• Published 8th Sep 2013
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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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Chapter Two, The bells of Awakening Pt. 4 The Day Of Enlightenment

My breathing grew heavy as I started to run towards a pillar for safety. My vision was obstructed by blood, dripping down in front of my eye. I was near the pillar not taking any chances as I dove behind it gripping the handle of my sword tightly with my mouth, ready to swing at anything that pokes its head around the corner. I took a moment to catch my breath before sticking my head out around the corner looking for the other ponies. I noticed Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie hiding in an archway with their backs against stone.

“Apple Jack, Pinkie!” I shouted. “Where’s the boar?”
“He’s Right ova There!” Apple Jack yelled pointing to the armored boar, bashing his tusks at a stone wall trying to get into a narrow space in-between two buildings.

I took another look at the boar before hearing a scream resonating from the narrow space where the bore was.

“Aahhh! Help!”
“That sounds like Rarity!” Apple Jack shouted.

Taking another breath I regained my calm saying to myself

“Okay, Havel. All you have to do is distract the boar long enough for Dash to strike.”

I readied my sword as I jumped out from behind the safety of my pillar. I ran towards the boar before stopping halfway

“Here piggy piggy!” I shouted random nonsense while trotting loudly in place making loud hoof noises.

CLOP! CLOP! CLOP! The sounds of my hoofs echoed slightly passed the giant pig interrupting his frenzy of rage.

“Oh, please be ready Dashy.” I whispered to myself making eye contact with the animal.

There was no pause at all when eye contact was met. The boar let out a snort and charged towards me squealing loudly. Everything slowed down as my adrenaline built up for a moment as the boar charged closer and closer. I felt scared and weak before I saw a shadow zipping by on the ground giving me a small feeling of relief. The boar was only moments away from making contact with my body before one of Pinkie’s arrows stricken the boar’s armor veering it slightly off course giving me more time to dodge. I threw my body out of the path of the boar rolling a couple of feet before standing.

“NOW!” I shouted loudly commanding Rainbow Dash to begin her attack.

Rainbow Dash flew upward into the sky giving her plenty of distance between her and the earth below. She hovered for a second taking aim before starting her decent. She started to fly downward picking up speed, tucking her wings close to her body she bulleted towards earth with unimaginable speed causing a loud crack in the air fallowed by a beautiful radiance of colors filling the sky. The sound of the loud boom pierced our ears causing us to place our hoofs over them trying to muffle the sound. Dashy was only moments away from her target, opening her wings she pulled slightly upward making her body parallel with the ground. Soaring over the boar, Rainbow Dash released a hand full of fire bombs, dropping them on top of the boar’s back. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The explosions where loud and they caused smoke to surround the boar.

“Did She get it?” I hollered to Apple Jack.
“Direct hit!” Apple shouted.

It was only moments before the smoke cleared up revealing the boar.

“Oh… Crap!” I thought watching the perfectly unharmed boar, shaking the ash off of his armor.
“Rocky!” shouted Twilight. “Help!”

I ran off to the side of the warzone avoiding the boar letting it do as it pleases. Running to aid Twilight, I cried out to Pinkie Pie

“keep him distracted!”
“Okie dokie okie!” she giggled pulling back on her enormous bow ready to fire at the pig.

Running up a small passage of stone stairs I cried out Twilight’s name.

“Where Are you?”
“Up here, quickly” Fluttershy called towards me.

Fluttershy lead me to Twilight’s body, her upper thigh was bleeding as a result of being gored by the boar. I began to dig into my satchel retrieving an Estus Flask handing it to Twilight Sparkle. She drank a whole flask gasping for air as a small burp left her mouth. The bloody wound on her side started to heal, slowly sealing itself up as the ripped flesh fused back together.

“Thank you.” She said standing up.
“No problem.” I replied.

I began to run off into the area of destruction when an idea popped into my head. I shouted to Twilight telling her my plan.

“Twilight! I need you to use some magic on those crates right in front of this ledge.”

Twilight stepped toward the edge of where we were standing, pointing her horn at the desired objects her horn began to glow bright and brighter as she focuses more on the crates. The crates began to glow and shine brightly attracting the boar.

“This might work.” I whispered to myself preparing another fire bomb.

The glowing boxes stood no chance as the boar thrashed his tusks into them, flinging pieces of wood into the air. I gallop to the ledge jumping off of it praying to Celestia I don’t die. The fall was short but I felt like I was plummeting endlessly into the boar’s path. Landing on the boar’s back I clung to its armor hanging on for dear life as he started to buck and thrash his body all over. I felt around his armor for any opening where I can place the fire bomb, but the armor was flawless giving me no openings large enough for the bomb. My gripped loosened as I became fatigued, my body began to feel light as I was being thrown into the air. I let out a yelp as my body hit the pile of crushed crates. Yelling as I dropped the fire bomb, igniting next to me.


The bomb went off with a large bang, setting the wooden mess to flame. The fire’s crackle was heard by the boar as he began to charge towards the dancing flames not knowing there destructive power. Rolling his tusks into the fire the boar attempted to kill the dancing flames. A small ember found its way through a small space in the boars armor, catching its oily, matted fur aflame. Busting into flames the boar squealed franticly running away from the fire not knowing that the wind blowing against the bore as it ran was feeding the fire. The plated armor held in the flames like an oven slowly cooking the gigantic pig filling the air with the smell of charring flesh. It took twenty minutes for the boar to die, being cooked alive in its own makeshift oven. Knowing that the boar was dead I ran over to the narrow space that was protecting Rarity.

“Rarity!” I called looking at the pale mare, curled up in a small ball holding her bloody hoof.
“A-Are you okay?” I asked her.
“No, I’m hurt.” She said sarcastically then she was looking at me with an obvious look on her face.

I helped her out of the narrow passageway examining her wound. Her hoof was bleeding badly and it didn’t look like the blood was clotting.

“We need Fluttershy.” I told Rarity.
“I’m bleeding all over myself.” Rarity cried looking at her blood soaked hoof.

Fluttershy made her way towards Rarity looking at the wound.

“OH, my.” She said before chanting softly.

Rarity’s hoof began to glow and her wound started began heal. Within moments her wound was completely mended.

“Oh thank you Fluttershy.” Rarity said hugging the yellow mare.
“There’s no time for that now.” I said to the others.
“We need to head for the church now. It’s just beyond those stairs.”

My frustration was starting to get the best me as I started to talk to the others in a more brutish way.

“Let’s rest for a moment before we head onward.” Twilight suggested.
“There is no time!” I shouted at her causing Twilights ears to point to the ground.
“I Agree with Twilight.” Apple Jack said seconding the idea.

My frustration turned to anger as the others took Twilights side instead of mine, causing me to throw my sword against a stone wall.

“Wow! Rocky calm down.” Rainbow Dash said putting a hoof on my shoulder.
“Get your hoof off of me before you lose it.” I grunted.
“Now, hold on there!” Apple jack shouted leering towards me
“You just can’t go on sayen things like that to Rainbow Dash.“ She continued standing up for the blue mare.

I walked over to my sword picking it up with my mouth before walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you going Rocky?” Pinkie Pie asked.

I said nothing to the hyperactive pony giving her a bad look as I head towards the church alone.

“Rocky?” Fluttershy asked.
“What?” I responded harshly.
“Uh, I think you should rest with us. I can heal that cut over your eye if it’s okay with you.”

I looked angrily at Fluttershy before giving in.

“Fine I’ll Wait.” I said plopping my rump on the ground with my back turned toward the others.

Thinking deeply about the past events my face grew blank as I reached deeper into my mind, pulling all my hate I had for my weaknesses and channeling them into anger.

“I almost died at the asylum.”
” I wouldn’t even have made it this far if I wasn’t a part of this group.”
“I’m weak! I’ve almost got Apple Jack killed because of a small cut on my leg.”

My thoughts stopped for a second as I thought of Apple jack.

“Apple Jack.”
“I wonder what she thinks of me.”

As I was lost in thought Apple Jacks voice Started to overpower the thoughts of anger. I couldn’t make out any words, but the soothing tone snapped me out of it, looking at the church I now question my own abilities as a protector..
A minute went buy before Rarity began to talk to Apple Jack.

“I think you should go speak with him.” Rarity whispered to Apple Jack.
“I Wanah but, I don’t think he’ll listen to me right now.” Apple Jack said looking at Havel’s back.
“You’re the only one he’ll talk to.” She said pushing Apple Jacks shoulder encouraging her to talk to Rocky.

Apple Jack got up and started to trot in my direction. There was a small breeze flowing through her mane as she got closer to me.

“Havel?” she said standing behind me.

I didn’t look at her nor did I give her any of my attention.

“Is everything okay with ya sugar cube?” Apple Jack sat next to me looking at the church, and then at me.
“Do you think I’m weak?” I asked Apple Jack pointing my ears down.
“Havel, course I don’t.” she said nudging my shoulder. “You saved our lives, twice.”

Apple Jack continued. My ears twitched to the sound of her voice trying to cheer me up. A silence crept by causing a small awkward moment between the two warriors. The silence was broken by a faint sniffling noise.

“What’s that?” Apple Jack asked looking around trying to find where the noises are coming from.

She looked over at me only to see a small tear drop fell from my eye.

“Havel…are you crying?” She asked
“Not intentionally.” I said pointing to the large gash over my head. “It hurts quite a bit, and no it’s just liquid pride.”
“Why don’t you let me have a look see at that?” Apple Jack offered.
“No, it’s fine.” I replied back. “Thank you for worrying about me.” I said looking at her with a small smile on my face.

She responded to the smile.

“Let’s join the others now.” She said walking towards the group.

We both sat down in the group. I was welcomed by frowns, mainly coming from Twilight and Rainbow Dash. The tension was a little above the norm when Dashy began to speak.

“You still going to rip my hoof off?” her voice sounded angry, like she was challenging me.

I stood up before her and I dropped to my knees, planting my face into the ground I begged for her forgiveness.

“Please forgive me for my threat, I was blinded by anger and I didn’t mean anything I said.”

The moment was embarrassing for me as I never graveled before someone’s feet in apology. The mare looked down at me before speaking.

“Get up. You’re going to make me sick with all this mushy stuff.”

I looked at her face noticing a faint smile as she crossed her arms. I stood up and put a hoof on her shoulder.

“Thank you.” I told her happy to know that I didn’t ruin our friendship.

The day was turning into twilight when we made our way to the front of the church. The old building was enormous, it was impossible to see the top while looking from the base of the church. The church was decorated with statues and old glass panels. The top of the church had a large bell tower standing proudly overlooking the land.

“Let’s go.” Twilight commanded the group leading us into our new objective.

Once we entered the church it wasn’t too long before we had trouble. Blocking our path there were three Hallowed nights standing with their shields up. Apple Jack and I looked a two of the night picking our enemy. We stepped forward looking at are targets. One of the Hallows backed away slightly letting his two companions have a fair fight, one on one. I griped my sword staring into the Hollow’s soulless eyes before I began my charge. I ran to the Hallow thrusting my sword at his shield. The Hallow braced itself before taking the hit, didn’t even flinch when my sword made contact. With a quick movement the Hallow swung it’s sword at me face missing just barely making me cringe. The Hallow took that as an opportunity to hit me with its shield, my body took the full impact of the blow knocking my sword out of my mouth. My eyes widened as I saw the Hallow jab its sword at my face over and over again. I was barely able to dodge all of the attacks; my face was being cut with every other thrust I saw them for an instant and I noticed that none of the wounds where life threatening but later they will become nasty scars. Small trickles of blood ran down my face dripping on the floor beneath me. I kept back stepping trying to avoid the Hallows mirage of attacks, I rolled out of the way of the final swing spotting an opening. I took the chance and tackled the night to the ground, knocking its sword and helmet away from its body. I crawled up on top of the hallowed knight and started to punch its rotted face over and over listening to the cracks of breaking bones and welcoming the groans of pain that where emitting from the knight. Rage is beginning to take over my body causing me to have little control on what in doing. The Hallow has already died but I kept smashing its head, slinging blood all over my face as I pulled back my hoof bowing my arm ready to hit again.

“Havel stop!” Apple Jack cried “It’s over, ya killed him already.” She said trying to pull my body off of the battered corpse.

In blind rage I jerked my head back hitting Apple Jack in the snout, knocking her to the ground. I vision was blurred by hate and the Hallows blood dripping down my face, walking slowly to Apple Jack I looked deep into her eyes with the intent on killing her. I quickened my pace to her picking up my sword on the way, as I stood over her body I looked deeper into her eyes feeding off of her fears. An evil grin grew on my face as I slowly started to push my sword against her neck.

“He’s becoming Hallow!” Twilight shouted.

At that moment Pinkie quickly dew an arrow and fired it. “Kink!” Yet another one off Pinkie’s arrows saved the day knocking the sword out of my mouth. Twilight’s horn began to glow as a curtain of magic covered my body stopping all of my movements. Fluttershy ran quickly towards my body using both of her back legs to kick me in my chest, sending a rush of pain through my torso.

“AAHHH!” I screamed, sounding more like a pony than a Hallow.
“He’s not completely hallowed yet.” Fluttershy said preparing to chant.

Her talisman started to glow as a phrase leaves her mouth repeating it over and over.

“Oh great god of sunlight and life banish the hate from this lost soul, sparing his life from the undead curse. Let the darkness of night hold the evil that comes from his fears, sealing it away into the black nothingness of the Void.”

The chanting is having effect, with each word my body burns more and more filling my heart with pain making me scream. A large aura burst from the talisman engulfing my body in light. The light blinded my senses letting me see, hear, and feel nothing but warmth. The light started to dim as it felt like it pulled all evil from my body, removing all sense of hate and anger, emptying my soul and clearing my mind. As my body was released from the curtain of magic I fell to the ground landing in a mangled mess next to Apple Jack’s body. She was lying there in shock, crying from the scare of my fiendish actions. I still couldn’t move my body as the spell still had residual effect.

“Shy checks him once more.” Twilight commanded.

Fluttershy trotted to my paralyzed body looking into my eyes.

“He’s safe now.” She said walking to Apple Jacks body. “It’s alright now Apple Jack. Your safe now, no one will hurt you.”

Apple Jack slowly snapped out of shock but her crying never let up the speed it was at. The sobbing orange mare looked over to my body as it lied next to her. She leaned over me resting her head on my stomach crying louder muffling herself with my body. I tried to move my arm so I could give her the comfort of a friendly touch, but there still was no movement from my body. I sat there on the cold floor now knowing my purpose in life; I am no longer blinded by rage and hate, but I’m now guided by love and the will to fight for ponykind.