• Published 8th Sep 2013
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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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Chapter Two. The bells of Awakening Pt. 3 Rebuilt

The morning sun started its new cycle beginning the day with the blessing of light. The warmth of the sun peered through a hole in the ceiling of the shack where we camped overnight. Waking me with a peaceful channel of light as it shined upon my face. I stared into the light thinking of my purpose here in the group. Contemplating on my strengths and questioning my weaknesses. I reached my hand to my side feeling the figure of another pony. Looking over, I saw the recovering body of an orange mare, huddling my side trying to keep warm. The morning was still young and I didn’t want to disturb Apple jack’s rest. I lied next to her for a moment more before getting up to make food for the group.

“I hope everypony likes Apples and warm oats.” I said to myself putting a pot of water next to the bonfire.

The glow from the bonfire kept me company as the others slept. Every so often I would check on AppleJack, periodically fixing her blanket. I placed my hoof over the steam from the boiling water seeing how long I could hold it there before pulling it away. Even in a land full of mystery and adventure I still find myself bored at times. I poured enough oats into the boiling water watching them dance gracefully as they expand, transforming from a soup into gruel. I mixed in pieces of apples before filling my bowl halfway. Watching my food I waited for the others to wake before eating.

“Living in a land of undead or not, there is no excuse for bad manners.” I told myself staring deep into my bowl.
“What smells good?” Yawned rainbow Dash, stretching out her wings as she woke from her slumber.
“I made warm oats and apples.” Answering her with a smile.

I filled another bowl with gruel, placing apples on top as garnish. Handing her the bowl Rainbow Dash let out another yawn before taking it from my hoof.

“You look like you slept well.” I said to Rainbow Dash. “I did. I was in the middle of an awesome dream! I think you were in it too.” She replied filling her mouth with food.

She told me a little bit of her dream. I wasn’t paying much attention to it but some parts of the story sounded interesting.

“Wait, wait, wait.” I interrupted Rainbow Dash “so there were four kings that ruled one city?” I questioned with a tone.

She continued her story waving her arms like a phantom.

“Yeah. Four of them, and they were all ghost like and stuff.” Rainbow Dash Quietly yelled making it sound like a horror story.

One by one the other ponies started to wake up from their sleep, helping themselves to a bowl of oats and apples. I set a small bowl aside for Apple Jack letting it cool so it wouldn’t burn as she ate it.

“Hey, you awake yet?” I said turning my body towards Apple Jack’s.

there was no response only small movements caused by her breathing.

“Whacha doen?” Pinkie asked with oats all over her face.
“Getting you a napkin.” A said in a snappy way pulling a torn cloth from rarity’s satchel.

I handed the cloth to Pinkie so she may clean herself, but she had already liked the food off of her face.

“You really are something.” I said tossing the torn cloth and walking away from the pink mare.
“What did I do? Pinkie whined looking at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy shrugged her shoulders before saying.
“I think he’s still worried about Apple Jack.”
“Oh, I see.” Pinkie replied with a fulfilled look.

Apple Jack started to wake up, rubbing her eyes looking around the shack for her friends.

“Where did everypony run off too?” she asked herself sitting up.
“Oh, you’re awake.” Twilight said trotting next to her wounded friend.
“Yes sir. I feel mighty fine today.” Apple Jack boasted attempting to stand.
“You should take it easy for one more day.” Said Twilight as she helped Apple Jack to her feet. “We are going to the Undead Church tomorrow.”
“Finally we’re going to ring the first bell.” Apple Jack said sporting a bold new look of heroism.

Twilight helped Apple jack to the door making their way outside of the shake. The sun was hot, and beautiful. The scent of flowers from a nearby garden abandon years ago were lightening the mood for the recovering mare as she walked with Twilight further and further into an unknown area. There was a crumbled statue standing over a balcony covered with grass and flowers, all the pieces were there but they had been scattered throughout the grassy area.

“What is this place?” Apple Jack asked amazed by the scenery.

There was a noise coming from the general area, a familiar clank of metal on metal. Clank! Clank! Clank! Ding! Ding! The noise stopped and now voices where being heard

“Shh, hide it” one voice said.
"Ouch! You stepped on my hoof.” Whined another.

Twilight And Apple Jack turned the corner to find all of her friends hunkered down in front of an object poorly hidden.

“Surprise!” Pinkie shouted hitting Rainbow Dash in the head as she flailed her arms.
“What in tarn nation!” Apple Jack yelled faking a surprised look on her face.
“We fixed your armor!” Pinkie yelled grabbing the newly repaired armor and slamming it in front of Apple Jack.
“Hey be careful with that!” Rarity yelled.
“It took lots of work patching it together.”

Apple jack looked at the armor for a moment it looked different for half of the steel plates where removed and replaced my leather.

“So..” Rarity asked.
“I like it, Even though it looks a little light for a strong mare like me.” She said with a boastful tone.

Apple Jack looks around for a moment before asking for about Havel’s whereabouts.

“Where’s hav.. I mean Rocky.” She said correcting herself trying not to tell the other Rocky’s true name.
“He’ll be here soon.” Twilight answered Apple Jack.
“He went off on his own to get you something special." Said Fluttershy gazing at a couple of bugs zipping through the air.

Minutes have passed keeping the orange mare waiting in suspense for my arrival.

“I’m back!” I shouted towards the group.

I had Two objects raped up in cloth strapped to my back. Grinning as I make my way to Apple Jack I pulled a small strip of silk holding it in my mouth making it very noticeable to Apple Jack.

“What’s that in ya mouth?” Apple Jack asked all ready knowing what it was.
“It’s a new hair tie I found for you.” I answered her spitting out the silk hair tie.
“The one you where had on before got lost in the last battle… so I got you a new one.”

Apple Jack smiled at me having Rarity tie the silk in her hare before asking me a question.

“What are those things on your back?”
“Glad you asked.” I replied setting the objects on the ground.

I undraped the two objects revealing two handmade swords to Apple Jack.

“Those look familiar.” She said.

I looked at her and smiled before telling her the origins of the swords.

“These swords where make from your claymore.”

Her eye widened for a moment as she picked one of the swords up.

“What happened to my Sword?” She asked.
“I went back to get it for you but it broke when you got hit by the bull demon.” I told her looking less proud of myself as I further examine the meager job I did with the swords.
“I love them!” Apple Jack squeed.

My ears perked upward for a moment before Apple Jack leaned over and gave me a small peck on my cheek, turning my grey face a slight shade of pink.

“I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow.” The orange mare said swinging one of the swords with her mouth.

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