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Curse Of The Darksign - PonySlayer

A nameless warrior finds a way out of his imprisonment and fights to find his way to stop the undead curse while finding his own destiny.

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Chapter Two, The bells of awakening pt. 2

The evening sun was starting to set, when I looked around my surroundings. Apple Jack was hiding on a side of an old store with her claymore held tightly in her mouth ready to jump out and swing. I turned my head to the north end of the square looking at Pinkie and Rainbow Dash crouching down on a roof top, baring Pebbles and a crossbow. Twilight sparkle and I were sitting behind an old fountain trying to keep our heads down and the others hidden.

“When is it safe to come out?” Rarity moaned as she was lying in the dirt behind Twilight and I.
“Shh!” I responded holding my hoof in front of my mouth.
“There hear” I whispered to Twilight pointing to an alleyway.

The alleyway started to light up as hallows where walking through it with lit torches.

“1,2,3…6…9…12” I counted adding up all the hallows.
“Are you ready” I said looking into Twilight’s Eyes.

She nodded and said

“I’ll give the signal now”

Twilight’s horn started to glow faintly giving Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, And Rainbow Dash I signal telling them to ready themselves. The hallows where standing in the center of the square, letting off deep groans and mindlessly yelling.I lit a fuse to a small black ceramic ball and hurled it into the center of the crowd. We all could hear the hiss it gave off before, BOOM! The explosion released fire into the crowd while sending chunks of debris into the flesh of the undead. Right at that moment Rainbow Dash yelled to Pinkie


They both let loose a volley of arrows filling a small portion of the sky in a rain of iron arrow heads. Hallows began to drop to the floor groaning and running for cover. When the volley was over Apple Jack and I charged out of hiding letting a battle cry roar into the group of hallows, before making contact with them. I made my way to the closest hallow thrusting my sword into its side pushing it to a wall before swiping my blade to the side nearly cutting it in half. Looking toward another hallow I looked quickly at Apple Jack to check up on her. She had already killed two hallows and have another completely skewered with her claymore. She started to charge close to a ledge when she swung her sword around catapulting the skewered hallow off a ledge waiting for a splat to be heard in the distance.

The battle was over within minutes and we all regrouped next to the fountain. Fluttershy looked at each of us searching for any wounds.

“Everypony looks alright. How do you feel rocky?” Shy asked me less timidly than the day before.

I nodded to her and replied happily

“I’m fine, thanks.”

I walked up to Apple Jack While she was finishing off the last of the undead. She looked back towards me and smiled while pulling her sword out of a fresh corpse.

“Are you okay Apple Jack?” I asked her trotting closer to her.
“I’m do’n just dandy” Apple Jack said walking my way.
“I saw what you did to that hallow you had stuck on you sword earlier.” I said with little insult.
“Stuck!? Just to let ya know that was all part of my plan.” She argued punching my arm softly.
“You can do some work on your throwen skills a little, ya getting kinda rusty.”

Apple Jack and I teased each other for a good five minutes before Twilight sparkle interrupted us.

“Guys, it’s time to find a spot to camp. It’s going to be dark soon.”

We all walked towards a small residential area in a line scanning the areas for threats.

“Dash, fly up and check the area from the sky” I ordered her looking through a dusty window.
“Yah sure.” She said with a touch of sarcasm taking off in the air, flying quietly over the setting sun looking far into the distance. “All clear. I don’t see anything for that can do much harm nearby. Just some dogs but they are pretty far away.” Rainbow Dash shouted, making her decent to earth to regroup with the other ponies.
“Look!” Pinkie Shouted. “That looks like a good place to stay” she said hopping vigorously pointing at an old bakery.

We all made our way to the bakery checking out the surrounding buildings for any danger. The area looked fine, nothing life threatening just some broken glass and rats. Apple Jack, Dash, and I scanned the inside of the building looking for any threats while the others look around the building as well.

“Looks peachy in here” Apple jack howled to the group.
“The outside is safe as well” Twilight yelled through a broken window as she was placing something over it.

The sun had already fallen by the time Pinkie and I finished making dinner. Apple Jack was getting over excited about the soup that was made.

“Here you go Apple Jack.” I said handing her a bowl of delicious potato and fennel soup.
“Gasp! Wha-what is this slop! I’ve seen gruel more appetizing than this!” Rarity began one of her drama queen moments, this time complaining about the first real meal she would have eaten in days.
“You don’t like it? Fine!” I said picking up her bowl, eating the contents inside.
“Noo! Stop, I’ll eat it!” her attitude against mine and pinkies food began to change.

I refilled her bowl and handed it to her smiling as I nudged her a little.

“Sorry Rarity. I think I went a little too far this time.”

She took a sip of the broth and said

“No. No. it is fine, I may have deserved that. It’s better than it looks.”

I looked over at Fluttershy and I noticed her talking to something in the corner.

“It’s okay little guy, I won’t hurt you. You need to eat up, it’s good for you.”

I looked over her and I saw a rat, actually there were seven rats, having there fill with Fluttershy’s dinner.

“Here” I handed a bowl to Fluttershy.
“More for the rats?” she asked.
“No. This is for you; I put a little mint in it to give it some extra flavor. Go on eat up.” I responded watching her eat the soup making sure she does not give any away.
“I’ll take the first watch for tonight.” I said to the others.
”I’ll wake you up for your shift in three hours Dashy” I reminded her.

We usually have a rotation every day, but I tend to take the first shift letting the other ponies have more sleep. Three hours is the agreed time but I wake the next one up in four. It brings me more joy to watch them sleep than, well most anything.I was about an hour in my shift when Apple Jack came and stood next to me.

“I can’t sleep. Can I stay up with ya, just for a little bit?” she said quietly trying not to wake the others.

I scooted over and patted my hoof over an open spot with a welcoming gesture inviting her to sit next to me.

“The night is calm.” I said smiling over my shoulder looking at Apple Jack.
“Yeah, sure is.” She replied
“In the asylum, I would fall to sleep to the songs of the undead. But now I can hardly stand the sound.” I told Apple Jack with confidence.
“I hate the sound too.” Apple Jack agreed.
“You know. I use to be a farmer once when I was still a living pony. My sister and I inherited the farm when my mother passed.” I told her.

Apple Jack looked into my eyes and scooted closer to me resting her head on my shoulder as she asked me a question.

“Rocky… What was ya real name?”

I felt my heart speed up. I looked out the window taking a moment to think before I told her.

“My name? My name was, Havel. Havel Stone plow.”

There was no response from the orange mare. I looked over at her

“She fell asleep.” I said gazing back into the night sky continuing my watch as the moon rose high into the night.

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