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Ever wanted to know how the giant finger in the sky came to be?
Didn't think so.

If you think these short stories should make sense, then you're in the wrong neighborhood, boy.

Or, in a few months, you might be here just for one story that actually is serious.

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I take this all seriously, it is obviously an accurate depiction of equestrian society :twistnerd:

4238809 I'm glad this is going so well with you! I plan on showing more of how accurately I can portray how Equestrian society truly functions. Because all those other people suck, especially the people who decide to show how both Equestrian and changeling society work.

And I found out that I apparently can only respond to comments from the chapters, not the story page itself. :derpytongue2:

4284488 I never have liked most views on Equestrian society, this has become my new headcanon. Also, that's kinda odd.

4286806 I think that my most hated view would be the one that these ponies go into heat. I feel that, even though normal horses do that, these ponies shouldn't because they're intelligent.
If ponies did that, then I guess I should start flinging my dung around. We are supposed to be evolved monkeys, right? :trollestia:

It really is strange. I have no clue why that why that is the case.

4288061 Well, to some extent all mammals go into heat including humans to some extent it's just a biological trait more than standard instinct. I don't like the way people use the whole 'heat' deal, but it does have logic to it.

4289470 True. I guess I just have a problem with how far they take the idea. Women can still think when they're at that point, unlike the ponies depicted in fanfics.

4289838 I hate when people do that crap. Though I suppose ponies could have it worse than humans given the fact that it's annually rather than monthly. People do take it too far though.

4290838 Indeed. I think it's just for the sake of making those kinds of fics, though. I have the same problem with wings being that type of sensitive.

4292104 That's something I always found to be a bit odd. The 'wingboner'.:rainbowhuh:

4292796 I think it's just a lazy excuse. (Why are we even talking here? :rainbowderp:)

4293929 Hell if I know, but it has been relatively informative.

4293938 I'm glad people like us have these wondrous discussions.

If any part of the story is not serious, then what about the authors note. Should we take that seriously?

5206557 Maybe.

Depends on if you want to ponder the seriousness of not being serious at a serious time of non-seriousness.

Oh okay. I was getting worried that life was serious!:derpytongue2:

5206702 Don't worry, life's like internal bleeding.


And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Really :rainbowlaugh:

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