to feel warm and I can hear a heartbeat. Thump, Thump. Thump, Thump. I awaken slowly to notice that I was at a bonfire. The glow of the flame was comforting. I looked around to see where I am and I notice a big tree sprouting out of a ruin. I thought I went mad for a second when I saw the giant raven sitting on a perch made of rubble then a voice said.

“How are you Feeling?”

I looked toward the direction of the voice and I saw five shadows sitting on the other side of the fire.

“I feel fine.” I replied looking at my body.

Shock struck my mane as I examined my body. The dried flesh was a light grey coat and my matted main was short and light brown. I haven’t seen my coat ever since the last time I was alive.

“We used your Hearts Desire to return your body to normal. I hope you don’t mind it made it easier to heal you.” Said a voice coming from the other side of the fire.

I didn’t mind at all, actually I’m surprised you could do that. They must be powerful magic users to be able to do this to an undead. I asked the shadow if I’m pony again, they replied with a shake of the head.

“You’re still undead, but ya look like a pony so it will be hard to tell the deference.” The voice that spoke had an accent I’ve never heard before.

“Oh forgive us! We haven’t told you are names.” Said a purple pony walking from a tree making her way to a seat at the bonfire. “I’m Twilight Sparkle” she said with a smile.
“Nice to meet you” I replied examining her body.

She was a purple unicorn with purple hair. She was well maintained, and from the looks of her robes and the books in her side saddle she was very talented with magic. The pony next to her was an orange mare. She looked proud and truthful. Her body was covered with thick plated steel armor. The only part of her that was uncovered was her head. She propped herself up against a gigantic claymore stuck in the ground, using it as a back rest. The sword was at least five feet long, it was well polished but you can tell it had its days’ worth of use, as it had chips and dings all along the side of the blade.

“The name’s Apple Jack” she said with an unusual accent.
“May I ask of your voice? Where do you hail from?”

I asked oh so carefully trying not to offend her.

“Oh. It’s southern. Have you never heard one before?” she answered with a grin.
I shook my head and replied “No. I have not.”

She giggled at my fascinated look.

“I’ll tell ya a little more about it later.” Apple Jack said bringing my fascination to its highest level.

The pony at the end of the bonfire started to shout

hopping up and down with energy I've never seen in a pony.

“I’m… Pinkie Pie!” She shouted almost putting out the bonfire.

She was an unusual character. Her whole body was pink even her hair. She wore a tattered cape on her back. Examining her body I've noticed she had burn marks on her right hoof.

“Have you met Pebbles yet!?” Pinkie yelled smashing the ground with a giant stone bow.

The sheer size of the bow has left me speechless. It must take two ponies to hold it up and another pony to fire it.

“Uh… h-hi Pebbles?” I greeted in confusion.

Pinkie pie let out a squeal hopping up and down yelling over and over

“Pebble has a new friend! Pebble has a new friend!”

finally Twilight stopped pinkie by giving her something sweet to eat.

“Here Pinkie, why don’t you leave our new guest alone for a moment.”

In my personal opinion I wouldn't give her anymore sugar, but it seemed to work, really well. Counting my blessings I started to Move back down the line, a pail mare look at me with poor favor and said

“OH my. What are you wearing?”

I gave no response to the insult.

“Well then, it looks like someone need new manners as well as a new wardrobe!” she said with her horn glowing folding and sewing leather into a vest.
“My name is Rarity” she said while flipping her hair back.

She was beautiful and she did have a slight fragrance emitting off of her that brought joy to my nose. She wore a long silk robe covered with gems about the size of my hoof. The robe doesn’t look like it would protect her much, but at least she looked comfortable.

“Here put this on” rarity ordered, throwing the vest at my hooves.

It fits well; it felt more like a second skin rather than armor. I bowed my head to her and I thanked her in the most sincere possible way I could.

“You’re Welcome.” She replied with a proud look on her face.

My eye started to drift to the next pony when it caught a glimpse of pink hair. I stared at the yellow bodied pony only to see her shaking and avoiding eye contact.

“Where you the one who healed my wounds?” I asked.
“Y-y-Yes” she responded oh so very timidly.

She was so shy I felt sorry for her. She looked peaceful in the cream colored robe she was warring. I stated to examine her until I noticed a talisman hanging from her neck. I through myself at her feet making her let out a little squeal.

“Do you perform miracles?” I begged.
“y-y-yes” She replied once again.
“May you cast a blessing on me?” I asked with my face in the dirt.

Her eyes closed for a moment as she chanted something over my head. The warmth of her hooves was so calming I felt like it could put me to sleep. The hair on my main rose for a moment as I felt her blessing move through my body.

“There” she replied as she pulled her warm hooves back and tucked them under her chest.
“Thank you. Uh, I didn’t get your name.” I said to her gently.
“It’s F-F-Fluttershy” she whispered looking down at the ground.

I looked around the bonfire looking for the final pony, but I couldn’t seem to find her. My eye caught a quick glimpse of a shadow in the sky. I quickly looked up expecting the raven to grab me again. The flying creature was not a bird but a Pegasus. She was doing all kinds of aerial maneuvers. She was doing barrel rolls, loops and even spins. I just sat there watching her perform for a moment before I shouted for her name. She responded with a yell

“Rainbow Dash!” her legs where covered with leather but her back was covered with a contraption of some sort… I couldn’t tell. The sun was shining on her wings causing a blinding light reflecting off of the steal blades she had delicately strapped to the tips of her wings. From that speed, those wings could probably cut through anything.Several moments have past giving me time to remember everypony’s name. Twilight looked at me with a face that looks like she trying to tell me something. She finally came out and asked

“So, what’s your name?”

I responded by pointing my ears towards the ground and I started to stare off into the distance.

“I don’t have a name.” I told her with shame clocking my voice.
“How do you not have a name!” Pinkie shouted.
“It died with me a long time ago.” I sadly told them.
“Oh. I’m sorry to have asked you. I didn’t know” Twilight said as I interrupted her and said
“it’s, okay.”

Some silence was roaming the air until Rainbow Dash said

“how about we give you a new name.”
then Twilight Replied “That’s not a bad idea.”

Apple Jack then got up and started to come towards me, she had a seat next to me and asked

“What would be a good name for ya?”

I thought to myself for a moment and I told them that I would be happy with whatever they come up with. Everyone had a blank look on their face thinking hard for a name to call the nameless warrior. Pinkie Pie started to pump again shouting many different manes… most of them where girl names. Pinkie finally stopped, she got extremely close to my face and said to me a name in the creepiest manner.


I looked at her with confusion and asked

“How did you come up with that?”
She replied “The color of your coat silly! Its grey! Like a rock! Duh!

I looked at Apple Jack for reassurance

“well I like it” She replied.

The others nodded their head.

“I guess from this day forth my name is Rocky” I said to myself with a sigh.

Morning came and I was about to part ways the small group of six. When I noticed the dirty cloth that held the honey comb was sitting in the dirt. My eyes widened and I saw pinkie pie eating my sweet delicacy in one bite.

“NOOO!” I yelled on my knees out of disappointment.
“What?” pinkie said with honey all over her face.

I planted my face into the ground and started to yell foul words. Everypony was looking at me with a strange look on their face and Rainbow Dash asked

“Rocky, are you okay?”

I told her that it was nothing and that I was over reacting. I glared at Pinkie Pie with an evil look. She looked back and gave me a smile before she started to dig in her bag. Evil thoughts where filling my head when she came up to me with an amber flask in her mouth, she dropped it at my feet.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were going to eat that. It just looked so yummy.”
“It’s fine Pinkie” I said looking at the flask. “What is this?” I asked looking at Twilight for answers.
“It’s an Estus flask” She replied with an intellectual smile on her face. “They have healing properties, and there a source of food. Try it.”

I took a sip of estus and my anger quickly turned into gluttony as I start to chug the amber fluid from the greenish vile.

“This is sweeter than anything I’ve ever had.” Boasting to the group as I drink some more.

Apple Jack started to walk in my direction when I decided to meet her half way. The mare looked at me with a nervous smile face and asked me if I wanted to join them on their mission. Taking a minute to think of an answered I took a look at the group and I thought of everything they done for me.

“You don’t have ta if you don’t want ta. We understand.” Apple Jack said before I could make up my mind.
“I will take up your offer, and I’ll accompany you on your mission for now. I do have a task of my own.”

My voice was a little more masculine when I said that. Apple Jack smiled and tossed something in front of me.

“Here ya go sugar cube.”

The object she through in front of me was a sword, not any sword this sword was special. Its hilt was blood red and its blade was a silvery white color.

“It’s an enchanted sword I found the other day. I’m not going to use it, so I thought I would give it to you instead.”

Out of respect I bowed my head and thanked the mare by quickly picking up the sword off of the ground and placing it on my back.

“Well how do I look” I asked the crowd turning so they can see all of me.

They all replied with a nod, and in that instance my place in the group was final.

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