• Published 8th Sep 2013
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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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The Escape Pt. 2

The fog gate sent chills down my mane as I passed through it. I walked forward a little before noticing an armored pony lying in a small pool of blood.

“y-you made it out all right.” The armored pony said.
“Was it you who helped me?” I asked with slight aggression.
“Yes, it was I…but, there is no time to talk about that. I freed you for one purpose and one purpose only… will you hear me out?” he asked with shutters in his breath.
“Yes… I will listen to you.” I responded as I helped set him against the wall.
“My time is short, but my task isn’t over. Please take my undead mission and make your way out of this asylum. From there you can carry out the course of time.” He said while coughing blood and gasping for air.
“I will take your undead mission. For it’s the least I could do to repay you for helping me.” I replied while trying to stop the bleeding.
“T-take… this key… it will o-open the door… leading…..”Those where his last words before he died.

I took the key from his hand, but nothing else. I left his body how it lied out of respect.I gave a small prayer to the night and I closed his helm peace so that the sight of the dead cannot haunt the living. I wandered around the asylum’s second story for the duration of the night. I found a nice corner to rest in while I wanted for the sun to rise. The cold breeze was soothing and it was hard to sleep in quiet. The constant moans of the dead were like a lullaby to me. It brought memories and good favors in my head.

The sun’s rays have passed through a crack in a wall letting its warmth hit my face, waking me peacefully. I stood up slowly letting what happened the previous day set in my mind.

“What did he mean? Carry out the course of time?” I replied while strapping the sword to my back.

I started to head down a small flight of stairs leading to a hallway filled with windows facing towards the inside of the great hall. As I was walking down the hall, I thought to myself

“what have I gotten myself into?”

I let of a small sigh as I turned the corner. I stood still in shock, there was a small horde of hallows blocking the corridor. Quickly, I turned and hid around the corner. I thought loudly to myself

“oh Celestia help me.”

Looking around for an advantage, I noticed one of the windows have had its iron bars removed.

“Maybe I can climb out the window?”

I’ve realized that the window was facing over a tall cliff. If I chose to jump out I wouldn’t be able to survive. A new idea had struck my head when all of a sudden, one of the hallows noticed my hoof sticking out around the corner. It let out a low growl and started to make its way towards me.

“This isn’t good.” I said pulling the sword off my back and placing the old hilt in my mouth.
“If I fight him I couldn’t draw the others and be out numbered. What do I do?”

The undead has made his way through the hall and its now in striking distance. As the hallow swung its rusty sword I countered by smacking the blade with my shield. The hallow let out another grown

I noticed an opening and took a chance, quickly thrusting my sword toward the undead’s chest, when an arrow released from another hallow flying true as it hit the tip of my sword redirecting the blade. The hallow let out a laugh as he lifted its sword over its head ready to strike again. I had no time to lift my shield, trying to avoid the blade I was struck, taking a small but deep cut across my chest.

“Gahhh!” I yelled while trying to regain my balance.

Blood was filling my tunic coating my body with warmth. Rage filled my heart and out of hatred I dropped my sword and bit the hollow’s neck dragging him to the window. With one powerful buck I through the hallow out of the window listening to it scream as it falls to its death. A fleshy thump was heard in the distance as the hallow hit a solid surface. I grabbed my sword and hurled it at the other hallow as it drew its bow. My blade struck the hallow in the neck releasing a shower of blackened blood covering the other hallows. Charging towards the remaining undead I let out a cry of rage.


Two of the hallows climbed down a whole in the floor fleeing from the battle. The only enemy that staid was an armored hallow equipped with a thick shell of iron covering its body.

“You w-will die!” shouted the hallow in a curtailing voice.

It started to swing its sword towards me in a sweeping motion. I was unarmed, the only thing I had for protection was my shield. The sword had made contact with the rounded piece of wood, splitting it in chunks. Splinters flung into the air like a shower, hitting both me and the hallow. As I dropped to my hooves from the shock of the attack I’ve left myself open for another swing. I thought to myself.

“Move! Get up and fight! You can’t die here, not like this.“

My sentence was stopped by the sight if the hallow dropping its sword. Blood gushed out of its mouth and landed upon my face dripping down my cheek. The thought of a divine power striking the hallow was flowing in my mind.

“Celestia? Was it you that struck down my enemy!?” I shouted in confusion looking out the window and into the sun.
“Your princess is false! tiny pony!” said the gate keeper demon dragging the hallow from the corridor and dropping it in his mouth.

The sound of bones being crushed and ground by this monster had struck fear into my soul. The sheer size of him was all ready too much to handle, especially for a pony with no way to fight. The demon clutched me with his scaled hands and started to drag me out of the corridor. Looking around I was able to grab the long-sword that the armored hallow was wielding before his death. With a flawless swing I severed the scaly fingers of the demon. In response he threw me into the air with such force that I could not help but to flail like a rag-doll. On the fall down the demon opened his mouth expecting me to fall into the dark abyss. I took this opportunity to hold the sword in my mouth, presenting my blade to the demons face. The speed of my decent and the sharpness of the blade pierced the face of the demon with ease, goring itself deep into the skull in the now brain dead demon. Thick warm blood filled the air like a mist covering everything. My drained body came crashing to the cobble stone floor, breaking my fall and my front hoof. Battered and covered in blood I lifted my head to look at the corpse of the beast. Its flesh was turning into an aura of dark and hate filling the room in a shroud.

The back aura has depleted in minutes and the corpse was gone. There was nothing left but blood and myself covering the floor. I looked up at the spot of the finishing blow when I noticed a pink bloom forcing its way out from the stone floor.

“What could it be now? A pony eating plant?” I said to myself jokingly looking closer at the plant.
“Wait! Is th-that… Hearts Desire?

I stood up in astonishment and limped toward the plant.

“it is! Ha-ha” screaming with joy I picked the flower and smelt it.

The sent filled my nose with a gentle scent. I looked cautiously around the room only to find one exit, a giant iron gate with a carving of the demon.

“Well, better check it out before I bleed to death.” I said with a sick smirk on my face.

The door was very large and looked heavier than the first gate I’ve opened. I placed the key in the doors key-hole and turned the tumblers. Large clanks where coming from the large door as it was being unlocked. Clank! Clank! Clank! Another mechanism moved and the door began to open its self with a slow but loud creek. I was finally outside in the main courtyard… or what was left of it. The cliff had collapsed over time leaving nothing but some piles of bricks and an old hill leading to a drop. I walked slowly trying not to spill more blood humming to the sound of my hooves. Clip… clop… clop… clop. My movements where slow and carful, my breathing was heavy. I finally made it to the top of the cliff just to be greeted by a view of the mountain range covered with snow, a beautiful sight for a dyeing undead.

Time went on and the sun was setting, my body was getting weaker and I was ready to die. The clouds made way for what was left of the sun. Flap! My ears started to twitch from a distant noise. Flap!

“There it is again,“ I whispered while looking into the distance.

I saw a small black crow flying this way baring its talons. It was only moments later until I noticed that the crow was actually a giant raven hurling its body toward me! I tried to run, but it was too late. The giant raven has grasped me with its gigantic talons. I instantly blacked out from the scare and the loss of blood; lost in a bed of dark not knowing what dangerous place this raven will take me as it fly’s towards an unknown land.

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