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Havel a man who defied the lords themselves and was locked in a tower for years. How will he react knowing that the world he lived in, all of its cruelty gone and he is finally human and not hollow. How will he feel that now he is a world where that magic is freindship and that all of his work is ruined

Dark Souls x My Little Pony crossover

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breaking off Trixie's horn was kind of random, and unnecessary if he was going to pick her up and pet her, don'tcha think?

also, why would he pick her up and pet her, if she was sapient?

lol the end is hilarious

Lol, wut just happened?

I demand more.

Im thinking of adding one more dark souls character
Which one should i choose
And should i have havel fight them or not

3026566 I don't remember the guys name but the one on the left

3026566 Dude, you GOTTA get Artorias in here and make him fight Havel, that would make this SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

Gotta be Artorias.

Shit just got real!

Personally, I think that the chapters should be a bit longer, and more detailed. Every time they speak, or when you describe something, it just goes straight to the point. Adding a bit more detail would make the story much better. (Not that it isn't already good, I AM greatly enjoying this :pinkiehappy: )

Me when playing dark souls the first time: This is going to be easy oh look skeletons at a grave yard lets mess with them.

The worst idea I had in that game:facehoof:

I don't know what to tell you dude.
If it was me in this position I would drop it, but if you want to hold it by the balls and squeeze whatever you can out of it go ahead.
Of course, its been a while since you updated this, so I can see why you might not want to drop it.
If you continue this without insperation you'll end up hating every minute of writing any chapters.
What I'm sayin' is: When the well dries up it's time to move on.

the demon pink horse said.

What most human's think of Pinkie's ability.

3016681 I have to agree with you there. Havel doesn't seem like a man who would do such a random and un-needed thing.

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